Movie Date: November 3, 2006

Alight class, if a ainbid leave it's den fly wested 20 mile fo hou And anothe ainbid fly east taveling 15 miles pe hou How many does it take fo 210 miles apart? Anyone? Anyone? Tish How can't we can lean the thing that we wanna lean? Like what? Like, what's up eal with mary Tina lmagine all aways the pond give up of Ms Clause? Whee then you can't possibly imagine Fo something so guide then happen, That change Santa with foeve Like what? Ok, Baby, Clause is on the way Ladies keep up, it be unaway Take shoes off Do not panic Do not panic Hust, baby scalet And we can't, the baby coming I know Keep it That's got little woks Oh, Scott! You gonna be alight Everything gonna be alight, Whee start fo history Oh, Scott! I'm ight hee, ok? I'm ight hee Alight, Ms Clause Honey I'm afaid thee was fost alone I stop the banquet to this Scott, Scott come hee Come hee just ight you feel Scott come hee Come hee, come hee, come hee Okay Ready? Wait fo the kick It's a genius, G She's build it like he mothe With the andom ight on thee Yes, but now amazing timing I wish the baby had come on summe o last week like we dak God, cazy, I'm been make it I am cazy You need out the bush No, no, Scott, no moe gifts, You have give the birth on ou miss the cheese meal No, this is not fo you This is fo the baby I'll be back fo the chill That neve get all What do we have in the bag fo the baby About thee not, we have the baby bag Inside the baby bag, we have... Oh! Oh Scott! Oh honey! It's beautiful The baby gonna love it Yeah, it's spin aound like this Oops, late Come on in Hey D Hey D Hismus, so geat you could come How ae you today, Ms Clause? I was little concened becasue the baby has inconvenient No need to wory, Ms Clause Santa, boke one been set back So fa behind that we need you wok out fo immediately Oh, I can't come down now It's impossible Still mad it out, the sled out got plenty wok to do up hee Have you eve check this with once? I have peview this Help me, help you, help me, help you Don't let pessue, ok? Help me, help you, help you, help you, help me Help me, help you Don't be nevous. Don't be nevous You'll be dumped fee on, ok? Help me, help you, help me, help you Help you That's one moe thing Clause watching the figue call the emegency meeting It can't lead the north Clauses meeting tonight? It's not that, that's why I came hee Hee? - Hee? Whee? In the kitchen. In the kitchen? It's alight going hee? Ok, it's thee on building so... Get down Honey, I had to go a walk which it's geat, You stay hee and happy You got a lot of pessue that couldn't which it's geat And I don't want Curtis going hot Alight, take it easy Honey! Honey! Caol! Anything I can do fo you, ma'am? No thanks. Came fom some company Ms Clause? Not fom you, M Clause Why not? Because you can't fun time with me and get the toys eady in I undestand completely You do? Of couse I do And just hope you'e not to elebate on I'm love I'm not gonna let that happen Caol, it's no whee I can did Nice homewok, Danny Thee is so aogant Thanks, Santa Yeah, very yeah, ok Oh Look, I know this is all build it aound to you But wait a moment Wait, do you see this? Amazing technology Look at this The duck, it's quack thee like this Things can't help me ight now, sweetheart It's people that I mean You know? Family Family? We ae the family ight now all family, ight? We love you Ms Clause Hee we been Sweetheart, you need to think about the tea I am sory - It's okay Thank you Second tust the situation I didn't want to be with you so much I want go home but... I can have a good way I guess I... Wait the minute Maybe you can Can what? Have a good way How? I can bing you home hee You can? You can't! I am gonna bing you paents up hee My paents? My paents? Excuse me? SOS, secet the sende That could be done a consequences to possibility incease... ...the cost you got the signal that connect to two location... . could be compomise and Chistmas as we know is still exist... ...fighting the hope and the deam of childen and it still can be twice... ...magic foeve! Does that? He has the point, my paents can't keep the secet Listen, listen Those come up was because of me I will do whateve it takes to make this ight Yes Yeah, I will You know why? Cause what ae they say about Santa? How you gonna play off? The answe is in the question How ae we going to do this I think is toymake in Canada Canada? - Canada! Come on, everybody! Everybody listen up Gab you hands and feel like it coming Hey, baby That's good Hi, tooth fairy Open the doo if you want to... Everybody look been in the house, that's nice to see What a mess Whee is that boy? Hey Mery Chistmas, people what's up? Baby, hand's up Masonry Fo the edge Fathe Time, Mery Chistmas again Good to see everyone hee With you know it innocent the wold count on eady night I'm eady the ise of slay, you know that mean? Santa, you thought you should tease it Summe Belt I found two hunded and some of that shooting box skyline acoss fom west I hea by call the special section of the counte legally took ode This is we take cae Sandman I'm not, I'm not Hey cupid Nice start! M Bunny Of fist, and only oal on business It's the discipline aea have be taken against counsel of membe Jack Fost No, that's not I'm talking about You love it, am I ight? You guys finally woke out by being Holloween holiday Pope, of couse it is the date Of place of ight, I'm ight on Fost giving, fost July, Fost of day I mean the possibility of angels You ae hee by chage fo 273 count above tense updating of Santa Clause You fost above the candle on white You make it snow in the amazon and You fost the Mexico city all of the gate north fo the winte You have by little the legend teaced think they have contact And will fall the lacies Excuse me, has you just being skillful and legend show please Go this chage Fost you held on season, you not on Halloween You the best fiend, you not the leading man And you kill flood Only famous is spending Jack Fost fo the legendaily counsel Please say Wait a minute, wait a minute Fathe Time wait a minute You gonna undestand I have a note on tempe tension Long I am, you ae the use the opening act A city mean, M Been Jack, why don't you left that... No, no... you let it go You sell the can, and you got titbit special And you could post them to the billboad And beautiful adoable wife And the be amy toy of yes man What do I get? A few unning fost damn secet You know, Jack It's not I'm be hate you name Bacause of the poduction fo official entie cut my toy that she That's ight Of the poject I got the secet than she Because they in lost? Oh, body in lost M and Ms bad worth everytime I tun aound By coming out I have no fo that last... Of come out fo the subsolution fo that And then I thought with that I'm tell wory being fathe against because I wasn't all that good That's it a fist time Oh, Santa, we have no idea Santa, I'm sory Get out what I mean un shoot I popely ight fo this escape Clause None of this escape Clause It's took steam, eally escape Clause What's up with that? Maybe a few to 10 to meaning while you know You can meaning how many times you can gow hee Legendary? I don't think so Look, look, i am not involve in this... I am handle the toys and i will be thee when my wife delive the babe Let me help you You dont quite enough No..., it's geneal of expansion How can be community sevices Please... - What if i tortue myself? At the elbow of the maste You know i can lent a hand make some toys as you pesents And if i don't make it with It happy end hee he can wok to suspense me Please, send me I know i don't deseve any chance but i will asking you fo I want to make thing ight Allight You know what want to be suspended, i give you one moe chance Which you like to be a Jack Fost to ou tain You also listen to the else Curtis, he is you boss And i made it thee is one, one i sick out of place, you ae gone I will not, i will check it out Motion carying Boys, boys, neve go to stay oad I got the new oad is it easy? Lucy, coat! Hello, Scott - Hey, Luc, thee we ae Hey, thee is it. Just like magic. You ae the most wam in the wold. Hi, buddy, I'm miss you so much. Hey, Neil, that the good looking sweate best. Well, poo inside Lucy, come on Thee have the snow inside Ya, is not eally magical like the one Chalie has, but i love it And now I have twelve, see. You know, I have the logo of my selves So how does daniel do? - Good Thank to let me go... You wellcome. Hey, i fogot something. Just the little thing... North pole Ice Bikes. Dad, that owesome That good is wasn't a ca. Thank's dad. Wow this is beautiful. Lusy, sweetheart what ae you doing? Hey, hey, hey. Alight Come hee, give me, give me the bag. Why can Ais bites inside? Wish I can come to the north poo. That tue! And hey! May be I should be the one thee fo the caol? You know? I mean anothe Mom I could help! May be... - Gils! I got to fosth away. You undestand my situation No, no, wait a minute, Scott Let pass the moment hee. And takes the feeling in touish. Let to looking what yoyu doing in... Lucy is the menbe in this family too, Scott And she will had feeling... fo this expeience You has sca he fo life. But please, uncle Scott. Can I come to the North Pole too? Please? All this, is geat. Guy, I have done! What have you done? Don't thionk so, quickly, quickly I have seen the building wonde on aound. Without the dees up hee, i didn't blank the guy doing he ski hee Skip coss. - Right Thank you How that the skip coss anyway? Sory. That just was I tell. What? Inviting noise. Don't be baies, is fo success the big guy doing the important self Hee the infomation, I'm now off the nunbe one. I'm now going to know the all snow scoop. But everybody know, not special. That special! That special! Is the most top sceet... in the wold Is fo every step the tagedy to own pesonal snow scoop Hpw that you say that not the special! Because is this is. I'm will let you know the ski club is... I'm best to say I even tust you. You was the false. Sceet in the snow scoop. I'm wish like neve become Santa Clause. Wait, wait, wait This is the part one un tain put the tue time, And every thing go back to the eal, like that neve be the santa Clause Get the snow scoop, put the hand, say the wod, and than will move job opening santa Clause? What kind of everything... I neve deam you have be so... high place How that you get in to the house? Sory, Jack I know that, out numbe one! Dink the dip, and deam will stop got it. And the eal important thing is when you see the deam in wonderful fly in Canada lts the pogam? Ok! Ok! Hey guys! Ha ha, Scotts Calvin! Good fo you call, otherwise I'm don't know I'm could emenbe you That me. You look like a little fathe time. Does't any like fathe time. That a nice doo. Well, thank you, that a little sticky, but like the baby buns now. Come take a feel. Oh, why not. Very buns like. Who this pal? Sandy, this is my sold sales, i'm will taking him to the aiport Sold sales, bussiness must be very good. This is used So busy... - Scott. So nice to see you. - Me too And you fiends? - Sandy Sandy nice to meet you. Do you know how excitic that we get you phone call? See, we get so feel when each one is special. Oh! Come on you guys! Is so wondeful to get you all hee. Festive. - Easy Please, please sit down. Oh, No no no, we got to get to the aiport. With kind of hury, so I suggest is just get you back to packman in the ca. I'm almost pack. Geat! Just ow so of my underwea in my bag, is not like we go to the north pole Is cool in Canada. Remembe when we summe day Hee we go in the summe day again. It was the feezing. - I was hea you neve leave that a lot! I din't leave that lot, because is feezing! And that was feezing weathe? - Yes, is feezing weathe! And neve bed? - Yes, and is was feezing! You hea me? - Ya i hea you! Wow, what part of ou plan? Not clea? You put them into sleep, when they get in to the ca. I just could stand to listen the story anymoe. Ok. Let get them into the ca. Sandy, what ae you doing? Sandy, sandy? Oh, geat, I got to choise go to the bed? Hey, Ms. Claus, what you doing hee? Hi, Jack, I'm just try pick up a tee to the whole family fo love. Ah, Family! You know, i just cannot imagine how hade... big sceet fom you folks. You have no ideal. Tell me Ms. Claus Did you find someone is all eally worth. Oh, is definally worth they. I'm sue dopping you whole life... - Ya Not one. Oh dea! Little sad maybe that ten the loving... Is pefect! I will give you the all the... you need Oh! They hee. Oh, so exciting! I'm hee, I can't believe, I'm hee. What a wondeful supised, I'm don't know you wee coming. - Uncle Scott bought me. Hey, take a look. Hey, all the tall people, oh, you not tall. Supised! You look wonderful. - Really? What you thing about my paents? This is amazing! Can I go to the shop! Ya, going thee! Go ahead Oh! Wait! You guy know that my one is... the wokshop in the North pole Whee you think we ae? Wellcome to the canada! Well, that the easy ide to the custom Oh! The staight fight. Is just like a deam. As such a nice milk. They gave you milk? I got 4 nuts in the puse. And you ae the siting pose. No. That a fist class. And i got the changeto sit next to Tony band Mom, dad! - Oh! Honey! And look at this! I could be twins! But since you got the toy make, we no got a lot of imfomation! Oh, honey, just stop that! Sweetheart, i just so glad to see you! Daling! I'm so happy happy to see you too. I'm sue you have the perfect good eason to sorting youselves to you life. Look at this. - Is amazing Please emembe, don't talking anything o otherwise Any fea of making pocess. - I make sue she didn't getting anything. Look, cupid the magic accessoies. Lucy. Lusy come back hee! I'm just to go make the doll. Oh, ecellent job. Is hat fun? Faste! Faste! What we have hee? Is a lot of beans! How many beans is can eat? Who ae you? Who ae you? You not the... in one of the ed man, aen't you? I'm Lucy, Scott is my uncle. Oh! I'm Fost, Jack Fost! Whom? Jack Fost! You know? Jack Fost! I'm neve head of you. Jack Fost! Think about that! No, but I'm know the Fery, and sand man, and the bunny. You got to know about me! Ok! Ok! Sory! How do you want to be my alse? Ah! No! Hey! Mom! Is a very geat villay! Have you hea been to the canada? No, too fa, we didn't ide just the New Yok to visit my siste. Very lovely place, but is no the canada, isn't is? No. Was this is. And staight. - And staight All those package no go to you enough. And beath. Very good! Now don't foget, do this on you own oom. I will alway to be to help you. You take the chistmas very seiously. Is the most wonderful time hee. Oh, honey, just because you not in the chistmas, does't means anothe can't enjoy it. Well the kid enjoy the toys hee, Oh, no woies. Tust me, si. Who ae you? Chis. Hey, guy how you doing. Listen, come hee, i got something to say on you. Santa said, you eally want to take a beak. So, thee was a delicious that the steam hot coco. Is just a... ich coco, with just a suggestion. In vanilla. Geyt in thee and try some, is got you name on it Enjoys! Is the spanish coco, sweet potatoes... tastes that Look at this kitchen, Look at the size of the cooking ma'am in thee Come on guys, I show you all something to eat. You got some opeation on hee, you ae holding out of us. What the secet hee? - Is no the secet on hee... Very please to meet you. Hi. Bug, this is... Jack Fost. No, No Jack Fost, he play in the Jack Fost. Oh yes, of cause. To bing fasty chees to the woke. I'm kind like the team maste. Buddy. Si, can i buy you fo a moment Excuse me. We have the small pape poblem. You go ight ahead, I'll make sue everyone is happy alot. Fo that I hee! What going on? What going on? So which we want to set hee? Santa, get me out of hee? Go check the motheboad. I can't find the sandwich. Hadly something like that happen. Cuppocino you want. Oh, yes. You'e wellcome. Hee you go, i hope you like this. Is my own ecipy Feel fesh? Oh, I just love you hai. You do? - Ya, I do. I love yous. Really? - I neve see the thing like that. I just a litte bit thank you. No no no. Maybe a little bit. - I knew it. Say something. What would you like to head. Oh, I love it. No no, go back to the othe line. You mothe is fabulous. Did you like to be my Al You did head me. Back off! Back off! Back off...! Don't beath, don't beath it What's wong with you people? I'll get a mop Oh dad, you did it geat - Ae you alite? Hi everyone? Who ae you? Mum and dad, this is Scott's ex-wife Laua and he husband Neil Hi - He daughte Lucy Thank you fojoining ou chistmas isn't that nice? If Scott is so close to his ex-wife and... You don't find that incedibly theatening? I'm sue it's very nice Everybody i'm back Hey what happened? - Nothing Except you didn't tell you in-laws that you ex-wife spending chistmas with you Moe secet If you think this's somehting you should take to the delivery oom Is that a poblem? I wanna send it to delivery oom What? Watch you back, people watch you back This is the delivery oom? - Yeah This isn't a delivery oom, this's a disaste oom What's going on hee? you can see this's huge comfortable How can a kitchen is bigge than a delivery oom? Watch you back again Thee we go This is petty entie a toy factory ...ou gandchild's being bon on a boad plaza of a Canadian toy factory Swetheart, you gotta be honest to me, don't be afaid Is delivery hee against you will? - Dad Is thee even a docto hee? Yes thee's a docto hee, thee's a docto Pleasue to meet you A very good docto Watch back, thank you Excuse me - Watch you back again What do we suppose to do? I'm petty good on this poject ...don't be silly, just let the tiny Canadians do it Someone get me an apon and a hamme Get him an apon and a hame What's happening? Will be back in 2 minutes Ok, let's go to wok Tun the fie on Now give me that, come on Stay low Curtis... stop If you'e gonna tell me you entie facility's uined Ove the 1st time in the history All the kids of the wold welcome to ask you Because i failed, stop it I can't stand 1 moe piece of bad news Well, then, good news, si - What? You pants ae on fie Whee's the hose? Captain I'm on it Oh my! Si, if anything i can do? Yeah why don't you put a chill on my bottom fo me, come on Go, move... Quickly... Ok, ead me the sales eport Things on the poko sticks melted si Let me see... Give me status eport The Anning Port bunt up, si Only the wheel fom the tuck, si That's my favoite The ockets ae in pieces But the lage moto is intact si Lage moto is intact? Scoote boad That sounds a million ate, let's get things done ...let's get that bloody nite, let's go... This is amazing Can't keep a good santa down huh? So, doesn't anything bothe you? You don't smoke to small subject Wok at the challenge while i'm at home That's the poblem M Scott... that's the most amazing thing i've eve seen in the whole wold Wait a minute You wee worying me? Not fo a second M Scott, you know what i've been dying to see? No You snow balls collection You can see it if you can catch me You know what to do Hey don't watch when i'm doing this, this's a very secet code Oh come on, uncle Scott Very secetive Look out... Whee ae we? Well, i think i told you i've a petty amazing collections of snow balls This is the hall of snow balls Go on This is so beautiful, uncle Scott And this is This is mine It's my favoite Cause like you gave Chalie I'm kinda partial this with myself It's stubbon You need to be a collection I've 1 like this It's... me Yeah How can you zoom me in? And it tuns pink I told you, you want to hug with magical Thank you fo my pesent, Santa It's ok We'e gonna do it this way We get outta hee Do you want me to put on the tee toppe? Do you mind if we save it fo Scott? He usually puts the tee toppe on Of couse It's stange it looks Hi honey i'm back Oh honey ae you ok? Geat At least i get to spend time with you guys Scott? Sory to inteupt Thee's something you needa check twice You gotta find it out It's gotta be in my office Neil? What? Let's go find Lucy and get he washed fo dinne, ok? Will be ite back Don't wory, honey It's a busy season I'll tell he it's a busy season It's Santa Scott's snow ball You aen't supposed to have that I know Isn't that geat? - It isn't geat at all You've done a teible thing You'e gonna be in nautilus fo the est of you life But nautilus people have moe fun I'm going fo help Aogant people Mum, dad, ove hee quick! Lucy? - What? Come on - What's wong? Hury! What's the matte? Sweetheart, what's it? I told you not to do that Jack Fost got uncle Scott's snow ball and he knows that it isn't his Stop! Mum! What did you do? I've fozen them Now am i gonna've to do the same thing to you? You'e gonna get into a closet and stay thee without saying a wod? Smart gal Now smile, will you? To think i ask you to be my house Yeah Chis, of couse all those bee machines washable Rite, just put on the cart Look, i can't be in 2 places at once You gotta manage down thee stop calling me every time something goes wong I'm a little busy with my family up hee, Curtis All i wanna see is busy busy woke Hey... i'm olling down hill This isn't up to blow this building Why haven't you put the tee toppe on the tee yet? Scott's been busy Tell you dad to do it Hey dad, do you wanna help me with the tee toppe? Yeah, in a minute I don't know who he's anymoe I don't know who he's anymoe eithe You know Neil, Lucy and Laua haven't been hee fo this They've been out a while ago i wonde whee they'e Some of the Canadians bind the move fo Cocoa Scott? Tee toppe, what do you say? Hey Scott honey? Let's put the tee toppe let's make a toast Hey you boke this place on a fold line What can i do fo you guys? Tee toppe Yeah, Tee toppe Scott toast Just a second Good Good fo goodness sake Curtis, i can't talk ite now, i'm putting the tee toppe on the tee It's eally important, can't talk Please... Gotta go... I'm putting it in my pocket I'm not answeing that I'm putting the phone in my pocket I put it in my pocket Ok everybody As i climb up this beautiful tee I know we had ou upside down But as i place this tee toppe I just wanna say Be caeful honey Honey? I think maybe i can fix that You picked up on that, did you? What? What does that suppose to mean? Well, maybe if you aen't woking all the time you might know Maybe you just don't undestand the pessue on me Well, maybe it isn't as bad as being ipped away fom you family And told you can't see them any moe - Dad Well, maybe that's why i invited you up hee, Bud Suounded by you family fo love and support Well, i try to do things you can't even imagine But athe than try to make things wok... It seems like you try to make things wose That's it, we'e leaving - What? Maybe we shouldn't have come You'e ite, maybe you shouldn't have come And that shouldn't have come eithe Don't say anything I think we all need a cool down fo a second huh Why don't you and i take a walk? Come... Let's just go... It's ove I thought to've a second of having family but... It uined again Thee's no one i know who can possibly hold this altogethe fo you But i didn't They esent me Chistmas is a disaste to my pegnant wife Which she neve can admit that You know, i was waiting till tomoow to give you this but... I think you need a bit of pick-me-up now Come on, open it I don't feel like it, Jack - Oh come on Go ahead it'll make you feel bette I don't feel like it Jack Come on, you just open it, please Thanks So, othe time when you wonde Wonde what? If this is... Worth it? I mean, you know... I'm sue will put that ed coat on So, we should neve been said at all? I wished i neve become santa At all? At all At all, yeah at all I wished i've neve been said at all Happy "Chistmas Eve 12 Yeas Ago" Hey you! Get off me! I won't let you put on that coat Oh yeah? Watch me - Don't even think about it, Jack You hit me with a shovel No! Chistmas Eve... Now Ok, the Mississippi factory needs some weapon to ship They won't ship tomoow cause it's the chistmas But they'll ship Thusday... - Excuse me You said they aen't gonna ship tomoow because it's chistmas? Yes si This is chistmas eve? Yes si What ae you doing hee? Wy ae we woking? We always wok chistmas eve You do? Of couse That's idiculous Chistmas eve is when you spend time with you family Whee's my family tonite? I eally don't know, M Calvin What do you mean? You aely see them and you... Get id of them What ae you doing hee? Well, i just came ove to see... See what? Why on earth that you dagged youself all the way ove hee Is that Deek? - No And you aen't going out tonite - Yeah ok What ae you doing hee? Because i wanna see you Why? Because we don't see each othe enough What? Come on, Chalie I'm outta hee Oh come on, Chalie, it's Chistmas eve I don't know he's coming - Chalie What? - Come back hee Chalie - Good nite, pop Wait... Can we have a fight, Caol? Caol? Caol Newman Caol Newman, the pincipal of Chalie's school, Caol Newman? Yeah you know whee she's? - I don't know She moved away I guess i don't know What's the matte with you Neil Remembe Lucy? You'll undestand, whee ae they? At the north pole - At the north pole? North pole Fost What? Fost tuned a north pole into a theme pak Neil has been taking Lucy to the north pole eve since... He and i got a divoce, emembe? Divoce? Ae you sue you should be diving? I'm gonna make everything ok I'm gonna make everything bette Yeah, ok Tickets... we'e hee 1st I saw 1st - You didn't I'm buying it - Give it to me No way - Mum! Hury up, dad, let's go! Come on, i wanna ide - Lucy Neil Scott Calvin I'm pleased unning into you Lucy? What's up M Calvin Can we please go? Wait... What happened between you and Laua? theapy like witchcaft, you'e people i conside it Please... Just tell me Maybe you don't eally know because you neve aound ...Scott, you'e neve a fathe to Chalie You athe pessued on me, guess what? He didn't want me to be his fathe Yoiu scewed things up petty good between me and Laua You want me to go on, Scott? Come on, dad, the line's getting longe Excuse me si Curtis - Yes si Can i offe you 2 tickets... No What's that? - Which is worth than his Would you pay cash o cedit cad, si? Would you pay cash o cedit cad, si? This's silly If you'e still not sue I can even thow the pass fo the nice list Nice list? - Walk with me won't you? What does this mean? Put the love of candies what have you done hee? Well, si this's the nice list's chaos Wait a minute, you mean paents pay thei kids to put on the nice lists? This isn't ite I'd bette change things back to whee they wee Who's you boss? Whee's Fost? Curtis, whee's Fost? - Secuity! Bing Fost down hee ite now! I'll take cae of him Nice to see you, i've been waiting 12 yeas aleady? Fost What have you done? Love what you dumpped with us Reindee fo $5 Fost... what about the secet of santa? How could you do this to the north pole This thing way too much wok, too much pessue Besides, no one even thank you fo all the effort What do you mean no thank-yous What about all the cookies and the milk? So, i stopped the whole toy delivery nonsense Not botheing if they'e affod to pay ite afte This is magic You used to be cawling on oof and chimneys I got everything i need ite hee Look aound, you know this isn't how the north pole supposed to be... You know this's wong Why don't you chill out and enjoy this way This junk isn't what chistmas is about Hey you'e the 1 who gave it up Because you ticked me - Ticked you? Give me a beak - I didn't know you had my snow globe You said I wished i've neve been said at all What? I said you said "i wished i've neve been said at all" Fost, switch back with me Now is you chance And this is you chance To enjoy the show Secuity - Yes si Put my guest to the seat, will you? Thanks so much Come on, let's go Hey Lucy I know something eally wonderful about you You love snow balls - Yeah If that's tue i got a supise fo you ...behind the vending machine is a secet oom Filled with snow balls like you've neve seen befoe Beautiful snow balls Thee's a secet code to get in thee What's the code? I need you to gab the 1 in the middle and bing it back down to me I need you help But i don't wanna fo up thee all alone Lucy Tust me, this's eally important Ok Ok... i'll ceate a little divesion This show stinks Hey hold it Come on guys Lucy? Geat to see you, everybody the show's now begin Thank you... I'm gonna kick whoeve did that You aen't santa claus That is an imposto, i'm santa claus Hey whee ae you going? Get down fom thee! If you guys want me you'e gonna've to come up hee And get me Get this into you head You aen't santa anymoe You'e just a guy who smells like a cookie Hey how about to give me a catch? Lucy, toss it Nice try, compade I love you team wok Thee's only 1 poblem You neve gonna get me to say I wished i've neve been said at all Now you said that No! I gotta get my coat Come hee! Wow feaky Hey you! Let me go This guy's huge But i'm santa now You don't look like santa You killed him Dad, you gotta see this - Chalie... Let me go I want that coat! You don't make such a good santa Because all the elves All those people get the money to pay fo you Listen to me... Santa isn't something you can take It is something that chooses you How do i look? Nice? I think you'e too late Caol... That didn't wok the way i hope Caol Scott, i need you to do me a favo I miss you so much, so much But it's just been a few minutes It's been just a few minutes? - Yeah Of ocuse it was only a few minutes But it takes a few minutes to see the tuth To the entie life - I don't undestand ...that's big that's huge, that's huge And it's a lot of pessue I mean taking cae of all the childen of the wold ...and the north pole I was in love with them I gotta say hello to baby I love being santa claus i love you - I love you too No, i'm back I miss you very very much I miss you too Hey you guys know what happened? No We ticked each othe off But that's just like families all ove the wold They doing chistmas eve, they love each othe Tick each othe off And it's ok, because we don't need a perfectly good family We just've to be... take it I'm still so very sory that we just added all this pessue that you unde And i think that we should've apologised, don't you, honey? No, i'm his fathe-in-law, it's my job Yes, as long as you pomise duing every chistmas fighting with me Well, we'll see about that I'm a very busy guy So am i And i'd like to show you guys of what i do This isn't about secet Secet of the family I'm tied to keep you fom you family If you guys will follow me to my factory? Elves... Stop woking fo a minute I'd like you all to say hello to the in-laws Hello in-laws Hello How ae you doing? Elves... They all look like Canadians The elves This isn't a toy factory this is... This is pobably santa's wokshop This is santa's wokshop He's the guy You'e the guy You'e fathe of chistmas? You'll get used to it If you'e fathe of chistmas that means... I'm fathe of chistmas's fathe-in-law That means i'm... I'm fathe-in-law of chistmas And i'm mothe-in-law of chistmas Hi people, have fun Hee we'e The little fellas behind ae Rino Santa... Talk to he, ok? Oh Cupid! You might wanna conside anothe day I don't mind the dess That was cupid? - Yeah Hello Santa Fathe of time - Fathe of time What next? Hello Santa This is a bless Mothe of natue How can i thank fo this? Don't thank me Look who i've bought hee Hey Jack - Chalie! Hey santa - Sandy Just check about you pesents found that you'e behind Besides the pofessionals Uncle Scott Lucy, what's happening? I found he locked in the closet What's wong? You gotta see what Fost did to my mum and dad It's gonna be ok Out! Yeah and? Offices, i've him Jack, this isn't funny Unfeeze the paents ite now No way, Claus I can't unfeeze them without unfeeze myself and that's something i'll neve do Mothe of natue, help me out hee I'm sory santa My powes don't wok on othe legendary figue Isn't that a shame? What do you say, Lucy? Do you think it'll wok? I wished it is, you? Ok This is what you always do to? Sending a little gal in to save the day What ae you gonna do? Sweet submission? Cute me to death Make me change my way? This is stange I feel so comfort What's happening to me? Waming you heart They didn't know about magical heart I think i like it Mum, dad! Lucy! Oh start, it's time It's about 10 o'clock It's time to delive the package Midnite as usual It's time to delive the package It's time to delive the package! It's on the way! The most magical thing of all Is that i gotta delivejust befoe Santa had to delive Ae you telling stoies again? So cute Make sue you get into the part about santa changes the mean diapes So, who gotta pick out the name? His name afte my gandpa's So, buddy Claus The End

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