Sung by Barney and Luna with scenes from the episode.

Barney: Hey, this was really fun

Luna: We hope you liked it, too

Barney: Seems like we've just begun

Barney and Luna: When suddenly we're through

Barney: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

Barney and Luna: 'Cause now it's time to go

Barney: But hey, I Say, well, that's OK

Luna: 'Cause we'll see you very soon, I know

Barney: Very soon, I know

Both: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

Barney: And tomorrow, just like today

Both: The moon, the dinosaur, and the Barney's Yard

Will be waiting for you to come and play

To come and play

To come and play

Barney: Bye, Luna.

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