Story by Jim Henson

Screenplay by Richard Hunt

Distributed by Tristar Pictures released July 13, 1984

Kermit, Miss Piggy, and their friends are graduating from fictional Danhurst College (scenes there were filmed at Vassar College) and are performing in a variety show called Manhattan Melodies on campus ("Together Again"). Kermit believes that there is "something missing" from the script, but his friends suggest that the group take the show to Broadway. Miss Piggy, in particular, hopes to make enough money to marry Kermit as he has promised. Kermit and the others are so confident in the show that they anticipate becoming instant stars. First they start with New York producer Martin Price who at first seems to be willing to produce the show until he tells them the cost of the show ($300 a piece, which is what he really wants). Just then Martin's secretary Nancy comes in with an elderly woman and two police officerswhere the elderly woman identifies Price as con artist Murray Plotsky. Plotsky tries to use Camilla the Chicken and Gonzo as hostages to get out only to be subdued by Animal and Camilla. The Muppets try other theatrical producers with no success ("You Can't Take No for an Answer").

As the months pass and the group runs out of money, the Muppets are forced to get jobs throughout the United States ("Saying Goodbye"). Kermit stays in New York to work on the script and gets a job at a diner befriending the owner Pete and his daughter Jenny, a waitress and aspiring fashion designer. Also working at the restaurant are Rizzo the Rat who secures employment for the other rats Tatooey, Masterson, Chester, and Yolanda. Earlier that night, Kermit climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and shouts from the top that he and his friends will soon be on Broadway. Unknown to Kermit, Miss Piggy also stays behind. Kermit later gets letters from some of his friends. Scooter gets a job as a house manager at a movie theater inCleveland, Ohio where he finds the Swedish Chef at the concession stand and Lew Zealand as a dedicated viewer of a popular 3-D film. Fozzie is unable to find a job so he joins some other bears in hibernating within the forests of Maine where he has a hard time hibernating. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem have a gig in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania performing in a polka-themed restaurant.

Kermit, Jenny, and Rizzo try to find a way to promote Kermit's play. First Kermit enters the Winesop Theatrical Agency to see producer Leonard Winesop. Pretending to be a fellow producer, he bluffs his way through an impromptu meeting praising the play, but Winesop discards the unread script soon after Kermit leaves the room. Then Kermit tries to get hiscaricature picture on the wall of other famous people who dined at Sardi's Restaurant, ending up replacing a picture of Liza Minnelli. The rats assist Kermit by creating a whispering campaign amongst patrons. However, Minnelli eventually enters and ends up asking Vincent Sardi, Jr. why her portrait was taken down. Rizzo and Yolanda end up giving themselves away by causing havoc as the other rats come out of their hiding place. Vincent discovers Minnelli's portrait near the table where Kermit was sitting. This causes Kermit and the rats to be ejected from the restaurant.

While in Central Park, Jenny comforts Kermit with his loss in the first two attempts. Miss Piggy, jealous of Jenny and Kermit's friendship, secretly spies on them before a thief steals her purse causing her to borrow some skates from a roller skater. When Miss Piggy catches up to the thief, a police officer arrests him just as Kermit and Jenny catch up with her. While Kermit and Miss Piggy argue about Kermit's relationship with Jenny, the roller skater tries to reclaim his skates from Miss Piggy but then allows her to keep them since he never actually uses them. After making amends and taking a ride around Central Park with Kermit ("I'm Gonna Always Love You"), Miss Piggy also takes a job as a waitress at the same diner as Kermit. Kermit reads more letters from his friends while Masterson handles a customer that Miss Piggy was with and starts flirting with her. The letters to Kermit reveal that Gonzo and Camilla are in Michigan trying to make a successful water act. Rowlf is in Delaware working at a dog kennel where the wealthy Mr. Skeffington leaves his beloved dog for the weekend. Another letter that Kermit got was from Bernard Crawford, a Broadway producer who is interested in producing Kermit's play.

Kermit meets with Ronnie Crawford, the actual writer of the letter who is willing to fund Manhattan Melodies in order to prove himself to his father Bernard. Despite Bernard's doubts, he agrees to fund the show. In his excitement over having finally sold the play, Kermit fails to notice a "Don't Walk" sign and is hit by a car while making his way back to the restaurant. When Ronnie comes to the diner to bring up his father's approval to Miss Piggy, Jenny, and Pete, he, Jenny, and Miss Piggy go out to look for Kermit. Pete sends a telegram to the rest of Kermit's friends informing them to get to New York as quickly as they can.

Fozzie ends up bringing the bears with him, Gonzo and Camilla bring along some chickens, Rowlf brings along some dogs, Scooter brings the Swedish Chef and Lew Zealand along, and the Electric Mayhem bring Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, and Beauregard along. Kermit awakens in the hospital with no memory of his name, friends, or past. His doctor tells Kermit to find a new life for himself. As "Phil," he finds a job at Mad Ave Advertising with fellow frogs Bill, Gil, and Jill while Jenny, Ronnie, and Kermit's friends search the city for him ahead of the show's opening at theBiltmore Theater where one of the attempts to find him has Gonzo trying to ask Mayor Edward I. Koch for help.

After Kermit visits the diner with the frogs and plays the Manhattan Melodies theme "Together Again" with a spoon and glasses of water, his friends recognize him. Miss Piggy restores his memory with a punch after Kermit mocks the idea of romance between a pig and a frog. Kermit realizes that what the script needs is more "frogs and dogs and bears and chickens and whatever", and adds the cast members' many friends from around the country to the show assupernumeraries.

With the expanded cast, Ronnie's producing, and Jenny's costumes, Manhattan Melodies is successful ("Right Where I Belong"/"Somebody's Getting Married"/"Waiting for the Wedding"). On Opening Night, Piggy substitutes a real minister for Gonzo in the wedding scene finale where the other Muppet characters, the Muppets from Sesame Street, the Bear in the Big Blue House gang from Bear in the Big Blue House, the It's a Big Big World gang from It's a Big Big World, five Peek and Peak ducks from Peek and Peak, Kevin the Minion from Despicable Me 2 and Uncle Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock, attend. Kermit is surprised, but reluctantly says "I do" and he and Miss Piggy are wed ("He'll Make Me Happy"/"The Ceremony"). Crazy Harry, Pops, the Newsman, Sam Eagle, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster are in the wedding finale waiting for Kermit and Miss Piggy to arrive. And when Kermit and Miss Piggy get finally married, the film ends after the part: "What better way could anything end, hand in hand with a friend".

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