Ronald And The Treasure is the 1998 VHS Sony Wonder video based on the 1990 McDonald's video The Adventures of Ronald McDonald: McTreasure Island. January 4, 1998 @ 8:00 AM. It was a bright sunny day here in McDonaldland, and things were using Ronald's tricks with Grimace. Grimace used Ronald's tricks to pull a coin for hats. Soon Mr. Oak cheered for Ronald to their otwn tricks. Birdie was practicing her landings differently. He yelled "Hands up! I mean, down, Hamburglar!" Birdie was flying again but this time Grimace gets it there. Birdie responds for Mr. Oak that Ronald wants to practice more tricks. It was pretty musical. Birdie wants Ronald to try it, but they both just tried it together. Soon Ronald learned that magic was so hard. Hamburglar wants Ronald to get this a pull. So Ronald and Birdie run over to chase their good friend Grimace just around the bend. The Captain (played by Gilbert Gottfried) carried Birdie's books to their good friend the captain for the story "Treasure Island" that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the book. They'll be pretty happy to possibly see it. Little did Ronald know that it was a good time to see Mr. Oak's books. Mr. Oak was pretty happy to see some books simply in his trunk. This story they all knows like a perfect one: "Treasure Island". Although this is pretty rusty, Birdie gives him a feather dust thingy before they put it there. Hamburglar went to the book pages into a journey in a world only to use some stories here. Ronald told Hamburglar he quickly brought his umbrella in case it gets pretty rainy there. Ronald, Birdie and Grimace landed in a "Treasure Island" book. Birdie responds that she doesn't want to escape from his cape. Soon Ronald introduces Jim Hawkins's companions. Ronald tried that they're not sto aways because they don't belong in this story. Grimace knows that there's sharks in the sea. Birdie wants to discuss there from bird to bird. She also tells Ronald that they're trying to figure out how to get back home to McDonaldland unless the cover is closed. He met more companions. Grimace told Ronald that it's kind of diving there like diving boards. Grimace introduced Jim Hawkins in the story. His captain told the pirate bird that sniffing sto aways might be simply sorry. Their friend Jim Hawkins explained to stay at Jim's parents back here in England. Ronald told Jim that friends try to help their friends there. He responds that Hamburglar a little bit sea-sick. Ronald thanked Hamburglar for feeling better and wonders where they'll have the same success in finding Jim Hawkins's companions. So Ronald responds Jim that Long John Silver and his men are ready to steal their ship. Jim responded to warn his friends. Hamburglar yelled "Robble Up!" Grimace dive there into the water. Ronald looked at Grimace and he told him to use the oars. Ronald doesn't want to look down for Hamburglar. He responded "Don't look down, Hamburglar." Ronald told Grimace that the boat might be too busy. Suddenly, Ronald has an idea-he turned into a boat into a sailboat. His friends simply landed safely in Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins and his friends simply bare escape that Long John Silver wanted to get Jim Hawkins in big trouble. Hamburglar, Ronald, Birdie, and Grimace run to Jim Hawkins and his friends because Grimace found something by accident. Grimace jumped this log brown thingy. The trio jumped right to Grimace. Birdie gripes, "You're a good treasure hunter, Grimace." All of Ronald's friends introduced Ben Gunn (played by Michael Gough) because his voice of Gopher from Winnie the Pooh for three long years. He responds that they moved to this special grotto. Ronald brought the balloons. He responded one last time, "Don't look down, Hamburglar." Ben Gunn knew were the pirates went. Grimace explained to Ronald that quicksand is kind of wet and yucky simply like mud there. They're stuck in quicksand that Ronald hoped his vines worked. He told Hamburglar that he's got a sinking feeling that he needs their flute quartet. That afternoon the companions searched all over town trying to find Ronald and his friends. They spotted his map, but none of them still liked they sailed across the water. He learned that ghosts usually use that for Halloween. The captain learned that there's no ghost. Jim responds that with a little help from Ronald's friends there. The other pirates learned that the treasure's gone. Some gentlemen allowed them to introduce Ronald to his good friend Ben Gunn. What will Ronald's friends go back to McDonaldland for now? Mr. Oak explained to the captain that this story wasn't over yet. Ronald told Mr. Long John Silver that they already brought some. They bought simply a gold doubloons. His companions tried to keep away. Jim Hawkins saved their day again! Now they're about to go home back to McDonaldland while Ronald says goodbye to Jim Hawkins and his companions that Jim wants Ronald to get any, but he said no thanks. Everybody pulled back to McDonaldland. The captain thanks Ronald for looking his book and he asks him did they enjoy the story. Everyone learned that friends help each other, nothing was impossible. Grimace told Ronald that Jim Hawkins and his friends ever made it back and Ronald looked into the story again.

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