Ta, ta, da.

Oh, hey. Welcome to Sesame Street.

I'm just doing a little sweeping out here.

Keeping the grounds clean--  [beeping]  (all) Hello, Chris.

Hello, guys. Hey, Rosita. Hey, Elmo. What's up, Telly?  Lemme guess. You guys are the Help-O-Bots  and you're here to help me sweep, right?  Umm..negative, Chris.

We are not the Help-O-Bot robots. Beep.

Oh, well, what kind of robots are you?  We are robots that transform. Bee-boop.

Transforming robots? Hey, cool. I used to pretend I was a robot  that could transform, when I was a kid.

Wow! What do you transform into?  Bumble Bee? Car? Cassette tape player?  [laughing] No.

We transform into shapes. Beep, beep, beep.

Shapes? Now, that's hot. Hold, wait.

I'm gonna pretend that I'm a robot that could  transform into a shape.

Ready? Okay. Okay.

[mimicking a robot]  Beep-o-beep. I'm a circle. See? The circle.

That is not how we transform into shapes.

That is so lame. Beep.

Oh, ah, okay.

Well, then how do you transform into shapes?  Like this.

Beep, boop, transform.

[robotic beep]  Transformation complete. Beep.

Ho, ho, ho. Cool!  I wish I had robot costume like this when I was little.

Check it out.

It gave you one, two, three sides  and one, two, three angles.

You are totally a triangle. Sweet!  Thank you. Beep.


(Chris) 'Hu, hu, hu, well.'  What do you transforming robots call yourselves?  The Shape-O-Bots. Beep.

- The Shape-O-Bots? - Yes.

Come, Shape-O-Bots. Let's sing Chris  the Shape-O-Bots theme song. Beep.

♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  Man, that's a catchy theme song.

W-wa-what now?  We wait for someone who needs a shape.

Wow! Um, guys, I don't think anybody's gonna be needing a shape.

- Help! - Oh.

I need a shape.

I stand corrected.

What kind of shape help do you need, citizen? Beep.

My name is Andy and I lost my octagon.

Oh, an octagon. Beep.

Yes, an octagon. Beep.

He needs an octagon. Beep.

(Shape-O-Bots) What's an octagon? Beep.

An octagon is a shape with eight sides and eight angles.

(Shape-O-Bots) Oh! Beep.

Yes, I kept red octagon at the end of this stick  and it'd help to stop people from crashing into me.

Oh! Sounds like your octagon was a stop sign.

Maybe. Watch what happens when I don't have my octagon.

[screaming]  Hey-he-hey! Wait for me.

Please, I need an octagon.

Oh, this looks like a job for the Shape-O-Bots.

♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  Stand back as I transform into an octagon.


[robotic beep]  Octagon transformation complete.

Wait a minute.

I don't think you are an octagon.

Because an octagon has eight sides and eight angles  and you only have one, two, three sides  and one, two, three angles.

Oh, no. I transformed into a triangle...again. Beep.

Maybe a triangle will work though.

[screaming]  Look out. I'm right behind you.

I guess you can't use a triangle. Boop.

No. I really need that octagon.


[robotic beep]  Let me try to transform.

♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  Transform.

[robotic beep]  Transformation complete.

Am I an octagon?  Well, let's see.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight sides  and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight angles.

Yes, you are definitely an octagon.

- He, he. - Come on.

- Oh. Whoa. - He, he. Whoa!  You're a lot heavier than my last octagon.

Sorry. Bee-beep.

- Beep. - Hope this works.

Beep. Boop.

Hey, that looks like a stop sign.

- Yeah. - What?  It's got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight sides.

That's the shape of an octagon.

Yeah, and stop signs are octagons.

We better stop and go a different way.

- Come on. - Yeah.

- Beep, beep. - It worked.

[screaming]  (Rosita) 'Transform.'  (Andy) 'A-ah! You're transforming on top of my spleen.'  Oh, are you okay?  [both gasping]  I'm fine.

I'm great. I'm better than great.

Having that octagon really came in handy.

- Thanks, guys. - Oh, little day's work for..

♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  Hey, good job, Shape-O-Bots.

That was some awesome shape shifting.

Thanks, Chris. But we're not done yet. Beep.

You're not? You think someone will need some shapes today?  Definitely, people need shapes all the time, Chris. Bee-boop.

Help. I also need a shape.

See, what Elmo Shape-O-Bot means. Boop.

Don't you look like...nevermind. What shape do you need?  Well, as you can see by my baseball cap  I am a baseball coach.

And we baseball coaches need pentagons.

Oh, a pentagon. Beep.

Yes, a pentagon. Beep.

He needs a pentagon. Beep.

(Shape-O-Bots) What's a pentagon? Boop.

A pentagon is a shape with five sides and five angles.

That's correct. And for my players to score a run  they need to slide into a pentagon.

That's why 'cause in baseball the home plate is a pentagon, right?  Yes, that's right.

'Cause look what happens without it.

[crowd cheering]  [penguins quacking]  Ow!  [quacking continues]  Ow!  Ow!  Sorry, guys. You didn't score any runs. I'm not a pentagon.

[penguins quack sadly]  My team needs a pentagon.

Have no fear.

This Shape-O-Bot will now transform into a pentagon.


♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  (Telly) 'Transform.'  [robotic beep]  Pentagon transformation complete.

Remember how I said a pentagon has five sides?  You just have one, two, three sides.

No. I'm a triangle again.

[sadly] Beep.

[crowd cheering]  Oh, no.

[penguins quacking]  Ow!  [quacking continues]  Ow!  Sorry, guys. Still no runs.

[penguins quacking sadly]  My team really needs a pentagon.

Sorry. Boop.


[robotic beep]  Maybe, Elmo Shape-O-Bot can transform into a pentagon.

- Yeah. Give it a try, buddy. - Right.

Elmo is ready to transform.

♪ Shape O Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape O Bots we can change our shape ♪  Transform.

[robotic beep]  Transformation complete.

Did Elmo Shape-O-Bot transform into a pentagon?  Well, you have one, two, three, four, five sides  and one, two, three, four, five angles.

Yes, you're definitely a pentagon.

[cheering]  And just in time.

Here we go.

[penguins quacking]  Yes! Yes!  Howzzat!  Great news, penguins. Thanks to this pentagon  you've officially touched home plate and scored three runs.

[penguins quacking]  Thank you, Shape-O-Bots.

You guys truly are the greatest.

Hey, wait up, guys.

No problem. Transform.

Any time you need help with a shape  the Shape-O-Bots will be here.

- I need help with a shape. - Ag-again?  This is the same guy, but the mou...forget it.

What kind of shape could you possibly need now?  I need...a rhombus.

Oh, a rhombus. Beep.

Yes, a rhombus. Beep.

He needs a rhombus. Beep.

(Shape-O-Bots) What's a rhombus? Boop.

Oh, a rhombus. I know this one.

It's a shape that's kinda like a diamond.

Exactly. A rhombus is a diamond.

You see, I have this friend. He's kind of a king.

And he's missing his red rhombus and he thinks its my fault.

Ah...a king with a red rhombus?  Yes.

You're not talking about the King of Diamonds, are you?  Well, some people call him the King of Diamonds.

But I like to call him the King of Rhombuses.

Oh, rhombus. Oh, rhombus. My kingdom for a rhombus.

Ah. Ah! Ah! There he is, darling.

There is the chap who lost your rhombus.

- It wasn't my fault. - Alright, Ace.

It's time you came face to face with the King of Diamonds. Hm!  - Got to go. - Wha-what the juice!  Come back here, you rhombus robbing rap stallion.

(Andy) 'I didn't take your rhombus.'  Hey, aren't you guys gonna help him?  Elmo Shape-O-Bot's not sure he can make a rhombus.

Oh, little help.

(Queen) Oh, you can't hide.

The King of Diamonds will flush you out.

- How about you, Rosita? - I-I-I-I do not know.

A rhombus sounds really hard.

(Andy) 'I could really use a rhombus right now.'  You're in trouble, mister. Trouble in spades.

I mean diamonds.

- 'Come back here, you--' - 'I will do it.'  I'll transform into a rhombus.

Hey, alright, Telly.

Have no fear. The Shape-O-Bots are here.


♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  [fake laugh]  Transform.

[robotic beep]  No, no. I'm a triangle again.

Beep. Transform.

(King) 'Aha!'  It's time for some royal straight talk.

[panting]  Where's my rhombus?  I don't have it.

[bickering]  (King) Force flusher!  My heart. I mean, my diamond.

Oh, Telly, you got to do something.

I can't. I'll never be able to transform into anything  but a triangle.

Well, Telly, look.

Look at that diamond on the Queen of Diamonds.

Why are you looking at my royal rhombus?  'Cause a rhombus looks like it's two triangles stuck together.

Yeah, check it out.

(Chris) 'There goes one triangle and here's another triangle.'  So?  So, if Telly can transform into one triangle.

Maybe he can transform into two triangles together.

Hey, yeah. Then I can be a rhombus.

[laughing]  Hurry, Telly. I need that rhombus.

Enough talk. It's time to deal with King of Diamonds.

Okay. But now, how do I make myself into another triangle?  Well, Telly, if you hit one button to become one triangle.

Maybe if I hit two buttons, I'll become a rhombus.

Time to transform.

[robotic beep]  Oh, no. I am just a triangle.

Oh, wow. It worked.

I am in the shape of a diamond. I transformed into--  A rhombus. A rhombus suited for a king.

Oh, thank goodness.

Now, I can be the King of Diamonds again.

[cheering] Hooray!  Come on, darling. Let's go tell Jack.

Oh, he'd want to hear this.

Oh, boy. It worked.


Thank you, Shape-O-Bots.

You guys really know how... to get in shape.

No problem. All in a day's work for..

♪ Shape-O-Bots we go any place ♪  ♪ Shape-O-Bots we can change our shape ♪  Hey, guys, come on. Pizza's on me.

[cheering]  Thanks again.

From Elmo's Shape Adventure DVD October 11, 2011

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