Movie Date: February 7, 2014

Here he comes.
Cover your butts.
-Do watch it?
-Master Business. Hid Krag're good, man. Robots, destroy it. Yes, Master Business. Your robot we are not an obstacle. I can see everything. My eyes! Krag, the most powerful super-weapon is mine. I have a Krag! Unbeatable am now. Do you hear me? I can hear. Nothing can stop me. Wait... There is a prophecy. -There is a prophecy? A piece of resistance. Yes. There is probably a piece that can somehow disable Krag. Come on. There will be talented, from a special yellow face will find the piece de resistance And will subdue all the army master construction. Rescue will our kingdom. I will be the most important person of all time. It's true. Because it rhymes. It was a great legend. But you made it up. Particular? What a bunch of fools. Good morning, my apartment. Good morning. Nice to meet you. I am ready to start the day. Here it is. Instructions on how to fit the and all love and to be happy. Step 1: Breathe. I got it. Step 2: Start day with a smile and say: "Good morning, city!" Step 3: Exercise. Warming. One. Two. Three. I am so pumped. Step 4: Showering. Make sure your soap does not... Shave it. Brush your teeth. Comb it. Dressed. I almost forgot. No, no. It does not. And that's it. Step 9: Eat a full breakfast with special people's lives. Hi, plant. What do you want to do today? Watch TV? Me too. I Hi, I'm president of The Business. President of Octane and the world. I follow the instructions, or you will be sleeping. I I remember Taco Tuesdays next week. Every good citizen gets a free taco. I Have a nice day. -Also, President Business. He is a great guy. I've always wanted to hear... Did he say sleep? I Tonight on "Where are my pants?" Honey, where are my pants? What was I thinking? It does not matter. I Step 11: Say hello to the neighbors. Hi, Joe. Hi, buddy. -Hey. Hey, bro. Morning, Sherry. Bye. Hi, Jasmine, Dexter, Angie, Lou, bad Leroy, Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Senior Fluffy, Jeff. I Step 12: Obey all traffic signs and rules. I Step 13: Enjoy popular music. I song "Everything was great ". Oh my God, I love this song. I always use a turn signal. Park within the lines. I Bring the machine to the floor. Read the newspaper. Laugh. I support the local sports team. -Forward, sports team I always return a compliment. looks good. -You. I-Drink Coffee overrated. $ 37. -Great! I Have you watched "Where are my pants" last night We have instructions from the government. All wear helmets and go crazy to. Keep everything as instructed. I need two pounds here. No problem, Michael. Not to slow. Come on! Can I get help here? Thank you, Gail. -Guys, watch this. I got you in the eye My God, that's great! I could sing for hours! I 5 hours after When you're part of the team! I go to a sports bar after work. Who wants chicken wings until you go crazy? Chicken wings? I love them. Who wants a croissant with me? Croissants ? I love them. -Of course, you like sausages? Not. You know what I love? Dish to share with special people. Brad, Barry, Gail, Daniel. -Wait a minute, guys. See you there. Where did it go? There you are. I heard something. Search residues. I Found I hate to say this, but I do not think that you should be here. The rules are clear. Almost six and we all have a helmet. This is not the official protection. If you see something strange, immediately reported. I guess I have to report... Where are you going? I did not mean to scare you. It's not so bad. What is this? What should I do? I have no instructions. Means to touch. touch me. I touch me. special... yellow face... Good morning, Stan. -Wake up! How did you find the piece de resistance? Part-what? Piece de resistance. I do not know... Where am I? What is going on? What's going on? You make a stupid, master building? I do not. 've Never heard of the prophecy? -I. Neither the special? Liar! I watch a lot of programs on cops on TV. Should not you be... Do not you think you should be a good cop? Yeah, but we're not done yet. Hi, my friend, I'm your friend, policeman. Do you want some water? Yes. Too bad. Surveillance cameras captured this. Found are in agony with this strange piece. This is bad. -Why is it embedded in the back? Move it! What did you do? Not my fault. I have no idea why this is on my back. Of course, I believe you. Excellent. I believe you. See how to shake hands? This means that you believe. Why does it have to back three days before President Business use Krag to destroy the world? President of Business will destroy the world? But he's so good and Octane doing the right thing. Music, dairy products, coffee, emissions, security system, historical books, appliances vote. Wait a minute. Come on, you can not be that stupid. This is a misunderstanding. I am a normal guy. I'm late to meet friends. Probably looking for me and take care. Where is Emmet? Where is my best friend, Emmet? Ask them, they'll tell you. No, but I did. Bum! I-This guy is not a criminal. See? I-Average is. I normal guy. Thanks. But I do not normal like us. I was not so special. I'm confused. Who are we talking about? I worked there with us - Gail do not remember me? This is Randy. He loves sausages, that's something. I Gail's energetic, it's something. Harry... I -When you say Harry, I like this... When I talk about another type of , I like this... know it, but I do not know much about him. We talked a little while ago. I All he does is talk "to" whatever anyone does. I He's a little... I plain and boring . I all have something that makes us his type, but he's... I none. There. I told you I'm no one. This is a great mask. Mask? For what? I can. Take it to the Dryer torture. No! 'll Melt me? I will die? Live. You'll be fine. President Business. I could not wait. Yes, we told him that he would live, would not try to escape. But we lied to him. What did he say? -It's okay. There is a misunderstanding. Do you have the wrong OS... This will start to hurt. No, no! Who are you? Is that you? -Come with me If you do not want to die. Hi all. How to melt... Hey! An emergency! I need everything, I repeat everything! Tunnel is this way. O God. -Are excellent. Building the engine and get out. I have not heard the name. Not what you plan or work here. Delicious, you were worthless scoundrel. But believe me, well. Yes? So hop. Come on! Hold on, sir. All units, cut them off. Or whatever you can. Watch! -Hold on. We need to Vitruvius, he say that the piece found. The rails are. Submit helicopters. Can you tell me what is happening? I'm asking you. You are experienced prophecy. You are special. I? You've found the piece de resistance, a prophecy says that you are the most important, the most talented, the most interesting and the most extraordinary person in the universe. It's you, is not it? Yes, that's me. Excellent. You drive. Excuse me? I want to go home! This is not planned! No! Watch out! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This is incredible. It was unbelievable. You're better than what the prophecy says. Really? -I Wyldstyle. How is that? -Wyldstyle. -Wyldstyle? -Yes. Are you a DJ? I do not. It's your name, Wyldstyle? -Yes. You were born and they named the Wyldstyle? -Why are we talking about my name? Do not let them escape. Blocked the road. -Bear. What are you doing? Summers. Go through the secret tunnel. -Gone. Do you want me to go into a strange hole? Are you crazy? Do not brake! Go now. I can not do this. Against the instructions! Wait. Do you najdrai restaurant? -Any. Favorite show? - "Where are my pants?" -Favorite song? - "Everything is great!" O no. Damn! Where are we? I Wild West. This is weird. -You are not special. You lied! Not even the master of the building, right? I know what it is. Why did you not say what it is, to see if you were right. You destroyed prophecy. I'm sorry, OK? I liked it to be special. I was gonna follow at the end of the universe. Really? Here's one. How to know that I'm not special? I do not know it yet. -Quiet. Do you know what to do... B-O-W-E. Put it. And this and this and this. By the way, I have a boyfriend. I do not know why you brought that up. I'm serious. I do not want to mess with him. -OK. Do not get any ideas in mind. -No they did not. Wait! Can you explain to me why I dressed like this, it was in the sky and where we are now? Your home in one of the more dimensions of space. There are pirates, knights, Vikings and others different. Master Business and how you think , president of Business stole Krag, the most powerful thing in the universe. Bla, bla, bla. ... Special. I'm so beautiful. I like you, but I'm mad at you for some reason. At the end of the universe, put the piece de resistance of the Krag and will disappear forever. Great, I think I understand. But just in case, I again apologize. OK. 're All humans in the universe were once free travel, mingle and build whatever they wanted. President of Business I was confused by desolate chaos. I put a wall between worlds and became dependent on the order and perfection. I He stole a mysterious secret weapon called ... -Krag! I hired a naughty police to arrest all the masters of construction I that all changed. We who remained were hiding. I made a tunnel to survive. We asked for part of the resistance. The only thing that can stop Krag. Krag. I knew it. The officer said something about it. That President Business avail Krag for three days to destroy the world. Taco Tuesday. I knew it was suspicious. There's no time to waste. We find Vitruvius and get to the office before it's too late. How awesome office be? I Office of the President of the Business Producer President, trying to locate him, but his face is coincide with each of the base. Tell ZLOESTE police officer to be in my office for 23 seconds. Bok. Re-roofing to be even higher. Sir, I approve of this poster for Taco Tuesday? Perfect. Hello everyone in the room. We love you, sir. Hi, guys. Great job on the radio. Thank you, sir, worship repeat this song constantly on the radio. Carry on, guys. I Honey, where are my pants? It never gets old. Right. Interview in your office. Excellent. Fantastic. Can you undo it in two hours. This time could be fatal. I'm activating helmet. A series of lights. I flame. Can enter. Bad cop... Master Business, I know it's gone... Do not be so serious. Where's the other one? Bye. Hey, I missed you. Really? Did I ever show you your collection remains? I have not. No one knows where these things are. This is the mantle Bandajiha. I have heard that it is painful to remove. Do you want to try? No, thank you. Great've worked through , the Bad Officer, grabbed released masters of construction, tortured them. Thank you, sir. You let the piece de resistance, only thing that can stop it. The only thing I ask you to take care of . Frustrating. Makes me want to pick up nearest to him and throw it out the window infinity! I want to do it so badly. I know you like, but please do not. And you're not the only one flaky on my plans. People always teased with my stuff. But I have a way to solve it. To keep things the way they should be ... permanently. Strongest weapon of all residues. Krag! As you can see, putting Krag in the big machine. I call massive technical military organizer. That's it. S is for super-quiet. On Taco Tuesday I posprejati Krag all using super-scary sprays, like this. I'll show you how it works. Sir, I think this is not necessary. Do not worry. I will test it on you, but in your pants. Mom? Hi son. How's it going in a large city? Mom, Dad, what are you doing here? I want to behave naturally, like every other day. I understand. Keep your hands like this. Mother, two steps right. Daddy, why do you move all I'm saying mom? Go back to where you were. Here? Perfect. Great, can not be better. There is no reason to move. Excellent. Mama, put his hand on my shoulder, and your dad zgrabij. Zgrabij is! Naughty Officer, Do you see what I'm saying? Just looking for perfection. Send Mikromanaera. Then simply sprayed with Tacoma. Help me. I can not move my legs. How statues are, bad officer. Probably feel bad about parents want to help, right? We're a bit stuck together. Head. Finish them. Of course, sir. No, I do not. You have to. I do not want. -Will you shut up? I can. -You have to. Shut It's not nice. -Your job is. I can do it, innocent. As I thought, your good side makes you soft. Robots bring me cotton swab and acetone. Let a special one. Sir... I want to make sure it does not happen again. No! -Coat it! No, my son! On Taco Tuesday I pasted the entire universe, that all stop fooling around with my stuff! Do you want to be with me or the tea party with Mom and Dad? Son? I'm sorry, Dad. I have a job to do. You need to just settle down and play you belong here. Perfect. Girls, I'm a cowboy! Bum, bum, bum. Bullet, bullet. What are you looking? -You should be quiet and sit on the chair. Do not talk. I'll show you how it's done. 's Find the wizard and deleted. There it is. Vitruvius. -Who? I've never heard of him. I'm not . Who are you? -I. I am blind and can not see. Wyldstyle. Are you a DJ? -Why do you think... Wait. Is that from childhood or you changed your name? No, shunned you, you're not funny. It does not matter. Okay, yeah. Let's meet up to 10 seconds. I 10 seconds after Strange regulated. Thanks. Vitruvius, we found the piece de resistance. Is it true? Yes, but... prophecy says you're special. Good, gentle, najtalenterija, the smartest, the most important person universe. That would be great, but... Emmet was the one who found him. Emmet, prophecy says you're special. Most talented... I do not believe that he is not even a special master construction. Emmet, build something simple. OK. Like for example. Racecar. Come on. Do you have any advice? No, you have to create the user in mind. OK, racing car. There zanimljivh things here. I can not see round... or... three cars. -View? He can not do it. There will never be a master of construction. -Of course not. You can see that. What are you doing? -Get you in mind. What? -To prove that you have the potential to become a master construction. This is my brain? Big. I probably smart. -There's not much activity here. I do not think he ever had original idea in my life. This is not true. For example... Once I did that a bunch of my friends watching TV. Not on such television which appeared i can not all fit on the couch. So I thought, there you an enhancement? I give you a couch upstairs. If anyone can watch TV with friends. This is the stupidest thing ever. Please, Wyldstyle, I'll handle this. This idea is just terrible. There must be something here, some potential. If the one picked him up as special, there must be a reason. Who's that up there? -See? I do not know what the above. I once saw huge hands, which are looked like they were made of sausage. Wait. Have you seen... That's what I thought. How did you...? I had a weird dream about touching some zvijeti, But I could not sleep, so it's not a dream. -Emmet, had a vision. I am? Masters-building exercise years you clear your mind enough to be just a little outline of the above. But your mind is so empty that there is nothing that will get in the way. With the right training, could become a great master construction. I could? -Oracle and odabraolo, Emmet. I can not make it the prophecy sought. You just need to believe. Then you'll see everything. Are you ready, son? Am. I think so. Not a second to lose. We need to bring together masters of construction. Do you think that the things are a bad investment? Have you seen this man? A second, partner. Draw his hat. These things will make public message. Go to the internet cafe and send e-mail masters construction who will lead us through the secret Kukuzemlju. Kukuzemlja? And what about training? Do not worry, Emmet. Your training begins now. -Open it. Your training begins later. Three. One. I think we escaped. Do not move. I just want the piece de resistance. -The sooner we die than give you! I would rather die. We can do this the easy way or the... -Run! -The hard way. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! -Vitruvius, in which direction is Kukuzemlja? Go for the big shiny thing in the sky. You mean the sun? Yes, that's it. We have to get out of here. Hold this. What? What are you doing? -Come on! I have no idea what I'm doing. Good day. Bum! Damn! Pigs! I hate pigs! -Men, run faster. Wyldstyle, I could use your help. Too close. Build something. -Improvise. No improvizirajmo. I coached. It's okay. Let's start with how to become a master of construction. Step 1: Trust your instincts. OK, OK. -Build something! Unless your instincts are terrible. Do not drive. I can not control it anymore! We attach the wheel to something that turns. I need to attach the steering wheel something that turns. Emmet, where are you going? This had better work. Go! Congratulations , Emmet. I did it. -You really did it. Train! O no. -Get off my train. -Run! Wyldstyle! Run over to us. Build a ramp! What the hell? -Rest in pieces. O no. Thank you for saving my life there. Although it turned out useless. Worth it. This was the best 15 minutes of my life. What the...? Relax, I'm here. -Batman! What's up, baby? Honey! What? Sorry, Batman, this is Emmet. Emmet, this is my boyfriend, Batman. I'm Batman. -He's your boyfriend? Batman? Where did you meet? -Interesting story. Do not Bat? Here we will introduce you zloestog Officer. Guess... Your car is wheelchair for children. It's your boyfriend. Hi, honey. Hold hands. Hey guys... I think I'll stick to the sun. Yes, but it will be cool. Is this Kukuzemlja? I do not see the clouds. No coward. No, no. This is a medium Zealand. Once a country full of knights, castles , torture, poverty, literature i... -Dragon! Yes, that too. When we arrive, Kukuzemlja should be full master construction. Yes. In general, you should hear the new bass I installed behind. I call it the beast. Listen. Can you cut down? - This is a song I wrote for Wyldstyle. This is real music, Emmet. Batman is a true artist. Dark, brutal. -Dark and brutal at the same time. People look long. -Go up. Go to the top. Park the car. Friends, welcome to the cloud Kukuzemlje. I need to make a mysterious ticking. Good... I have no idea what is going on here not what this is. Hi, I'm a princess Jednomaka I greet you in the Kukuzemlji clouds. No sign of anything. How do you know that you can not do? On cloud Kukuzemlje no rules. No government, no nanny, No time for bed, no minders, no bushy mustache and no negativity. You said the word "no" a thousand times. -I has no consistency. I hate this place. Every idea is a good idea except those unfortunate. One kept deep where they will never, never ever find. Your friends masters construction in the dog. Where? This is cool. -Girl, what are you doing here? Superman! Hey, how are you? -Lantern. Green Lantern. Yeah, yeah. Do you want to sit next to me? -I got back on Krypton. Not that Krypton exploded? -Dear masters of construction, I give you Robin Hood, Little Mermaid, Gandalf Monster astronaut from the 80s. -Bok. NBA All Star team from 've Traveled from afar to be here this important moment. We realized that the master of Business want to let Krag on Taco Tuesday to destroy the world as we know it. Please remain calm, Green Ninja, Milhouse, Vampires, Michelangelo, Michaelangelo and Cleopatra. There is a last resort, the special has arrived. Appearances. -As you wish, doubled. I am Gandalf. -It is said Dumbledore. -Doubled? No! Dumbledore! Told doubled. -Vitruvius! OK, but not remember any of it. Special will now odrazi his speech. Come on, you can do it. Good. Hi, I am Emmet. This is the piece de resistance. Thank you. I am excited to work with you. Get to the tower, find Krag and put it on him. I know it will be very difficult... very difficult? Erase tour hook instead of hands is very difficult! This is impossible! -The last time we tried, We have tried every plan we had. The result was terrible. Who are you? -I eljeznobradi. I'll tell you my story. -Great, here we go again. I came I into membered tower his team of craftsmen building. I find Krag on endless floor of the tower. I guarded by the army Robot I, and all other forms of protection. I laser. Sharks. I Psi-lasers. Arrogant assistant. I I extremely dangerous residues that hurt, drilling and shaking. I mysterious room called collector's room. I so awful that cost me head and organs. -Okay. I had to replace any part of your a perfect pirate Body this useless junk that you see. If you think it's a good idea to go back on this place? Your idea would be better idea of hundreds of fallen brothers master construction. Well... Data not yet master of construction. What? Please, everyone... Please... Trash! -Truth. I may not be a master of construction, I may not have much experience in combat leaders or devising plans. Or possession of the original idea at all. I'm not very smart. I'm not, as you say, creative. Plus, I'm not skilled. I'm scared and cowardly. I know what you mean. He najnekvalificiraniji leader in the world. And you're right. -Should not we be make you feel better. Supposed to be a "but". You're a bat (but). You'll be alone. Leave this place. Why are you going? Worse than this can not be. Abraham Lincoln. -Get back your space boat back. I still can do this, right? You were right, he was a goner. Bar can not get worse. I was wrong. Else can handle. Bad guys. -Run! Protect special. How did they find us? Tracking device. -Grab prisoners. O God, we have no choice. -People, not my fault. You're the worst leader ever. The Batmobile. Hell. -The invisible plane. Hell. -Every man for himself. We have to protect him. Shaq, you know what time it is? -Time game. Are you ready for this? O no. They were ready for it. Guns. -Pali. I can not move. Do not worry, Superman, I will deliver you out of there. No! Stuck my hand. And the same leg. -I hate you. Bat, help me get him out. I told every man for himself. Do it for me. OK. Well, well, well. -You need a better attitude about this. I have a great attitude. In the northwest part of the is, we have it in the corner. Where did he go? Have plastic lasers. Let's go! We deliver Emmet here. We can not build something? I'm Ben, but call me Benny. I will build planetary spacecraft You can, surrounded us. I did not want to build spacecraft. Where can we go to find us. Underwater? Good idea, honey. Thank you, Batman. Your ideas are always the best. But I have to say. -We can build a submarine. Batmansku submarine. -S rainbows. In a dream, in case you sleep. Underwater station. We can not build everything at once. Important? Sad. Blue raspberry and sour apple. -Does anyone have the black parts, I need them. Work only with black or very very dark gray. Use yellow. -Need help? Where is it? -Does anyone know what this is? We can use wings, rockets. -Move the equipment to fly. Tell me what you need. , And how. -Emmet, do not worry about what others are doing. You have to show what is special about you. Here it is. All units, attack! Emmet, get. Stop them! Do not let them get in the water. Is everybody in? Go down. O no. My home. Gone. I feel something inside, like... opposite of positive. I have to stay positive. Chewing gum. Butterfly. Cotton candy. Sorry Jednomako. Do you want to sit down and talk? What the hell is that? This is a couch upstairs. Seemed like a good idea at one time, , but now I realize... Not prekorisno. Ali has a cup holder, seats have refrigerators. Disappointing you on so many levels. Why are my pants wet and cold? Water enters. -Sinking. This Batman does not die. Emmet! Hang in there! -Wyldstyle! Breath. All take a deep breath. Mikromanaeri, what's going down? I am scanning the remains of the submarine. I no previljelih. Search all ocean if you need to. We need to find the beast. Let's take these prisoners master and give him the good news. Special... not anymore. Hi all. Superman, Wonder Woman. I did not know you'd be here. G. Shaquille O'Neal. Hi all. Welcome to my collector's room. All masters of construction of are caught through the years 've brought here. -You are very perceptive, Superman. Comes with instructions for all the world. Robots... -I. No. Worse than this can not be. Hi, neighbor. Oh, no. -Green Lantern is. O God, we're roommates. How is that crazy. Does anyone kryptonite to me? Where's the special? -At the bottom of the ocean along with the act of resistance. You're telling me that you do not have? Sir, divers searching for his remains as we talked. Bad Officer, may still be alive. Part may be more out there. Only the rest of the special was a couch upstairs. Wait. Sofa beds? Yes, sir. Really? As a bed-Lau? Weird. If you sit in the middle of the floor, so get down and do not cross over someone? If I sit at the bottom and watch TV I have to watch the hanging legs, who would sit at the bottom I most useless idea ever. We're still alive. Yes! -Sofa beds. Is futile in the end. -The only thing that has kept us. I always believed in you, Emmet. I do not want to spoil the party, but if anyone understands that we stuck in the middle of the ocean on the couch? It's not that huge ship come and save us... My God! I thought you said you were leaving? Have not you heard the whole story to describe the expedition? It's hard not to hear you when you shout. Why did you come back? -That sofa beds. I watched the master of force search for all. Which meant that we have more ideas like this. Thank you. Ideas so stupid and bad that no do not think it will be helpful. Thank you. -Special, what do we do? So... What's the last thing you master Business expected to be masters of building built? -Space station? -Hen? -Marshmallow cookies. Why this? No! Follow the instructions. Wait, listen. 're All talented and resourceful. But... you can not work as a team. I am just an ordinary worker. But when I have a plan and we all work together, we can build a skyscraper . You are the masters of construction. Imagine what can happen if to make. You can save the universe. Well said, Emmet, beautifully told. Really? -Good speech. OK. Somebody give me a marker. Collage paper. I has glue! I call this "Emmetov plan to enter the Tower s piece de resistance on Kragleu and save the world." The town I made a hundred of these. If we go, I know all ventilation. Can move anywhere. How do we get there? -The spacecraft. Good idea. Bat-boat. -I. Expected to occur in the Bat-boat or pirate ship or glossy rainbow board. -One sounds good to me. My idea is to build a space ship that is like all the others. No special boat which city exactly? I'm sorry. Maybe next time. Really spilled the oxygen out of the bottle. Yes, but according to your instructions, this ship should be hyper-drive. We do not have it. Maybe we can find. What do you think will be a space ship just show up? Are you kidding? We should have been on the road for fun. Hyper-drive does not work, then this happens. Captain Solo, we know how to get back. Droid is right. Here we go. -Wait a minute. This is maybe the right galaxy because I see a heavenly body. I have a boyfriend and we are serious. Do not you, honey? Sure. There is room for only one type. -Hey, baby. -It is excellent as you are. 're Trying to separate us? -I do not try. Ask them to go with them to the party. Speak French now? -Honey, look... if this relationship will ever work, need freedom partying with strangers whenever you want. What? Honey. -I'll write to you. Go into this space cave man. Fun! -Honey... Wyldstyle... You are great. If Batman does not see it, then blind as... man whose eyes do not work. I tell you something. Batman is the worst person I've ever met. Need hyper-drive? No way. I knew that. You guys are pathetic. Only play space chess and turns out that she is hairy is male. All male. -They know that they lack the hyper-drive? Come on, fire hyper-drive. Bit they good. I's build a spaceship! Step 1: We need four red part of this. Jednomako, you need to follow the instructions. I do not remember you. Sorry. I can not. Nice. I-Step 2: I go into the column to avoid the danger. I There is an interesting laser door. Space ID? I have a driver's license. Who are you here to see? -Your ass. Is it a family name, first name or... O my God. The first time. I Step 3: I break into the master's office and destroy his collection remains. I Step 4: Benny and eljeznobradi sneaks into the control room . I Moving sensory activated in sector 4 Do you know what I'm thinking? Go. eljeznobradi, that was great. -The first rule of the sea: Do not put your butt in Pirates face. When I be there, will use its ability to turn off Kragleov shield. I I computer. Excellent. Computer spoken. Please turn off system protects. I course. I No movie with that name in your province. I Step 5: Vitruvius will monitor a trace. / i-OK. Step 6: I Jednomaka Batman and will enter the room meeting to make the updates. propose to freeze the universe. Who else agrees? I'm the second. Bruce Wayne, the head of Wayne Enterprises'. Bruce Wayne? Who is this? It sounds like an interesting guy. Investing in your company controlling space sounds great. I is excellent. -Super. What audio system up? Audio? We have the iPod Shuffle. -Wait a minute. You're telling me that you have a machine for controlling universe, you do not have a "surrounding" the system? Shameful. -We... We need to do. I want a six-foot speakers. Excellent. Speakers that can embrace the hands and feet and feel the rhythm. Listen. We need operating system fingerprint for that. We will never help... When I get a referral, Wyldstyle and I will break into I put this thing on the other thing and save the universe. / i I drew it. Did I blow it? I spomeuno before, but part resistance might explode. No. But maybe not, right? Course. Let's go with that. -Shipment arrives speakers. Who are you guys? -We were transported to the below. What? What? -Your robot sound sounds like a human. Come on. I have never before been robot. What do you think? You always were a robot. Do not listen to her. What are your serial numbers? It's great. My mistake. -I mine. It's great. I do not want to sing a song. Quick, let's go. I thought you might like the song. -Like. I do not blame you, but I you're not so bad. What are you talking about? -When all sang... This special type it. I do not think it's you. Real you. Look, Emmet... I want it to be me. I wanted to be special. I know that sounds super mature, but... since I heard the prophecy, I wanted to be the one. I was on the ferry... right on top and then it turned out it was you. That night in the city when you thought I was special... You said I was talented and important. This is the first time I I told someone. I gave everything that I type you were talking about. Lucy. What? -That was my real name. I asked you before, and it's a... Lucy. I like that name. What are you losers talking about? Nothing. I'll help you. Let Jednomaka reserves. This is work, work. Figures. Is this thing on? Yes. -It! -There's Bad cop. Wait for my signal. Good luck, Emmet. Lucy. This is probably the most forgiving. I do not like goodbyes. Call this: "See you later, alligator." See you later, alligator! A little later, the crocodile. Who is Lucy? -Batman. In the room will be a lot of microphones. We have to be completely silent. -I read the instructions. Stop yelling at me. Benny, as with a shield? Great! Let me someone is listening! Downloading the latest episode, "Where are my pants?". What are you talking about? Do you want Bad cop. Hi, this master of the Secretary of Business, wants to come immediately to the office. understood. Not at all, sir. Who was it? This is a sign. The shield is still on. -Shoot will. This is Bat-catcher. Benny, turn off the shield. Gasim shield. Immediately. Kill the shield! I want Albanian restaurant. I did not say that! I do not understand what you want. Kill the shield! Benny, what happens? -Come on, turn off the shield! Podcjenuje me. I-Which phrase you wish to underscore Kill the shield. -Let me try. Disable shield. I disables the shield. OK. On three. Two. One. Do this. Lucy! Lucy! No! Lose... Vitruvius, I see you stray to my collector's room. By the way, I found a few of your friends. By that I mean everything. I'm sorry. Great job, bad cop. -Thank you, sir. Robots, kill the old man. You say that I am? Yes. So what? I prefer the word "experienced". See, Emmet? Corrupted type has nothing to do with the clearing... Virtuviuse! No! Vitruvius. -Dear Emmet, come closer. You have to know something about the prophecy. I do my best, but...- Oracle... I made it. What? I made it. Not true. This means that I only... I'm not special? Listen. What I will tell you will change the course of history. No. Hey. You're not special, huh? Guess what? No one ever told me I was special. I never got a trophy for showing. Not special little snowflake. Do you think you're special like me? You're a thousand billion times neposebniji me. Bring a sword to me absolute zero. Yes, Master Business. Must have been weird. At one time 're the most special person in the universe. The second're nothing. I have a special place for this in the room remains. My mistake. -That's it. No! Goodbye zavijek. Assume that the remaining one more thing. Let Kraglea. Computer... I-Yes, sir, Set-electro-shocker at 100 Mississippi... I, no problem. - Threaten everyone. I-I'm already on it. This will give you plenty of time to testify first location to be destroyed. Your hometown. No! -Bad Officer, unfortunately you'll have to stay here and die. What? Sir... It's not personal. Just a job. Master's work. I. I destruction in the Mississippi 100. I 98 Mississippi. I and so on... Attention all. This is the president's job. Welcome to the Taco Tuesday. Do not worry about this big black thing covering the sun. Take care of this issue that I set. Who wants Taco? I know! Taco, taco... good. Act normally. Perfect. All say "froze"! Running and screaming is probably normal. Mikromanaeri, take the lead. I Please help us. Emmet, You'll think of something as always, is not it? Did not you hear him? The prophecy was invented. I'm not special. For a moment I thought that maybe I . Emmet. Who said that? -I. I Vitruviusov spirit. Emmet, did not let me finish before because I died. Reason I invented the prophecy was because I knew that whoever find the part will become special. Because the only thing that was who should be special is not believed to be. It sounds strange, but it's true. Look what you did while you believe you're special. I need to trust more. How do I choose to believe that I was special , when I'm not? For the world depends on it. I destruction in Mississippi 35. -What? I 34 Mississippi. I 32 the Mississippi. I 30 the Mississippi. I 28 the Mississippi. Emmet! What to... Lucy! What to... Now it's up to you to be heroine. No! I 12 the Mississippi. See you later, alligator. No! Emmet! I 2 the Mississippi. I 0 the Mississippi. Error. Failure destruction. Emmet. No. Saved us. What to do now? There must be a good side. Does anyone ideas? Emmet had an idea. Yes. I wish there more people in the world like him. Might have. Our down for 10 seconds. I 10 seconds later, Honey, where are my pants? We found the pants. Series over. Benny, send this to everyone in the universe technology from the 80s. This is it! Hello everyone. You do not know me, but I on TV, so you can trust me. I know that things are bad. I But there is a way out. This is Emmet. I was like all of you. Face in the crowd. I followed the instructions as you. I was so good at fitting, that no one had noticed. I owe you an apology, because I envy those people. I thought to follow no idea. I turned out to be Emmet had a great idea. Although I felt weird and useless. But I approached us like no so far saving the universe. I I now we finish what he started. Doing all strange things that comes to mind. All I have the ability to break through the literally. I Break the floor! Break the walls I Defend yourself. I We must fight against plans President Business In exterminate us Today will be known as Taco Tuesday. I'll be known as the Friday freedom But still Tuesday! Bad cop? I hope to be a good cop nedje still exists in me. Keep these people. Step on them. Great idea, but how do we get there? I can... I can... Build... spaceship. Do not say it? -Build it, whatever your name is. Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! -All units attack the spaceship. Spaceship! Where did he go? SPACESHIP! Wyldstyle, look! These are the people! Do not forget us masters of construction. What's going on? Stop build! Stop! It worked. Your speech is encouraged these people. Pity Emmet sees this. I'd like something sweet... I have a feeling I'm falling forever! Is this another vision? Where am I? I Did This office tower I What was that? I do not, no, no = = spacecraft. Spaceship. I-What is it? I too sweet. I do not, no, no I do not eat me. Do not eat me, please. Hi, Emmet. I Hi. I Is this man... I one up. What happened? No, no. This is a disaster. Why? What? What? Why is the dragon on the roof of a luxury building? -I'm just playing. I know it's hard to understand, but this is my dad's stuff. All this in front of you is the father. All is set... pulled you from the top of the tower? -It was an accident. You accidentally and Professional removed the entire top of the building? Yes. These are not toys. -Bit is. This is a highly sophisticated system buildings. But we bought them in a toy store. Yes, but how do I use them, makes them actually adults. Catwalks, from 8 to 14 years. It's a suggestion. Must put it. -Can not you just play with this? Look, take things end Christmas decorations. All those dice. You can build whatever you want. Finne, we'll play a little game. Called "back the way it was." But Dad, I do not understand. If I stacked things what would be trebalte. Forever. Kragleova yet? -The revolt ends now! But no. No! No! Shooting! What's going on? We're going down! No! Hold on, here we come. Stop! -Oh, no. Mikromanaera too. What to keep? This is a warship. No it is a "cabbage". The Batman doing here? What is this, a robot-pirate? Hell. I do not. Hold it! Stop! Glue the entire structure. Give it to me. I-Stop! Hold it! Stop! I These are my friends! Stop it! Good crew. But I will finish it. I do not I part of the resistance. More can save them. return it to the ferry. He's not just a worker, he is a hero. -Not. He's a worker. I need to get it back where it belongs. Where's my knife? I need to get to the part of the resistance. I wish I could switch attention to other things. I gotta go. Where is it? Tata ? I think that I have seen in the Middle Zealand. Great, thank you. You're welcome. To you, Emmet. I believe! I Believe I know that this is just poster, but it's true. Sorry , street. I see everything. What is this? I'm a master of construction! Let each Mikromanaera you have! -Come on, guys. Hi all. -Emmet! Lucy, go inside that thing. You can do it. Come on. Do it pirate style! Emmet, that's it! Emmet! Be positive. Be of good will. -Come on! Forget! Ready for wrestling! Come on! 's Right! Can do it! Business Lord. You're back from the dead, Brickowoski? Skeletron, hold it! Move! Do you see your friends? They are finished. I'm almost done. Last thing I need to destroy you. Stop, please. - If you try anything, I'll take out my secret weapon. Your secret weapon? Yes. His name was special power. It sounds stupid. Okay, here it is. My secret weapon this... What is this? Very little, I do not see anything. My hand. I want you to have it. Do you want to take your hand? -I. I would like to join me. View all those things that people have built. You see the mess... Right. Bunch of weird things that bother my perfect thing. OK. What I see people who inspire each other. I you. People who take what you've done and make something new out of it. Finn, did you make this? People have tried to stop the President to activate the Krag. What is a Krag? Inside. Here? I KEEP OUT I DO NOT TOUCH I hands down Well... President of Business is the villain? If... a worker... could say something President Business, what would you say? You... not have to be... villain. You are the most talented, most interesting... And most unusual person in the universe. You keep all these great things. Because you're special. I. And they are. Prophecy was invented, but it's true. This is about all of us. It is about you. A ti... still can not change anything. Hug. Be careful, they told me that may explode. Emmet, thank you. I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart now never... Emmet! -Emmet! Are they all wrong? Where is Lucy? -Emmet! Lucy! We made it. Emmet, wait. Batman, I have to tell you something. No, Wyldstyle. I... Lucy. He's a hero, you deserve. Thank you Batman. Liked the Emmet before it was cool. I guess I broke Kraglea. How did this happen? Watch this. -Daddy, you're fine. Son! Hi mom, hi dad. We're fine, son. Dinner. Taco Tuesday. Your loved ones. We are here for a second. Yes. We are here for a second. I have to tell you something. What? Now that you allow to play down guess who will be playing down here? Who? -Your sister. What? I think that everything went smoothly, right? We are from the planet Duplon. We have come to destroy you. Man.

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