Votings The New Years Eve Party. April 20, 2002 @ 8:00 AM. Previews of two Spongebob Squarepants videos. "Natural Nonsense", and "Sponge Buddies". They include "Spongebob Squarepants" VHS, "Rugrats In Paris: The Movie", and "Rugrats Decade In Diapers" volumes 1 and 2. Ms. Allison from Summit read the title card in voice-over before the Baloney theme song. Eight great frame numbers. In this fun program, Clover cancelled some plans because she went to record Elmo's World Up and Down with Clover's little girl named Jessica. FRAME 8 on this where Lauren and Tiptie want Jotta to find Clover. While Jotta read "Join Barney's House: Tins Magical Visit!" released January 22, 2000, Tiptie in voice-over lists them while the nighttime version of the theme music plays. "Z", 4. "Well, this is Tiptie signing off." The end credits use Sing-along Songs Heigh-Ho released for May 19, 1987. The end credits are pretty long. This credits music duration 4 minutes, 0 seconds.


Hey, Jotta, where's Clover?

She went there to record "Elmo's World Up and Down".

"All The Right Angles" with Jenna.

Season 2, episode 5 of the PBS Kids hit Cyberchase.


Listen, Jotta. Why does Matt do that?

'Cause it's pretty funny to use his yo-yo in his nose.

Samantho, Lauren, Tiptie, and Trosa together.

All: What are they gonna do now?

I don't know, duckies. Did they leave this at the bakery?

Sorry, Tiptie. They left their page at their ship.

Well, all Baloney watchin' "All The Right Angles".

Don't worry, Mr. Doody. If you want Baloney to watch "All The Right Angles", from Season 2 Episode 5 of the PBS Kids hit Cyberchase so Invanka can turn her visible again.

Don't you want "All The Right Angles"?

No thanks, Jotta. Clover just loves to record Elmo's World Up and Down with Clover's little girl named Jessica.

Meowsic plays Alpha Baa Baa Twinkle.

Uh, Ronald, do you think Jim Hawkins and his friends ever made it back home from Treasure Island?

Ho ho I know they did, Grimace. Because that's what it says right here.

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