Movie Date: September 21, 2010

Some people say that fairies are the stuff of fantasy. They think the world is just what you can touch and hear and see, while others say the tales and legends cannot be dismissed. They believe with all their hearts that fairies truly do exist. Through out all time, human beings and fairies never met, till one very special summer that we shall not soon forget. Life is rising up Surging forth in all directions Every little buttercup Is reaching out to find connections Every blade of grass Will touch the sunlight The rain will touch the ground Growing greener than it was before Bees are droning by Spider silk is softly spinning Not a cloud in the sky You know it's only the beginning Every little blossom, every flower Flings its petals wide As the season comes round Once more Hey, Tink! You ready for your first summer on the mainland? Absolutely! It's so beautiful out here. I can't believe we get to stay for the whole season. Well, what are we waiting for? Race you down! The breeze is blowing light and sweet The grass, a carpet at your feet Catch the colors Feel the heat of the sun All the sparrows in the dell Swirling round like a carousel Singing loud enough to tell everyone Hi, guys. Summer's just begun Summer's just begun There it is, Tink. Fairy camp! All the winters, all the springs Lead us here on fairy wings A season of a thousand things To be done Summer's just begun Summer's just begun Hiya, Cheese! Summer's just begun - Did you have a nice flight? Incoming! Keep her level! Keep her level! Gear it down, Bobble! Oh-ho! - Smashing landing, Clanky. - Thank you, Bobble Guys, I think you may have over-packed. - Come on, Tink. Let's go inside. - Inside? Tink, fairy camp isn't out here in the open. We need to stay hidden from the humans. - We do? - Uh. Yeah. That's why fairy camp is in here. Cicadas, one at a time. You, you and you. You, too. Wow. lt's like all of Pixie Hollow under one tree! Blaze! Hmm? Wow! The Queen Anne's lace is looking beautiful. - How are the looms working? - Fine, thanks to you, Tink. Next. Next. Next. - Hows the bee-liner working? - Like a dream Tink. Thanks Great. Need any help with that wagon? No, thanks. She's running fine. Okay. Glad to hear it. Here's the first week's supply. Okay, I'm off. I gotta go deliver pixie dust to the other fairy camps, but I'll see you in a couple days. Oh, and Tink! Don't worry. You'll find something to fix. I hope so. In the meantime I need to go find some lost things. Hold on, little miss spare parts. You're not going near the human house, are you? - There's a human house? - No! I mean, yes, but no. - We stay away from humans. - Oh, Iridessa! - Tinker Bell knows that, don't you? - Define "stay away" It's gonna be a long summer. Grouchy. - Oh, that's just Vidia being Vidia. - No, the air. It smells... ...grouchy. - We might be in for a storm. - Come on Sil. The sun is shining, the air is warm. It's a beautiful day. Nothing's gonna... Tinker Bell. Thank goodness we're here, Father. It's just like I remember it. Wel, of course, my darling. Look at the creek and the woods and the meadow Oh! I wish it was summer all year long! Yes, Lizzy. Tinker Bell, what are you doing here? Vidia, this is amazing! It's a carriage that moves by itself! There's no horse. Seriously, look. - Do you see a horse up there? - Uh, No. It'is a horseless carriage! And do you want to know how it works? - Not really. - So do I. I think those wheels back there move because this chain thing rotates And I think what rotates the chain is this big... I don't care Tinker Bell. You shouldn't be this close to the human house. What if they see us? Will you stop flitting around in there? This is serious! You know what, Vidia? I think this powers the whole thing! This, my dear, is exactly why tinkers shouldn't come to the mainland. They... Let me know if this does anything. Well, anything? Vidia, you're all wet. You don't say. Father, Father Father! Can we bring our tea and scones outside and have them here in the garden? - It would be just like a little picnic. Not just now, Lizzy. I still have to get the trunk unpacked and the house settled Father, look! What a magnificent butterfly. My word. Absolutely astonishing. It's so beautiful. What kind of butterfly is it? Well, judging from the epidermal membrane, it's cleary an apatura iris, but the wings have two entirely different patterns. Well, that's neary impossible. Well, I guess that's just the way the fairies decided to paint it. Hmm? Lizzy, faires do not paint butterfly wings because, as you know, fairies are not real. - Hmm! - Ugh! But of course they are. The proof is right here. - Their paint dripped all over its wing. - Really, darling. Rational people consider a belief in fairies to be quite foolish. The wings are so fresh. What are you doing? Its chrysalis must have been in the meadow. The meadow? Father wait! That's where I'm going. Would you like to come? Not now, Lizzy. I have to update my field journal. My interview at the museum is tomorrow night You're going back already? We just got here. I know, sweetheart, and I'm very sorry. But I'll only be gone for the day. Mrs. Perkins will look after you, and I'll be back in time to tuck you in. - Promise? - I promise. - Okay. - That's a good girl. All clear! Come on, Vidia. - I can't fly. My wings are wet. - Oh! That's right. Sorry. Guess you'll have to walk back. But don't worry, I'll keep you company. Actually, it might be nice Or not So, I think I figured out the carriage. Those bottles of goop must keep it running smoothly, like snail slime, you know? Hate to see the size of the snail that stuff comes from. And at first... Here's your house, little fairies. Wherever you are. Hmm Just needs a little something more. But I haven't quite figured out what that sparky wire does. Hey! Maybe the whole carriage runs on lightning! Are those wet wings still bugging you? Here, Vidia, let me help you. Tinker Bell, maybe if you spent less tme causing disasters, you wouldn't have to help everybody so much. Whoa! - Hmm. The truth hurts, doesn't it? - Look! We can use these back at camp! Wow. These'll be perfect for the new wagon prototype I've been working on. Here. I bet if I took two or three and tied them together, I could make one really strong wheel! It's a good thing we were walking or we might never have seen these. Vidia, where are your buttons? Tinker Bell, am not carrying this human junk back to camp. Ah! - Let's go! - Let's go! Tinker Bell, we're not supposed to go near human houses. This isn't a human house. They're a lot bigger. Besides, the sign says, "Fairies welcome." Who do you think wrote it? Humans! Tinker Bell, you're not going in there. Please tell me you're not going in there! She went in there. Oh! Wow. Tinker Bell! Don't eat that! This could be a trap. Come on, Vidia. It's perfectly safe. Oh, really? - Oh, Vidia - Huh! Not so safe now, is it? Nice try, Vidia, but you re not scaring me. Gosh, this thing is amazing. You just don't know when to stop, do you? Oh, no. Tink! Someone's coming! The door is stuck! Come on, Vidia You can do better than that. Tink! - I wonder what this part does. Tink! I'm serious! Get out of there! Just a second. Just a second. Vidia? Vidia? Oh Vidia, come on. Open the door. You had your little... Oh, no. What have I done? Vidia? Okay, not funny anymore. A fairy! It's a real fairy! Father! Father! Father! - Father! Father, Father! - Yes, Lizzy. You're never going to believe what I found. - Maybe later, Lizzy. - But Father, Father, Father, - Father Father - Just a moment, dear. - I'm very busy with my project. - Yes, but Father! - Father! - Lizzy, please. I must add this extraordinary discovery to my field journal. And here t is. Is that the butterfly we were looking at earlier? Yes. Quite a specimen isn't it? You re not going to take it to London, are you? Yes of course. The board of trustees would never believe me if they didn't see it themselves. Now I'm sure to get that curatorship at the museum Besides, as a member of the scientific community, I'm obligated to share significant findings like this with my colleagues. I know it's unfortunate for the specimen, but really, there is no otherway. Now, dear. What did you want me to see? Uh... Never mind. Where have you gone? Mr Twitches, no! Out! Out with you! Mr. Twitches! Bad cat! No, no, no! Don't worry, little fairy. Mr. Twitches won't bother you as long as you're in there. Naughty cat! You're going outside. Tnker Bell's been captured by humans! - Oh, no. - What happened? Is she okay? - Is she all right? - What's this? Tinker Bell? - What happened, Vidia? - Is she hurt? Tinker Bell went into this little house in the meadow and couldn't get out. The door got jammed. Then this human came from out of nowhere and snatched her up, but I know where she is. We have to hurry and save her. Then we better leave right away! Sil, do you think the storm will pass soon? No, it looks like it's gonna get stronger. Well, there's gotta be some way to get to Tink. We can't fly in the rain and the meadow's already flooded. Maybe we don't have to fly. If we get some big leaves and sew them togetherwth stem twine... And miter-cut some twigs for the sub-flooring. Acorns as counterweights. Some quick-dry maple sap as reinforcement. What are you two talking about? - We're gonna build a boat! - We're gonna build a boat! More mushroom caps, p ease! - Here we go. This one goes there. That one goes there. Right? Righty-o, Bobble. Right, more reeds over here. - This thing had better work. Give me the sap. You dip it in this way and give it a big slap like so. Ow. Ow. Ow. Come on. Come on. Let's get going. There you go. Now you're talking! It's working! Well, this is it. Hey, faith... Trust... - And pixie dust. - Pixie dust. Come on. Come on. Hello. You don't have to be scared. I'm very nice You're so ittle. Your dress is very leafy. Did you make it yourself? I like your wings. They're like sparkly lace. Your hair must be so soft. Are you hungry? Maybe not. That's okay. I don't like some kinds of food, either. Oh! I'm so sorry. Where are my manners? There you go. Wait! Wait! Wait! No, please! I'm not going to hurt you! Don't be afraid I just want to be your friend! I really won't hurt you. I just love fairies. I've been drawing fairies all my life. See? I drew that one when I was three but I did that green one last week. I think it's much better. I even started to paint with the watercolors Father gave me. Is it true that some fairies paint butterfly wings? I knew it! These are some of my favorite drawings. This is a water fairy. - You can tell because her skin is blue. - Blue? And here is a candy fa ry living in a lollipop tree Do all fairies live in trees made of sweets? Really? What about fairy circles? Well, I hear that if a person steps in one, a fairy has to grant them three wishes from their magic bag. But if they don't, they turn into a pile of del cious sugar, - and then younger fairies - Wait. Wait a minute. ...must try and turn them back into... - Where are you getting all this? You jingle when you talk, like a little bell! So thats how fairies speak. So what do you think of my fairies? Oh! And my fairy house! It got a little shaken up. Did you make this? I don't know what you're saying. Oh. Did I make the fairy house? Yes, I did. Do you like it? Oh. The door's stuck. Well, you're quite the little tinker, aren't you? What? Is that your name? Tinker? Er... Bell? Your name is Bell. Tinker? Bell? Tinker Bell? Tinker Bell. What a lovely name! Well, Tinker Bell, my name's Lizzy. Do all fairies sound the same when they talk? How do you learn to be a fairy? Do you go to fairy school? Lizzy? Lizzy? Who are you talking to? Oh. Um... My fairy! That's nice, dear. Now, I brought you something I think you'll really enjoy. These are some of my old field journals. Now, I picked out the ones I thought would excite you the most. This one on rocks and minerals is particulary interesting - Is there a field journal about fairies? - Of course not, Lizzy. Books like this are based on fact and scientific research, which is the quite the contrary to your little figurines and drawings. Well, just because you've never seen a fairy doesn't mean theyre not real. Now, Lizzy, seeing is believing, and without proof, it's just a fairy tale. Now, here is a blank field journal Now, you're very talented, my darling, and I'm sure you'll be able to fill it with your own scientific research. Yes, Father. Now if only these leaks were just pretend. Tinker Bell, you can come out now. Look, Lizzy, thanks for showing me your collection, but I really should be... You want to go? Oh. I really wish you'd stay. I'm sorry, Lizzy. Okay, I understand. So, I guess this is goodbye. What's wrong? Can't you fly in the rain? You can stay with me until the rain stops. I'll show you around my room. We can play with my toys. We'll have so much fun. - We're past the shallows! - Aye Drop the ma nsail! Dropping the mainsail! - Trim the sail! - Trimming the sail! - Big thingy, dead ahead! Hard to port! - Hard to port! Hard to port! I recognize that wagon. Stay on this course! - Aye, Miss Vidia. Will do. - I sure hope Tink is all right. Who knows what terrible things could be happening to her right now. A fairy could get used to this. Isn't it wonderfu? Everything in this house is just your size, Tinker Bell. That's perfume. It smells like flowers. Oh. My doll. She should be in bed by now. How old are you? I'm nine. Do you like my dollhouse? Do fairies live in houses? What are fairies' houses made of? That's a cooker, but it doesn't actually work. Whats your favorite food? I mean, besides sweets? I want to know all about real live fairies. Perfect! "Scientific fairy research." Okay. What's your favorite color? Green is my favorte color, too! I should start from the beginning. Where do fairies come from? I mean, where were you born? Oh. Well, that one's a lttle more complicated because... So, a baby, when it laughs for the first time... A fairy... - Uh... Uh... - Oh. Right. One second. You were a funny-looking baby? A baby? Laughs? One? First? When a baby laughs for the first time, thats when a fairy is born Incredible. Lizzy, that's only the beginning. Guess I always knew This could all come true Still it feels so new Being here with you Can't believe my eyes A new world comes ailve Spring and summer Love and laughter We'll live happy ever after We'll shine brighter Than we thought we'd be Because you showed me How to believe More than just pretend I'll make believe again I hope this never ends Maybe we'll be friends Now everything I know Everything I know I'll never let it go Never let it go Spring and summer Love and laughter We'll live happy everafter We'll shine brighter Than we thought we'd be Because you showed me How to believe Okay, everybody, listen up. This road should take us straight to the human house. So how far is it from the road to the house, do you think? Not that far, realy. The only question is, how flooded is it? That's a good point. Well, I'm gonna remain optimistic. - We'll get to Tink in no time. I'm with you, Sil. We're almost there. Why, look, we're picking up speed already. Did you feel that? We're moving faster. Hey, guys! We're heading right for a waterfall! Great polliwogs! We have to make the turn! Ease the sheets and get ready to jibe! What? Ease the sheet and get ready to jibe! - What? What did he say? Loosen the ropes and... ... turn the sail! - Oh, no! - Look out! Man overboard! Hard to port! Hard to port! Turn the boat! Turn the boat! Guys! We're running out of river! That's all right, 'cause all we need's a little. - Rosetta, come grab my feet. - What? Hang on! We're going straight down! Oh, no! Brace yourselves! - Who's alive? - Not me Me, either. I can't find a pulse! It's not there I'm teling you, I don't... Oh. I'm good. Oh! Ow! Oh! Sorry! Ow! Looks like were walking from here. - But... Walking where? - We could be anywhere. Everything looks the same from down here. And there's no way of knowing which way to go. Clank! Where did you find that? I don't know. Here on the ground. Is it yours? I know where we are. Tinker Bell this is so fascinating. Thank you. I had no idea fairies were responsible for changing the seasons. I thought it had something to do with the Earth's axis as it rotated around the sun. That's what we wanted you to think. Well, I think we've covered everything. Oh. I hope Father's impressed. And now for the finale. The whole fairy land, Pixie Hollow. It worked! Tinker Bell, I can't wait to show Father. Tinker Bell? Are you all right? Tinker Bell? Huh? Oh Sorry. Yeah, let's go show yourdad. Looks like the rain has let up some. You might be able to make it home to your frends now. Maybe this could help you. Oh, yes. Such a clever tinker. Take care of yourself. I'll never forget you, Tinker Bell. You'd best hurry. The break in the weather may not ast long. Goodbye. And I'll never forget you, Lizzy. Father, look Not just now, Lizzy. My hands are rather full at the moment. I made t especially for you, Father. It's just like your field journal. - It's filled with lots of facts. - Yes, yes, that sounds wonderful, but I'm in the middle of a potent al catastrophe here. I can't look at it now. - But Father, it's a field journal, and I... - I don't have time. I have to find some way to deal with all these leaks before they destroy my work. - When will you be able to look at it? - I don't know. Maybe later. You always say that. Tinker Bell! You came back! I'm so glad to see you. Tinker Bell, Father has no time forthe field journal. I think I can fix that. Vidia, you sure you know where you're going? Yes. Tinker Bell and I walked by here. I just have to find the road. Road? What road? That road! That's not a road. That's a muddy river. So, I guess we need to find a bridge. Or be spontaneous and jump right in. It's not deep We can walk across. Yeah, no. I don't really do mud. - But you're a garden fairy! - Ironic, isn't it? Rosetta! Okay, all right. I'm coming. It's squishy. Oh! What was that? She's stuck! I can get myself out of here. All right, all right. Someone just get me something to grab onto - Got it! Clanky, rescue device. - Right, Bobble. You can count on us! Okay. Let's give this a try. Do you feel that? She's starting to break free. I don't think so. - Come on, hurry! - Pull! Pull! Pull! Pull! Hello? Is somebody out there? Anyone? - Grab this! Hurry! - Are you kidding me? Trust me. And hold on tight. Oh well. We got the... ...rescue device. - You scared the petals right off of me! Did we miss anything? "My, what a splendid tea service. I am really quite impressed.'' Then I say, "Why, thank you, Tinker Bell. "You are too kind." You hold your pinkie out, like this, and that's the way you throw a proper tea party. Good night, Lizzy. There we... Oh! I'm going to bed. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Oh. Good morning, Tinker Bell. How did you sleep last night? Well, I... Actually, I didn't, but that doesn't matter. You should go downstairs to your father - Lizzy? - Yes, Father? Good morning, my dear. All the leaks seem to have stopped. I just wanted to make sure everything is okay in here. Yes. Just fine. No leaks at all. So... Strange It's as if they mended themselves. It's still raining outside. I can't imagine how on Earth such a thing could occur Well, there must be an explanation that I'm just not thinking of. Well, I'm sure you'll think of it, Father. - Off we go. - Perhaps down in your study. You always do your best thinking there. I wish you luck. - Okay, well, play nicely - Yes, of course. Bye, Father. Oh! That was close. What are you doing? This s your chance Is that why you fixed those leaks? So he can spend more time with me? I've really been wanting to show him this Okay, okay. I'll go. Father, since you have more time, maybe I can show you my scientific research. The butterfly. It's gone! What? The apatura iris with the irregular wing pattern. I was going to present it to the museum tonight. Oh! This was my big opportunity, and now it's gone - Elizabeth, did you release it? - No. Well, I didn't do it. And since there is no one else in the house, there is only one logical explanation. - It must have been you. - I didn't do it, Father. I'm going to give you one more chance. Tell me the truth. I could tell you, Father, but you wouldn't believe me. Very well. Off to your room, young lady. I'm very disappointed in you. You know, I was just thinking, if Tink were here - how not quiet it would be right now. - You can say that again Okay, okay, okay. Who am I? That's the exact shade! Quite a bit of spirit in that little tinker, eh? That's for sure. In fact, I still can't believe she got captured. Yeah. It's very unlike Tink to be caught with her guard down. - I wonder what really happened. - Well we'll find out soon. Yep. With every step we take we come closer and closer to Tinker Bell She'll te us what happened. Listen, there's something you a should know. Tinker Bell getting trapped is a my fault! I slammed that door on Tinker Bell, to teach her a lesson I tried to get her out, but the door was stuck. I tred, but I couldn't, and now I've put her and all of us in danger. I am so sorry. Honey, this is not your fault. We a know that Tink can get into plenty of trouble all by herself. It scares me to think what would have happened if you weren't there, Vidia. I don't know what to say. - How about faith... - Trust... - And... - And... And pixie dust. And pixie dust! Can you reach it, Clanky? Almost. Just a little more. - Here, let me. Okay. Now, can you see anything? No! There's a big building in the way. Building. It's a house. That's it! Clanky! We've got it! What've we got? House! Get off. I'm sorry. I can't feel my legs. It doesn't matter what I say. He never believes me. I'm so sorry, Lizzy. I'm so glad you're here. You're my best friend. I wish I were a fairy, just like you. Then I could help the flowers bloom and talk to animals and fly around with the other fairies all the time. That would be fun. Where are we going? Oh! What is going on up there? Whoa! I was going to present it to the museum ton ght. Now the butterfly is gone. Whoa! Whoa! Oh, my! I'm... I'm flying! Whoa! Look at me! Whee! I'm a fairy! All clear! Sorry. - Oh! Careful. - That's my ear Sorry. Sorry. - That's the nose Careful. Whoops! Sorry. - Can't see! Okay. Tinker Bell is upstairs. The little girl has her in a cage. In a cage? And there's also a large human in the house who doesn't like creatures with wings. He pins them up in display cases. - Great. Anything else? - Oh, yes. The cat Cat! What cat? - That cat! - That cat! Fawn, you're an animal fairy. What are we supposed to do? Fawn? - Fly! Our wings are wet. And who knows when they'll be dry. Okay, okay. Run! - Clank! - Come on! Whoa! Clank! - I'm okay. We still need to get to that stairwell. Any ideas? If we could just build a brdge or something - That's it. A bridge! Guys? Guys? - A bridge made out of what? Guys! Clank! You're a genius! Huh? Uh. It was nothing. All right. Let's do this. - We need some more plates! - Okay. Start passing them up Clanky. Aye, aye! Here they come! Get ready for more. Oh, hello! We've got a full plate back here! No, no, no. No. No, please. Get back! Get back! Rosetta! Is this what I think it is? That is exactly what you think it is. Catnip! You get to Tink and we'll take care of the cat! Got it! Whoa! Lizzy? Coming, Father! - Lizzy? - Why, hello, Father. May I help you? - What's going on in here? - Nothing. Nothing? Sounds like a herd of elephants have been marching up here. Look at this room. It looks like a cyclone hit it. - It's not that bad. - Not that bad? Your books are a overthe floor, your toys are everywhere and you tore your curtains What? How did you get footprints on the ceiling? This is simply too much. A temper tantrum of this magnitude is unacceptable. But I wasn't having a tantrum! Then how did this happen? And the truth this time. If I tell you the truth you still won't believe me. Elizabeth, the truth. I was flying. My fairy showed me how. Oh, forgoodness sake. Your make-believe fairy did this? You've got to stop this nonsense! But it's not nonsense, Father. It's the truth! You have a real fairy living in your room? Yes! And I can prove it. Just look at the research we did. Elizabeth. This is what you've been doing? Field journals are to be filled with fact, not fairy tales. But Father, these are facts! I don't understand this foolishness, Lizzy. You have such talent - Why would you waste it this way? - Why can't you just believe me? I believe in what is real, and it's about time you started doing the same. Father, wait! I know this is difficult for you to understand but this is all make-believe. - No! They're real! - Elizabeth, this discuss on is over. But Father! It... It. See? I told you. Faires are real! It's okay. She won't hurt you. It's... Well, it's extraordinary! Aren't her wings beautiful? Yes. Very similarto Apoidea. Or, no, no, odonata. Look at the limb proportionality to the cranial radius. - Fascinating! - Isn't she magical? She's some sort of evolutionary mutation She's not a bug, she's a person. - DR. GRIFFITHS Exactly! - Tinker Bell This is going to be the discovery of the century! Tink, watch out! - Vidia? - Get out of the way! I must get this to the museum right away! Father, no! Please, Father! Wait! - You can't do this - Lizzy, I don't have much time. The trustees will only wait for me until 9:00 Please, go back in the house. Don't worry. Mrs. Perkins wil be here any second. Tinker Bell, I'm so sorry! My father's taking your friend to the city! Step, step step. - Tinker Bell? - Tinker Bell! Look, it's your frends. - Hurry - That's it. Good kitty. Look, Lizzy's father trapped Vidia in a jar while she was saving me. - We have to hurry and rescue her. - Here we go again! - How are we gonna get there? - Yeah, it's still raining. Maybe we can't fly in the rain but I think I know someone who can. I'm scared. Tinker Bell. Floating around my room is one thing, but flying all the way to London That easy. huh? Okay. I'll be brave. All right, fairies. We need all the pixie dust we can get. This girl's got a long journey ahead of her. All aboard! Ready? Whoa! This better work. Oh! Sorry, fairies. Whoa! Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Careful now! Hi, Mrs. Perkins. Bye, Mrs. Perkins. Bye, dear. Fly back soon. Whoa! Oh! Good idea. Oh! Whoa! Sorry! Out of the way! There he is! Tinker Bell, I can't keep up. He's going too fast. Tink! Tinker Bell, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! Come on! Come on, please, let them still be there. Father - What in the world? Father, stop! Don't take her in there! It... It... It... It can't be. Lizzy? You re flying. Yes, I am. But how? How are you doing that? My friends showed me how. I... I don't understand. You don't have to understand. You just have to believe. I do believe. I do believe! Oh! Father! Lizzy, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. I'll never doubt you again. Vidia! - Let's go home, Father. - But how? Think happy thoughts. Whoa! Whoa! - Lift your arms and kick yourfeet! Careful! Whoa! I think I'm gettng the hang of it. Yes! Why, I'm flying! - You're doing it, Father! You're doing it! - I could get used to this! Just a second. There's something I've always wanted to do. Follow me! - Hey Tink. - Hey, Vidia. So, you ever been to one of these before? Yeah. It's pretty fun. - What are you supposed to do? - It's easy. You just pick this up. - Like this? - Yeah. And then you hold it out. - Got it - Now, just raise your pinkie, like this. And then you say, "Excuse me, miss, but may I have a spot of tea? Why, certainly, Miss Bell. A nice, fresh cup. Oh. But of course you may have one, too. This is a tea party after all. How about a cup for me, Miss Griffiths? Why, of course, Doctor. - It's my pleasure, I'm sure. - Thank you. - And would you ike one lump or two? - Make mine three. Oh. father! Thank you. - Isn't this pleasant, Father? - I can't imagine anything better. Although, chiming the Big Ben comes a close second. - Oh, my goodness. - Scrumptious. Don't even think about it. So, where were we? Ah, yes. "Fairies have many magica talents. They can ta k to an mals, make the flowers bloom, create warm summer breezes." Oh. Lizzy, what a beautiful drawing. "And some invent the most clever little gadgets." Well, Tink you found something to fix after all. Yeah. I guess I did. "They bring the change of seasons, and help nature in many ways. "But the best talent a fairy can have is simply being a friend. ' The breezes blow the clouds away A million things I want to say I don't ever want this day To be done Summer's just begun Never seen the sky so blue Everything is clear and new Happy just to be with you in the sun Summer's just begun Hold my hand and fly Never say goodbye Cross the open sky Leave the world behind I will be all right If you stay by my side Spring and summer Love and laughter We'll live happy ever after We'll fly higher Than we thought we'd be Because you showed me How to belleve Hmm-mmm Tiny shining star I know who you are You're never very far We'll never be apart Sparkle in my eye Light the sky tonight Spring and summer Love and laughter We'll live happy ever after We'll fly higher Than we thought we'd be Because you showed me How to belleve In me Fall and winter Love and laughter We'll live happy ever after We'll fly higher Than we thought we'd be Because you showed me How to belleve Yeah Hold my hand and fly Neversay goodbye

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