Movie Date: December 21, 1944

We're three happy chappies with snappy serapes You'll find us beneath our sombreros We're brave and we'll stay so We're bright as a peso Who says so, we say so We're Three Caballeros Oh, through fair Or stormy weather We're always together So let come what may Like brother to brother we're all for each other The Three Caballeros Forever we'll stay Oh! "Felicitations to Donald Duck... on his birthday, Friday the 13th... from his friends in Latin America." Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! What a pleasant surprise. Whoops. Ah, now, isn't that wonderful? Which one should I open first? My mama told me to take... this one! I wonder what's in it. Oh, boy! Home movies! Just what I wanted. Well, well, well. Well, doggone. A little penguin. Oh. What a cute little fella. Well, what is this? How do you open this thing, anyway? On with the show. The show must go on. S, seor. That means "strange birds." Oh, sure, sure. I know: Birds. Yes, amigo, your feathered cousins. You know, Donald, you have more relatives here... than there are coffee beans in Brazil. For instance, take the one who lives way, way down... But suppose we let my friend Professor Holloway tell us about it. From the beginning to... El fin, the end. Yes. Thank you. Professor? This story takes us way down to the South Pole. Rather than have you stand on your heads... let's turn the theater over. There. That's better. Two things you will find most of down here... are ice and penguins. It's amazing that anybody would want to live here... but most penguins wouldn't live anywhere else. You couldn't find better weather for fishing... skiing, tobogganing... or swimming. And there is nothing the average penguin likes better... than a day at the beach. Uh, but come on. Let's meet Pablo. He lives down at the end of Main Street. Let's go in and see what's cookin'. Pablo could never remember having been warm enough... and so his closest companion was SmokeyJoe... his little stove. Between chills, Pablo had one burning desire... to spend the rest of his life on some tropical shore. So we see him bravely set forth for the isle of his dreams. The other penguins turned out to give him a big send-off. But when he gets just so far away from his stove... See what happens? Too bad. Perhaps he'll give up this wild idea. But no. He's off to another start. This time he's bringing a friend. Anyway, it was a hot idea. Well, maybe he'll be content to stay at home this time. But no! There he goes... hotfooting it to the land of the sun. By now, the farewell committee has been reduced to two. Discouraging, isn't it? Suddenly, Pablo got one of those ideas... that change a person's whole life: A boat. But where would he get a boat? Just watch. Where there's a will, there's a way, they say. And now, the official launching. Day after day, the south wind carried him north. One day, a blanket of fog rolled in... and it was so thick... Must be near Cape Horn. As the fog lifted... he found himself headed straight through the Straits of Magellan... and northward along Chile's rocky coast. One day, a storm cloud came up... just a little bitty old storm cloud, though... and just tried awful hard to have its first storm. Didn't amount to much, though. One day on lookout, Pablo had a bit of a shock... a waterspout off the port bow! But it proved to be theJuan Fernandez Islands... where Robinson Crusoe once lived... and still does, apparently. Four bells and all's well. According to Pablo's chart, he should be nearing Vina Del Mar. And strangely enough, that's just where he is. He sailed past Lima, capital of Peru... hugging the coastline with a tenacity of purpose... seldom found in a penguin. One day his telescope picked out a city... high up on top of a mountain. The map said it was Quito... and it was right smack on the equator. It wasn't as easy to cross... but with a little help from Neptune, he made it. So, making a left turn, he followed the equator... headed for the Galapagos Islands. Ah, that good old sun. Pablo felt that he'd never get enough of it. Oh, he hadn't counted on this. Things looked pretty bad. Help! Man the pumps! She's sprung a leak! Pipe all hands on deck! Do things! Get going! Take to the lifeboats! Abandon ship! Unruffle the mizzenmast and man the poops! And, well, don't just stand there. Get going! Swab the decks, and... Heavens. Look! What's that? Just what he's been looking for. Pablo has finally reached the isle of his dreams. And so, as the warm tropical sun... sinks slowly in the west... we leave little Pablo, a bird in paradise... a picture of health in his new coat of tan. He should be the happiest penguin in the world. Only sometimes... he gets to thinking... Never satisfied. Well, that's human nature for you... even if you're a penguin. You're absolutely right. And now, Donald, let's hop over the Andes. From these snowcapped peaks to the depths of the Amazon jungle... one finds many more strange and exotic birds. Like the anambepreto of Colombia and Venezuela. He carries his own bagpipes hidden under his beard. Then there's his cousin, the arapapa... pride of Paraguay, whose perfect appearance... permits his pompous pride in his pompadour. And la tijereta, the scissors bird... the Colombian cutup. Then there's the arapacu de pico curvo. He's always sticking his nose into things. Did you ever see such a freak beak, huh? Speaking of beaks, what a time two toucans have making love. When they're beak to beak, they can't get cheek to cheek. Because when one toucan turns his head... only one toucan can. Uh-oh. Who's that? Oh, a thousand pardons. Seor Donald, I would like to have you meet... one of the most eccentric birds you have ever seen. His name is the aracuan. You'll find him most everywhere. Eh, glad to know ya. Pleased to meet ya. Now, he's called the aracuan... because of the peculiar song he sings... which sounds something like this. By the way, amigo, did you know some birds are skilled craftsmen? Uh-uh. Is that so? Yes. Quite a builder is the little marrequito. His nest may look haphazard in design... ah, but every single stick and straw... is scientifically placed to withstand... the stress and strain of... well, almost anything. Literally dotted are the shores of many tropical marshes... with the brilliant plumage of the flamingo. And now, Donald, how would you like to hear a story... about another bird so amazing you won't believe it? Oh, sure. You bet. It's a tale told by an old gaucho from Uruguay. Listen. It was early one morning in springtime... just as day was beginning to break. As the sun came up over the... Oh, but I am forgetting my story. It was silent out there on the pampas. Only one little bird was awake. From his nest came the little hornero to see if the... Oh, say, do you know why this bird's called the hornero? - No? - Uh-uh. Why? You see, his nest is just like the horno. That's the oven where we bake our bread and our... Oh, oh, oh, you know who that is? That's me, when I was a little gauchito. Many, many years ago, of course. And why was I up so early? Because I was going out hunting all alone. First I put on my bombachas and tied on my chirip. Then I slipped into my new botas. And I put my boleadoras where I could reach them in a hurry. Gauchito.! Not forgetting my hunting knife. And now I was ready to go. Now, the best place to hunt the wild ostrich... is out on the wide open plains... on the broad, flat land of the... Flat land? Say, what am I doing here? Oh, now I remember. This day I was hunting for condor birds high up in the mountains. While looking around for the condors, I climbed to the top of a rock. No, come to think of it, it was a tree. Let's see, maybe it was a rock after all. Although I could swear it was a tree. Oh, what's the difference? Let it go. Let it go. My sharp eyes soon discovered the nest of a... Psst! Gauchito.! The nest. I could tell from the wings he was... he was a least five meters from tip to tip. The biggest condor bird in all of... Caramba.! What's this? I couldn't believe my eyes. No, it couldn't be. But there it was. I was looking face to face with a flying donkey. The donkey bird didn't seem bashful. He flew right up close to... Quick, Gauchito.! Now! Get him, quick! Aha. Got him. Now, now. Easy, easy. This donkey should be worth a fortune. I couldn't let him get away. So I made up my mind that I'd catch him if it took me the rest of... Now I had him! Hold him, Gauchito.! Ride him, cowboy! He acted just like he was loco, but I was an expert, of course. He thought he could throw this gauchito... but he soon found out who was the boss. Psst, Gauchito.! Who is the boss? I decided to train him for racing... far out where nobody could see... 'cause I planned to win thousands of pesos... for this little burrito and me. I made brilliant plans for the future. We'd live like a couple of kings... and I'd be the world's richest gaucho... with my hands full of big diamond rings. Ah, macanudo.! Okay. This burrito was tame as a kitten. He was learning new tricks every day. You should see how he begged for my mate. He liked it much better than hay. Then we soon fell asleep by the campfire. We both were as tired as could be... and tomorrow was very important... for little Burrito and me. For this was the day of fiesta. The gauchos were happy and gay. They danced the zamba and gatos... and gambled their pesos away. While the crowd sang and danced in the plaza... I just stood in the shade of a tree... and watched them toss coins at the sapo. But this game meant nothing to me. Some others were rolling the bochas and betting on games of this kind. But I didn't join in these pastimes. I had something bigger in mind. - Ay, caballo.! - The race was about to begin... and the grand prize was 1,000 pesos. The gauchos were howling with laughter... when they saw us come out on the track. I whispered, "Remember the wings, Burrito." Oh-oh-oh-oh! Not yet! Not yet! The gauchos and horses were all on their toes. We were off with the speed of a bullet. We flew down the track like the wind. Every gaucho was, uh, uh... Meanwhile, Burrito and I were, uh, uh, jockeying for position. Gauchito.! They went that way. That way. No wonder they laughed. I didn't even look like a jockey. Hey, Gauchito. Come on. Look like a jockey. Pepito, the pride of Mendoza, was setting a furious pace... and Fuego, Gordito and Pingo, you never have seen such a race. Now it's Pepito and Fuego. It's Fuego and Pepito. And there comes Gordito on the rail. Do your stuff, kid. No? Well, don't wait too long or... Look out! Ah-heh. What did I tell you? Come on, Gauchito. The wings, the wings. Quickly I untied the rope. Come on, come on. Quickly I untied the rope. The knife! The knife! Crtalo, crtalo.! And now we go. You should see little Burrito... tearing up the track, so fast you couldn't see us. And now down the home stretch comes Fuego. Now Pepito's ahead on the rail. Here comes Pingo, Gordito and Gato, and Dorado is right on his tail. But where is Burrito? Here comes Burrito! We passed them like they were standing still. And now coming down across the line of finish, it's Burrito, the winner! Well, amigos, it was all over but the shouting... I thought. Caramba. The jig was up. And what became of the flying donkey, you ask? Neither him nor me was ever seen again... as long as we lived. Adios, amigo. Adios. So long! Good-bye! What's going on here? Presents! Oh, boy! Let me at 'em! Say, what's this? Ah, Pato Donald. Or, as you Americans say, what's cookin'? Joe Carioca! Well, I'll be doggoned! Imagine meeting me here. Donald, have you ever been to Baa? No? - No, I haven't. - Ah, Baa. Land of romance... moonlight, music, beautiful girls. Oh, forgive the interruption, Donald. This crazy bird is the aracuan. He's meio maluco, a very stupid fellow. But tell me, Donald, have you ever been to Baa? - No, I haven't. - No? Oh... I am so sorry for you. Ah, Baa. It is like a song in my heart. A song with love... and beautiful memories. I close my eyes, and I can see it now. I can see the beautiful twilight in the sky. I can feel the breeze from the bay... and I can hear the music, the music of Baa. When twilight is deep in the sky Someone that I long to see Keeps haunting my reverie And so the loneliness deep in my heart Calls to you Calls to you I live in the memory of Many dreams ago When the stars were bright And you were mine alone My love for you cannot die Though the oceans run dry Or heaven falls from the sky Now you're gone Can't you hear my lonely call Morena Make my life complete again How I pray for the day When I'll see your smile And my heart will beat again When twilight is deep in the sky Someone that I long to see Keeps haunting my reverie And so the loneliness deep in my heart Calls to you, calls to you Ah, Baa. Beautiful Baa. Oh, forgive me, but have you been to Baa, Donald? - No. - No? Well, let's go. If you go to Baa, my friend... you'll never return. Have you been to Baa, Donald - Uh-uh. - Well, let's go - They have vatap - What's that? - They have caruru - Is that so? - They have munguz - Munguz? - Do you like to samba - Oh, sure. - Have you been to Baa, Donald - No. Well, let's go When you go to Baa, my friend You'll never return Have you been to Baa? - No. - No? Well, let's go! Hurry, Donald! Hurry! Well, well. Here we are in Baa, land of romance. Baa? Where is Baa? We are in Baa. Look. Well, I'll be doggoned. - Who's that? - Donald, that's Yay. - Who's Yay? - Ah, a baiana. Donald, quindins de Yay. She sells cookies. Cookies, my friend. Donald! - Hello. - i Como vai! Hi, toots. What? - Who is that guy? - Oh, he's a malandro, Donald. Oh, boy! This Donald! Did you ever see such a fast worker? No, no, Donald. Take it easy. Look. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! Come on, boys. What do you feel about Baa, huh? Tell me the truth. Oh, swell! Marvelous! Romance. Moonlight. Beautiful girls. Or as you say, you are a wolf. Take it easy. You have more presents. Presents? Whee! Presents! What? Oh! Oh! Oh, I'm a midget! Oh! You, you're a midget too! Oh-ho, Donald! Don't worry. It is simple, my friend. Just a little black magic will fix you up. Believe it or not, it is very simple! You are very funny fellow! Oh, my, my, my, my, my, my! You kill my head! - Huh? - Oh, my friend... you are using the wrong finger. Now, blow! - Thanks, pal! - B-B-B-But, Donald, your presents! My presents! Aha, my friends! Welcome to Mexico. Son of a gun, it's a pleasure to see such fine gentlemen in Mexico. Here, amigos. Donald! Jos. Caramba.! Now we're three gay caballeros. We're three caballeros Three gay caballeros They say we are birds of a feather We're happy amigos No matter where he goes The one, two and three goes We're always together We're three happy chappies with snappy serapes You'll find us beneath our sombreros We're brave and we'll stay so We're bright as a peso - Who says so? - We say so The Three Caballeros We have the stars to guide us Guitars here beside us To play as we go We sing and we samba We shout, Ay, caramba - What means "ay, caramba"? - Oh, yes. I don't know. Through fair or stormy weather We stand close together Like books on a shelf And pals though we may be When some Latin baby says yes, no, or maybe Each man is for himself - What's this? - What's this? This is your gift from Mexico, Donald: A piata. Oh, boy, oh, boy! A piata! What's a piata? A piata is full of surprises, presents. It is the very spirit of Christmas. Christmas? Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all... No, no, Donald. For goodness sake. Not "Jingly Bells." In Mexico, they sing "Las Posadas." This custom takes place on each of the nine days before Christmas. Each evening, the children gather at the village church... and form a procession symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph... from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The little ones carry images of the saints from house to house... singing a plea for shelter, or posada. A reply comes from within: "No posada. No shelter." Looking sad and downhearted, they try again... but the reply is still the same. "No shelter. No posada." They repeat this song time after time... and always they are refused. Until at last they reach a friendly house and the door is opened. "Come in, come in, holy pilgrims. This humble home is yours." And now, Mary and Joseph have found shelter at last. Then the rejoicing begins... the feasting, the celebrating... and finally the biggest surprise of all: Breaking the piata. And now for your piata, Donald. Here you are. Go to it. One side, boys. One side. I'm gonna smack it! Uh-uh, no, hold it. Ho-Hold it, Donald. First you must be blindfolded. We have to put this over your eyes. That's part of the tradition. Now, now, now, stand here. Come here now. Hit it hard. All right, let's see you smack it. Just a minute. Uh-oh. Aha! You see, Donald? Didn't I told you it was full of surprises? Did you know that the history of Mexico is in her flag? Oh, yes! You see, many hundreds of years ago, the god of the Aztecs... commanded them to build a big city where they would find an eagle destroying a serpent. But when they find this eagle, he was sitting on a cactus on top of a rock... way out in the middle of a lake. Caramba.! To build a city here would be almost imposible. But they built and built and built some more... until today, believe it or not, the lake is full of Mexico City. Sweet music Gay serenatas Tropic skies Of velvet blue Magic gardens Perfume the breezes Where true love Brought me to you Mexico With all your romance Your song oflove Will live forever after Mexico Sweethearts are singing Lovebirds are winging Through a sky filled with laughter Paradise That's where I found you Your magic smile Made the blossoms bloom around you Mexico Why do I feel as I do I simply fell Under the spell Of you - Oba.! Oba.! Nice! Oh, boy! - Wow! Ah, but this is only the beginning, amigos. Take a look at this one. Oh, boy! What a pretty picture! And now, for a nice little trip through Mexico... on the magic serape. - All aboard, amigos. - Oh, what's goin' on here? Paradise That's where I found you Your magic smile Made the blossoms bloom around you Mexico Why do I feel as I do I simply fell Under the spell Of you Of you And this, Donald, is Patzcuaro... a fisherman's paradise. Yeah! Beautiful! Oh, boy! Would I like to come back sometime... and do a little fishing. Uh-oh! - What's going on here? - Shh! This is my favorite dance, the "jarabe pateo." Doggone it! I can't get it. No-no-no-no-no-no-no, boys! You are off the beat. This is the way. Well, what do you know? Thanks. I had a wonderful time. So long! This is the way they dance in Veracruz. It's called the "lilongo." Hi, girls! May I cut in? Watch your step, Donald! Some fun, hey, kid? So you like dancing, huh? - Okay. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go on, Donald. Don't be afraid. Not so fast, boys. Go on in, Donald. Don't be bashful. Hi, toots! Am I intruding? Hey, Donald, you are what they say, off the cob! - You know, corny. - Oh, yeah? Swing me with that boogie beat, Joe! How am I doin', toots? Come on, let me down. - I wanna stay! - Take it easy, Donald. There she is... Acapulco Beach... the Riviera of Mexico. Take the telescope and have a look at what you might call the hot stuff. Oh, boy! Am I going to like this place. Oh, boy! Hot stuff! I'll be right down, toots. - Hello, my sweet little bathing beauties. - Donald! Donald! We're three caballeros Three gay caballeros They say we are birds of a feather Where's Donald? Aha! I am a son of a gun. Look at the little wolf in duck's clothings. Come to Papa. Wha-What's going on here? Come here, you little rascals. Now I've got ya. Uh-oh. Doggone this confusion! Oops! Where is she? Come here, my little enchilada. I've got you this time, tootsie. Peek-a-boo. I see you. Hey, where am I? My, my, my! Ain't this fun? Here I come! This time I'm gonna get you! Oh, no, no, no, Donald! Don't do that! Let me go. Get me outta here! You can't do this to me. Get your hands off of me! This is a free country. Bye-bye! So you like pretty girls, huh? Let's go! - Let me go! - Don't ruffle your feathers, Donald! Look, I will show you the nightlife of Mexico City. - Beautiful, no? - Colossal! Oh, boy! Mexico City? Very beautiful city. Careful, Donald. Even the sky is full of romantic! You belong to my heart - She's beautiful! - Now and forever - And our love had its start - Oh, boy! Not long ago We were gathering stars While a million guitars played our love song When I said "I love you" every beat of my heart - Oh, boy, oh, boy. - Said it too 'Twas a moment like this Do you remember And your eyes threw a kiss When they met mine Now we own all the stars And a million guitars are still playing Darling, you are the song And you'll always belong to my heart 'Twas a moment like this - Do you remember - Uh-huh. And your eyes threw a kiss - When they met mine - Don't do that! Now we own all the stars And a million guitars are still playing Darling, you are the song And you'll always belong to my heart You belong To my heart Now and forever Three caballeros Three gay caballeros Three caballeros Three gay caballeros When I said "I love you" Every beat of my heart said it too - Some fun, hey, kid? - Some fun, hey, kid? Some fun, hey, kid? We're three caballeros Three gay caballeros They say we are birds of a feather We're happy amigos No matter where he goes The one, two and three goes We're always together Darling, you are the song And you'll always belong to my heart Pretty girls. Pretty girls. Pretty girls. Pretty girls. What? Oh, boy! Uh-oh. Uh, what's happening, anyway? Where am I? Uh-oh! Vidi, vidi! Uh-oh. ta je ovo? ta je ovo? ta je ovo? Come on, torito, give it to me! What's the matter with you? Are you color-blind? Come on, bull. You bashful? Oh, through fair or stormy weather We're always together So let come what may Like brother to brother we're all for each other The Three Caballeros Forever we'll Stay

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