Here is Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred-Acre Wood where he lives happily with all of his friends.

Winnie the Pooh liked to do his stoutness exercises every morning because exercise made him hungry and being hungry meant that it was time for breakfast!

Pooh chased the buzzing sort of bee until they arrived at a very large tree. Climbing carefully, Pooh soon discovered a great many bees buzzing around a beehive.

Pooh hurried to his friend Christopher Robin to borrow a balloon so he could get some honey.

Pooh floated up and up and up some more until he reached the beehive and scooped out a handful of honey.

Pooh still hadn't had his breakfast, but he knew that his friend Rabbit always had something sweet to eat.

Pooh ate and ate and ate until there was nothing left to eat in Rabbit's house.

Halfway out of Rabbit's front door, Pooh stuck fast. The best pulls and pushes of his friends couldn't budge the bulky bear.

There was nothing to do but wait until Pooh got thinner. Making the best of things, Rabbit decorated his new front door.

As Pooh waited and waited and waited to get thin again, his friends helped him pass the time. Christopher Robin read stories to Pooh, leaving out all the parts about food.

Owl explained in great detail why it was impossible for anyone to get stuck in a front door.

Eeyore tried to cheer Pooh up.

And sweet Kanga made certain that the outside end of Pooh was comfortable at night.

But sometimes Pooh was all alone, and had only himself and his humming to help pass the time.

If poor Rabbit wasn't frustrated enough with a bear stuck in his front door, Pooh's sneeze turned his house upside down.

Everyone arrived to help remove Pooh from Rabbit's front door. All of Pooh's friends pulled and tugged as hard as they could.

Pooh popped neatly out of Rabbit's front door and flew directly into a tree!

Happily for Pooh, this was a very special tree in which to be stuck. He wasn't going to have to worry about breakfast, or lunch, or supper, for a very long time!

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