Sesame Street Goes To The Hospital is the 1996 tape when Big Bird was sick because Maria took him to the hospital. January 13, 1996 @ 7:30 AM.

It was a beautiful day on Sesame Street because Big Bird woke him up sounds sick. Maria took him to the hospital. The first thing they do is go to the emergency room. Maria took Big Bird to see the doctor to look at his feathers. Sure enough, Maria told Big Bird that they can figure out what they sure got what Big Bird wished. Big Bird explained to Maria the x-ray machine is a very special kind that will look under his body. That afternoon they went to visit doctors and patients. Big Bird told Maria that it's bedtime in the hospital, simply it's supposed to be daytime. The next day, Maria woke Big Bird up from last night. She told Big Bird they have to be patient. Five visitors came. Mr. Mactintosh, Oscar, Mike, Susan and Cookie Monster were there. Cookie wished there were flowers because they don't have anymore flowers, he also gave cookies, although that he ate as well. Susan brought Big Bird's teddy bear Radar. Later that rainy night for it Hoots was talking to Big Bird about things they have to do they aren't easy. Big Bird went to the playroom. Soon every day the doctor checked his stepiscope. Soon it was Big Bird's last day at the hospital. Big Bird said goodbye to some kids there, they went back to Sesame Street. When they got home, they told Big Bird welcoming back. There was Gordon, Elmo, Gina, Snuffy and Luis there. His friends told Big Bird that he did not want to feel sick again.