Movie Date: September 4, 2005

M-Mr. Cash? M-Mr. Cash? Mr. Cash? J.R... J.R., turn it off and get to sleep! Change it, J.R. Turn it off. Guess which Carter that is. Anita? - That's fine. - Nope. June. That was little ten-year-old June singing for you. And what was the name of that number now? Turn it off! Do I have to come in there?! Let's get to bed. It's hot. It's going to be hotter tomorrow. Maybe Daddy will quit us early and we can go fishin'. We'll go fishin' Saturday. Daddy needs a good day from us tomorrow, J.R. I know. Jack? Mm-hmm? How come you're so good? I ain't. You pick five times more than me. Well, I'm bigger than you are. You know every story in Scripture. You know every song in Mama's hymnal. Songs are easy. They ain't for me. There's more words in the Bible than in Heavenly Highway Hymns. Look, J.R., if I'm gonna be a preacher one day... I got to know the Bible front to back. I mean, you can't help nobody if you can't tell them the right story. Said by noon it's gonna be 104. Them radio stations will say anything to get them niggers off. Ray, why don't you let J.R. Take the babies in? I told Roz we'd have a crop yesterday. What do I say when he pulls up here and we're shy? You ready to unload that piano? We're not selling Daddy's piano. And I'm not the one in Bartstown drinking every Saturday. Eh, what's up, Doc? Whoa! What, what did that rooster say when he was all blown up by the TN and picking his feathers up outside that henhouse? "F-Fortunately, boy, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency." I got it, I got it. Can we go soon? Mr. Coles gave me a dollar to cut the whole pile... and not half. Go on ahead, J.R. Catch a fish. The worm on a hook. Drop it in a brook. If things go right... you'll fry some fish tonight. Where you been? Where you been? Throw that pole down. Get in the car! In the car! J.R. You hear them, J.R.? You hear them angels? I can hear 'em, Jack. They're so beautiful. Beautiful. Jack? Do something! Do something! You know what that is, J.R.? You know that is coming out of there? Stop it, Ray. Nothing! Nothing, that's what that is. That's what that's worth. And that's what you are. Leave it alone, Ray. He didn't do this. The devil did this! He took the wrong son! - Stop it, Ray. He was my best, and now he's gone! Jack, please, don't leave me alone. - Ray! - Quiet! Quiet! Everybody quiet! You're going to miss your bus. Communist troops have been driven out of Seoul, Korea... by U.S. Forces led by General Douglas MacArthur. What's that? Anybody seen Tommy? He's leaving, Ray. Come on. Don't start crying, Mama. Be careful with that rifle, J.R. Yeah, I will, Mama. Last month, that Pervis boy got confused and shot himself. Ain't going to be no battles, Carrie. He's going to Germany. The war is in Korea. I love you. I love you, too. Take this. Thanks, Mama. Take care of yourself, Donzil. Take care of my sister, too. I will. Hey, Tommy, be a good boy. You're gonna miss your bus. Yeah. I saw this church in Dusseldorf... made of limestone, big as a train station. We could get married there and go to Venice. That's in Italy, Viv. The streets are made of water, I ain't kiddin'. Johnny, I haven't seen you for two years. We only dated for a month. My daddy says there's something wrong with you. Well... what do you say, Viv? I mean... I thought you said you loved me. I do. Oh, I do. Then don't be scared. You tell him that. You tell him I love you, too. He says that's impossible. He says that you hardly know me. Well, I know perfect when I meet it. Let's go, Cash! Viv, listen, baby... you tell your daddy I'm your man. Tell him we're gonna make a family and I'm gonna be on the radio, 'cause I am. You tell him we're gonna have a nice house and we're gonna be happy. And we're gonna live in Memphis. And you tell him I'm gonna love you forever. - Do you promise? - That's a promise, Viv. Do you hear me? That's a pro... Five minutes was up five minutes ago. I am Folsom Prison. At one time they called me "Bloody Folsom." And I earned the name. My own prisoners built me. Every block of my granite is cemented by the blood of many men. Is it any wonder a man sometimes went berserk and fought the hated walls that shut him in? Knock it off! You knock it off and get to sleep! This was a common thing in those old days. I had so little work for them to do... You gonna try today, John? Really try to sell something? What does that mean? I cleaned out your case last night, and, baby, all I found were peanut bags and music magazines. I need you to think about what my daddy offered. Viv, I'm trying. I mean, I'm really trying to sell stuff. Hello, ma'am. I'm from Home Equipment Company over on Summer, and we have a lot of... ...enamel colors that you can choose from that we can... Hello. I'm John Cash and I'm from the Home Equipment Company on Summer. LaQuisha! LaQuisha, who is it!? You are late, man. Little higher. A little... yeah, a little higher. Now play the chord. Let's hear your E, Marshal. There's my E. Lulubelle, time to come in! Jack! Jack, get in here! - Let's go. - Jack! Let's go, John. Viv? - Viv, open the door. Viv. Viv, don't embarrass me. You know who's out there watching. I want to see my daddy. I want to go home, John. Please. He's just got a job, sitting in there in San Anton... just waiting for us. It's just sitting there... it's just sitting there waiting... Viv, the guys are here. My band is here in Memphis. Your band? John, your band? Your band is two mechanics who can't hardly play. Baby, can't you hear the difference between you and that? You have your wife and your baby in a dump, John... and another one on the way... and we can't even make rent, John. Excuse me, sir. Are you the owner of this place? That's me. Hello, I'm J.R. Cash. Sam Phillips. Well, good to meet you, Mr. Phillips. I'm a singer and I've got a band... and we've been working on some songs. You want to cut a record, son? It's four dollars. What about the guys there on the wall in the pictures? I mean, they pay four dollars? They're on my label. How do I get on there? You audition. Right now? Call my secretary, Marion, when she comes back. She's at the salon. She'll set you up an appointment next month. I can't wait that long, Mr. Phillips. Excuse me? I can't wait that long. What about this one? I can iron it. John, you can't wear that one. It's black. It's the only color shirt we all have. Nothing wrong with black. It looks like you're going to a funeral. Maybe I am. Maybe I am. Hold on. Hold on. I hate to interrupt... but do you guys got something else? I'm sorry. I can't market gospel. No more. So that's it? I don't record material that doesn't sell, Mr. Cash... and gospel like that doesn't sell. Was it the gospel or the way I sing it? Both. Well, what's wrong with the way I sing it? I don't believe you. You saying I don't believe in God? J.R., come on, let's go. No. I want to understand. I mean, we come down here, we play for a minute... and he tells me I don't believe in God. You know exactly what I'm telling you. We've already heard that song a hundred times... just like that, just like how you sang it. Well, you didn't let us bring it home. Bring... bring it home? All right, let's bring it home. If you was hit by a truck and you were lying out in that gutter dying... and you had time to sing one song, huh, one song... people would remember before you're dirt... one song that would let God know what you felt about your time here on earth... one song that would sum you up... you telling me that's the song you'd sing? That same Jimmie Davis tune we hear on the radio all day? About your peace within and how it's real and how you're gonna shout it? Or would you sing something different? Something real, something you felt? Because I'm telling you right now... that's the kind of song people want to hear. That's the kind of song that truly saves people. It ain't got nothing to do with believing in God, Mr. Cash. It has to do with believing in yourself. Well, I've got a couple songs I wrote in the Air Force. You got anything against the Air Force? No. I do. J.R., whatever you're about to play... we ain't never heard it. Where you been? Are you drunk? What happened? He didn't like our gospel. So I played him some songs that I wrote. We made a record, Viv. I mean, a real, real record. We did it like, like six times. I had to sing the song over and over again. And, uh, and playin' it. And you should have seen Marshall. He was so nervous. But I mean, we made a real record - of my song. - Oh, baby. - Of my song. - Oh, baby. Never seen nobody play like that. Ladies and gentlemen... The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis! Get yourselves a pine box, boys... nobody follows The Killer. These next boys have just put out their first record called "Cry, Cry, Cry" - and it is selling like hotcakes. - Shoot, now I'm late. Oh, my gosh! Excuse me. That's my cue. Oh, no, you... oh, that's stuck... right on my dress. Hey, Bill! - Let me get... - Hold on, Bill... I'm comin'! - Uh... Oh, my. I think I hear June Carter's voice, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be right there, Bill, I'll be right there. - Uh, reckon when, June? Well, Bill, I got tangled. - Yeah, in what, June Bug? Johnny Cash's guitar strap. Don't worry, I can keep this funny for at least two minutes. And I tell you what, Bill. He's a strapping boy, that Johnny Cash. And his guitar strap is pretty strappin', too. Here. I love that Cry song by the way. Thanks. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss June Carter. - Bill! Bill, I had to come and tell you. I had to tell you... I had to tell you I just can't sing tonight. You best be getting out here. Well, Bill... I got the laryngitis. - June, we... - I do! Y'all laughing, but I do. We all just heard you hollering up a storm backstage. Well, I didn't have it then, Bill. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss June Carter. All right. June's going to be back to sing later. Her family is also with us tonight. But like I was saying, these boys up next are hotter than a pistol. They are burning up the radio with their new hit, "Cry, Cry, Cry." We want to make sure we give them a big Texarkana welcome. So here they are, folks. New passengers on the Sun Rocking Railway- Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two. Hello. I'm Johnny Cash. Thank you, thank you very much. Viv, I'm telling you... I think this is the best show we've ever done. Hell, it might be the best show I've ever seen. No kidding! Where are you? Texarkana. Baby, I miss you. Hey, do you hear Orbison doing our song? He turned it into a two-step, listen. You hear that? Oh, damn it! - What's the matter? Damn it! Oh, it's Roseanne. She just ran her head into the table. Roseanne! Roseanne, here, talk to Daddy. Hey, Roseanne. Hey, it's Daddy. Honey, don't, don't cry. Daddy's going to be home real soon. - John, I have to go. - Huh? I have to go, John. Bye. You're sounding good tonight, Cash. Real tight. Oh, thanks, man. You want some chili fries? Oh, no, that's all right. She's been in the spotlight since you and me was bitin' ankles. They say Maybelle had a crib at the Ryman... so she could pull her out and let her whoop and holler and pop her back in to go to sleep. We're leaving in an hour, John. All right. Aw, that's a sweet story, honey. No. Within, like, five minutes. All right. Everything else all right? Okay. I love you, too. Bye-bye. How you doing? Bye. Coffee? Yeah, and some toast, please. Hey. - Hey, how are you? - Good. Do you mind? No, not at all. Did you lose your voice? I did. I was just singing my heart out up there. I've got to ask you how you came up with that sound. What sound? That sound everybody's talking about. Steady like a train, sharp like a razor. Well, we'd play faster if we could. I guess it just... come out like that. I got to close my register. Oh, yeah, sure. Thank you. Here's a picture of my wife, Viv... - my baby, Roseanne. - Oh, look at her. She's beautiful. Thanks. Got another one on the way. - I got a little girl, too. - Yeah? Her name's Carlene, yeah. She's about the same age. You know when I was in the service... I used to look at pictures of you... you know, in magazines. Oh. No... no, it wasn't like that. I mean, I... I liked your music, you know? - Yeah? - Yeah. I mean, I... you were, well, you are... I mean, l-I kept track of you. You and your family. I listened to your voice my whole life, you know? Me and my brother, Jack... we always listened to your songs. Like "Swallerin' Place." - Yeah. - Yeah. We liked it when you'd sing one alone. Well, you and Jack are the only ones. What do you mean? I'm not really much of a singer, Johnny. I mean, I got a lot of personality, I got sass... I give it my all, but my sister Anita's really the one who's got the pipes. Well, who said that? Everybody. My mama, my daddy. That's how come I learned to be funny... so I'd have something to offer. Well... parents aren't always the best judge of things... if you want my opinion. So how long you on the tour? Another couple of weeks. We just got on board, but... I tell you it feels like a lot longer. I'm sure. I'm headed off, I'm going to the Ryman. Why don't you tell your brother, Jack, to tune in... and I'll sing him something. What does he like? Oh, that's-that's sweet, but, uh, he passed. I'm sorry. Were y'all real close? Yeah. Yeah, he's, uh... It's funny, I ain't talked about Jack in a long time, you know? After he died, I... I talked about him all the time... but, uh... I guess people grew tired of it. So I just stopped. John? You're tired, aren't you? Yeah. It'll slow down. It will. I better get going. It's good to talk to you. You, too. Take care. I'll see you soon. You better tune in... I'm going to sing you that "Swallerin' Place." I will, I really will. Okay. That's fine, that's perfect. Yes, ma'am. When was the last time you heard him moving around in there? I don't know. Thought you were going to help me today, John. You head out tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Better start living life here with us when you come home... before you have to leave again. Hey, you know, I was thinking. You know, maybe I could get Bob to push my dates. I'm happy when I'm here. I like waking up and seeing your face. John, those bags over there? Hmm. Those letters in there are ten to one from girls. Ten to one, and they're obscene. Reba's been trying to answer some of them... but, you know, half of them ain't even 15... and they are sending pictures of themselves in bathing suits. Pictures for you to look at while you're doing time at Folsom. Oh, Viv. This one girl, she sent you... Viv, you know, don't even read those letters, you know... It's just crazy right now, that's all. You know? Hell, you should have seen last week. We was at the fair, and, uh... this bus full of 4H girls pulls up, you know... and they come piling out of there... and they go running and screaming after Carl and Roy, I mean running. John... I have a casserole in the oven and your sister in the kitchen, and I don't want to talk about the tour. Viv, you're the one who brought it up. In fact, that's my new rule. When you come home, I want to get right down to talking about regular things. Viv, don't give me no rules. All I got are rules. All I got is to be at this place at this time. I'm trying to go there, and I'm trying to be back here and spend time with you and the kids... and write songs, do this- I mean, what do you want from me, all right? I got you your dream house, all of your things... all the pretty little things. I got you your car. What do you want from me?! I want you, John, I want you! And I want everything that you promised to me. Well, what if I can't do that? Got your mind on something? What are you doing up there, man? I'm building a bomb. Where we going again? Tyler. The George Jones show. Where was it we just was? Have another one, Carl. Austin, Carl. That's where y'all picked me up. Hey, Johnny, you see the new charts? "Cry, Cry, Cry" was 14, I think. Yeah, I heard that. I haven't seen it. Wherever we been, I can tell you where we're going. Everybody in this car is going to hell. What about the car up there? We're all going to hell for the songs we sing. People that listen to them, they're going to hell, too. Shut up with that. God gave us a great big apple, see, and He said... "Don't touch it." He didn't say touch it once in a while. He didn't say take a nibble when you're hungry. He said, "Don't touch it. Don't think about touching it. Don't sing about touching it. Don't think about singing about touching it." Well, what about me, Jerry Lee? Am I going to hell? No, June, you're beautiful. Sleepy is what I am. She's making me fall in love with her. Feel my heart. Come here. Sincerely. Feel my heart, baby. It's just a-beating for you. Stop it, Jerry. Come on, I'm falling for you, June. Hey. Jerry Lee. Jerry Lee, stop it. Jerry Lee, just sit your ass down. Just sit down. The 1957 Chevrolet... - Looks like we're here. Oh, thank goodness. Get me out of this car and all these boys. Let's go, home sweet home, boys. If you could just put those right there, that'd be great. Oh, wait. I wanted to give you that Billboard. Oh, right. It's in here somewhere. You got a library in there, June. Here it is. I circled it for you. - Hmm. - It's right there. Yeah. Fourteen. - I don't believe it. Um, I wanted to give you this. Yeah, I just finished it. It's really amazing. The Prophet? Yeah. Keep it. Oh, no, you don't want to... Whenever I finish a book, I give it away to somebody. Just lightens my load. John. I just went through a terrible divorce. I got a world of judgment on me right now. And, um... it's really none of my business... but you seem like you have a nice family. I'm sorry. It just happened. Just happened? Yeah. You wear black 'cause you can't find anything else to wear? You found your sound 'cause you can't play no better? You just tried to kiss me, because... it just happened? You should try taking credit for something every once in a while. John. Hey, Lou. Hey, John. You okay? I'll let you know in a few minutes. How you doing? Okay. That boy Elvis sure likes to talk poon. That's all I heard since Lubbock. Ease off, ease off. Do you want some? What is it? Well, it'll just make you want to drive all the way to Jacksonville and enjoy yourself once you get there. Elvis takes 'em. Yeah. Yes, sir... Be careful. Here comes Marshall with his bomb. Hey, you got your lighter, J.R.? Yeah. All right, you help me get up in there. - Grab that fuse. - All right. How long we got us after we light it? About 30 seconds a foot. All right. Does your wife know how much you like to blow stuff up? Sure she does. That's why I married her, John. Did you light it? There's a bomb up here, ladies and gentlemen. It'll go... Way to go, Johnny boy. Thank you. Thank you very much. How about them boys, huh? Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three. You kicked it good tonight, John. Thanks, man. That's right, kiss his ass. Hey, Jerry Lee, your mama know you're out? She knows. She knows. How about that Johnny Cash, everybody? - Johnny Cash! Okay, now. Mr. Cash? Yeah? There's a Miss Audrey Parks here to see you. Who? Audrey Parks. Well, hey. Oh, get it now.! Ray, why don't you say grace? Mama, it's J.R.'s table. Why don't you say grace, J.R.? No, go ahead. Mm-hmm. Yeah.! Hi. Hi. You're June Carter, ain't ya? Oh, my. Betsy Pervis. Hi, Betsy. So nice to meet you. Well, we're coming to see the show tonight. Oh, wonderful. This is my husband, Lloyd. Hi, Lloyd. So nice to meet you. Y'all wouldn't know where the fishin' tackle is, would you? Back of... back of them footballs on the corner. Oh. All right, great. Well, y'all enjoy the show, and if you have any requests... just holler 'em out. - Morning. - Hey. Oh, can I help you? Oh, um, I'm looking for some lace. Oh, the sewing store on Saticoy's got lace. Thank you. You know, your ma and pa are good Christians in a world gone to pot. Well, I'll tell 'em you said that. I'm surprised they still speak to you after that stunt with Carl Smith. Divorce is an abomination. Marriage is for life. I'm sorry I let you down, ma'am. Hey. Hey. What's funny? Well, you've just been standing in that same spot for about ten minutes staring at that Polly Pepper book. Well... well, I can't... I can't figure out which one Roseanne would like more. She got brown hair, which makes me think this one. - Right. - But this is baby sister's... and she got a baby sister, and... Well, I got that one for Carlene, and she liked it. Oh, yeah? I missed her birthday. - Oh. - So I wanted to get her something more... you know, like one of these dollhouses. But I don't know how to get it out to her. You want me to help you? I think there's a lake right up around the corner. - Got a hitch in your giddy-up? - Yeah. Forgot how much I like this. Hey, June? I never used one of these fancy reels before. Well, what'd you use, a sapling? - Yeah. Okay, hold on, I'll help you. - It's like there's some kind of a lock on it or... - No. My daddy taught me how to do this; I'll show you. Keep your thumb down on the button. That loosens the line. And then you're gonna bring it back... and then you're gonna throw it out there... and then when you're ready... if you got a good spot for it, you let go of the button. - All right? - Side-arm? Yeah, side-arm. All right. See? There you go. Hey, folks, what do you say we get June Carter out here again? Maybe she'll, uh, sing with me. - No, no, no, no. Now, come on, June, I never sing with you. I have my slippers on. I'm not coming out there. Well, they don't care if you got your slippers on. Come on, it's for the sake of the evening. Folks, let's hear it: June, June... June, June, June, June... - June, June, June, June... - Come on, June. Prove Elvis wrong. He says you can't do nothing that ain't written in your calendar. - June, June, June, June, June, June... June, June, June... June, June, June, June, June, June, June, June... - You see, June? - They want to see us together. - All right, well... quit that clutching on me, and I'll sing with you... but you got to quit clutching on me. Hi, folks. How y'all doing again? I hope y'all don't mind my bare feet. So, what are we gonna sing, Johnny? You got me out here. Is that where your plan ends? - Well, uh... I always liked that song of yours, "Time's a Wastin'." - Let's do that one. Oh, come on, I don't know about that. How about your hit song, "Big River"? - That's a good song. Well, "Big River" ain't a duet. Uh, let's do "Time's a Wastin"'. John, I am not gonna sing that song. It's inappropriate. I recorded it with my ex-husband. - I'm not going to sing it. There's no better way to put it behind you. I'm not gonna do it. June, let's sing. Don't do that! Hey, June. June? Open up. June, open the door. Just leave me be, John, all right? What? W-What did I do? June, it's a song. Just please get away from me. I think I hear Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three. They'll be playing all weekend long at the Malco. Matinees and evening shows, along with Jerry Lee Lewis... June Carter and Carl Perkins. It's the candy man. Is the candy man like Jerry Lee, there? How come you don't never try this brand of picking, Luther? What you're looking for, Waylon, I already found. Well, hey, June. Hey, Jerry Lee. How you doin', John? Uh... Well, okay, June. How you doing? I surmise you've never been to bed. Surmise... We've got a show at 2:00, a matinee. - You remember that? We were just practicing. Oh, come on, June, sit down. It's slick here. Not today, Jerry Lee. Why not? 'Cause you're drunk. Uh-oh! - Whoo! Come on, Junie, just come have a beer with us. I'm going home tonight after the show. I'm not here to look after y'all. You're not? You got somebody to do that for you, John. You got a wife somewhere, you remember that? Ooh! What if I didn't? There's too many "ifs" in that sentence. Only one, actually. There's only one "if" in that sentence, June. L-I thought it was a good point. There is only one. Really? How dare you talk to me like that! We surrender! We surrender! What was I thinking? I must have been crazy. Y'all are gonna blow this tour. You can't walk no line. June, we ain't blowing the tour. I am not gonna be that little Dutch boy with my finger in the dam no more! You're lying to yourself if you think this is about a tour, honey. This isn't about a tour! This isn't about a song! John. Honey, let's take a picture of Roseanne. C'mon, say cheese! What do you think of California, Mr. Cash? We like it. We just bought a house. Lunch time! Come on in, everybody. What is this? I've been looking for that. That's the letter I wrote to Bob Dylan on a plane. Hey, Mama, that's that folk singer I was telling you about. You wrote it on an air sickness bag, honey. So what? What's so funny? I was thinking maybe you ought to try sleeping at night. Maybe eating, maybe both. Hey, uh, Viv, have you made your mind up about tonight? You coming? Okay- 'cause you're asking so nice. I got it. - Hello? - Music awards. We got a British Invasion... a beautiful girl from Brazil, a matchmaker from New York. We even had a flying nanny. In 1964... Hey, Johnny. Hey, Randy, how are you? June? Hey. Hi, John. Been a long time. Yeah. Hi, Vivian, how are you? Hello, June. I saw you got married. Uh, yes, I did. Congratulations, June. - Thank you, I appreciate that. - You're welcome. So you think this one will stick? John! What is this, your second or your third? - John! - I'm just asking a question. Do not do this to me. John! Oh! Hey! June, wait up. I need to talk to you. I don't want to talk to you, John. Hey, excuse me, fella, do you mind? You don't look good, John. Well, you look real nice. So where's your truck driver? Stock car driver. And you'll be happy to know that things aren't really working out between us. It doesn't make me happy. Well, a little it does. I want to tour with you again, June. I miss the tour. I mi... I miss the music. I got two grown girls, John. I can't tour. So you're just going to do a comedy act the rest of your life? You've got a voice, June, use it. One week a month, that's all, all right? You'll work for me. You don't have to worry about bookings or agents, or publicists or anything. All right, one of your girls gets sick... you stay home, and I pay you, anyways. You stay home, and I pay you, anyways. Thank you. That's my mama's favorite song. So y'all sit down, squat down, or lie down... but make yourselves at home. 'Cause here's the one and only... Mr. Johnny Cash! Hello, I'm Johnny Cash. Thank you. Good to see y'all. It's all June. It's all June. Thank you. Hi, good to see you. Thanks for coming. What's next? Vegas, we're booked in Vegas. Hey, June? Yeah? I want you to meet my parents. Oh! This is my mama and my daddy. Hi! How you doing? It's so nice to meet you, finally. Hi, I'm June Carter. Miss Carter. Nice to meet you. And you haven't met my little girls, have you? This is Roseanne and... - Oh, they're asleep... Ain't they sweet? Oh, you girls are all dressed alike. I love those yellow ribbons. June? Yeah? Stay clear of my children. Vivian, I... I was just saying hello. You heard me. Viv. - Vivian, please. - No. Oh, wait, catch it. Come on, y'all. I got these cookies... you're going to love 'em, man. Highfalutin' high rollers out there. Say, Officer... how do you get your shirts to stay that way? So stiff? Just starch. Huh. It's real nice. What? What? Are you out of your rabid-ass mind? All right, boys, good night. Good night, y'all. - God night. - Let me take one. I am so sleepy... That was a fun show tonight. Yeah, it was. - This is my room. - Yeah. Hey, you want to have one of these with me? Uh... I don't know. Can I have one? John! John, that's mean! All right. Wait, wait, wait, here. I'll get a good one. - You are... You know what? You're just mean. That's what you are. You're mean! Here, here. You're a mean man. - Don't say that. - And I knew it. I've known it all along. Wait a minute. Here. Come on, open your mouth. No. I don't trust you. Don't say that. I don't, I don't trust you. Yes, you do. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. You are so evil! - Terrible! Oh... I best better answer it. Hello? Oh, hey, Carlene, what's wrong? Okay, sweetie... I can't understand what you're saying... you're crying so hard. I know, but you got to calm down, honey. All right. But everything's okay? Yeah, I know, sweetie... sometimes that happens. - Sweetie, little sisters do stuff like that, sometimes. You got to learn to be patient with her. Um... okay, well, um... tell Linda that Mommy said it's all right for you to have pancakes on Saturdays. - Hey, June... I'm gonna go to my room. - All right? Yeah, I know, sweetie. I'm going to come home soon. Yeah, so please don't cry. Front desk. Hi, could I have June Carter's room, please? Certainly. One moment, sir. June? It's not wrong, June. This ain't wrong. June! I'm not gonna do this, John. I'm not gonna do this. Thank you so much. - Thank you. Thank you so much. Where's Johnny?! Well, Johnny Cash will be out in just a minute. He's been detained for just a minute. But we're gonna keep you entertained till then. And we're gonna play, uh... a wonderful song... Wait, hold on, hold on. Johnny's here. Here he is! Mr. Johnny Cash! Hi, folks, I'm Johnny Cash. What about that June Carter? Ain't she a sweetheart. How ya'll doing? Get it on, man! Play the fucking thing! I'm okay. Oh, my God, John? Close the curtain. - Get a doctor! - John! John! Pull the curtain back! Come on, pull it back! - Pull it back. - Are you okay? - Here, here, look at me. - John? John? Look at me. Fortunately, I was keeping my feathers numbered for just such an emergency. - Let's get some help! Well, get him some help! The tour's been canceled. Who says? We got your ticket home, John, tomorrow. See where I'm putting it? Right here by the phone. Take care of yourself, John. You're burning up. Got hotter places than my forehead. Tell me you don't love me. I don't love you. You're a liar. Well, then I guess you ain't got no problems, do you? Where's my pills? Flushed them all. June. Junie, don't say that. Hold on, all right? L-I need those. I need those pills! Listen, that's just... baby, it's just... Th-Those are my prescriptions, from the doctor, okay? L-I nee... I need those. It burns. It burns, it burns. Mommy! Mommy! Few more minutes, pal. There you go. Mr. Cash. You want to take these strings off or you want us to break it? Your mama was here... your daddy, too. What'd he say? He said now you won't have to work so hard to make people think you've been to jail. Hey, Daddy. Hey, baby. You okay? Yeah, I'm fine... I'll see you in the morning. Cindy doesn't like mustard. The pills were legal, Viv. You know, I got prescriptions, it's just... You're not supposed to buy them across the border, that's all. Other than that, it's... fine. So the radio's lying? Yeah. The TV's lying? Baby, they'll say anything to... Your lawyer's lying? Luther's lying, Marsh is lying, your manager... Viv, I don't want to fight. What about June? Does she think it's fine her new boy's a drug addict? She left the tour, Viv, in Vegas. Well, that explains everything, doesn't it? John! John, what are you doing? It's 7:00 a.m. The kids are getting ready for school. I was hanging pictures. John, please don't hang these. Viv, they're pictures of my band. Don't hang these. No, I don't want you to hang these. Viv, let go - of the damn picture. - No. - No, I said, please don't hang these, John. - Viv! No! Viv, get back here! Viv? Viv, get back here. Viv, I ain't kidding! Vivian, give me the damn picture. Viv. Give me the... No! Viv. Wai... Don't... - You! You! - Now, stop it. Baby, stop it! - You pathetic excuse for a man! - All right, ba... She will find out, you liar... She'll find out! She'll find out, John! You liar! - Stop it! - No! You think you're perfect?! You think you're perfect? Huh?! - Huh?! No! No. No. No! Shut the door. Hey, you leaving all this? Viv? You leaving all this? Girls! Girls! No! - Girls! - Hey, did June call? Waylon! Did June call? Woman won't return my damn calls. They disconnected it yesterday. Insufficient fundulation. Now, come on, man, I gave you money for that. Well, that was last month. This is this month. You see, I'm... I'm a little behind right now, and-and I need this to turn my phone back on... because I need to talk to my woman. See, I'm-I'm in love with a woman... and I need to talk to her, you understand? I need this to get my car out of the shop. She lives way, way out on the edge of town. It's the Bataan death march to get there. You see? So, if you just go ahead and-and-and cash this. Um, I'm sorry, Mr. Cash. - You know who I am? - I... - Yes, sir. - Okay. Then just please cash the check for me. The bank puts an automatic hold on checks like this. It's a large amount. Well, if you can't cash it... - then it's just a piece of paper. See? - Oh, don't do that. - Please, don't. - Why, you can't cash it, it ain't nothing. It ain't nothing. Just a damn piece of paper. Mama, Johnny Cash is here! Hey, girls. Hey, Carlene, you look real look nice. Hey, Johnny. Mama, Johnny Cash is here! Hi, Mother Maybelle. Hey, John. How are you doing? I'm doing all right. Hi, June. Hi, John. Hey, girls... can you go inside the living room and clean up that mess? All right, honey. I tried to call, June, but I think there's something wrong with your phone. Look at you. Have you looked in a mirror lately? How are you gonna sing, when you can't even talk? I got the laryngitis. Remember? Marry me, June. Oh, please. Get up off your knees. You look pathetic. Come on. I don't want my girls seeing somebody like this. Come on, baby. Where's my friend John? What, did he get high? Or is he incognito? Is he gone? 'Cause I don't like this guy, Cash. I ain't incognito. I'm right here. You see? I'm here. Fine, where's your car? Kiss and make up. You walked here? Yeah. You walked here all the way from Nashville? Yeah, walking's good for you. See, I'm trying to get into shape, June. It cleans out your system. Well, it's a spiritual thing. I'm on a love walk. The June Carter Love Walk. - And memorial. - You know what? I'm supporting more than myself right now. Please, do not blow another tour. Aw, June, love's more important than a tour. - Is that right? - Yes, it is. Well, then start loving yourself... so we can go back to work. All right, June. Hey, you keep your phone on, and I will, too. I'll call. I'll call you. When you're feeling better, I'll call. Hey, that's a beautiful house! Hey, man. Beautiful place, man. - Yeah? Thanks. - Uh-huh. Hello. June? Hey, it's John. Hey. Hey. How you doing? I'm fine, John, how are you? Uh, yeah, doing a lot better than the last time you saw me. Well, that's good. I'm glad to hear that. You still taking those pills? No, that was... no, that was a rough patch, uh, June. I just needed to, uh, you know, get some time. I'm doing better, though, now, you know? I, uh, got out of that apartment and got this place out in Hendersonville on a lake. Big spread. I heard that. Yeah, I'm... trying to get things together. Mm-hmm. Are you alone on Thanksgiving, John? Yeah. My folks are coming down with Reba and Roseanne... and, uh, I got this big bird... but I don't know when to put it in the oven or really what temperature to set it at or... Uh-huh. It is beautiful. Really lucky. I'm really proud of you. - You see, it goes from right up there... - Mm-hmm. Clear across halfway around the lake. Yeah. What's going on down there with that tractor? Uh, I got it stuck. I was trying to pull out that stump, and I couldn't... - Doing something dangerous. - Yeah, but... That's a fine piece of equipment to leave sinking in that mud. Is that the way you take care of your things? Well... Hey. - Hey! - There's John. - Happy Thanksgiving. - Oh! Here, Carlene. - Happy Thanksgiving! - Hello, John. - Hi. - I like this place out here. Oh, thanks. - Happy Thanksgiving. - Hey, Rosie. Thank you. - Hey. - Let's go over and meet John's... House is beautiful. Thanks. Thanks for coming. Hey, how you folks doing? - John, how are you doing? - Let me help you out. - All right. - Oh, thank you, Carrie. Mother Maybelle, that's my mama, Carrie. Maybelle Carter, happy to meet you. This is my daddy... - Ray. - Ray, how you doing? - How are you doing? - Good to meet you. - My mama, Carrie. - How are you doing? Carrie was going to cook for y'all, but, uh... J.R., he doesn't have a pot or a pan, so... Well, we're more than happy to share our food with you folks. I just moved in, you know? - Okay, thanks, Carrie. - Come on inside. If you're gonna get out on some big water like the lakes or river, you're gonna need something that you can cast out there a pretty good ways. Now if you haven't gotten one yet, what I want to tell you is... you need to get you a Zebco 33. That's about the best reel that you can get. They don't tangle up very much, and you can cast 'em about as far as you want to throw 'em. Of course, around the house there, them little farm ponds... you don't need nothing but a cane pole and a float... and maybe some crickets or worms, if you can dig them up. That's all we ever had. Zebco 33 is probably your best bet. I bought June one when she was about 12 years old. You remember that? - That's right, I caught a lot of fish with that. - Mm-hmm. You sure did. So wha... what do you think, Daddy? About what? About the house. It's a fine, big house, John. It's not as big as Jack Benny's. You been to Jack Benny's, Ray? Saw it on the TV. Carrie, I was meaning to ask you... did you teach the boys to play? Well, J.R. Always sang pretty... but I don't think I could take credit for it. I bet you did. I bet you learned the same way I did. - Oh, out of the hymnals, sure. - Hymnals. I knew you'd say that. But you know, you'd be surprised how many musicians can't read shaped notes nowadays. I can't imagine. I know, I know, but my husband's uncle... E.M. Bays, he taught me with hymnals, too. How about you, John? You know how to read shaped notes? John? Mama asked you a question, John. I'm really glad y'all could be here today... especially you, Daddy. I'm glad you came. To dinner, and Thanksgiving and all. Not everybody's here. Jack's not here, is he? Huh? "Where you been?" That's what you said to me. Remember? And I was 12 years old. You's got Jack's bloody clothes... And you said to me, "Where you been?" Well? Where were you? Where were you? I quit drinking a long time ago, J.R. What about you? You still taking them pills? That'll kill you, ya know. Yeah, well, so will a car wreck. You're sitting on a high horse, boy. I never had talent; I did the best I could with what I had. Can you say that? Mr. Big Shot. Mr. Pill-popping rock star? Ray. Who are you to judge? You ain't got nothin'. Big, empty house. Nothin'. Children you don't see. Nothing. Big old, expensive tractor stuck in the mud. Ray... Nothin'. Come on! Do it! Come on... You son of a bitch, you. Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on! Come on! Sit in the middle this time. Come on, you son of a bitch! John? Oh, here's a fine piece of equipment! John! You should go down there to him, June. Mama. He's mixed up. I am not going down there. If I go down... You already are down there, honey. Do it! Do it! More, more, more! John! John! John! John! Ah! John! John. June? Come on. You should have left me. John? Go on ahead, J.R. You know what that is, J.R.? Just please, get away from me.! Daddy? John? Hey, John? Oh, shit! Jesus! Hey! What? Hey, John? Get your ass out of here, boy! Hey, John! Get out of here! Take your poison with you! Okay! Hey. Mama and I picked these up down the road. They're good. It's good to see you again. Can I get you something else? Just stay. Okay. You're an angel. No, I'm not. You been here with me. I had a friend who needed help. You're my friend. But I done so many bad things. You done a few. That's true. My daddy's right. Should have been me on that saw. Jack was so good. He would have done so many good things. What have I done? Just hurt everybody I know. I know I've hurt you. I'm nothing. You're not nothing. You are not nothing. You're a good man. And God has given you a second chance to make things right, John. This is your chance, honey. This is your chance. Morning. Hi, how are y'all? Hey, June? It's okay. Come on. What about the Tropicana? What's wrong with the Opry? He was banned after he smashed up the footlights. Well, if he smashes lights at Folsom... they're going to keep him there. Look, Frank. While Johnny was out recuperating... the world changed. Dylan's gone electric. The Byrds are electric. The Beatles are electric. Hell, everybody's electric. He needs a fresh sound... and all he wants to do is cut a live album with the same old pickers at a maximum-security penitentiary! You can talk to me, you know. I'm standing right here. And what's with the black? It's depressing. Looks like you're going to a funeral. Maybe I am. Your fans are church folk, Johnny. Christians. They don't want to hear you singing to a bunch of murderers and rapists... trying to cheer them up. Well, they're not Christians, then. I'm fine with you doing a live record. Just not at a prison. That's my compromise. January 13... I'll be at Folsom Prison with June and the boys. You listen to the tapes. You don't like 'em... you can toss 'em. Pardon me, Mr. Cash? M-Mr. Cash? Mr. Cash? Might I suggest you refrain from playing any more tunes that remind them- the, uh, the-the inmates, that is- well, that they're in prison? You think they forgot? Perhaps you and your wife could do another spiritual. That's not my wife, Warden. Keep asking her, and she keeps saying no. You ever drink this water, Warden? No. I'm a Coca-Cola man. All right! I want to remind you, we're recording live here today... so you can't say "hell" or "shit" or anything like that. I got to tell you, I can't tell you how many shows we done... but this is the best audience we ever had. I want to thank you for that. You know... standing back there in your shop, catching my breath... I come to admire you even more. Yeah! You see, I never had to do hard time like you... Yeah! ...although I have on occasion... gotten myself busted. Once in El Paso, I had this bag of... Oh... you heard about that? You been in El Paso, too? Well, anyways... I felt tough, you know? Like I'd seen a thing or two, you know? Well, that was till a moment ago... 'cause I got to tell you, my hat's off to you now. 'Cause I ain't never had to drink this yellow water you got here at Folsom. - All right. This song's for your warden. Boom! In the back. Hey, June. June. What's wrong, John? Oh... bad dreams, memories. Well, you need to get some rest, sweetie. You did good tonight. Well, we got another show tomorrow. Yeah. Hey, listen. The thing is... I think it's time now, you know? I think it's about time. Time for what? For you and me to get married. Go to sleep, John. I don't want to sleep. I want to marry you... and I'm telling you, it's the time. Well, I am telling you, with 100% certainty... that it is not the time. It's not about time. It's not the right time. It's not even quarter to the right time. June. How do you know? I mean... You haven't been clean even six months. Come on. Except for a honeymoon, you have not even thought about what you're asking me. Yes, I have. I have. That's all I've thought about. Well, how's it going to work, John? Where we going to live? What about my girls? - What about your girls? - Well... What about your parents, John? Your daddy won't even look at me. June, that stuff will just work itself out. No, it does not work itself out. People work it out for you... and you think it works itself out. You're scared. What? You're scared of being in love. You're scared of losing control. And you know what, June Carter? I think you're scared of living in my big fat shadow. - That's your problem. - Oh, really? - Yeah. Yeah, it is. - Is that my problem? My problem is it's 2:00 a.m. My problem is I'm asleep. I'm on a tour bus with eight stinking men. Rule number one- don't propose to a girl on a bus. You got that? Rule number two- don't tell her it's because you had a bad dream. June? What? Marry me. Okay. Well, that's... that's the last time I'm asking. Well, good. I hate reruns. Hey, June? June? What's that, dear? June? I said... What's that, dear? What, you're not talking to me? You are not allowed to speak to me tonight. After that stunt you pulled on the bus... the only place you're allowed to speak to me is on stage. - Do you understand? - What did I do? I don't know. Why don't you ask your big fat shadow? Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. All right, thank you. I don't know if y'all know who wrote that song... but it's this long-legged gal standing right here... Miss June Carter. Thanks, ya'll. Thank you very much. So, uh, June, you going to stand over there all night... or you want to come over here and sing with me? I'll sing with you, Mr. Cash. You sure that's what you want? Yeah. All right. Okay. Well, folks, what do you say? You want to hear, uh, "Jackson"? All right. Thought you was gonna wax poetic a little bit longer. No, I'm done with that, June. Oh, okay, good. Sorry for the interruption, folks... but, uh, I got to ask June here a question before we finish this song. What's that, John? Will you marry me? Why don't we just sing the song, John? No, darling. Come on, finish the song. People want to hear us sing. Sorry folks, but, uh... I just can't do this song anymore... unless she's gonna marry me. It'd just be like we're lying. You got these people all revved up, John. - Now come on, let's sing "Jackson" for 'em. - You got me all revved up. I've asked you 40 different ways and it's time you come up with a fresh answer. Please, sing. I'm asking you to marry me. I love you, June. Now I know I said and done a lot of things... that I hurt you, but I promise I'll never do that again. I only want to take care of you. I will not leave you like that Dutch boy with your finger in the dam. You're my best friend. Marry me. All right. Yeah? In case none of y'all heard, she said "yes"! She's finally said "yes". Grandpa, here, let's talk on this. What do you want me to do with it? Well, you... you listen and you talk. It's a tin can telephone. And the sound goes up the string. Hello, grandgirls. Hello, grandgirls. Can you hear us? Hello, Roseanne. Hello, Carlene. You got to pull it tight, Daddy. Come on, Grandpa. Talk. Speak, Grandpa. - Tell us a story. - Speak. - Grandpa! - Tell us a story. Here, you take it, talk to them. No, they want to talk to their grandpa. I don't got no stories. You got all the stories, Shooter. Why don't you tell them about the flood? Tell them about how you made a boat out of the front door and got us all out of there. They'll like that. Tell us! Come on, tell 'em. You got to pull the string tight. It was 1937... There was a flood.

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