Movie Date: February 10, 2004

Nants ingonyama 

Sithi uhhmm ingonyama 
Bagithi baba 

What's on the menu? 

It could be ceviche 

Stinky-oo, it's Pumbaa 

that song always gets me right here. 
I got to tell you, Timon... 
Yeah, Pumbaa. 

Well, enough of that. 

I'm fast forwarding to the part where we come in. 
Uh, Timon, what are you doing? 
But you can't go out of order. 

Au contraire, my porcine pal. 

I've got the remote. 

But everyone's going to get confused. 

We got to go back to the beginning of the story. 

We're not in the beginning of the story. 
Yes, we were-- the whole time. 

Then why don't we tell them our story? 
Yeah, but they don't know that. 
-Aah! -Aah! 

Why don't we tell them our story? 
Hey, I've got an idea. 

A little backstage tour. 
Oh, I like the sound of that. 
Take them behind the scenes for a revealing and intimate look... 

at the story within the story. 

Because what they don't know is how we really were there... 

even though they didn't know we were there, you know? 

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

So, does this mean we're going back to the beginning? 
So, does this mean we're going back to the beginning? 

Oh, no, Pumbaa, no. 

We're going way back... 

to before the beginning. 

Pride Rock. 

So powerful. 
So majestic. 

So bizarrely named. 

I think it's because a pride is what they call a group of lions. 
Pumbaa, how can a rock be proud? It's a rock. 

Oh, sure, the lions get Pride Rock. 

And what about us meerkats? 

Where I come from, we didn't have nothing to be proud of. 


When he was a young meerkat 
When I was a young meerkat 
Very nice. 


But maybe it would be safer... 

Oh, boy! Do we get to see where you grew up? 
if I just show them where I came from. 
Yeah, Pumbaa, but it ain't pretty. 

Please remain seated while the camera is in motion. 

Here we are. 

We're so low on the food chain, we're underground. 
From Pride Rock to the pit of shame. 

I'll just let my fellow meerkats do the talking. 
But you don't have to take my word for it. 
What was that, what was what? 

What was that, what was that? 

Where, what, where, where, What was that? 

Quick, before the hyena come 


When you're done, you dig a bigger tunnel 
Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

Quick, before the hyena come 

Quick, before the hyena come 

Dig, dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
You could dig and never get done 

Quick before the hyena come, dig 
What was that? 
Dig a tunnel is what we do 

Life's a tunnel, we'll dig it, too 

Dig a tunnel is what we sing 

Mud and clay is a meerkat's friend 
Dig a tunnel is everything 
Always more around every bend 

And when you get to your tunnel's end 

And when you get to your tunnel's end 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
HalleIujah, let's dig again, dig 
When it's done, you dig a bigger tunnel 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

What was that? 

Quick, before the hyena come 


Have you seen my son? Has he been through here? 
Timon! Excuse me. 

Dig, dig a tunnel 
-Uncle Max? -Aah! 

No, I haven't, and what a day it's been. 
Uncle Max, relax. Have you seen Timon? 
No fractures, no lacerations... 

As a matter of fact... 
no concussions, contusions, or injuries of any sort. 
there's no sign of Timon's handiwork anywhere. 

That would be... 


Heh heh heh. 

Ha ha. Nice work, Timon. 
Hey, everybody. 
-Way to go, tunnel klutz. -Who else could break a hole? 

Four in one week-- a new record. 

Not again. 

What? It's called a skylight. 

Ho ho. 

A skylight. Oh. 
Wow. Isn't that creative? 
Ha ha. 

I'll just have a word with him. 

I--I was just trying to shed a little light... 

on our pathetic existence. 

Just this month, you've pulled down four walls... 
Timon, this can't go on. 
and collapsed two tunnel exits. 

We have to look after each other. 

Our survival depends on it. 

What's the point? All we do is dig... 

so we can hide, and hide so we can dig. 

and live with our heads stuck in the sand. 
I want to be where we don't have to dig tunnels... 

I want to show you something. 
What's so bad about dreaming of a better home? 
Look, Timon. 

Go on, look. 

Look out to the horizon-- 

past the trees... 

over the grasslands. 

Everything the light touches... 

belongs to someone else. 

Funny. I thought you were going... 

What can I say? It's nature's design. 
a whole different direction with this. 

a moveable feast... 
She's right. We're food for other animals-- 
feared by no one and eaten by all. 

But when they die, they become the grass... 

and we eat the grass, right? 

Not exactly. We can't digest grass. 

We're grass intolerant. 

OK, Max. Thank you. 

Meerkat-- it's what's for dinner. 
You've been a big help. 
Thank you, Uncle Max. 


I think uncle Max dislodged one too many rocks with his skull. 

Oh, I just know there's a way for you to fit in here. 
But he's right, Timon. 

That's it. 
All right, who's on sentry duty? 

Timon the sentry. 
That's it-- my son on sentry duty. 
Timon the sentry? 

Why don't you save the hyenas the trouble and kill me now? 

Just kill me now. 

He has a point. 

All you have to do is watch for hyenas and yell if you see one. 

Don't close your eyes! Don't look away! 
Look at Iron Joe. 
Somebody's got to guard us! 

Somebody's gotta protect us! 

Well, now I'm convinced. 

up in the breeze, under the wide open sky. 
Listen, it's outside... 
Isn't that what you want? 

Or maybe you would rather have him... 

go back on the digging crew. 


Good, then we all agree. 

Timon, listen to Uncle Max. 

And, honey, try to make this one work. 
He'll teach you everything you need to know. 

Scurry, sniff, flinch! 

Scurry, sniff, flinch! 

Scurry, sniff, flinch! 

Good. Now... 

what do we do if we see a hyena? 

Scream, "Mommy"? 

Scream, "Mommy"? 

because the world out there is fraught with danger. 
That's right, mister... 
Fraught, I tell you! us limb from limb. 
Oh, boy. It's the fraught fest. 
Bravo, Uncle Max. 

Way to sell it to the cheap seats. 

but try clapping when you don't have any hands. 
Applaud now, sonny boy... 

Scurry, sniff, flinch. 

Scurry, sniff, flinch. 
Scurry, sniff, flinch. 


Scurry, sniff, flinch. 
I like the sound of that. 

Scurry, sniff, flinch. 

Scurry, sniff, flinch. 
Scurry, sniff, flinch. 
There's more to life than panic 

I may be delicious organic 
And bein' some other guy's snack, yuck 
But this little entree's fighting back 

I'm gonna put digging tunnels behind me 

I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me 
And live at a new altitude 
That meerkats are not merely food 

For once I'll be 

For once I'll be 

Lookin' out for me 

Yeah, I'll tell you what I want 

He's a bon vivant who's missin' out on bon 
This cat is movin' on 
I'd be a bigger cheese far from the desert scene 

A little cooling breeze, a little patch of green 

And I'll be snoozing in my hammock 

Many miles from any tunnel and the digging team 
By a rippling stream 
Looking after number one will be my only creed 

Looking after number one will be my only creed 

That's all I need 
That's all I need 

That's all I need 

Well, now I'm gonna run to show 
I've always been good at running away 

I've always been seen as the uItimate prey 

But now my status ain't so quo 

A dream sublime 

It's hyena time--oh! 

Oh, look, it's dinner and a show. 

And I thought beans were the only musical food. 

Well, hi to you, too. 


Ow. OK. 

You're supposed to be up there looking out for-- 
This is no time for horseplay, Timon. 


Whoa, look at them scramble. 

And that's just how I like them-- 

-Aah! Ohh! -Uhh! 


And a little bit runny. 

Get in here. 

What are you, a meshugginah? 


Stumpy? Flinchy? Swifty? 

Oh, what a relief. 

Where's Uncle Max? 


Max! Run for your life! 

Play dead! 


Almost there! 

Hey, what's going on? 
Suede is the look for this fall. 
Pumbaa, you're sitting on the remote. 

Huh? Oh, sorry. I thought it was a brownie. 

You've got it, Max! 



I flinched when I should've scurried. 

Ha ha! Oh, man. 

Ooh, the classics never do, honey. 
It just never gets old, does it? 

TIMON: I, uh... 

All right, so I made a teensy mistake. 
I guess I owe everyone an apology. 
Like we all haven't broken into song on sentry duty before. 

Ha ha ha. Come on. 

Let me have a show of hands. 


Maybe it's a little too soon... 

but l'm sure we're all going to laugh about this someday. 

Trust me. 

I did trust you. 



Aw, sweetie... 

I'm never going to fit in here. 

Sure they do, honey. Sure they do. 
Nobody even likes me. 
Besides you, Ma. 

Uh, besides me? Um, there's-- 

I have to find my place, but it isn't here. 

Yes, it is. We just haven't found it yet. 

But we will. 

Oh, here's an idea. You can-- 

Oh, I may not know exactly where or how far, but I got to go. 
Stop with the hair already. My place is out there, Mom. 

No, wait, wait, wait. I know. If we just-- 


Well, I hope you find what you're looking for, honey. 

Ooh. Ooh, I love you. Mmm! 

I love you, Ma. 

My Timmy. 
Oh, Timmy. 

Mmm. Mmm! 

-Ooh... -Choking. Not breathing. 


And people wonder why I have issues. 
Mmm, mmm, mmm! 
Oh, I'll be OK. 

Oh, I know you will. You will. 

Be careful! 

I will. 

Don't talk to strangers! 

I know, Ma! 

Ma, I'm not a kid anymore! 
Remember, wash behind your ears! 
Never go swimming without a buddy! 

Got it. 




Good-bye, Ma. 

And so, with high spirits... 

where no meerkat had dared to go before. 
I boldly ventured off... 
I put my past behind me-- ha! 

And never looked back. 

Mommy! Mommy! 

Aah! Ha ha! 
Aah! Ha ha! 

What am I doing? 

That depends on what you think. 
Which way should I go? 
How convenient. 

Enter omniscient monkey, right on cue. 

Well, you know what they say. 

That's it. No more fortune cookies for you. 
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 
Hey, where'd you come from? 

Oh, someplace wonderful, mister, where... 
Oh, the better question is, where are you going? 

You didn't happen to catch the song... 
Oh, someplace wonderful, mister, where... 
I sang a few minutes ago, did you? 

I didn't have the pleasure. 

a carefree place where I don't have to hide or worry. 
To recap, I want to live in some beautiful place outside... 

Life without worry. 
Whoo! Hoo hoo hoo! 

Harpoon a tomato? 
You seek hakuna matata. 

it means "No worries." 

and drawing me a map, bub? 
Perfect. Mind taking that stick of yours... 
Ow! Hey! 

To find it, you must look beyond what you see. 

What the heck is that supposed to mean? 

It means look beyond what you see. 

Ha. Get a load of the monkey getting all existential on me. 
Beyond what I see. 
Beyond what I see. 


Beyond what I see. 

Beyond what I see. 

It's kind of hard to think with all this music. 

what I see. 

Oh, wait a second. 

It's coming to me. 

It's either that slug I ate or I'm having an epiphany. 

I'm going to the big pointy rock! 

Ah, well. 
Who was that strange monkey? 
Dream home, here I come. 


Strange but wise monkey? 



-Aah! -Aah! 

-Aah! -Aah! 
-Aah! -Aah! 

-Aah! -Aah! 

You know, first impressions are very important. 

-Aah! -Aah! 
Oh, I thought you were a scream. 

I got a low threshold for pain. 
Just eat me now... and please make it fast. 

What? You're not? 
Easy, easy there, little guy. I'm not going to eat you. 

Then why were you stalking me? 

and I figured a little fellow like you 
Well, gee, I saw you go by... 
shouIdn't be out here all alone. 

Hey, what about you? You're all alone. 

You are all alone, aren't you? 

They do? Even the hungry ones? 
Yeah. Most animals give me a pretty wide berth. 

People see me coming, and they run for cover. 
Yeah. I drive almost everyone away. 
They can't get out of the way fast enough. 

You don't say, you don't say. 

Strikes fear into their hearts. 
Must be the gleam on those vicious tusks, huh? 

Actually, they say I wreck their appetite. 

Special power? 
Wow. It's like you have this--this special power. 
Well, it's pretty powerful, all right. 

Perfect. You're hired. 

Great! For what? 

out by that big pointy rock. 
To get me to a little worry-free haven... 

Ha ha! Do you see any other big lovable... 
And you want me to come with you? 
chunk of warthog here... 

who also happens to have razor-sharp tusks... 

I'm your pig. 
and the ability to repel predators? 

You mean, like friends? 
You and me, I can tell-- we see eye to eye. 

I'd say more like... acquaintances. 
Whoa, easy there, big fella. 

Put 'er there, acquaintance. 
Well, it's a start. 

No, really. 
-I'm Timon. -Pumbaa. 

Let's hit the road. 
All right, then. 

You got it... 

So, clear up one thing for me. 

what kind of a wacky, wild pig are you? 
If you weren't going to eat me... 
I'm an insectivore. 

Oh ho! A bug eater. 

Well, me, too. 

I just never had a name for it. 

I'm kind of partial to the crawly critters myself. 

Pumbaa, this could be the start of a beautiful... 
-How about you, big boy? -I prefer the ones with wings. 


Nants ingonyama 

OK, so now we're back at the beginning. 

Right, Timon? 

Oh, you got that right, pally. 


I had the sun on my shoulders, the wind at my heels... 
At last, things were looking up. 

-Aah! -Aah! 
A song in my heart. 

And to protect me, a great big fat guy. 

You really think I look fat? 

Uhh. Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa. 

You're a pig. It's a compliment. 

Oh, thank you. 

It's the circle of life 

And it moves us all 


There it is-- the big pointy rock. 

Oh, baby, we're almost there. 

I think we're a little late. 

That loudmouth monkey. 
It's a land rush. 
He must've blabbed it to the whole world. 

What exactly did he say? 

Look beyond what you see. 

So maybe you're supposed to look beyond the big pointy rock. 

Maybe I'm supposed to look beyond the big pointy rock. 

-Hmm? -Well... 

Beyond what I see. 
let's have a little look, shall we? 

Beyond what I see. 
Beyond what I see. 
Oh ho! 

The monkey's got an eagle eye for real estate! 
What do you know? 

Timon, look! 

What's that he's holding up? 
He-he-hey! It's the monkey! 

Come on! My dream home awaits. 
Aw, who cares? It's not important. 

Maybe we better go around. 
Uh...I don't do so well in crowds. 

between me and my dream home... 
Don't you know the shortest distance... 
is a straight line? Follow me! 

-Ow. -Goodness. 
-Oh! -Excuse me. 

Watch it, twiggy. 
Make room, make room! 

I'm walkin' here! 

Ahem. Timon! 

Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa. 
There's something I gotta tell you. 

We'll have plenty of time to chat once we settle in. 

I could really use a rest stop. 

Don't worry. You'll get your second wind. 

It'll pass! 
Ohh! I got a really bad feeling! 

Trust me. It'll pass. 

Oh, look, the rhinos are bowing. 

Ooh, we'd better bow, too. 

Look, sire, how they kneel before the royal son. 

So, I guess that's your special power, huh? 

Uh, you mean, you don't mind? 
What a weapon! 
Ha ha! Are you kidding? 

Well, I don't like to toot my own horn. 
It was a gas! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Yeah, that's probably for the best. 

Lead the way! 
Let's go, Pumbaa! 

This is it, buddy boy. 

Home, sweet home. 

Don't you get, you know, lonely out here? 
And I don't gotta share it with anybody. Ha ha! 

The elbow-to-elbow life reminds me... 
Lonely? Try commitment-free. 

a little too much of home. 

cool refreshments, cozy little hammock... 
This place has everything-- 
a lovely water feature, and it's all mine. 


so, I guess I'll just be going. 
Well, it's really coming together, Timon, so, uh... 

There's no law that says you have to go. 
Wait a minute, now. Wa-wa-wait. 
I mean, if you want-- 

Great! I already made up two beds! 

One for you, and one for me. 


Gee, all this construction work has me bushed. 

Think I'll turn in early. 




Good night! 

Sleep tight. 

Dream of bedbugs tonight. 


Home, sweet home indeed. 


We have neighbors? We should go say hello. 
Hey, keep it down up there! 

There go the property values. 
Noisy neighbors. 
Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing 


It's gonna be King Simba's finest fling 

Oh, I just can't wait to be king 

Oh, perfect. We moved to the theater district. 

Get a load of these guys. 

Knock it off! 

Just can't wait 

To be king 
Timon, look out! 

I'm OK. 

Show people. 
Oy. Phew. 

Chin up, Pumbaa. 

Chin up, Pumbaa. 
Our dream home's around here somewhere. 

You know, Timon, I once came across a place... 

that might be just what you're looking for. 

Spectacular waterfalls... 

a scrumptious array of-- 
set in a lush tropicaI oasis... 

I'm a realist, and I'm not gonna go chasing after some fantasy. 
Hey, hey. Forget it, Pumbaa. 
I'm going beyond what I see. 

But if you always go beyond what you see... 

how do you know when you're there? 

Oh, I'll tell you how I know. 

We're there! 

This is a lovely spot. 

Lovely, rustic, picturesque. 

Home, sweet ho-- 
Home, sweet home, Pumbaa. Mm-hmm. 

Whoop! Ah ha ha ha! 

but it's got good bones. 
I--I mean, sure, it needs a little work... 
Ha ha ha! After all, this is an elephant graveyard... 

and who would ever come to an elephant graveyard? 


Sire, the hyenas are after the children! 

I see carnivores. 

Beyond what you see. 

Beyond what you see. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Beyond what you see! 

to bring up that little place I told you about? 
Uh, Timon? Would this be a bad time... 

Hey! This is home, sweet home, baby! 
Ow! Ha ha! 

Steam is--is--is water. Whoo! Gotta have water. 
Steam! Ha ha! Steam is good. 
You know, for the dream home. 

Steam home, dream home. 

Steam, steam, steam. 

I am perfectly happy right here! 

no unexpected visitors. 
It's remote, private... 

Somethin' tells me this ain't... 

the traveling company of "Riverdance." 

Beyond what you-- 
Beyond what you see. 

Hey, how am I supposed... 

to look beyond what I see beyond that? 

Oh, sorry. 

What this place lacks in water and shade... 

Home, sweet home, Pumbaa. 
it makes up for with searing heat and blinding sunshine. 

Shall we run for our lives? 

Oh, yes, let's. 

-Aah! -Aah! 

Hang on, Timon! 

Good-bye, cruel world! 
This is it! 


That's it? 

You can't knock old Timon down that easy! 
That wasn't so bad. 

Yeah! Bring it on! 

Uh, Pumbaa? 


is it possible to fall off the edge of the earth? 

The earth is round like a sphere, Timon... 
Uh, technically, no. 

so it doesn't actually have an edge. 

You mind if I pause it for a second? 
-Aaaaaah! -Aaaaaah! 

Be right back. 
Sure, go ahead. 


It's a small world after all 

It's a small world after all 

It's a small, small world 


Da da da da da da da 
It's a small world after all 

OK, I got the jumbo so we could share. 

Were you just picking your nose? 
Were you just picking your nose? 

No, I had an itch on the inside. 

-Aaaaaah! -Aaaaaah! 



Uhh. I give up. 
Timon, you OK? 
Uh, but you can't give up. 

We still haven't found our dream home. 

Forget it, Pumbaa. 

I've been dragging you down long enough. 

Oh, I--I would if I could, but I can't. 
I'm going home, and I suggest you do the same. 

No, I mean... 
Oh, sure you can, buddy. I won't stop you. 
I don't have a home. 

You don't? What happened? Are you lost? 

No place good enough for you? 

What, you're all alone in this big empty world? 


The truth is... 

I'm all alone, too. 

Y-you mean... 
Pumbaa, you're the only friend I've ever had. 
Yeah, Pumbaa...and friends stick together to the end. 

I'm fine. 
Timon, are you crying? 

Here, blow. 
I--I just have something in my eye. 


Here, Pumbaa. 

OK, I'm better. 
Gee, thanks. 

Uhh! Ooh! 

Aw, well. 

Why'd we ever listen to that stupid monkey? 
It's too bad we never found that perfect place. 

I think maybe you're giving up too soon, Timon. 

Beyond what you see. 

Forget about your place. 
Remember that place I told you about? 

Get a load of what I found. 

Pumbaa, this is our dream home. 
Talk about beyond what you see. 
Dramatic views. 

Hot tub and spa. 
Your very own porch swing. 

Hot tub and spa. 

Well stocked cupboard. 

Let's celebrate! 

The monkey was right. 

We found it-- the perfect life. 

He had the perfect name for it, too. 
I'll just whip up a little something. 
Come and get it. 

Laduda Ladada. 
Such a wonderful phrase. It had this rhythm. 
Try this-- hot tuna frittata. 

Hmm. No, that's not it. 

Quiet, Pumbaa. I'm trying to think. 
The spinach armada. 
A spoon of ricotta. 

Two words. 

A wormy piccata. 

Six syllables. 

Kahuna colada. 

A blue enchilada. 
Twelve letters. 

-Legumes on a platter. -Think. 
Rhymes with-- 

This ought to be hotter. 

-I forget. -I got to lambada! 

-I forget. -I got to lambada! 

I'm dying here. 
Hey, how can you dance at a time like this? 
Ooh, sorry about that, pal. 

Hakuna matata. 

Hakuna matata-- it means "No worries." 
Wahh-ahh-ahh... come again? 

Hey, Timon, I got an idea. 

Let's do a sing-along. 

I Iove karaoke. I'm there. 
Oh, you tease. 

Wait a second. 

Pumbaa, where's the grub? 

Oh, you just can't help yourself, can you? 

OK, but this time, show a little self-control. 

Ha ha! 

Hahuna ma-what-a? 

It means "No worries." 
Oh ho ho ho ho! 

So, I told the boy to find hakuna matata... 
I see. 
you must look beyond what you see. 

Oh, a metaphor. 

Well, actually, it's not a meta--aah! 

You used a metaphor on Timon? 

That's it. He's starving out there. 
He takes things literally. 

Max, Timon's out there chasing metaphors. 
I just know it. 
I've got to go find him. 

Are you nuts? 

Nice to have a supportive family, isn't it? 

Well, here I go. 

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles... 

begins with the first step. 

Thanks. Here's my first step. 


wasn't the best idea, huh? 
This bowling for porcupines... 

with bobbing for snapping turtles. 
Yeah. Got to be right up there... 

Oh, that's going to leave a little mark. 
Aah ha ha! 

Hey, look, Timon, buzzards. 

Oh, sure. There must be some part of me... 
What do you say, one more round? 
we haven't injured yet. 

Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please, oh, please? 
Oh, please? 

Nah, Pumbaa, I'm beat. 

You go ahead. I'm calling it a day. 

But it's no fun alone. 

Aw, why not? 

-Yaah! -Yaah! 
One more run won't change our lives. 

to little Simba that day. 
Who knows why fate led us... 
Maybe it was just my love of adventure... 

Maybe it was just my love of adventure... 

or my innate courage... 

my valiant and fearless way of-- 

OK, who's in charge of the freeze frames? 


Then came the really scary part-- 
rescuing Simba was a cinch. 


In the jungIe, the mighty jungle 

The lion sleeps tonight 

In the jungle, the mighty jungle... 
In the jungle, the mighty jungle... 
Timon. Timon. 


-I got to go. -Go? 
Oh. Ohh. 

Go where? 

You know, go--bad. 

When you got to go, you got to go. 
Oh, go. Why didn't you say so? Come on, let's go. 
Young lion, get down from there. 

Whoo-hoo! All right! 

I'm counting to three. 
Man, you guys look like ants down there. 


One, two-- 


In the jungle, the mighty jungle 


No. I'm thirsty. 
Oh! Again? 

about two hours from now. 
You know this means you'll be up again... 

Jungle boogie 

Jungle boogie, get it on 

Hang on, Simba! I'll save you! 


The mighty jungle... 

We're going to get old walking across this thing. 

- Jungle boogie -Whoa! 

In the jungle, the might-- 

What have you got against the concept... 
-Timon? -Aah! 

of a good night's sleep, huh? 

I had a bad dream. 
Actually, I, uh... 
Oh, well... 

Uhh! It wasn't me. 

Junior had a bad dream. 


Mi Pumbaa, su Pumbaa. 
Why don't you sleep over here with us? 

All right! 

Good night. 
The lion sIeeps tonight 
Sleep tight. 

Dream of bedbugs tonight. 


My little darling 

Hey-a, oh, my little darling 
Don't fear, my little darling 
Oh, don't fear, my little darling 

Don't fear, my little darling 

Hey-a, oh, my little darling 

Whoa. Watch where you aim that morning breath. 

Whoo, what a wake-up call. 
That should come with a warning label. 
Heh heh heh. Looks like someone woke up... 

on the wrong side of the warthog. 

What's the matter, pops? 

Had a little too much hakuna matata? 

Oh, yeah? Well, I perfected it. 
Ooh. Sonny boy, I invented hakuna matata. 
Sure you did, sure you did. 

Uh, that would be Simba. 
Pumbaa, who holds the record for the world's longest bug belch? 
All righty, then. 

Simba again. 
Who's the champion at slug swallowing? 
-Cricket crunching? -Simba. 

-Grub gulping? -Simba. 

-Maggot munching? -Still Simba. 

Snail slurping? 

We never had a snail eating contest before. 
Oh, uh, nobody. 

I don't think this is such a good idea. 


I told you this wasn't such a good idea. 

Thus did the pupil surpass the teacher. 

You've been hanging around... 

with the monkey again, haven't you? 


Our Simba is growing up. 
Our Simba is growing up. 

When did he grow to be so tall? 
Is this the littIe boy I carried? 
Wasn't it yesterday 

Sunrise, sunset 
When he was small? 
Sunrise, sunset 

SwiftIy fly the years 
SwiftIy fly the years 
One season following another 

Laden with happiness 

And tears 

Ew. You don't say. 
So, you see, that's why they call it a dung beetle. 

And yet still so tasty. 

Oh, yeah, and they're my favorite, too. 

Ah. Ahh. 
Just what the doctor ordered. 

Yep. After a long day of doing nothing... 

Three pals and no worries. 
it's good to kick back. 
What more could you want? 


I'm bushed. 

Think I'll turn in for the night. 

I'm out. 

Right behind you. 

You're killing me. 
-Oh! -Ah ha ha! 

Ha ha! 

Good night. 
Timon, it's your turn to say good night. 
Sleep tight. 

Dream of bedbugs tonight. 

Ahh. You got to admit... 

We couId've gone on like that forever. 
we had a pretty good thing going there. 
Except for one teeny weeny little thing... 

we forgot to count on. 

-Waah! -Waah! 

This is a disaster, Pumbaa-- a disaster, I tell you. 
-How did you-- -How did you-- 

This is a disaster, Pumbaa-- a disaster, I tell you. 

like two soul mates joined across the years... 
You mean because they've finally found each other... 
by the bonds of true love? 

She's going to put a stake right through the heart... 
Sweet, innocent little Pumbaa. 
of our hakuna matata. 

Oh, then I guess we ought to do something. 

Pumbaa, we can't let them feel the love tonight. 
And I know just what it is. 


Can you feel the love tonight? 

Can you feel the love tonight? 

That's so romantic. 

Can you feel the love tonight? 


Whoa! Oh! 

-Waah! -Waah! 

-Aah! -Aah! 

The peace the evening brings? 
Can you feel the love tonight? 

Well, that worked like a dream. 
-Aah! Oof! -Aah! Oof! 

It did? 

Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it? 


Can you feel the love tonight? 

She's making those eyes. 

He's smiling that smile. 
She's making those eyes. 
They're laughing... 

and hugging... 

And if he falls in love tonight 

His carefree days 
It can be assumed 
With us are history 

In short, our pal is doomed 

Ah, that's it, buddy. 

We gave it our best shot, but he's a goner. 

You never give up, do you? 
Maybe not. 

-I would if you'd just tell me. -Forget it. 
You don't even know what I've been through. 

Pumbaa, do you know what this means? 

and she has commitment issues? 
Uh, he can't express his feelings... 
We won. Ya ha ha! 

We split them up. 

And, uh, that's a good thing? 

Yeah, I know. Look, I... 
Uh, he seems to be taking it kind of hard. 

I mean for him. Ooh, let's go, Pumbaa. 
But it's the best thing for us. 

I think this storm's coming to a head. 

because nothing's going to take our boy away now. 
Hakuna matata is safe at last, pal... 
He's gone? What do you mean, he's gone? 

He's gone? What do you mean, he's gone? 

It's just like the baboon said. 

The king has returned. 

Ohh. You want me to go over it again? 

Yes, please, but be a dear... 

not that your childhood wasn't fascinating. 
and just skip to the part about Simba-- 
OK, look, Simba's the rightful king... 

Scar proclaimed himself the king... 
but after he disappeared... 

and formed an alliance with the hyenas. 

the treachery, the villainy... 
Poor Simba-- 

the sheer indescribabIe horror. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Oh, this crazy chick is going to eat us. 
Why is she toying with us? 
Simba has to go home to challenge his uncle... 

and reclaim his rightful place as king. 

Ooh, don't you get it? 

He needs us? 
Simba needs us--now! 

Then he shouldn't have left us! 

If he wants to run off to be "His Highness"... 

on the way out. 
well, I say don't let the branches hit you... 

But, Timon, it's not really hakuna matata without Simba. 
Leave hakuna matata to someone who appreciates it. 
What's gotten into you? Not hakuna matata? 

That's crazy talk-- crazy talk, I tell you. 

Nothing's changed here. 

and we've still got it now. 
We had hakuna matata before Simba... 
We got to go help our friend, Timon. 

Et tu, Pumbaa? 

You're just going to walk away, give up on all this? 

What happened to "friends stick together to the end"? 

Huh, huh, huh? 

I was about to ask you the same thing. 

I got everything I ever wanted right here. 

Now, this is more like it-- 

Elbow room. 

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. 

Hakuna matata 

Hakuna matata 
What a wonderfuI phrase 

Ain't no passing craze 

It means... 

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! 
No worries. 
Ha ha! 

You. No, no. Don't say a word. 

I know what you're going to say. 

Well, yes, I did. 
Did you find hakuna matata? 

And I am happy. 
Thank you very much. 
Happy, happy, deliriously happy. 

Ho ha ha! I see. 

Happy, is it? 

So, if you're so happy, why do you look so miserable? 

MiserabIe, you say? 

Why should I be miserable? 

in the world deserted me. 
Oh, I don't know. Maybe my two best pals... 

My friends are gone. 
Heh. They've--they've headed off on some heroic mission. 

And my hakuna matata went with them. 

Would you mind? 


Thanks. I'm glad we had this talk. 

My work here is done. 

Friends stick together to the end. 

What was with the running? If you can call that running. 

I was giving you time to catch up. 

Aw, you big lug. 

We got a fight to catch. 
Hop on, buddy. 
We got a fight to catch. 

This is the stuff of legends--an epic struggle... 
Let's whip some grass. 

Pumbaa, this couId be our finest hour. 
the place where heroes are born. 

If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat 
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he-- 

Heh heh. Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? 

-Aah! -Aah! 
Oh, sure. 

-Aah! -Aah! 

What the-- 

-Aah! -Aah! 
-Aah! -Aah! 

Hey, hey, hey, move your tush, honey. 
I love the smell of Pumbaa in the morning. 
Ma? Uncle Max? 

-Oh, Timmy! -Timon? 

What are you doing here? 

Looking for you. Aw. Mommy's here. 

Pumbaa, Ma, Uncle Max. 
Well, let me introduce you to my best friend. 

Ma, Uncle Max, Pumbaa. 

Oh, good, they're talking things out... 
Look, there's Simba, and that must be his uncle Scar. 
which is how it should be. 

You know, I have a feeling... 

everything's going to be just fine. 


the hyenas are up there protecting Scar. 
On the other hand... 

Well, I've got a plan. 
What do we do? 

How can we help? 

We're going to need... 
Ma, Uncle Max, you're going to dig a trap. 
dare I say it? 

Tunnels--lots and lots of tunnels. 

And, Pumbaa, you and me... 

we've got to get those hyenas away from Simba. 

Ooh, ooh! And lure them into the trap? 

Come on, Pumbaa, let's ride. 
Ho ho! Nothing gets past you. 

You think? He's wearing a dress! 
Something's different about Timon. 

Hey, Pumbaa. 

Ha ha ha! Beats me, Timon. What? 
What do you call a hyena with half a brain? 

Ha ha--ooh! 

For your last meal, you're going to eat those words. 
They're talking about us. 

-Yaah! -Yaah! 

Ma, I think we got their attention. 
-Uhh! -Ooh! 

Not yet. Keep stalling. 

You got to be kidding me. 

Need more time, honey. 
Now, Ma? 

Uh, freestyle. 

Ooh, encore, encore. 

No, you right. Let's just eat them. 
No, no, no. You mean entree, entree. 

Not yet. Keep stalling. 
Is it ready yet, Ma? 

Uh, Timon? What are you doing? 
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on a second. 
Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena... 

would you do me the honor of becoming my bride? 

Shenzi Marie, please. I know what you're thinking. 
I don't think so. 
We're too different. It'll never work. 

What will the children look like? 

Listen to me. The problems of a couple of wacky kids... 
Ooh, that violates so many laws of nature. 
like us don't amount to a hill of termites... 

And so I ask you-- if not now, when? 
in this nutty circle of Iife thing. 
If not me, who? 

I'm lonely. 

Can I be your best man? 

I say we skip the wedding and go straight to the buffet. 


Sure, if you're ready. 

Now, Max, now! 

-Huh? -Huh? 
Hyenas in the hole! 

Hey, it works for me. 
I need help. It didn't work. 

What are we going to do? 


Timon, no! 

Let's get 'em. 

We did it! We did it! 
I'd say Scar is down and out. 

He's hurt! Oh, no! Oh, no! He's dead! Or worse! 
Where's Timon? Where's my baby? 

It's OK, Ma. 
We got to find him. We've got to find him. 

Don't you tell me it's OK! 
Oh, please. It is not OK! 


My son... 
-Mmm-mm! -Ooh! 
the hero. 

You missed a spot. 

That's so beautiful. 

Choking. Not breathing. 

I couldn't have done it without you guys. 

Ohh, I promised myself I wasn't going to cry. 
That's our boy. 

Did you find what you were looking for? 
You've really come a long way, Timon. 

but it still wasn't home. 
I found a place that was beyond my wildest dreams... 
Let's go home, Ma. 


Welcome to our new home-- 

I got to hand it to you, Timon. This place has everything. 
a predator-free environment. 
Well, now that we're all here, it does. 

spreads its wings, turns with dainty hands. 
Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
We're never gonna dig another tunnel 

Never gonna hyena come 

Never gonna hyena come 

Sing the praises of great Timon 

Never dreamed he'd heIp Simba shine 
The greatest meerkat we've ever known 

Accidentally saved the day 
Proved it's cool to hang out with swine 
Planned it so it wouId look that way 

Brought us out of the dirt and sand 

Brought his famiIy to the promised land 

Sing the praises of great Timon 

Greatest meerkat we've ever known 

the big wrap-up, the happy ending... 
Well, that's it-- 

It's over already? 
the grand finale. 
Well, Pumbaa, that's the thing about endings. 

Ooh, can we watch it again? 
They come at the end. 

Pumbaa, we just saw it. Maybe tomorrow. 

Hey, what are you guys doing? 
Pumbaa, we just saw it. Maybe tomorrow. 

I want to watch, too. 
You didn't tell me you were watching the movie. 
Ma, we just finished. Show's over. 

Well, you're just going to have to rewind it. 


Oh, no! 
Uncle Max, we're going to watch the movie. 

Hey, I brought extra butter. 

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! 
Hey, you guys are watching the movie? 

Any story worth telling is worth telling twice. 

-What the-- -Oh, excuse me. 
-What the-- -Oh, excuse me. 

-Excuse me. -Excuse me. 

-Excuse me. -Excuse me. 

Who is this crowd? 
-Excuse me. -Get out of the way. 

Hey, down in front! 


Watch it! 

OK, buddy, you win. 
Sure you don't mind? 

Hakuna matata. 

-Shh. -Sorry. 

I still don't do so well in crowds. 

Quick before the hyena come 

All we do is dig... 

so we can hide and hide so we can dig. 

All we do is dig... 

so we can hide and hide so we can dig. 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
Keep a-digging, never get done 

Quick, before the hyena come 

Keep a-digging, never get done 
Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 

Quick, before the hyena come 

Hakuna matata. 

All we do is dig... 

so we can hide and hide so we can dig. 


Hakuna matata. 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
Quick, before the hyena, hyena, hyena come 

Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel 
Keep a-digging, never get done 
Quick, before the hyena come 

Quick, before the hyena come 

Can you dig it? 

I can dig it 


Oh, yeah 

Oh whoa whoa whoa 

Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 
Sure is memories living in the grass 

What a trip just watching as the world goes past 
Baby, can't you dig it? 
Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 

Baby, can't you dig it? 

There are so many groovy things to see 

While grazing in the grass 

Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 

Flowers with colors 
Baby, can't you dig it? 
Making everything out of sight in the grass 

Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 

Here we go 

Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 
The sun beaming down between the leaves 
Baby, can't you dig it? 

And the birds 

Grazing in the grass, it's a gas 
Darting in and out of the trees 
Yeah, yeah 

And everything here is so clear 

You can see it 

And everything here is so near 

And it's real 
You can feel it 
So real, so real 

So real, so real, so real 

Can you dig it? 

We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 
I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 

Oh, let's dig it 

I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 
Can you dig it, baby? 
We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 

Oh, let's dig it 

We, let's dig it 
Can you dig it, baby? 

We can dig it, baby, everybody, let's dig it 
I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 

The sun beaming down between the leaves 
Can you dig it, baby? 

And the birds 

Darting in and out of the trees 

You can see it 
Everything here is so clear 

You can feel it 
And everything here is so near 
And it's real 

So real, so real 

So real, so real, so real 

Can you dig it? 

Oh, yeah 

I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 

We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 

Oh, let's dig it 

I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 
Can you dig it, baby? 

Oh, let's dig it 
We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 

Can you dig it, baby? 

We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 
I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 
Oh, let's dig it 

I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 

We can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it 

Oh, Iet's dig it 

Everything here is so cIear 

You can feeI it 

I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it 

We can dig it, baby, everybody dig it 

It's Timon-a-rama time! 

I've never been the type 

To form a hole and hide 
You'll have a perfect home 

Above the meerkat role 
When old hyenas come 

Where it's a shooting scene 

In some organic hole 

And all that circle rot 
Then you won't have to fear 

Is just a cunning plot 

For comin' to the crunch 

I ain't nobody's lunch 

Get on the roundabout 

I ain't asking for a lot 
This isn't a diversion, it's a monkeyshine 
But what is mine is mine 

You never want to argue with a chorus line 

That's all I need 

That is all he needs 

Whoa, whoa, I'm begging pIease 

That is all 
Whoa, begging pIease 


That is all I need

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