Episode 26

Episode Date: April 12, 2002

Tonight, Froggie, Whisper and their friends were having a New Year's Eve party. Fireman Duck still holding the cover that have "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" on it that have Michael, Tina, Derek, and Abby. Ernie reads Bert The Air Book. Big Bird was having a Birdketeer meeting with the Birdketeers. Telly sings about the outer space friend with 1 verse. Elmo looks at the planets. Oscar listed the things. Whisper had such fun using the line of Barney in Concert the 1991 release. Everyone counted down from 10 to 1 except Fireman Duck before they shout "Happy New Year" during the party surrounded by balloons and confetti. Monsterpiece Theater-Fiddler On The Roof (EKA: Episode 3659)

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