Ms. Lori came to spend the New Years Eve party to watch Barney for her while Dad went to work in "Votings The New Years Eve Party" released from 2002. Frame eight of eight of this one where Tiptie reports to Summit where her Summit friends were trying to find 25th Birthday VHS the Random House release. Then Miss Deb wants to know the bad news was it left it at Summit, and then another bad news was Charlie Rose is over because she'll watch again real soon. Sesame Street: 25 Wonderful Years released October 29, 1993 with 11 frame numbers more than 26 songs. Then Miss Deb found it, she thanked Tiptie and she says goodbye to all her Summit friends and they'll visit them again real soon. Tiptie thought that she wants to do that "Walk Around The Block With Barney" for Tiffany because Tiffany would love to watch that tape on May 4, 1999. Then at 6:30 PM that means Ms. Lori has to get back to her place to cook dinner for Ms. Lori's children. Simply like Matthew, Sydney, and Alexis there. So Lauren and Tiptie say goodbye to her and then they want to watch another Barney tape for Jessica. Then Jessica wants to do "Walk Around The Block With Barney" released May 4, 1999. Kaitlin, Tiptie, Trancine and Jessica were looking up sponsor constellations. Tiptie guessed Z, Jessica guessed 4. The end credits feature Sing-along Songs Heigh-Ho released May 19, 1987. During the end credits, the announcer just quotes in voice-over that "Clover's gonna be out visit their little girl named Jessica." The end credits are pretty long. The credits music duration four minutes, 0 seconds.

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  • The picture of the closing from show 4031 where Rosita, Telly, Bob and Big Bird were looking up the sponsor constellations was used on Friday, March 10, 2017.