Movie Date: July 31, 2013

Time to smurfs. Some magic There you are, the moving part ... yes, tiger in LA ... make its presence magic and blue ... let the spell everything for nothing ... Last and a hopeful thought. There were once in the Smurf village smurfs happy that ... their cheerful hallway and went himself were totally unaware ... that just down the evil wizard Gargamel ... and to a common plan devised. Hey. Smooth, you interrupt the narrator. Yo, just a great bags my blues brothers. Anyway ... Gargamel said: "I make my own irresistible creation. " To infiltrate the village and to betray. the smurfs That does not look good. - Is she a Franken smurf? - Yes. And with her naughty behavior prepossessing they very quickly smurfs village. They even did ... - What are you doing? The Smurfs saw who had made her ... but despite being the creation of Gargamel was, papa smurf saw the good in her. Love and kindness gave a complete change ... and by a special formula, conjured he her into a true blue Smurfette. And that is how our beautiful Smurfette came to us. Hi. - Hi Smurfette. I wish I had her. That was great. - Uitsloofster. Hi. - Wait, how can her hair still dry? Stupid trusting smurfs. Now you are mine. It lives! - Quickly here. -. Not kill the narrator She has a dragon wand. Yes, my beautiful creation ... you are definitely daddy's little girl. Smurfette? Are you okay? Dad. - Come on, all right. Did you have that nightmare again? Dad, every year on my birthday I that bad dream about where I come from. Therefore I wonder who I really am. And every year I tell you that it is not matter where you come from. What is important is who you choose to be. Really? You do not believe an old man. Ga out and see for yourself. This is where you belong. You belong with Gargamel. / i You belong with Gargamel. / i You belong with Gargamel. Say it! - You belong with Gargamel. The baton never lies you were with a path. I was with a path. Actually, you are one! And that was another groundbreaking illusion of the most talked magician ever ... Gargamania, the magic show that everyone captivated loves New York to Las Vegas ... takes over now everyone in the city of the light, Paris, France. This mystery man has gone from unknown to unstoppable ... after an accidental discovery in New York. Yo, fuck off because you freak! - How dare you call me Yo. Yo, I hope you like it there? Idiot. Are you alive? From the streets of New York to a hit in Europe ... / i the only magician ever in famous Parisian opera house occurred. / i Well done . / i Oh, my God. Can we please a quiet carriage ride without having ... you still commenting on the use of all the smurfs extract ... I thought papa smurf in the kingdom was from New York. I think as you knew it? I wasted it? What are you talking about? I had that man or path in a giant change, it's a magic show, right? Because without smurfs extract ... Why I discuss this with you? You do not have magical powers. Put that but on your facebook page and lick it. Or the like, whatever. Besides there is enough left over to my ingenious to perform. general plan Now, my wonderful puppets like me. Hello. Hello, my dear little dolls ... you should all work for me. Even you my little slumped. We all have a large and powerful time. Hello handsome. Hey look, a gift. Fixed a worthy admirer. It's for you. - I'm more popular than you. No, you're not more popular than me. - I'm popular ... A small green dot? Why you get a small green dot? Give. Look, they love it. - I want to play. Haggis plays with pussy. Look, I'm going down. Hello kitty. Hey Maxi. - I'll see smiling at you. Haggis comes to your rescue. Boeiah! - Hey Haggis. Draw! - Haggis went fishing and caught immediately. Round twelve for the stouterds. Well said stupid brother. - It was clearly not present Azrael ... but a trap. Very amusing my little stouterds. - Did you like father? No, not really. You know what I would find Maxi? Really nice If you smurfs were real ... and you extract had magical powers as the true blue smurfs. That would really excite me. So you two are just a heavy disappointing experiment ... Experiment? - Just like that traitor Smurfette. The banner must be there. Thank you. I want smurfs him for his head. That's tough. The Smurfette will find this great feast. - Hey, who has eaten a piece of her cake? Maybe he. - What, I know nothing. Why are you looking at me? Hey smart, here is my gift for the surprise party of Smurfette. Really, you think I'm the smartest in the smurf village, would fall for you second jokes? Yes. - Give me that card now but. Uitgesmurft by a simple soul. Hide them coming! We need to see that cake stop away. There she is. Act as if nothing is wrong. Hi guys, someone would go something nice do on this special day? IJdeltje Hey, you want to sit by the fountain and look at your reflection? I'm kind of tired of it to myself Smurfette look. That was smart. Hey party planner, huh school nerd. - Yeah baby. Is there still something nice happen I need know? - No, nothing to be about Smurfs Smurfette. Loser, it is wild. - Wild? - Do you placed? Yes, on the whole smurfweb. It got 101 likes on smurf book. So no one remembers my birthday? The surprise is spoiled! Smurfette know, sometimes it's good what to have. time for yourself So go do something. - You probably know something. Bye. -. See We have nice idea huh tuk free smurf? - Yes, she has no idea ... that we have a surprise fairy ... Maybe I really do not belong here or at home. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ... / i Happy birthday dear Blue ... / i Happy birthday to you. Okay, blow out the candles. Okay, I've thought of everyone. This is a organic, gluten-free, anti-oxidant rich ... fresh ingredients berry pie ... here in the city made by a baker who against abuse is ... and swears that he never has a peanut seen. So that everyone can eat it? He is also PCP free? - No. Well I believe it can. - Yes, it can, look PCP and VPA free. Dad, can we cut the cake? - I can do. Who would have thought that dwell on people as could be difficult. Are you serious? It looks so easy. - Yes, you had fixed a great example. Not really, my dad ran off when I was five. So ... - Am I too late? I missed all the presents? Grandpa Victor! - Hey, happy birthday buddy. There there was the party. - Hello, I'm Victor, I'm his dad. And you have to be friends what makes you my friends. Well come on, give me a hug. You said your father left. Did he also, this is my stepfather. You're going to want him leave, wait. Where is my Gracie. How are you. Since Blue born wrong I that big belly of yours ... with more of you to cuddle. I have the biggest hug for last. - Please ... I'm sure these ... acorn ... break. There's nothing like a hug between Doyle two proud men. - I'm not a man Doyle. You are partly Doyle. Okay, a compromise, Winslow. Marvin Doyle. - Hey, is not that man the dog commercials on TV? Yes, you're right. - Felosoppie hot dogs, huh ... Blue on his birthday you get from me all a free hot dog. Thank you. - Absolutely free. - How sweet. And one for you. There are yet no peanuts in it? - I would never do peanuts on a hotdog. Eat delicious on lad, it's okay. - They just got ... deep-fried in peanut oil. Peanut oil? - What? Sit down! - I have the phone already Johnny does not move, spit it out! What happens to that child his lips? Azrael, grab my flag. Next to the bed on my side. Father, it's time to eat. I'm dizzy. - Yes, I almost forgot. I seem you alive having to keep. I hope your mother this huge burden for me appreciates. Here is some extract. - Thank you. I would extract should get from you. I heard no thank you. Listen. I will tell you my plans for Las Vegas show. This is not my writing, where's my plan? Digitized. - Digitized? I do not know what that means. Phase one, create stouterds. Check. Where is phase two? Create a gateway to the Smurf village. Enough with that glide. Phase three. Plain. I go to my ungrateful daughter ... and force her secret formula Papa Smurf give that made her blue. Plain. Then I make you and hundreds like you blue. Blue, blue is good. - Then I stop you in a scary machine you extract and drain off. What? - And then the world lying at my feet! Does that extract very draining? - It is unbearable ... truly painless. You'll see, It'll be fun. But, we run ahead of ourselves. Back to phase two. That should work, at least, she does not stand for anything in the capital. She gives a great view. The only way through which a metal create port ... to the smurfs village, right? Delicious, I'm crazy about creating ports. Come on, we're leaving. It worked. Yes, just enough extract. The greatest magician in history. The large Gargamel! My Gargamellies. Now I will prove my theory. I had to make a short extract portal where a man pass through. Father? I only get through. Lets go get me. Smurfette Let me go, let me go! - Yeah, let me see ... Eeny meeny moe ... - Take me! ... ten pounds beef! Yes! - Hey Haggis, hear this out? I win! - I love how you play Maxi. Now. I'm warning you. Your destination is a true horror ... a village filled with the relentless silence of beasts ... and overriding cheerfulness. - What a nightmare. It will completely ruin your sister. - So much like a naughty girl is good. Indeed. But you will find secret formula. I just do not get it. They know how heavy my birthday can be. They do not even remember. Maybe dad was wrong. I will never be one of them. No! - Help. Please, wait. I escaped. - Escaped? - From the evil magician who made me. You mean Gargamel? Gargamel is your father? Yes. - But that means. That you're just like me. Gotcha! - What are you doing? - I just made him very happy. Smurfette is in trouble! - No! Smurfette! Until suckers. Viewing What do we do now? I do know that this is almost certainly work is Gargamel. Yes! - Beautiful blue. Gargamel. - Smurfette, welcome home. You're wasting your time Gargamel. Dad and the others will come for me. I do not think so. - They also came for Dopey. Yes, but Dopey was a real smurf. And because I created you, lie the business, things are different right? You're not my father. Just let me go home. Whatever you want. But first I want you something piepkleins does for me. Tiny. - What? Only the secret formula that you have a makes real smurf. Haggis real smurf. Haggis blue! Like you blondie ... - We are both better, can not you see my child? I get the formula, I make my stouterds blue and ... use their extract for my magic shows here. In this way I need you and the smurfs village never bothering. I do not trust you. I'll tell you anything! Well, maybe you need some persuasion. Stouterds, attack! - With pleasure. Attacks! - Not another. Not the cat. A very disappointing experiment. We come to you with your smurf head. We come hard. - Listen. I have just enough extract preserved the last blue moon for an incident like this. And I did it in a to smurfs. smurfportatie crystal Then you have not required. Portal Very smart dad. Smurfcies. This bring us directly the mushroom of Mr. Winslow. Yes, Patrick and Grace helped us the last also when we smurften through the portal. They know what to do. - I'm going. - I'm going. I'd rather not go. - Take me with you, I want to go. Smurfs, I only have enough water for nine crystals. That's me and three others back and returns Smurfette too. Assuming that you can find her. - That's not really a smurfige setting. For me it was actually a good attitude. We have courage, intelligence and strength needed. So Patsy, Rainy and Heavty, you go with me. - You got it. Yes. - Yes, passive aggressive smurf? I think Rainy an excellent choice. A good that is bad. - Do you see what he's doing? That's not a compliment. Heavty Okay, pick one. - Let's do it. - Cool's go get Smurfette. Stand back, I know the Smurflich maneuver. He is blue. - What crazy. Well done Dopey! - I got them! Cheerio! That should not have happened. - Sorry. - I'm not getting coffee when I travel. Well, sometimes you have smurfs with changes. And so dad and his three helpers went ... / i - I'm the boss in the absence! and so went ... / i - Get out! - Come on. - Go aside. I'm glad his airways free and his lips returned to normal. Again, so sorry. If anything ... Hello? That is crying again, for both. Since both parents are lawyers. That explains why they are so to excess. They responded no exaggeration. - He's alive right / i? I think the time is here. - You have not taken the crown. Turn the crown not. - You used to love it. - Not true. You wore it used everywhere. - No, I did not, I was not. This you going to be crazy. See what going on in there? Yes, they get a band. I think we should stop. - Come on, it can be good for him to make friends. Yes, he is a great example. Come on. - He ruined everything. He comes here and he ruined everything. That's what he does. When he came home for the first time with us, I had to put away my parrot. You parrot? - My father parrot. When my father left us when he left Zeus behind. I loved that bird. I was still a child and Zeus was All I had on my past. Get Blue. Blue? Blue! Stay there. - Get your hands ... Blue? - We do not get the door open! Open the door! I can not see anything! I'm in a dark hotdog arrived! Sacrilege! Sorry sir, your face was in the way. Is that Dopey? - Sounds like one. Watch out! Winslow's you? No, you're in a hot dog! Where am I? This place is weird and frightening ... I'm so handsome, no, you. Is everyone okay? No, I'm in a dark hotdog. Mr. Winslow has grown old. Stop. They are my friends. - Friends? The his blue aliens who want to steal our face. No. The Smurfs are. - They are the sweetest little creatures you've ever seen. I do not. - No, you do not murmur. Dad. Dopey. - Patrick. - Mr Winslow. - Hi Grace. - Smurf, smurf smurf. Is that Blue? - He's huge! I would not want to be that person denounced him. Well, if the Blue smurfs like, Dexter will they like. What should be exciting for all of you, No photos please. This is IJdeltje. - That he thinks. - What are you doing here? The Smurfette is kidnapped. - Wait, what? - What do you mean kidnapped? Meegesmurft by that nasty Gargamel. She was only because they thought we had forgotten her birthday. It was a misunderstanding. But if we do find we find her. That should not be too difficult. He is a big star now. He is in Paris. I call the dog sitter, you grab the passport of Blue. Yes, a rescue mission, I go along, you need all the help you can get. Wait, the passport of Blue? We can not just go to Paris. At least not all of us. Okay, that's one vote against and two vote for. Ikke. I also. - Dad always loses. They need us, we need to go. - If we go traveling, or in style. Okay, we have our plan ready yet? We go to Gargamel his show and see if there is Smurfette. And I go to his hotel and try to discover in what room he is. And you can attach and Blue check us out. - Well actually ... Nothing really, you and Blue to the room. That was the deal, end of story. Take me to the center. - Very good. - My French is very sexy do not you think? Can I also get the clothes? - I will you move like a ballerina. - Do you? Get a room say! Give me the formula. / i Give me the formula. / i Give me the formula. / i You want me to give him to stay alive. You'll feel better if you do not 're such an annoying little brat. And give me the formula. Give him what he asks. - I can do anything tell you what I know. Haggis only know nothing. What? Pokkeding. - Almost time for the show Mr. Gargamel. The audience waits. Time they have vigorously with my American missiles. You do not extract. - What do you mean no extract? We can still do the show. How? - Because I extract all that I need I've been here or not? All I need is a little snip. Neatly under the ears. - If dad is do you regret. Your daddy will not cause you real Dad is here already Yes. - Now be a dear and give me that formula or you can spend the rest of your miserable blue ... life to the inside of View my new smurfinator! Your choice on, really. Father. - Father! Good work! And for you, sorry but alas. Good. - Hair we throw it later in the smurfinator. Come. This is her first turn. Dad, please hurry. I'm afraid. Ah, the pathetic baby cries. - Hello beautiful lady. I'm also pretty. Hello, I was wondering if you can tell me ... - What room is Mr. Gargamel? No, hotel policy. It is there. Look guys, that is the opera Garnier. Not economical. - Gargamel has some reached here. Thank you. - I hope that Smurfette is here. I love a good musical. I also. - - Sir, it's the 1st room on the right. - Thank you. What did he just say? - No idea. Ladies and gentlemen, the Great Gargamel! Wait, I asked for a cloud of mystery. This is a cloud wisp ... Alakazambraca! All smurfs on a stick. - Where did that come from? So many forces he had not before. Well I'm outraged. Really outraged. - Sorry, who are you? I'm the manager of Gargamel, Ms. Du Little. What is this what you call a loft room? - We call it a suite. - A suite, yes. It is the best room in the hotel. - Yes, but honey, it sits on the wrong floor. Nobody wants to ... - The fifth floor. Yes, that's way too low. Okay guys, let's go inside. You may not be in here. - Do you speak English? - No, I'm sorry. - Great. Crawl out of my sweater from the back dad while I talk to this manager ... and find that dressing room. Wonderful holiday boys. - I feel the stress as slipping from me. Are you crazy murmur? - I can do this. - There's ... And again a pillar. So I'm going with all critics. Fast, through which ropes up. - Is the Smurfette this really worth it? I mean. - Come on. I should really shut the door. - This is outrageous. Good day. - Good day. You need your card. - Yes, thank you. It's good. No sorry, you need your card. Key Yes Of course, my card key. Jeez. Where did I ... We sat at the breakfast ... at Tiffany's. I'll go back and get him. I glue my mucus needed in this climbing rope. - Hey, look over there. I hate my life. Now, if you'd all like to cheer for the large and extremely powerful Gargamel ... What are you doing here? How dare you? It smells suspiciously but of course you do this. I've seen where you push your nose. What? - Hi dad. - How? - Listen, Blue decided that he could be doing. you not only Together we can do this. Three generations Doyle men who work shoulder to shoulder. No difference or determine what is not allowed. - We are not men Doyle. Stop going on about the Doyle name. It is a name to be proud of. Why chuckle. - Imagine that your cat large is like tigers or lions? Silence! And allow me to be of service. Alakazamcabra! Something smells delicious. - So far this is the worst trip of my life. I only two genomes. Look, there's the dressing room of Gargamel. - Good call IJdeltje. Really huh, he has a star on his door. - Let's go. Help me remember that I have a star on my mushroom move when we get home. If we ever want to be, we have blue her talk show to get. - Yes. Have an idea? - I, please say. Never mind, I forgot you ... you are. We let her do as she is one of us, a stouterd. - Stouterd. We use all our goodness against her and if that happens ... she thinks she part of our family. Really? I like family fun. No! There goes the family! Grab her! - Grab her, grab the baby. See you laters smurfegaters! - Love you, Munch. Faster! - Goodbye ... trolls! I grab her! - Hey, where are you? I have a question, how is it that we do not the doorknob can and do result? You just a fight lost in an empty room. You must go. Now! - Once we Smurfette have. - Yes! Hey, magic man! Give us the Smurfette. - What did you say? - You heard me. Give me the Smurfette. Now! Alakaza ... - Do not! - What happens? That was deceptive. - No! The big beard of Merlin, I remember who you are. We meet again huh? - Dad flies! Dad flies. Well, well, well. It seems that we have kites. The lie you ... Release him queasy magician! That will enchant you! Learn Doyle men What are you doing? Let me go! - We need to get Blue here. Put me down! You should not take him along. That was the end of the show, goodbye. Come on, get out. Smurfette is here. - She was here. - Look, I found something. A portrait of perfection. Can you imagine how good you look when you helps. - Do not hate the player but the game. Smurfette! - Smurfette. - Hey, a pot of coffee. Would anyone like a cup? Hey, what's that? - It is a mirror you barbaric smurf. Keep on you and push. - Anger for beauty. You know what they say. My ass is gekrakt. That's a little scary. I mean, Gargamel! Dopey, you can not do what Smurfer? - It's a kind of magic window. Maybe it shows where Smurfette is us. Azrael. - Gargamel, we gotta get outta here. Smurfette hello? Where are you. Hello? Move smurfs. Is there anyone? Children? Smurfette? Dad is back. - Dad. I assure you that I do not like it. Hello? - Hold him. - Are you down small bandits? They must have gone back to the hotel. If those fools here can papa smurf not far away. Quick, to the hotel. We need to find her before he does it. My face. - What? It's beautiful. We were and it was not even my fault! Someone? - My Smurf. And again gekrakt my ass. - Daddy, what this has to do with Smurfette? Everything I'm afraid. - Why does he have such a scary machine made? What is it? A giant smurfinator? To drain. Extract us off - What? Look at all the containers once. So if Smurfette him the formula gives ... He can transform so many stouterds to Smurfs as his greedy heart wants. Guys? Total smurf-a-geddon. - Jeez. I need a bank. They need to separate. Genuine leather waste here Smurfette Think, think. No! - Where is Smurfette. - There she is! I think this is a fun game. - Let her run, they can not go anywhere. This is perfect for my plan. - Yes. Why are you so angry? I'm a duck. Whenever you go you ruined everything. You're a walking disaster. Hey, look me in the eye and say that again. - I can not. - Because it's not true. I can not because your eyes to the side of your head! I can see you disrespect better. Is there what to see? - Come on. - It is by global warming, buy a prius. Brave dog. Okay, this is me succeed. Dad ... where are you? Why am I not surprised now that Gargamel his basement opens onto the sewer? Mr Winslow. - Dad. - Patrick look. What happened? - Gargamel is a terrible plan to make. What the duck? - That's Victor, Gargamel turned him into a duck. Gargamel knows we're onto him. - I just wanted to help. You look (v) out owl. - Self devised. Would everyone is equally concentrate. We need to find Smurfette, and fast. There she is. - On the other side? Haggis Hey, you see that candy store? - Candy? I have an idea, what do create problems there. - Stout. I'll do the rest. - I'm gonna make trouble, naughty, naughty, naughty. Hey blondie, where are you going? - Leave me alone. You mean like your dad called? - That's not true! He really will. He does not because he knows that you are where you really belong. I have not kidnapped Smurfette, I've brought home. I'm going to make big trouble! This is where problems! Hello. Oh my God! They're going to murder him. We have to help him. I thought you were so good. - But I ... I am strong. Okay, come on! Now I really problems. Maxi! - No, Haggis. Help! Help me Maxi. That looks bad. What should we do? Maxi, a stepping stone. Spring! In the rose. - Super! Want some of this? Catch this snoepjesman! Come on Haggis. Well done, steal the cart. - It's not exactly steal. They did not give it to you. - Naughty, naughty! See? You're just like us. How do I get Smurfette far as to me that formula gives Azrael? All this makes me want to ... - Crying? - Crying? No, her lower. In the toilet There must be something we can do. I know ... your brain the size of a pea are but think! - She's birthday. Really? Today is her birthday? Nice fascinating. Give her a cake. - A gift? A cake? Nice to her? - Hey, hey. Sweet and make compliments to her , to work ... hard to do for me, but that might just work. again I'm so glad I thought of that. - Really eh. What gift shall I buy. - Cat, kitty, kitty. - Hey, fish breath. Hey. - Not now Azrael. I try to come up with a good gift ... I damn Smurfette can fool them. Yes but. - Not now. - Look at that. - I said, not now! You walk home. - What? Whaaa. - Cats. How do we get back off this thing? - I do not think that's going to be a problem. Perfect landing! Haggis, it's mud. Do your best cat. Catch me if you can! This way, guys! - Do not let anything stand in your way. Wait, they've seen us. Get out of here. Mice! - Take your position in! Let's go. Look, it's a catfish. - Hahaha, catfish. This is amazing. I fly backwards! This is so beautiful. Smurfette, you're my hero. How'd it go? - Could not have been better except it was a great smurfastrofe. It's Smurfy's law. I have something for you. I bought a waiter outfit complete with access pass ... the other waiter. - How is it managed? Let's say the laundry room of the hotel an inspection had Mrs Du Little. I was just Smurfette Meryl Streep. Well done Grace! - Does everyone a new outfit or just Patrick? What is that? - This is Victor, he was not in the lobby so he flew up. Not a bad perception. - That's a duck! Gargamel has zapped him. - You can give him back change it? - No. It's a transformation spell. He is of course once again normal. Relax, it's not bad. But if you give me an egg sees explain it remains between us. You do not seem really impressed. - That is not in the nature of a duck. We throw it straight from us. - Really. Did you really just say? I like that. That was very smurfig you. - Well, thank you. See? Those little smurf appreciates me. Maybe you ... my smurfige qualities also another will appreciate. I ... There ... You know ... I'm not arguing with a duck. Now I'm still cold. I wish I had a cold. But I got a crystal ... down my throat. Was attacked by a hot dog, fell ... in a sewer and if that not enough stank ... I also discovered that we will all extinct! My smurf, I have been dr. - You certainly are. Mopper, the only way we die is as Smurfette Gargamel gives the formula. But that would never do Smurfette. - Never. - Of course not. - Absolutely not. Smurfette would never be one of worn them. Hey Smurfette, you did this with your ever sisters in smurfs village? We had a lot of fun but I never had a sister. - Well, now. Race? - Would you like a game? Come on. I'll lose sister. Hold on tight Haggis. Not as sturdy Haggis. Now you cheat! I'm just beginning. Bingo! - You're a stouterd Smurfette. Hey. That statue I have seen before. She is beautiful. They are everywhere as a. I'm going to strangle duck, it's like a black cloud that follows me. You know, I understand, but he's here. He's coming anyway. Yes, whether you like it or not. Okay, I always say that showing up 90% of fatherhood is. There are plenty who do not. He's not my father. Well, that's too bad because then you you really do not have one. Patrick. - Okay, we're back. - Let's do this. And go to the smurfs hotel Gargamel. Patrick, there is something ... - There's nothing, you stay here. I do not want ... - Do not make me have to pick. Let's go. - Let's do it. Let we find this time Smurfette. Hundred percent sure. - What did you just murmur? You heard me, that I was grumbling, I change myself into a vrolijkerd. From now on I'm a real positive smurf. I strained my face. - There wen you to. Let's go smurfs. A paper bag. What a class. Good luck dad. Thank you. Goodbye. The cat of Gargamel. Come, I'll take you to your room. Flandess? - Listen cheerful guy. - Mr Gargamel. You bring those perky and pallid within ten minutes to my room or ... otherwise I'll turn you into a ruthless tree sloth. How did you get that? Smurfs. That's not funny man. Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose. The only safety for the elevator. Patrick needs my help. When I arrive this, he will see it. The black ... The silver ... Quick, quick, table three. - Yeah, yeah. Mr Winslow, please. - I manage not to book here. - Focus. That smells delicious. And bingo! Okay guys listen. If we are in the room and there is even a problem ... Snot in a half shell. - Sorry sir fish. You look out fried. - As I said, if there is any problem ... There exist no problems, only smurfadunities. You're scaring me murmur. - Positivity! Okay guys, we're inside. Patrick. - What are you doing here? I make your day better. Come here, I have something you need. Come on, there's no time for discussion. I have a security pass for the elevator. - I al What's this? This is our room key. If you come back now, you can go inside. No problem. - I ... At your service. thank me later. How did you escape? Patrick, help! My hot duck a la orange. - No, no, no. I'm not a real duck! Help me! For God's sake. - Patsy! Mr Winslow. - Patrick. - Where is he? He's gone. - We're all alone. - Stop! We are gesmurft in the monkey. Plan B. - Difficult to stay so positive. Mr Gargamel? Room Service. Hello little one. Here is your room service. What we need now? - We smurfs with the element of surprise. Mommy! - Smurfs. - And what do we do now? We pretend we are scary. Boohoo, I'm a scary ghost. Remain positive. Take me in the smurf or something? You almost murder me ... I mean, look at that view once. He looks like a duck. Quacks like a duck and smells like hot dog. Okay, which one of you is Vic? - Do you recognize your own father does not agree? Let's go. - Ho, ho, look at my brethren, we can not leave them. Then they are eaten. - You know she just. - This is my pack. I can not leave them. Come on. - I ... - You're nice. I'm dizzy. Something is wrong with my face! Come on, it's so bad now it is not. Although, if I did this ... A cat! Not my face! Dad! - Come on. - What are you doing? Bye. That was great. Bye birds, have fun! Yes. - Yes! I won! Haggis, haggis, haggis. It's so nice there to have a girl. What are you doing? - I'm just giving you a hug. You've never hugged? Maxi. Hug haggis, haggis hug. Positivity makes everything work. Hurry up, they do now fixed something terrible and in common with her. Smurfette needs us, they must be very scared now. What? - What is she doing? - I believe they're hugging. Hugging yes. - Haggis loves to cuddle. - Smurfette, but I must show you something. Just look at us. Honestly, we are really family. I'm sorry Papa Smurf you not come for. But maybe you can hear here. With us. - Yeah, maybe so. Why is she nice to them? - She identifies with her kidnappers. Classic Smurf holm syndrome. - No, she thinks we give nothing to her. And they did. - She is confused. Dopey, Mopper, climb up and make that door open immediately. Okay. you jump and I pull. Come on, we can do it. - Gargamel! - Do not let go. Daddy's home. And to show that I love, I I brought a gift. Mopper come down otherwise they see you. - How do we save her now? Maybe we started wrong. - What happens? I wish you a very happy birthday. It seems like yesterday that my lump of clay you was and what ingredients. You. You remembered my birthday? Of course. We are family. We are her family. - She thinks we leave her? Stepfather. - I'm so sorry baby. That must really hurt. I remember my father threw me into the pit, the first time. The look in his eyes when wronged me finally managed to climb upwards. Congratulations girl. - Congratulations Smurfette. Let me open it. Bending, kneeling, I was not. Cute, really. If you do not stop I'll give you squint. Yes girl. Take him. It is your own magic wand. Go ahead, it's your birthday present. No, do not. Do you like it? I forgot to turn it on. Yes, a drop of extract ... Go ahead, try it from him. Do not be afraid. Something magic. It is finally your birthright. How do you know I did not give to you will use? - Yes. Because I'm your father. Search your feelings, you know it's true. They will zap him. - Get him Smurfette. Smurfette. - Simbalalasam. Sing it! - La la la la la la. This is good, right dad? - No, she is one of them. And this I have always wanted to do! We must hurry. - Good handsome first time. Just let me look at you. You really are daddy's little girl. Fly into the sky friends. Finally freedom! Who are you, Martin Luther Wing? - Laugh it to, but I feel as proud as a peacock ... I am a freedom fighter. No. - What the hell is that? Quiet but smurfs, Victor is on the way. - Papa Smurf, parachutes. Gotcha! That's a lot of white meat. - Help. - I do not love. That was brilliant. - He is naked right? - Everybody okay? I've seen things down there that can not bear the light of day. I'm scarred for life. Where is Smurfette? She is ... - Where is Smurfette? - We were late. Well done. Come children, love for each other. Get out of here, you idiot. The Smurfs were here. - What? The Smurfs were here? Why did not you say? - I told you! This should not know. I have it in them restrain and get the formula. Now. Smurfette baby? Are you ready to get you celebrate birthday Come on, this is fun. We were so close to get. Smurfette back He came at the wrong time total Grace. I had been in the elevator when he was not there. - Honey, calm down, breathe. I want him to go away. - He's your father. No, he is not. - He has equal Grace, I am not his dad. He has been determined from the day that I came. And he has in doggedly. Pardon? - Or maybe not. I can not another thought. Hey, I never asked you my life would be okay? I did not ask you to to marry my mother. Or to retrieve. Away Zeus Zeus, the dove? - The parrot. My parrot was removed because you are allergic. I was not allergic to that bird Patrick. - Yes, you were. No, I was not. You were allergic. What? - It was so bad with you, every day sneezing, coughing ... your mother and I knew that your heart would break if the bird had gone by you ... and because it was the last of your father, I took the blame. What? That's a lie. I'm not allergic to birds. Okay. Smell my feathers. - I not to you ... - Come on, smell. Intrusive is not it? I loved with all my heart and your mother I took care of you or not? I made her happy. I also chose to if my son to love you. I should not have to do that but you were a little boy ... without father with big eyes and a big hole in his heart. So I gave you a father. You do not want it. That's okay. My last advice for you. If you are big ... stop with all the debt except give you pain ... and whatever you do, learn those wonderful son can not ... that love is conditional, because it is not. Goodbye Grace. Day Blue. Grandpa Victor? Bye Patrick Winslow. Look at that big wheel. Come, come my baby. So for this reason they call it the city of light. There are a lot of people. Yes. Well, I prefer to call them ... deserving. Alakazie! Bending. On your knees. Shall we? - Let's go. Do not worry, everyone likes it. He is a celebrity. Good. Okay. Everyone, these are my children. - Hi. That's my brother. - Hi. Very good. Watch a magical creature. - Hi. It's my birthday. I have a fast pass. Mr Gargamel. - Thank you our chairs have kept warm. Bye. Come children, this way. Mr Gargamel. - Thank you. Let's go! Father. - Yes? - It's almost dinnertime. - Not now! Here we are. The fun starts just right? Alakazamcabra! Is not my baby beautiful? Think that your secret formula and my incredible magic ... there is absolutely nothing we can not. Yes, think of the fun we might have Smurfette. Okay, why are we going so slowly. Best ride ever! Smurfette is now one of us! Sorry! I must have disappointed her. - Sorry, I was looking for a place to think. No, it's okay. I myself was also thinking. Mr Winslow, this is difficult for me but may I ask you for advice? Dad to dad, deals with Smurfette. I do not know what to do. I made her blue ... love and attention. But the truth is that Gargamel made her. She's just a smurf long she chooses itself. But if she does? What if they choose him? We could lose her. Maybe we are already I have not done enough. - Are you kidding? Gargamel has made her but you, you have made her what she is. You caught her and loved her as your own child. Nobody asked that you, you just did it. Because you knew she needed it. And that's ... And that is quite a special way of love. She's too smart not to see. You're right. We did not believe in her because she changed ... she changed because we believed in her. Very good Mr. Winslow. That was exactly what I needed to hear. So do I. Just a few more bubbles. - How's that. Big Smurf in heaven, what did you eat? - It's okay. Every time a smurf poepie late, someone smiles. Join smurfs. - Where to? - Let's go get Smurfette. But you saw her dad. She was one of them. A horse whisperer. - No. - A French socialist. - No. A flying Welenda. - No, she's with Gargamel. Stay informed. It does not interest me what you saw. You never give family. Dad is right. - Who are you and what did you do to murmur? Hey, I'm positive now, remember? Okay smurfs, let's go smurfs. Mr Winslow, go with us? - Is a smurfs butt blue? You tell me. - Joker. Anyone else? Okay then. From the bath. There is work to be done. Let's go pig smurfs. - Let's go. - Yes, guys we can do this. Victor? Hey. Mr. Winslow Okay, here we are. Spread - I go to the machine and connect the electricity off. And we're going to find Smurfette. - And we do that while we see perfectly out. Come on. Ting Ling. Hello. - See you inside. Success. Come on guys. - In the belly of the beast. Why are we here dad? - We celebrate your long lost sisters birthday. Really? - We can not do birthday celebrate cake. I made your favorite baby, Blue velvet cake. Cake. - Come on baby, make a wish. Everything your little heart has ever desired or what have you. dreamed Everything? - But of course. Everything. - Yes. Well maybe I have the lately extract shortage ... but that I also have the formula required of you. There she is. - Is that a birthday cake? We also had a birthday cake, they has only ever seen him. They look like a happy family. - She's not yet the formula still give Dad? If she does that means the end of all the Smurfs. Wait, even the clever Smurfs? Yes. - Ijdeltje you're with me. Dopey, Mopper, find Mr. Winslow. Victor, what are you doing here? - Grace called me. She said you could use some help. Well No Victor, wait. As always, Grace right. I could use some help. - First you can try to lift the manhole ... or you need to repair the phone Smurfette? The formula? Take all the time you need, as long as it is fast. Then we can all be together. - Haggis blue. Haggis blue. - You see, they all want to be blue. Like their big sister. - Then we can a real family. This was a sacred gift it to me was entrusted. I'm sorry. I can ... I ... I can not. What do you mean I can not? I gave you everything. Kindness, attention, a cake without poison, it was terrible! I've had enough young lady, you going to give me what I want! Right now, the formula! - No! Yes. - No. - Father. - What! Haggis is dizzy. - What happens to them? Do not tell me you for that pathetic gives creatures? What for to you. And what terrible perfect for me. Try to find the electrical lines made from them. - Move it. We can do this. This way IJdeltje through this pipe. - We have to save her. This is my moment. I'm so sorry for your baby, I thought you knew. They can not live without extract. Father. Please. - No, Maxi. So dizzy. - Haggis. - Smurfette ... Give them what you have. Grab some of mine. Get some! Please! Why should I? As you do not give me the formula ... it makes no sense and I can they might as well let go. Maxi. You let them die? I can always make another. And by the way I do not let them die. You'll do. Okay. I give him to you. But deliver them. First, the formula. Give them food. give them food! Quick, we have to go inside. - It's locked. The formula ... A hopeful thought, a drop royal jelly ... mimosa pulp. - Smurfette. I can hear but not see. - I have. Daddy look! Why does she him the formula? No. - Smurfette. Let's finish. And you have to save a bobbing truth. What? How they invent it. - So. That is the formula. Give them food now! Please. - First, see if this works. Come on! We found it. Come on Patrick, with your whole weight. Wait, there's an opening down here. Come on mate. - Yeah, let's turn. A loving truth. I hope this works. Smurfette. Thank you. - Maxi. My smurf it works! - Haggis. - I'm blue. Haggis is blue! We are blue, we are smurfs! - The world is mine! I can make my own smurfs. We have failed. Betrayed. Finally. You are a real boy. I'm blue. - Now I can finally you use. - Father, no. Inside with you. I disappointed her IJdeltje. Dad wait ... I think I can get it go. - Good idea. Come on, come on. Father. Please. - Do not go anywhere now. You saved us from a thrashing. Haggis thrashing. You have sacrificed everything. Just to save us. I had to. I care about you. We are family. Haggis does not like a thrashing. Haggis loves blue. What a morbid scene. I would be sick ... if this is not the happiest was moment of my life! Try the large left. - Climb on my shoulder. Come on boy. But where do I go? - Try the min, then he might go out. The minus the negative? No, I to turn positive! One small step for a wizard ... one giant leap for ... - Gargamel. - What. That if I do - All smurfs on a stick, it works! Yes, I said that you was allowed to press the button. Well, one giant leap for me! Was just roasted. How do I make a positive twist. Godversmurf. Why now. - Super. We stand to save. About the day I got him! - I knew you could do it. Now go quickly. Come Azriel, time forces from the air to call. Look at me. Totally macho. I look like a smurf command. There she is. - Smurfette. - Zelda. Dad? You came for me. But of course, we come for you. You're my daughter. Did you ever doubt? - No, he is locked. Go on, we find another way. See you there Mr. Winslow. Dad. - My baby. I have the formula to Gargamel. - But they saved our lives. Haggis lives. - Dad, I've disappointed you. I have betrayed the smurfs. I'm so sorry. Smurfette, life is the most valuable in order to protect. I'm very proud of you. Really? - Are you serious? No beating or other punishment? You forgive her? Just like that? Of course. You do what you gotta do. If you do not, there is no love more. Haggis finds you sweet, so sweet. Hey Smurfette. - Hi there. Hi. No, we have no more time. - Let the formula to get back now. Wait, what about her? - What about them? They are not like you. They are of Gargamel. - I was. Dad never gave me so I do not give them up! And you thought you were not a real smurf. Get them out quickly. And then there were seven. Hello kitty. Welcome to the party ... Dad! Look at all that extract. I love my job. Really you all. In particular, you blue. I hope you choke on. - Now you have it. Are you happy now? Yes, but you know Dad, I want more than enough. After all I have, what's that again, this! I call it Lastokje. You know him? It is a magic stick. So I call him LaStok ... It's very funny ... if you had it all the way through you would dent a lie, believe me. What am I going to do with all this power? Yes, I'm going to dominate the world! No. - And Dad? I want you to know that my first official act ... I make a portal of the smurfs village to my smurfinator. So with all your smurfs friends can be together. Portal time! - I do not think any Gargamel. Do it again. Come on. Hurry up, he grabs his wand. I'm already melting. - I'm too pretty to die. Use the small end. Do not just stand there! / i Haggis really bad ouch. Get off me. - Sorry. Is everyone okay? All smurfy and present. Patrick. - Dad! Hey Grace. we did it. Grace. - Smurfette. I missed you. - I made me worry so much about you. Grace, this is Maxi. My other sister. That means you're my sister. Are you okay? Feels happy like that? Hello beautiful lady. I'm also pretty. - And this is Haggis. My brother. - Haggis - Haggis, these Grace and Patrick. Hello. - And, you baby? This is Blue. - Well done Grace. He is blachtig. - Who is this? This is Victor, he's ... - He's my father. And the very great grandfather of Blue. Dad hugs! You've found blue Patrick Winslow. - Ivan Doyle! Ivan Smurf. - Yes, that's smurf ville. Good work. - Positive? - Get that out of my face, I'm not positive! I murmur and I have a lot anger that I have to vent! That feels good. I'm back. - And me too! I think most LaStokje do know here, what a hilarious pun is ... You stick. - Say hello to my huge party ... I do not think Gargamel! Where is the off button on this thing! This is really very much hurt. That is beautiful. - That's it for Gargamel. - Let's all go home. I have a small problem. I but five crystals. Well I say no Smurf is left behind. Smurfette Wow, you look good with that magic wand. It's in my blood. There I made it first to get quite busy. But as a special someone once told me, It does not matter where you come from ... what matters is who you choose to be. That's my girl. And you're our dad. Thank you for giving us a new home. And a new family. You're a good Papa Smurf. You will also be a good one. I'm going to miss you smurfs. - You can hot dog named after them. That's a good idea. We can blue use corn. - Smurf Dogs. Safe journey and boys smurf quickly. Thanks again Mr. Winslow. Grace you too small and Blue. And Victor. Goodbye Winslow family. - Bye bye. - Bye bye. Well let's go smurfs. - Bye. - I can not waiting to see. the rest of my family Smurfs Day. Get out of my room. - Dad, you have Smurfette! And a few new smurfs for our family. Everyone, this is Maxi. She's a beautiful girl. Hi, I'm greedy, you want a Share cupcake? What the hey ...? He is beside himself. - Haggis. - Haggis, these are your new brothers. My brothers! Officially, to smurfs standards he must ... - Give him a hug. You're a weirdo. - He's one of us. And so, having patiently waited to again have some relevance ... get the heroic narrator back in his leadership role ... and picks up where he left off. Everyone was busy preparing ... Why is all decorated? Warmly Smurfette! Congratulations I do not know why but I see here in a book ... and so ... - Let the music pop!

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