Movie Date: February 21, 2005

Stuart, are you down there? Yeah, Mom, I'm here. Thank goodness. You had me worried. It's okay. He's down in the basement. - Have you finished packing yet? - Yeah, Mom. - Did you remember clean underpants? - Yes. - Well, we're leaving in... - Five minutes. I'll be right there. Yes! Hey, Mr. Big Game Hunter... better take those batteries out before you cook him. Hey, Snowbell. You all ready for our vacation? You call spending the summer in a cabin in the woods a vacation? I call it cruel and unusual punishment. Oh, come on. Don't you hear the call of the wild? Learning to live off the land, exploring the woods. Sleeping in the dirt, no air conditioning, Lyme disease. I hate to burst your bubble, Daniel Boob, but it's dangerous there. And the closest you've been to the woods... the occasional whiff of pine air freshener. You sound just like Mom and Dad. But I have instinctive, natural abilities. I mean, after all, I am somewhat like a mouse. You're also somewhat like a mental case. This summer is gonna be a real turning point. I'm gonna prove to Mom and Dad... ...I don't need them watching my every step. I can take care of myself. - I don't need to be told what to do. - Stuart. - It's a long drive. Did you go potty? - Mom! The whole neighborhood will hear you. I'm sure Davy Crockett's mother asked him the very same question. - Monty. - Oh, man. - I didn't believe it. - Believe what? Well, word in the alley is you are going camping. - Camping? - Now you're gonna have to rough it... ...just like the rest of us, Mr. Fancy Pants. That's malicious slander. - Well, then where are you going? - Where? Well, to... Where? Yes, we're going... Oh, we're going to a fancy resort. It's the Hartz Mountain Resort and Spa. Sounds nice. It's paradise. All-you-can-eat kibble buffet... ...whisker waxing, pawdicure, tail grooming... ...24-hour Animal Planet. Hey, can I come? Can you co...? Yeah, well... - I don't know. - Oh, come on, can I come? Please? Hey, it's not me, it's the Littles. They don't exactly... Oh, what am I trying to say here? They don't like you. Well, I guess I know when I'm not wanted. Actually, you don't. But you're learning. And I'll think of you when I'm eating caviar for breakfast. And I'll think of you when I'm... - Like taking sardines from a kitten. - Time to go, Snow. Given a choice, I'd rather be at the vet. Come on, come on. Yes! - Yes, yes, no, no. - We're on our way. We should be at the lake in two hours, 34 minutes. Well, I'm forgetting about time altogether. I have nothing on my calendar all summer... ...but lazy days and carefree nights. Hey, Mom, Dad? I'm doing research about Lake Garland. There's a group there called the Lake Scouts. - That's good, son. - I wanna join. - That's not so good. - But it's totally cool. They go rock climbing, boating, exploring. - My, that sounds... - Dangerous. Oh, Mom, I'm not a baby. I can handle it. I don't know, Stuart. Something could happen to you. But I want something to happen to me. Stuart, sweetie, I have to put my foot down and say... Yes! It might do him some good. I mean, I myself was a Lake Scout. And a pretty darn good one too. But he's too small. Who will take care of him? - Well, I will. - Yeah. - You mean...? - What if I were there? - Watching him every step of the way. - Wait. That's not quite what l... - Every step? - Every step. - And George can join too. - No way. I've got to get to level 38 by the end of the summer. Now, George, it'll be a bonding experience for us Little men. Just testing your reflexes, dear. And you passed. - You'll watch him every minute? - Every minute. Yippee! - But there are rules. - What kind of rules? Never wander off by yourself. Never wander off with someone else. No wandering, period. Don't sit too close to the fire. You'll burn yourself. Don't sit too far away from the fire. You'll catch a cold. Insect repellent is a must. Remember, mosquito's bite is bacteria's delight. I don't know why it has to be The sky is blue and the grass is green And I don't know why it's really true That one plus one always equals two I don't know so I have to guess There may be times When a no means yes And maybe, just maybe It doesn't really matter Hey now look around Does anybody know What's going down Hey now it's okay The world keeps spinning anyway Hey now why ask why Low is low and high is high Hey now just let go It's all right if you really don't know Yeah, and I really don't know - It's going to need some sprucing up. - I've seen cleaner litter boxes. There goes my summer with nothing to do. Well, it is called "roughing it." - A little too rough, if you ask me. - You're a pioneer now, Snowbell. - Get with the program. - I don't like this program. Where's the remote? Nothing like the great outdoors, huh? The great outdoors should stay outdoors. That's why they invented doors: To keep the outdoors out. Can't wait to become a Lake Scout, huh, George? Stuart, what's the cheat code for infinite health? A-B-B-X-Y. Just in time. Thanks. Come on, George, get your head out of the game. Look around you. I mean, you want adventure? You never know what you'll find out here in the woods. Well, hello, Diggity! What have we here? I mean, wouldn't you rather...? Little help? Wouldrt you rather feel the wind in your face... ...than just sit here punching buttons all day? No, too many bugs. What about all the stuff we could learn? How to protect yourself against wild animals. Or how to find your way home if you get lost in the woods. You can't get lost in the woods if you never go into the woods. Boy, you've got an answer for everything. - Yep. - Look at it this way: Scouting will teach you how to stand on your own two feet. - Gesundheit. - Gesundheit. How to take care of yourself. How to be a man. You know, Stuart, I'm just not into this outdoorsy stuff like you are. I mean, what will I get out of the Lake Scouts? Hi. I'm Brooke. - Hi. - Hello. I'm Stuart, and this is my brother, George. You guys gonna join the Lake Scouts? I am, but I don't think George wants to. He's trying to get to level 38 on Cyberdon Rex. Good luck without the unlimited ammo code. - Unlimited? - X-X-Y-A-B-A-B-X. Totally cool. So whers that Lake Scout signup? Tomorrow? - Is that a cat? - Nothing gets by this one. You better be careful with him. - Why's that? - The Beast. - The Beast? - Yeah, the Beast. They say it can hear you from the other side of the forest. And when it drinks from the lake, the water drops a foot. They say it can smell a drop of blood five miles away. So you better keep your animals inside... ...because I hear its favorite food is cats. See you around, Stuart. George. Boy, she's a piece of work. She sure is. Does she really expect us to believe some crazy story about a beast? I'll tell you one thing, if there is a beast... wouldn't stand a chance if I ran into it. - I'd kick him. I'd tie it in a... - Let me know how that works out. - Snowbell, where are you going? - To hide. Before that Beast gets a whiff of USDA Prime Snowbell. Things werert bad enough. Now I have to worry about being eaten? Is there someone there? The Beast! All right. Take me, you monster. - Monty? - You should've seen your face, pal. - It was priceless. - Glad to be a source of amusement. - What are you doing here? - I stowed away in the trunk. So this is the fancy resort? Resort? Right. Well, it looked much better in the brochure. - I can't believe you lied to me. - I didn't lie. I merely distorted the truth to fit the paradoxical reality of the situation. At least you werert lying. Well, I'm glad you came, but now you have to leave. Leave? All the way back to New York? - How am I supposed to get there? - There's a new thing called "walking." Oh, man. I don't even know why we're friends. All we ever do is fight. Oh, no, I don't fight. It's beneath me. You, you're the fighter. But... Wait a minute. You're the fighter. Yeah, well, living on the streets, you gotta be a fighter. Rats and crows, street sweepers... Hey, you know what, old buddy? I changed my mind. - Really? All right. - Mi cabin es su cabin. You can stay right here under the porch... ...and keep an eye on things for me. - What kind of things? - You know. Things that look odd, or scary, or beastly. Especially anything beastly. I can't emphasize that enough. And I will make sure your stay with us is comfortable. When you get hungry, just tap on this pipe here... ...and I'll bring you food. - Cool. - Monty, I'm counting on you. You'll be my first line of defense. Hey, what do you mean, "first line of defense"? No, no. I said, "Stay inside the fence." "The fence." Right. Right. But there isn't any fence. I was speaking metaphorically. I didn't know you spoke another language. - Goodnight, baby. - Mom, I'm not a baby. George. What? Okay. Look at them sleeping. They've got nothing to worry about. I, on the other hand, have to find a place to hide. Cottontail, my fine, fuzzy, flop-haired fellow. How's the kids? All 50 of them? Okay, okay. I'll talk to you later. Cool. Beavie! Beave, hey! - Man, am I glad to see you. - Don't even ask. Come on, Beave. I'll pay you back. That'll be a first. If I don't come through, I am Beast chow. Talk to the paw. It's because I'm a skunk, isn't it? I guess you'll be asking me to stand downwind next. I'd like to ask him now. If you ask me, somebody should teach that Beast a lesson. Just once, just once, I'd like to show that two-bit tyrant... ...the business end of my tail, know what I'm saying? Give him some of this. Beast? Hey, Beast, I was just talking about you. You are looking beautiful tonight. There's another beast out there going, "Where's my baby?" Well, never let it be said that Reeko comes empty-handed. Fiber. Okay, now, I know it doesn't look like much, but believe me... ...there's a party inside this bark and your taste buds are invited. Or you could use it as a fake moustache. Oh, where did the Reeko go? I'll go look for him. You found me. What do you say I pay you double next full moon? Okay? We're cool, right? Yo, I am so sk... Not good. Not good. You never heard of closing the lid? No swimming till four hours after eating or three hours before eating. - And no swimming while eating. - Mom, I know the rules. I do. I know. I'm sorry. Just promise me you won't take any unnecessary risks. I promise. Unnecessary? - Let's go, George. - Have fun, boys. Don't worry about us, dear. The Little men are completely at home in the forest. Yup. - Isn't there someone in charge here? - That would be me. - Do you know anything about knots? - Is that the troopmaster? Yeah, but he hasn't really mastered the troops yet. Oswald, a compass is not a weapon. I'm Frederick Little, and these are my sons. - Stuart. - Hi! And George. Oh, yeah. I'm Bicklemaster Troop. - I mean, Troopmaster Bickle. - Hey, Dad. - Are you gonna ask? - Of course, Stuart. My boys were wondering if they could join up. - Why, sure. - Yes. Yes. Per article 17 of the Lake Scout Handbook... ...everyone is welcome. - Yeah! Great. And how about me? Well, there's no rule against it... ...but don't you think you're a little too big to be a scout? Well, I had some sort of assistant position in mind. But really, do I look like I need an assistant? Sorry. Okay, I admit it. I'm in way over my head. - Little, you've got the job. - Great. How about a Scout shake? No, I meant Scout handshake. Okay, walk it, turn and up. There you go. Attention, scouts. We'll start with the skull assessment test. I think that would be "skill." Okay. Well, that's different then. The exceptional scouts will get to wear the gold kerchief. The intermediates receive the blue. And for those beginning scouts who... - Need extra help? - Yeah. The red shows up better when they get lost. Okay, you just need to row your canoes... ...from the dock here, over to the shore there. This might be a problem. I'm looking for how well you control your craft. Points will be taken off for sinking and drowning. Give this one a try, son. Perfect. Thanks, Dad. Ready, set, go. - Come on! - You can do it! What the heck was that? Get out of here. I'm being attacked by a shark! Oh, no. Oh, dear, I'm going down. Shark! Oh, this is it. Goodbye, Mom and Dad and George and Snowbell and Martha... What are you talking about, Stuart? Yes! I made it. How was my time? - Could have been better. - Good try. I would have made it. But there was this giant fish. It was a shark. And it was pulling me all around the lake. Didrt you see it? Maybe it was the Loch Ness Monster. - Or Bigfoot. - Bigfoot doesn't swim. - He likes to be called Sasquatch. - Whatever. Sasquatch doesn't swim either. Tonight, around this Lake Scout campfire of burning logs... ...we honor you by awarding these kerchiefs. - Elwin. - Go, Elwin. Yeah. - Brooke. - Yeah, Brooke. - George. - Well done, son. Just like a Little. - Stuart. - Yeah? Sorry there, Stuart. You stay red. - Red? - Maybe next time. Congratulations, scouts. Tough day, huh, Stuart? Yeah. Toughest one ever. You know, son, not everyone gets a gold kerchief their first summer. - Did you? - Well, Stuart... Well, okay, I did. But the point is that you try your best. And that's what we Littles do. It's only the beginning of summer. You'll have plenty more opportunities. Don't worry. I'm not gonna stay red for long. Hey, Dad... ...I really love these talks. - Nice shot. - Aim. Aim. I'm not afraid to fall I've fallen many times They laughed when I fell down But I have dared to climb Not afraid to fall I know I'll fall again But I will win this in the end If I get up I might fall Back down again So let's get up C'mon If I get up I might Fall back down again But we get up anyway If I get up I might fall Back down again C'mon - Get up - C'mon - You can do it! - Come on, Stuart! If I get up then I might fall If I get up then I might fall If I get up then I might fall We get up anyway Again There you go. That's yours. There you go. That's yours. And yours. Hey, Stuart. Shark! - I'm just kidding. - I got this one. Dad. Your mother wouldn't be too happy if I let you strain your back, would she? But everybody's supposed to carry something. Right. Don't wrinkle your nose, Stuart. These little packages pack quite a punch. - I guess. - Here, a chocolate for later. All right, listen up. One, two, three, eyes on me. That's not all that's on him. Okay, now remember, scouts, if you get lost in these woods...'re pretty much a goner. No, no. He's joking, kids. If you get lost, hug a tree until we find you. Now, everyone should pair up with a buddy. No scout left behind. Hi, wanna be buddies? Hi. Hey. Hey, buddy, you have nothing to worry about. I'll be right behind you. I'll be walking in your footprints the whole way. I'll be like a shadow. Wherever you go, I'll be there. Hey, hey, wait up. Wait for me. All right. Tight lines, everybody. George, try looking up. The graphics are much better. Great resolution. Eyes straight ahead, scouts. Keep up, keep up now. Hey, guys. I can't get across. Hey... Don't worry. I'm okay. No problem. I'll catch up with you around the next bend. Dad. George. Oh, dear. A little bit of water never hurt anybody. I can handle this. Well, if I get lost, I'm supposed to hug a tree. I didn't get lost, I got left. Okay, okay, Stuart... wanted adventure, here's your chance. You just have to find your own way back. Okay, let's see. The sun is there, and we came from that way... the scouts must be... No, wait. No, if they were there... No, they were over there. So I should be there. But I'm not there, I'm here. Where am I? I don't know where I am. Hey, can anyone hear me? A good scout should assess the situation. Creepy. Okay, okay, Stuart, calm down. There's nothing out there. Before you know it...'re gonna start believing there really is a bloodthirsty, ferocious... Hello? Hey, is somebody here? - Beast! - Beast? Where? No, no, please! Me? Yeah, that's right. I'm the Beast, believe that. I'm big and I'm mean, and I'm all sorts of scary. Yeah. Actually, you're not as scary as I thought you'd be. Well, that's because I'm not in a scary mood today. Yeah, yeah, that's it. In fact, what the heck, I won't even eat you today. - You won't? - I'll just say: - Yeah. This, on the other hand... - Hey, wait a minute. That's mine. - Oh, no, no, no. It was yours. - That's mine. Now it's the Beast's. Who, remember my little friend, is me. It's the survival of the fittest, dude. That's the way the Beast rolls. Yo, something stinks. And it's not me. The Beast! - You're not the Beast, are you? - You're quick, kid. - You have better pickup than my car. - You drive a car? That was awesome. Awesome? Man, you were running and dodging and swinging and sliding and... Yeah, yeah, I recall some of that. You are, like, the ultimate. You are so cool. Yo, I've been called a lot of things, but never "cool." Oh, yeah. I mean, that Beast had nothing on you. Yeah, it's true. I don't sweat that Beast none. I mean, frankly, if you werert there, kid... and that Beast would've had a throw down, a serious tussle. And then, it would have been: Face full of stink. "Oh, no! Please, Reeko, don't hit me there!" Been like, "No, Beast." "Please, Reeko!" - Reeko? - That's my name, kid. R-E-E... - Reeko. - Stuart. Stuart Little. Nice to meet you, Stuart, Stuart Little. Listen up. This is a beehive. You can tell by its pale coloring it is abandoned. Actually, I'm afraid you're wrong on this one too. Nonsense, Little. Watch. I'm not sure I can. You really know your way around these woods. Nothing goes down in this forest without me knowing about it. - What was that? - How would I know? It's a man being stung in the butt by a million bees. Obviously, I knew that. In the butt. Well, I guess I gotta get going. Yeah. Yeah, me too. Yeah, you know, I'm busy. I got lots of friend stuff to take care of. Lots of friends. I got folks coming over and everything. I'm busy. - Okay, I'll see you. - Yep, later. - Bye. - I'm busy. Busy, busy... It was beautiful. Hey, Stuart. George, I can explain. That was kind of cool, huh? Yeah, I never saw anything like it. Come on, let's go. They didn't miss me at all. And what else? I replaced several shingles on the roof... ...changed the washers in the faucets... ...and weather-stripped the windows. - Really? You did all that today? - And some painting. And as I was plastering the wall, I could see the electrical was shot. So I replaced the wiring too. What happened to "lazy days and carefree nights"? Right after I finish the gazebo. - Gazebo? - I drew up the plans this afternoon. Nothing too extravagant. Just big enough to hold the picnic table I built. - Well, as long as you're having fun. - Oh, I am. How about you boys? Are you having fun with the Scouts? It's a little hard. My natural abilities haven't exactly kicked in yet. Do you have new friends who could help you? Actually, I do. He's the best. And he knows everything. Reeko? Hey, Reeko? Where are you? Must not be here. Yo, Stuart, my man. You lost again? Because look, I am not running a daycare service here. - I'm not lost. I was looking for you. - Looking for me? No one ever looks for me. Do I owe you money? Look, I need to earn the gold kerchief. It's a Scout thing. I thought maybe you could teach me all that cool stuff you do. - Like climbing and tracking and... - What? You want me to teach you the ins and outs, the ups and downs? - What I have cannot be taught. - I'll pay you. Cannot be taught overnight. Yo, little man, you want me to impart All my knowledge upon you? Listen very carefully Check this out So you wanna get down And be like me? Well, you got a long way to go So you wanna be down But it's clear to me You need to hang With your man Reeko I got a Ph.D. In forestology Yo, man, the woods are my hood You're a beginner You don't wanna be a dinner If you stick with me, it's all good Sing! Listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk That's me Funky - He's got savoir faire - Coming out my derrire - Because Reeko's... - Funky - He's so classy - Sometimes gassy, but I don't care - Because Reeko's... - Funky - I'm a bad brother skunk! - Hold your nose Say what? I'm just talking about Reeko So you wanna be a big man? Put some bump in your jump A glide in your stride So you gotta be cool, man When you hear... You better be the first to hide I know the hot spots Where they got good grub Man, you better listen to me You like insects? I love them bugs Yo, I mean grubs, literally Sing, girls Listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk That's me Funky - He's got savoir faire - Coming out my derrire - Because Reeko's... - Funky - He's so classy - Sometimes gassy, but yo, I don't care - Because Reeko's... - Funky Being funky, hey that's my duty Y'all move out the way Stuart, move, man I gotta move my booty Hey - Listen to Reeko - Better listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk The smelly, smelly hunk All this junk in my trunk That's me Reeko! Thank you very much Hey! You know, Reeko, I'm really having a good time this summer. - And I'm learning a lot. - That's why you pay me. Yeah, sure. - Well, gotta go. - Watch out for that. Well, see you tomorrow, Reeko. - Hey, Stuart. - Yeah? - You did good today, bro. - Thanks, bro. Hello. Hungry. All right, all right. I only have four legs. That Monty's got some appetite. Oh, no. Snowbell, I'm sorry, we're out of cat food. Mr. Little will be back in an hour with the groceries. I've got to do something about those pipes. Hey, where you been? I've been banging for 10 minutes. Yes, well, there's a slight glitch in room service. The food won't be here for an hour. - Well, okay. - I knew you'd understand. I'll go find my own grub. Monty. - Monty, what are you doing? - I'm getting some grub. - You want some? - You can't go. You don't know what's in that forest. Squirrels, bunny rabbits, a monkey or two. No, no. There's a... - Monkey? - Yeah. Cute, furry monkeys live in the forest. Everybody knows that. I'll address that misconception at a later date. There is a Beast in that forest! Yeah, right. This from a guy who doesn't believe in forest monkeys. How could you be so selfish? If you get ripped limb from limb, who's gonna look out for me? Dead cat walking. You're looking pretty cocky for someone in your situation. That Beast's got nothing on me. Guess we'll see tonight. Tonight?! Monty? Boy, am I glad you're back. I was so worried. I thought for sure you'd been eaten by the... Skunk. Yo, relax, powderpuff. I'm here for Stuart. He around? Stuart? And you know him how? What do you mean, "how"? What, you don't think we could be friends? - Reeko? - Hey, Stuart. My man! - Yo, I was just telling this dustmop... - What are you doing here? What do you mean, what am I doing here, man? You're embarrassed to be seen with a skunk. - No, I... - Well, "No, l" what? My parents don't exactly know I've been sneaking off. Oh, I get it. Hey, listen, yo, I need a favor. How about an advance on the next lesson? Could you scrounge something up for me? - Stuart! - Oh, man. My parents. I'll try to get what I can for you right after dinner. Look, dude, I got better things to do... ...than to hang around under the porch until you finish dinner. No, I meant after you have dinner with us. No, no. Look, don't even tr... For real? And no lie? You really want me to sit down with your family? Yo, and I thought you were... I've never been invited anywhere before. This is big. Mom, Dad, I want you to meet my friend, Reeko. A kitty cat. Hello there, Reeko. Glad to meet you. Well, aren't you adorable? Mom, I invited him for dinner. Is that okay? It's... It's getting stuffy in here. I think I'll open a window. Thanks, Mom. Great dinner. No. Like this. Got it. So, Stuart... ...where did you and Reeko meet? - Where? Well... - Maybe I should tell them. Yeah, Reeko, you go ahead. Well, it was like this. I was just... And then, look at him now. Well, I guess that just about covers it. - Right, Stuart? - Yep. Yep, it sure does. Okay, Reeko. Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay, maybe I'll see you tomorrow too. I've got some food for you. It's right over here. I hope this is enough. It'll have to do. You know, Stu, you all right. - Thanks. - No, man. I really mean it. You're the only one I ever met... ...that didn't run for the hills the first time you saw me. You didn't judge me, and that goes a long way. I tell you what, next favor, it's on me. Yeah. Well, keep it real, man. I will. Bye. Oh man, who am I kidding? I owe the Beast way more. That much food just doesn't appear out of nowhere. Slap my tail and call me stinky. - Are you still here? - No, I was just going off to the party. - Party? - Who told you about the party? - You know what, Snowflake? - It's Snowbell. I'd love to get you in but it's A list only. - Very exclusive. You have to be cool. - Well, I'm very good at charades. That counts. It starts when the moon rises in the clearing... ...just on the other side of those trees. No, forget it. There's a vicious, cat-eating beast out there. Oh, yeah. Right, right. - You gonna believe that fairytale? - What do you mean? Cowbell, baby. Did you ever see this so-called Beast? - No. Not exactly. - Me either, kid. And I live out there. Dude, you'd think I'd run across this legendary Beast... ...once or twice, right? - I guess. And let me ask you, bro... you think all of the animals would be getting together... ...getting their groove on at night, in the woods... ...if this supposed Beast actually existed? Now that you mention it, that kid who told us that story did look a little shifty. Can I bring anything? Just yourself. You are definitely gonna add some flavor. Now, remember, tell them Reeko sent you. And don't mention this to Stuart. No dis, but he's not hip like you. I do have sort of a subtle hipness, don't I? Don't worry, my lips are sealed. At least until tonight. Where's he going? - Big man - Big man Big man on the block Hello. I am Snowbell of the Manattan Bells. Big man Reeko sent me. - On the block - Yeah, I'm the big man - Big man - Big man on the block The big man on the block Reeko sent me. Do you enjoy charades? I'm the man with the biggest walk Yeah That's it. Walk right on in. I hope the Beast likes take out. Have no fear, the party is here. Name's Snowbell. Just in from the city. New York City. Rubes. The big man on the block Snowbell? Where are you? They probably think I'm crashing the party. Hey, guys, it's all right. I'm on the A list. - He's on the menu. - Reeko sent me. They were probably the caterers. It's the Mount Everest of edibles. Snowbell? Time for this cat to pig out. Now, this is what I call a food pyramid. All my favorite food groups are here. Snowbell. Oh, dear. Pizza, donuts. Oh, yeah. Get out of there! Top of the world, Ma! Hang on, Snowbell. I'm coming! I gotta go get help. You're making a huge mistake. I will give you such a hairball. You'll hack and cough for weeks. - Rise and shine. - Good morning, boys. Mom, Dad. Snowbell and I were out in the woods, and the Beast got him. - Nightmare. - Nightmare. No, no, it's real. We gotta save him. - Sounds like quite a dream. - But it wasrt a dream. Come on downstairs and have breakfast. George? - What? - I need your help. You don't wanna eat me. I taste terrible. I should know, I lick myself every day. Don't speak. Your fur is so soft. It's not like the other animals in the forest. Theirs is coarse with burrs. But yours is clean and silky. Well, I do try my best to take care of it. Regular tongue baths and good grooming. I have different plans for you. Madam, I had no idea. I mean, it's not that you're entirely unattractive. And I'm not opposed to a summer fling, per se. - But I just don't think it would work out. - I don't want you. I want your fur. Well, thank goodness, beca... My fur? For a rug. It gets cold here in the winter. Gee, as much as I'd love to help out with your home decorating... ...I'm rather attached to my fur. That won't be a problem much longer. Wait, wait. Maybe you could... ...fatten me up for a while. Yeah, you'd have a bigger rug. More spacious. You're right. Eat. - What is this? - Eat or be eaten. Don't you have anything in a can? Guys, guys. We need to organize a search party right away. - What happened? - It's Snowbell. He's been kidnapped. - Now, Stuart. - You gotta believe me! - Who took him? - The Beast. - The Beast? - Oh, yeah. - Oh, come on. - Watch out behind you. - Tell them, Brooke. - Oh, Stuart. That was just an old campfire story. I was just messing with you. The Beast isn't real. Yeah, a phony, just like Stuart. - Can't believe he fell for that. - Loser. I'm telling you the truth. Snowbell's in big trouble. Really? Was he taken by the shark? Sorry, Stuart. - Now what am I gonna do? - Just forget about it. He'll be back once he gets hungry. I gotta help Snowbell. We're all living in a world so scary Can you find a place to hide? You come unraveled When the bones are rattled In the closet of your life Will you fit tomorrow When the shadows come to light? It's never fun to be the only one To keep us safe inside Here I come to save the world Enter hero of the day Who's come to save the world Dear George, I have gone to the other side of the lake... save Snowbell from the Beast. Please tell Mom and Dad not to worry. P.S. You were a good brother. P.P.S. If I don't come back... can have my car. - You wanna go around the lake again? - Sure. Hey, guys, wait for me. Hi, George. Want to be my buddy on the hike today? - Sure. - Sweet. Need a hand? Thanks for the hand. No problem. Reeko, where are you? Reeko! Yo, hey, Stuart. What brings you here, man? - The Beast took Snowbell. - I'm sorry to hear that. Wow, he was a great guy. Let's take a moment of silence. Okay, done. I'm sure we'll all miss him. Take care now. - We gotta save him. - That's nuts. - Not if we do it together. - Yo, now you are really talking crazy. I'm staying as far away from the Beast as I can. But you said you don't sweat the Beast. Yeah, yeah, Stuart. I said that. Listen carefully. I was lying. - Lying? - Yeah, I do that. I'm just a skunk. A rotten, unpopular, smelly, freeloading skunk. Ask anyone, they'll tell you. I'd never fight the Beast. That was something I just said so, you know...'d like me. Well, I liked you anyway. Reeko, I'm going. With or without you. Then... Then I'd say it's without me. Stuart. Wait up, will you? Snowbell's history, man. There's nothing you can do for him now. Stu, why don't you listen to me? Because it's my fault. I saw him, but I didn't get to him in time. Dude, you werert the one who sent him straight into the jaws of the Beast. Sent him? Wait a minute. What do you mean, "sent him"? Listen, Stu... ...I can explain. And I thought you were my friend. Why would you do that? It's complicated. The Beast is a cruel, heartless monster. She doesn't care about anybody but herself. Then you two must have a lot in common. Stu, slow down. Slow down and think about what you're doing. It's too risky, man. When it comes to friends, sometimes you gotta take a risk. - Kid's got a point. - What y'all looking at? Any of you wanna join him? I didn't think so. - Come on. - You can do it. - Come on. - You can do it. - Pull! - Pull! - Bee. - Bee! Bee! Man, Elwin. You rock. Come on, scouts. Time to scrub the toilets. Who's excited? Hold it. And what do you have to say about this? Scouts do not litter. Remember, take only memories, leave only footprints. That's really high. Hey, you up there. Can't we talk this over? You don't have to kill me. I'll be a good rug. I'll just lie real flat. - I won't move a muscle all winter. - Pathetic. - Little high, Little low. - Little hey, Little ho. Honey, please. Not in front of the scouts. Diminishes my authority. - Be careful. You'll lose that. - Hey, where's Stuart? I thought he was with you. Now, sweetie, I'm sure he's perfectly safe. - Stuart! - Stuart! - Stuart, are you here? Stuart! - Stuart, where are you? Stuart? I'd know that sound anywhere. Snowbell, are you all right? - Snowbell? - I'm so delirious, I'm hearing voices. Great, now I'm hallucinating. Snowbell, step through the loop. Well, at least I conjured up a mirage with a plan. Yeah. - Am I glad to see you. - You look like my friend Stuart. Only much braver and better-Iooking. - I will call you Larry. - Snap out of it. Stuart? It is you. What are you doing here? And what have you done with Larry? Larry! Larry! Come on, we gotta get out of here. - Son, are you in there? - Stuart! - Stuart! - I can't find him. Stuart, where are you? Stuart, honey. - I haven't seen him. - Oh, no. - Stuart's gone into the forest alone. - Listen up. We gotta take this search party to the other side of the lake. Now, now, hold on a second. Isn't this a bit much? If you ask me, I'd say your boy is just looking for a little attention. What's that supposed to mean? First, we had the shark in the lake story. Now, it's a beast in the woods story. What's next here? Sasquatch? Let's get one thing straight. If my son says there's a beast out there... ...then, by golly, there's a beast out there. Yeah. My brother's not a liar. - What about "no scout left behind"? - Yeah. She's right. - Come on, Stuart's one of us. - Okay, all right. Well, I guess it'll give me a chance to try out my new GPS. Why am I seeing killer robots in lava fields? Okay, listen. Scouts, my boy is lost in the woods. We're wasting time. You there, you go with Mr. Little. This group, come with me. Fan out and cover as much ground as possible. - I love it when she does that. Let's go. - Come on. Careful. The Beast is sleeping out there. - She must've left. - And I say good riddance. What a nut job. Do you know what she wanted to do with my fur? I'm reporting her to PETA. Run! I don't think so. I need you here. He really ties the cave together. Let him go or I'll let you have it. - I'm shaking. - I warned you. Packs quite a punch. Great form, top-notch execution, but too much splash upon entry. Overall, I give a 9.5. - Let's get out of here. - I'm right behind you. Stu. Stuart wasrt making it up. Well, you know, that might not have been an animal roar at all. It could easily have been some kind of avalanche. Does that look like an avalanche? - He's a goner. - Poor Stuart. - Poor guy. - He's a goner. Stuart, buddy, you were my first real friend, and I did you wrong. Is that Reeko actually thinking about someone else for a change? Yeah. Yeah, Stuart had the right idea. I should've had the courage to stand up to the Beast a long time ago. Maybe none of it would've happened. I know there isn't one of y'all here... ...that I haven't begged, borrowed or mooched from. Rabbit, that thing with your carrots, I didn't know you needed them to see. And, Beaver, about the overbite jokes, I'm sorry. But, guys, look, maybe together we have a chance. I don't know about y'all, but I'm sick and tired of living in fear of that Beast. It's time that we got together and we did something, y'all. Who's with me here? - Sounds good, but... - You know, it's just too risky. This little dude once told me that when it comes to friends... ...sometimes you got to take a risk. I'm gonna go save my friend. With or without y'all. - Don't go! - You'll never be able... fight the Beast yourself. The Beast is catching up. Snowbell, I got a plan... ...but I can't do it without you. I don't know how much I got left in me. - Is your heart still beating? - A little. Good. Because we need to start pulling roots, leaves and branches. We're landscaping? Forgive me if I'm not overwhelmed with confidence. We give up. You win. Oh, come on. Don't give up the chase just yet. - I was having such fun. - We can't run anymore. It's true. Look at me. I'm in no condition for this. - A trap? - Oh, no. Clever. But not clever enough. All right, lady, don't make me get tough with... So I'm trying to decide. Should I eat you in one bite, or should I knock you around first? You know how we cats like to play with our food. Yo, Beast. Back it up. - You came. - That's right, little man. Yo, Beast, you wanna eat them...'re gonna have to go through me first. Ridiculous. You're so small. - How could you possibly stop me? - He's got backup. - I'm with Reeko. - Me too. - Me too. - You're not so scary now, are you? - Yeah, look at you. - Come on, everybody. What's the matter, kitty cat? Scared of a little old skunk? You wouldn't. Talk to the butt. Reeko. Squirrel, go. Beave, go. - Here, kitty, kitty. - You need to pack that. - Hey, stink face. - I can smell you, can you smell me? Hey, Beast. I'm over here. Hey, Beast. I'm over here. Look at Stuart. Your decorating days are done. Yeah, you did it! - Where's Stuart? - He was here a second ago. - I just saw him. - Where is he? Hi. Need a hand? - Stuart. - Stuart. - Stuart. - Hey, over here. Stuart! Stuart! - Stuart! Wow, awesome. - Nice! Stuart, honey, get away from the Beast. Oh, Mom, she can't hurt anyone now. Or ever again, thanks to my man, Stuart. Ranger One inbound to the zoo. We got a stinker here. We're gonna have to dart it and shave it. This one needs a bath. Congratulations, son. You've earned that gold kerchief. You've made me troud to be your poopmaster. Thanks. - Hey, little guy. - All right! Can I be your buddy next summer? And I'd like to apologize for ever doubting Stuart. - He's quite extraordinary. - That's our boy. - No, that's our little man. - Oh, Mom. - Monty, is that you? - Yep, in the flesh. I thought the Beast got you. Where have you been all summer? Just over the hill. It was everything you said it would be. - What are you talking about? - The Hartz Mountain Resort and Spa. Awesome. Massage, food, pampering. It was heaven. - Lf it was so good, why'd you leave? - Well, it closed for the season. Well, gotta go hide. Hope I still fit. I'm gonna miss you, George. - You won't forget me, will you? - No way. Here, I want you to have this. And if you need any help, I know all the shortcuts to every level. You can call me at this number or text message me at this one. And that's my email address, my website... user name and password. Thanks. Well, I only have one thing for you. Sweet. So you out of here, huh? I just wanted to thank you for everything. This summer turned out even better than I hoped. - Reeko, coming tonight? - Can't start without you. Looks like you got a few friends to keep you company. Yeah. Funny thing, though. I always thought they didn't want me around because I was a skunk. Well, you know, it turns out they didn't want me around because I was a jerk. But all that's changed, thanks to you, little man. Glad I could help. - Stuart, time to go. - Come on, honey. Yeah, okay. I'll be right there. Yo, you take care. Yeah. You too. Hey, Stuart. I'm gonna miss you, bro. I'm gonna miss you too. So you wanna get down And be like me Well, you got a long way to go So you wanna be down But it's clear to me You need to hang With your man Reeko I got a Ph.D. In forestology Yo, man, the woods are my hood You're a beginner You don't wanna be a dinner If you stick with me it's all good Sing! Listen to Reeko No one know all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk That's me Funky - He's got savoir faire - Coming out my derrire - Because Reeko's... - Funky - He's so classy - Sometimes gassy, but I don't care - Because Reeko's... - Funky - I'm a bad brother skunk! - Hold your nose Say what? I'm just talking about Reeko So you wanna be a big man? Put some bump in your jump A glide in your stride So you gotta be cool, man When you hear... You better be the first to hide I know the hot spots Where they got good grub Man, you better listen to me You like insects? I love them bugs Yo, I mean grubs, literally Sing girls Listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk That's me Funky - He's got savoir faire - Coming out my derrire - Because Reeko's... - Funky - He's so classy - Sometimes gassy, but yo, I don't care - Because Reeko's... - Funky Being funky, hey that's my duty Y'all move out the way Stuart, move, man I gotta move my booty Hey Watch me Hey Watch out for the tail, now Just watch me Reeko Just make it skunky Can I take it to the bridge? Stuart Can I take it to the bridge? Stuart, you are so square Come on, girls Listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows Don't suppose that your nose knows More than Reeko, the pro's nose - So just listen to Reeko - Better listen to Reeko No one knows all that he knows He's the skunk with the funk He's a smelly, smelly hunk All this junk in my trunk That's me Reeko! Thank you very much Hey! If your head keeps spinning Because someone else is winning And you lost In a game of chance Where every time you make A little decision It's like nuclear fission Life explodes right in your lap Now's the time to stop Look around Get both feet on the ground Dig the view Take your foot off the gas You're moving way too fast You don't need to worry Slow down, hey what's the hurry? Take your time, baby Just relax And don't look back Forget about tomorrow Right now is where it's at And don't you know That you are right on track And time is only borrowed And you know wherever You are Is where it's at

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