Episode 20

Episode date: March 6, 1998

Whisper sings the theme song about a classic fairy tale. Big Bird talks about a Birdketeer meeting with the Birdketeers. The Count stairing at the doors for the mountains. Elmo looks at planets. Telly's Lunch. Soon, Bert felt disappointed to Ernie about what he did. Oscar tested party choices. Cookie Monster imagined the cookies for small monsters. Lyle told Argyle that helping people is hard. Chelli's friends can't put up Jack And The Beanstalk. Everyone decided to put up "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" narrated by Kevin Doody. He narrated the classic fairy tale while "Hot, Hot, Hot" plays when Michael, Tina, and Derek are bears, and Abby Cadabby is the little girl named Goldilocks. In it, he narrated the part that have 3 bowls of Bert's yummy oatmeal, 3 chairs, and 3 beds. After he was done, he replies that he loves the happy endings means they're in love was happily ever after.

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