Cookie Monster Said. "You Want Anything Big?" "Don't Be Ridiculous, Fix-it Person", Oscar Told Him. "I'm A Grouch. I Only Like Saying Broken".

"But If Me Fix Things, Then You Can Break Them Again. How About That?" Well, Naturally, Oscar Liked The Idea. So He Brought Out All The Trash Cookie Monster Had Given Him, And Cookie Monster Send To Work With A Camera And A Nail And A Big Tube Of Glue. When He Fixed Everything, He Said To Oscar "OK, All Finished. That Mean 10 Cookies Please". I'm Sure You Know What Oscar Told Him.

Cookie Monster Tried 1 Thing After Another All Afternoon. First, He Pretended To Be One Of Oscar's Grouch Cousins. Then He Dressed Up As A Trash Can Inspector. Finally, After Trying To Catch Some Cookies With A Fishing Pole And Even Asking Oscar's Pet Worm Slimey To Bring Him Out Some Cookies, Cookie Monster Gave Up. "Aw. No More Tricks", He Said. "Rats. I Was Having Such A Good Time Saying No", Said Oscar.

"Oscar, If You Not Give Me Cookies Now, Me Going To Step Me Feet And Scream Till Me Blue In The Face", Said Cookie Monster. "Terrific. Go Ahead. And I'll Say No Till I'm Green In The Face. Heh Heh Heh", Laughed Oscar. Just Then, Cookie Monster Sniffed The Air And Shouted, "Oscar, What That Terrible Smell? Something Burning In Your Can?" "Oh, Don't Worry About That. That's Just A Sardine Stew I'm Cooking For Dinner. It's Better When It's Burned", Explained Oscar. "Wait. Wait! You Say You Cooking Dinner? It Dinnertime! Oh Boy, Gimme Cookies!" Yelled Cookie Monster. "Oh No. Me And My Big Mouth. I Just Spoil My Chance To Say No Again. Rats!" Said Oscar.

So Oscar Finally Had To Give Cookie Monster His Dinner. He Grumbled And Grumbled Because Now He Couldn't Say No To Cookie Monster Anymore. All Cookie Monster Said Was "Cowabunga!" I Don't Have To Tell You What He Did After That, Do I.

Wether Were Nothing Left Of Cookie Monster's Dinner But A Few Crumbs, He Sat Back Against Oscar's Can With A Full Tummy And A Big Smile. Oscar Had Helped Cookie Monster Save His Cookies For Dinner, And Now Cookie Monster Was Very Very Happy.

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