Movie Date: June 15, 1979

(commentator) Apollo is saying "Come on!" Apollo is going right. He's going for another right... another right. Now he's gone for the left. Down on one knee. Lou Filippo in there wiping off the glove. Hard left and a right combination. (commentator #2) What is keeping him up, Bill? I don't know. He can't even get his gloves up to protect himself. Down! Stay down! Apollo dancing around with his arms in the air. Five... ...six... seven... ...eight... nine... (commentator) Apollo can't believe it. The champion got a left to the ribs - his right ribs. - You OK, champ? - Yeah, I'm OK. I'm OK. - Your rib's broken. - He broke my ribs. I can't see nothing. Gotta open my eye. Cut me, Mick. - I don't wanna do it! - Go on, cut me. - Cut me. - OK. Try it. Cut it. You're bleedin' inside. I'm gonna stop the fight. You ain't stoppin' nothin', man. - You stop this fight, I'll kill you! - All right. I won't stop it. - I'm goin'! - You wanna go... - Last round. - You gotta do it! You gotta get it off! Get it off! (commentator) There's the bell for the 15th and final round. You better start fightin'. You been doin' nothin'. You been doin' nothin'. They look like they've been in a war, these two. The champion really tagged him. Apollo clearly protecting his right side - his ribs. - Oh, look at that! - Body punches! - Hard left and right. - See the blood coming out of his mouth. He's spitting out blood now. A tremendous right hand from Rocky. Go for it. Go for it, Rock! Listen to this crowd! Left to the ribs. Another to the ribs. That left hand again. Right to the chin! He's got him up against the ropes! Apollo, the champion... (Apollo) Ain't gonna be no rematch. Ain't gonna be no rematch. (Rocky) Don't want one! - You went 15 rounds. How do you feel? - All right. What were you thinking about when that buzzer sounded off? Adrian! Rocky... Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! We have had the privilege of witnessing the greatest exhibition... ...of guts and stamina in the history of the ring. Adrian! Rocky! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a split decision. Adrian! Eight for Apollo Creed! - Those fans out there deserve a rematch. - Ain't gonna be no rematch. Come on! I had enough things in my face today! Adrian! Rocko! That's my friend. Rocko! You're breaking my jacket. Paulie! - Adrian! Adrian! - Rocky! Adrian! Hey, where's your hat? - I love you! - I love you. I love you! I love you! I love you! Rocky Balboa! Get 'em outta here! Let him breathe, will ya? Give him air. Sit down, Rocky. Sit down. - Did you think you had it won? - I don't know. - How about a statement, Rocky? - I don't know. I'm at a loss for words. - Get back there! - Rocky, did you think you had it won? - Where's the doctor? - How's my nose? As bad as Mickey's? It ain't that horrible. Now give him a break. Get outta there. - Is that the worst beating you ever took? - You'll get worse if you don't get out. What did you think in the last round? That I shoulda stayed at school or somethin'. - Do you think you have brain damage? - I don't see any. - (Apollo) Where is he? - Apollo, how about a statement? Get away from me! Stallion! Stallion! You got a dull skull, Stallion. You're lucky, so lucky. What you did was a miracle. You're the luckiest man on the face of the earth. - Do I look lucky? - Nobody goes the distance with me. Get up out of that chair, and finish this fight. - Don't, please. Sit down. - Is he serious? - Did the bell save you, Apollo? - Bell nothin'. I can beat that chump. - I'll fight him any place, any time. - You mean a rematch? I said any place, any time, man. Can you hear? You said there weren't gonna be no rematch. - Look, chump, any place, any time. - A rematch could be worth millions. - Well, I'm officially retired now. - Don't you run out on me now, Stallion. I gave you a shot the first time. Now I'll give you a second. He sure has a lot of energy. You got nothin' to prove. I don't care what the hell them judges said - this is the man that won the fight! I'm gonna show you how lucky you are! You're gonna fight me again, chump! Don't run out on me! Come back here! Adrian? You better go home... ...cos I'm gonna be busy healin' here for a while, you know. - I wanna be here. - Maybe you better go home with Paulie... ...and get some - wait a minute - get some sleep, you know? - I love you. - I love you. See you later. See you, Mick. (slurred) Can you fix my nose? I'm a little depressed about my nose. We'll fix that all right. It's the eye that concerns me. The eye's great. I ain't never really felt this good. You guys shoulda seen us tonight. We did good. (mumbles) You had him in the 10th, and in the 15th he was gone. - You think so? - Trust me. I was there. - How's your face, Rock? - I don't know. How's it look? Well, I wouldn't want it. Rocky, I got a little favour I'd like to ask you. You know your friend Gazzo, he admires you a lot. - Tell him to give me your old job. - You mean collectin'? - I'm good with numbers. - Yeah. OK. As soon as I get finished, you know, healin' here... ...l'll tell him to give you my old job, OK? - I'd appreciate that. - What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over. I have to ask you to leave. - Now. - OK. See you later, Paulie. - OK. Everybody's proud of you, Rock. - Yeah? - Yeah! - (nurse) Now. - I feel good tonight. - Yeah, you look good. - Let's go. - (Paulie whistles) - How are we feeling tonight? - Oh, very handsome. - That tastes good. - My kid would die for your autograph. - Sure. - Would you sign it to: "My good friend Charlie Flynn." - My hands are so sore. - It's OK. - It's my first autograph. - Thank you. You're welcome. To my good friend Charlie Flynn, who I don't even know. Yo, Apollo? - Who is it? - It's just me, Rocky. Listen... - Could you answer me one question? - Yeah, sure. Did you give me your best? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. This year... - You all right? - Great bein' outside. This coming year you're gonna make $300,000. This fiscal year. - Hey, Rock! - How you doin', Pete? - Hey, could you sign my head? - Yeah, sure. - Thanks. - Hope it don't go to your brain. - Bet that's heavy. - A bit. Just think how fast you'll be when you get it off. Just a minute. Can I borrow this? Let me use your head. - Sign, Rocky. Sign the deal. - I wanna talk to you a little bit about this. - It's a standard deal. - Just for talkin' about shavin' stuff? - Sledgehammers... Whatever. Batteries... - All kinds of commercials. - Balls and baseballs? - You're gonna make $300,000. Strike while the iron's hot. - Yeah, people kinda forget. - The time is now to make a dollar. Sign it here. It takes you two seconds to sign. It's a standard deal. OK, I'll sign it, but I gotta go somewhere now. Where you goin'? What could be more important? I just gotta do some things, but I'll be back. I'll talk to you. - Give me a call, then. - Where will we call you? - I'll give you a call. - You got a number? I'll just call you. I'll go "Hey! Yo!" I'll call you. All right, you call. The guy's got brain damage. It's great bein' outta the hospital and not havin' to take all those pills. And my legs were gettin' so sore and all that from just layin' there. I was kind of shrinkin' and all that. It's great to be outside, you know? - What are we doin' here at the zoo? - Well, you know, I kinda like the zoo a lot. It's a special place, especially when it snows - it smells clean and everything. Don't you like the zoo? Huh? - I like the zoo. - Yeah, me too. You know, I was wonderin', like... What do you think you're doin' for, like, the next, uh... 40 or 50 years? What do you mean? I was wonderin' if, uh... you wouldn't mind marrying me very much. What'd ya say? If you wouldn't mind marryin' me too much. Yes. I'd like to marry you. - Yeah? - Yes. - Yeah? - Yes. I'll be a good guy, I promise. I ain't gonna do nothin' wrong. I ain't gonna leave no hair in the sink or nothin'. Things are gonna be great, you know that? Hey, we're gettin' married, you know. You wanna come? If you can get out for the weekend, I'll send you an invitation! That's fantastic, ain't it? (Tarzan-like call) (bell rings) Rocky Balboa, volete prendere Adriana Pernino... ...qui presente per la vostra moglie? - Yeah, absolutely. Yes. Adriana Pernino, volete prendere a Rocky Balboa qui presente per vostro marito? - I do. - Thanks. Io declaro che siete sposo e sposa. You may kiss the bride now. - I gotta take this off? - Yeah. Vada in pace. Go in peace and God bless you. Uh, thanks, Father. You done real good. I'm proud of ya. - Things are gonna be great. - Rocky, congratulations! Thanks a lot, thanks a lot. Thanks, Tony. - I ain't gonna need any luck. - Rock, you wanna buy into the pet shop? Thanks, but I'm gonna do commercials instead. - Commercials? What for? Concussion? - Yeah! - Rocky! - Yeah. Ain't that father somethin'? - Good luck to the both of ya. - Thanks, Mick. I gotta go back to the gym. I got a couple of good prospects. - Are they really good? - Pretty good. - See you around. Thanks for coming. - (Paulie) Can we go drink now? (Gazzo) Can I borrow the bridegroom for one minute? - You look beautiful, Adrian. - She really turned out pretty. Listen, how much money you make from your last fight? How much did you clear? - About 37 grand. - Taxes kill you. What do you wanna do with your money now? Put 'em on the street? - I told you. I just got married here. - I know, and I'm happy for you. How's about investing in condominiums? It's safe. - Condominiums? - Yeah, condominiums. I never use them. (# Beach-Boy-style harmonising) - Hey, yo! What are youse doin'? - Hey, Rock! What's happenin', man? Well, you know, I just got a little married, you know. - Congratulations! - You guys drinkin' some wine? - Yeah, we're doin' it. - Keep singin'. I like that stuff. - Somethin' for him. - # There are two kinds of love # That you oughta know # There are two kinds of love # There are two kinds of love... - Who are they? - They're the neighbourhood's jukebox. - I never knew you were so light. - Never? If I did, I woulda carried you everywhere. - Are you gettin' tired? - No, this is great for the arms... I think. - I can't believe we're married. - We are. I got proof in my pocket. - Everything happened so fast. - Yeah. - But I knew what'd happen from the start. - What did you know? The first time I see you, I says to myself, I says... Even though this girl is suffering from the disease of being shy... ...underneath them sweaters and hat - what did you have on? 20 sweaters? - No, uh... three. - Three sweaters is the best girl in Philly. - Aw... - Oh, yeah! I said that. I said that. - Really? - Oh, yeah. Here we are, safe and sound. Hey, yo, Butkus! Could you get down? Go on. Go find another seat, will ya? You want me to help you with this? Hey, can I take this off? That's the way I like you. You know... you're the best thing that ever come into my crazy life, you know that? Really. You're the best thing that ever come into my life. You think it'll always be like this? Yeah. - I hope you... - What? never get tired of me. Oh, no. You ain't never gettin' rid of me. I hope nothing changes. I ain't changing. I sure ain't never changing nothin' about you. - I love you. - I love you too. - It's a nice car, Rock. - It's a great car. - Here's the papers. - Thanks a lot. - Congratulations. - Thanks. Same to you. Isn't that nice? - We really don't need a car. - Come on, Adrian. I'm gonna be doin' commercials now. I can afford this. No problem. - Do you know how to drive? - Do I know how to drive? - Do you know how to drive? - I'm one of the greats. I'll drive you. Let me put you inside the car. This'll be like Cinderella and the pumpkin. - Do you know how to drive? - Do I know how to drive?! I drive airplanes and bulldozers. I'd drive you crazy if you'd give me a chance. Oh, yo, Adrian! Look at this here. Tell me that wouldn't look great on you. This coat here? Huh? What about that one? - This coat's OK. - Look at this black thing with the tiger. You like animals? I love animals. Black's kinda my favourite colour. You wanna buy 'em? I say we get 'em before someone else buys 'em. Come on, Adrian. - I think that would be perfect. - I think that's perfect too. Don't you think this is kind of expensive? Well, hey, do you like having a good time? Huh? - Yes. - Then you need a good watch. I wanna get one for Paulie too, OK? - We'll take these. - What about one for yourself? I can't tell time very good, but, all right, I'll take one too. You got somethin' nice for Butkus? Sure thing, Rockhead. - Do you like that? - Oh, look at that. Hey, Butkus! Look at that. Your neck looks great. Is that nice? Hey, Gloria, you got somethin' a little smaller? - Look at that. - Oh, yeah. Look at that. You see? Now, that's what I call class, huh? - Huh? - Yeah. (Butkus whines) You OK, Butkus? Nice house. I'd say it's a nice house in general, wouldn't you? Huh? - Look at these bricks, Adrian. - My husband's an expert on bricks. - Are these new bricks? - This is a very solid neighbourhood. - You're gonna like this very much. - I like these bricks. Very nicely done. Nice mailbox. I like this mailbox. These numbers almost add up to nine. I like that. That's a good omen. Oh, wow! Nice house. Really n... Hey, Adrian, that's a great spot for the bag. I could teach you how to work that bag someday. Uh, does it have copper plumbing? Upstairs and down. This whole house is supported with steel. The whole thing. - All these floors are solid oak. Solid. - Yeah? Mrs Balboa, can I show you the kitchen? I think you're gonna really like it. Solid. That's good to know. Hey, Adrian, that's a great spot for a radio. Right over there, you know. Look at these steps. Nice steps. - Hey, nice kitchen. - Nice. Nice kitchen, yes. - What are taxes every year? - 1500. - 1500. - Hey, Adrian, I like it. I know a pretty good deal when I see one, too. Excuse me. I wanna talk to my husband for one second. - Can I talk to you? - Sure. I got no appointments. Rocky, you are making this man's job very easy. The bank said it will give us a $16,000 first mortgage at 91 per cent. That don't matter. I say we get the house now, huh? - We didn't even go upstairs. - That's just details. I'm sure it's nice. - Details, huh? Are you sure? - Absolutely. OK? All right, we'll take the house. And it better not leak, or else. I wanted to tell you... Excuse me. Could you stand over there? - I gotta talk secretly with my wife. - Sure. I understand. Yeah. I kinda feel stupid talkin' like this with the lights on and everything... ...but the house here and solid oak floors and all that stuff, and the plumbing... ...wouldn't be nothin' without you bein' here. Without you bein' here, I probably... I wouldn't be here either, you know. - You don't have to speak. - No? (# hums wedding march) OK. Let's go celebrate here. - I'll beat you to the pool! - Hey, you guys! Slow down. Mary Anne. Mary Anne, listen to this. "You didn't beat nobody. Anybody who knows boxing knows the fight was fixed." This one came from London. "You call yourself the champ." "You're a fake. The fight was a fake. Go kill yourself." Wouldn't you rather play with the children than read hate mail? "How much did you get to carry that bum for 15 rounds? You're a disgrace." Why can't you ignore it?! Are you serious? Come on, let me get you in focus there. All right, I'm ready. - Are you blind, Rock? - Are you gettin' wise with me? Come on! Throw the ball, Swifty. Let me see your best here. I'm waitin' for ya. I'm waitin' for ya. Come on. I'm ready now. I'm just warmin' up. Are you ready for this? Keep your mouth closed. It's comin' in that direction. - What a shot! - Now I know the day weren't no waste. Come on, Swifty. - Yeah? - Yes. Adrian! You did it! Oh, yeah! I knew you had it in you. You woke up, you had a smile on your face. I said "Somethin' special's gonna happen today." I knew it was gonna be different. If this kid has your good looks and your good brains... ...and my good left hook, he's really gonna be somethin'. Oh, no, what if it's a girl? What if it's a girl? Oh, I didn't think about that. Well, she'll be everything I'm not. She won't have to be shy. We could give her singing and dancing lessons. How about a new dress every day? Have to hire a bodyguard when she starts goin' to school to keep the boys away. You know how them little boys can be. A real pest in general. And if it's a boy, I'd like him to be just like the father. Don't you think one dumbbell in the family's enough, huh? I'll tell you one thing - this kid won't get no tattoos. It ain't gonna be hanging around no corners or dress like no wise guy like me. He's gonna be a good somebody like you. - Like you. - No, no, no. Like you. - Like you. - No, no. Like you. Like you. Yo, Adrian. We did it. Didn't we? - How you feel, Rocky? - Pretty good. The reason we didn't call was we wanted to wait till the swelling went down. - I see. - You look terrific now. - Yeah? - We're gonna make a buck together. That's good. I got a deal today from Smart Deal Toy Company. Did you ever hear of them? - No. - Did you ever hear of a Smart Deal Toy? - No. - No? Big. They're number one. And they wanna make a Rocky doll. You can kick it. You can beat it. For kids. You can kick it. You can beat it. It does everything. - Pretty smart, yeah. - Takes a terrific beating. I think it's a great idea. We're gonna make a lot of money. Is he ready there? - Finito. - How do I look? - The best. - Fabulous. - Adrian, how do I look? - Different. - Sensational. Come on, let's get it on. - OK. He's gonna be great. - Don't be nervous. - Yeah. How do I look? - I look stupid, don't I? - Yes. - You got any deodorant? - No. Uh, excuse me. All right, we're ready. Let's go, Arthur. In the cage, Rock. - Just the way we rehearsed. - Everyone get ready for picture now. Girls, come on. Look alive, dear. Girls? Yeah. A little higher. Show the product. That's it. Magic time! Look alive. - Roll, please. - Speed. - Beast aftershave. Take one. - Action! - Go now? - Action. In the mornin' I splash it on and it makes me... smeel mainly. "Smeel mainly"? Cut! Isn't that "smell manly"? Can you read that, Rock? - Yeah. - Well, let's go again. Excuse me. I know I said it wrong, but it really don't smell manly. Do you think this stuff smells like a man? I'd say absolutely no. - Are you finished? - I'm sorry. - OK. Rolling again. - Speed. - Beast aftershave. Take two. - Action! In the mornin' I splash it on and it surrounds my face with class. Cut! Action! And Beast aftershave will turn the women into beasts. Cut! Action! If you want to be the king of the beasts and smell like a jungle rat... Cat... rat... cat... They look alike. Action! In the afternoon when I put it on to go out with the guys... ...and have a rendezvouse... - Cut! Cut! We're cutting this set. - We're going to the alternate set. - I can get it. It's... - I'm sure you can. Get out of the cage. - The word "rendezvous"... Rendezvous over to the other set, Rock, if you don't mind. - Sure. - We've only wasted four hours. Arthur, let's reorganise. We're going to the alternate set. It sounded great inside, before it come out like that. Get the damn club away from him and get the girls into their outfits. Where is the wardrobe people? Where are the prop people? All right, wet him down. - Arthur, step out, please. - Speed. Beast aftershave: "The Contender." Take seven. Try to get it right. Action! Hi. My name is Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion. They say I'm the American dream, but not cos... - Can I do it over again? - Christ! Cut. No, just keep it rolling. Keep it rolling. Just read it off the dummy cards. - Dummy cards? - Please! Go on. Wait a minute. I'd like to explain somethin'. I ain't punchy. I got what you call, like, I don't know, a relaxed brain, but I ain't punchy. - It's just the way I talk here. - What's the difference? - Can you just do it the way it's written? - That ain't right. - This whole thing here ain't right. - What isn't right? Well, you're a rude guy. I'm trying very hard. - That's bad manners, ain't it, Adrian? - Yes. I'll tell you, I gotta be almost punchy to be doin' this in front of my wife. You wanna quit? Then quit! Leave! Get outta here! I didn't want you in the first place. You have wasted our time, sir. This is a complete bust, the whole afternoon. Leonard. Leonard, where are you going? I want you to take him with you, Leonard. Take him with you. He is not a professional. I only work with professionals. You cost us thousands because you can't read. "'Lt's no time to cuss me' snarled the robber." "'By God, fellas. Grab your rifles and take colour... cover."' How does that sound? - It's good. - Yeah? Being a good reader's gonna help me get a good office job. - Wanna hear some more? - I can't wait. OK. "'There ain't no cover' said Brad Lincoln. 'We better head for the canyon."' - You read nice. - Thank you. You lie nice. Thank you. How far did you go in high school, Mr Balboa? - Uh, ninth. - And one last question. Do you have a criminal record? Nothin' worth braggin' about. Would you be interested in some sort of manual labour? Well, I got nothing against honest manual labour. It's just that I'd like to see if I could make a livin' sittin' down, like you're doin'. Can I be honest? No one's going to offer you an office job. There's too much competition. Why don't you fight? I've read somewhere you're a very good fighter. Yeah. Well... Was you ever punched in the face Stings after a while, you know. Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it. Mr Balboa, I'm very sorry. We have nothing. - Are you sure? - Next. Look, pal, you gotta be realistic. You got no high-school diploma, no qualifications. Wouldn't you be more content with a good-paying menial labour job? Thanks. The way I see it is I can get another job if I wanna. But do I wanna? Do I wanna be doin' something I ain't gonna be happy doin'? Plus, you know, we need the money now, Butkus. Dogs don't wanna hear my problems. Come on. Yeah. I wish I was a canine sometimes. Gimme a kiss. - The only job I got's luggin' beef. - You got nothin' better than haulin' beef? That's all I got and we're cutting back too. So, Rocky, it'd be from week to week. That's OK with me, but when can I start? - How about tomorrow? - Well, how about today? OK. We got a load comin' in. Hey, Paulie, you look kinda skinny there. - Yeah, he's losin' weight, ain't he? - Don't bother to thank me. Hey, thanks a lot, Paulie. You don't have to thank me for the watch, either. Quittin' time! There's the best-lookin' thing I seen all day. - You look tired. - No, no. My face is tired. I feel OK. - You wanna take a hot bath? - No, come on. I feel dynamic. Honest. Hey, listen, tomorrow... I was thinking at work, maybe after work I'll take you out. You wanna do somethin' nice, huh? You wanna do that? - I'd like to do that. How's your stomach? - Fine. You look great. Do you know that? - Hey, Rock, they just like old friends. - Old friends never tasted this good. I heard that. Yo! Yo, Rock! You wanted me, Frank? I gotta let you go. How come? I'm workin' hard. I'm doin' good. Yeah, but we gotta cut back on manpower and you ain't got enough time in. Seniority. How about if I take a cut in pay, all right? Can't do it. Union rules. Rules, rules. - Can I finish out the day? - Sure. Hey, Rocky... I'm sorry. Yeah, me too. (Paulie) You got more stories than a book, you know that? There's my brother-in-law, Rocky. Gimme the five. My brother-in-law come to visit me. How you doin'? How's everything? How's business? OK? Yeah. - Lookin' over your old stompin' ground? - Yeah. Listen, you wanna buy this car? - I thought you liked it. - I don't need it no more. I can't make these right turns with my bad eye. Keep hittin' trash cans and things like that. - You got problems? You need bread? - No, everything's OK. This car'd look great wrapped around you, wouldn't it? Look, you need a hand-out, I'll give you a hand-out. No, I don't need no hand-out, Paulie. Look, you wanna buy the car? Sure. Why don't you be smart and fight again? That's OK. I don't need to fight no more. You wanna buy the car? You wanna pick up the payments? My sister givin' you a hard time? If she is, you break her teeth. I appreciate the advice, Paulie, but I kinda like her teeth where they are. There you go. You bought yourself a car. Good car, you know. Gotta buckle up for safety and all that. Where you goin'? You need a lift? Nah. See you around. Hey! Say hi to my sister for me! Hey, listen, if you two need the car, just ask! When did you get home? I thought you were at work. No, I... I ain't at work no more. I got, uh... I got canned today. Oh. - What happened? - I don't know. I was... It was nobody's fault. They were just cutting back. It was economics. - What are you gonna do? - I don't know. I was, um... ...thinkin' about fightin'. What about your eye? The doctor said you shouldn't fight any more. No, no. He recommended I don't fight, and I recommend that I do. - You'll go blind. - Nobody's goin' blind. Honest, I see great. I see like a beagle or somethin' like that. Oh, Rocky, you gave me your word you wouldn't fight any more. I mean, if we need money, I could get a job. You don't have to do that. Oh, sure. I... I can get my job back, you know, part time, at the pet shop. But I'm the one who's supposed to support. It's just for a little while. Listen, what if you catch some pet-shop disease? There are no pet-shop diseases, Rocky. I mean, I... really, I wanna work. Well, maybe you're right, you know. You know what's best, you know. Could you start dinner? I'm startin' to get hungry. I just wanna finish my workout here, OK? Sure. Who the hell is that?! - Avon lady. - Is that Rocky? Hey! I don't remember givin' you no key. Come on up here. Well, the prodigal son returns! Don't look so bad, do ya? What's that? A outer-space monster you brought? That's Butkus, my large dog. What's that in your ear? What is it? Just a... I hear stupid things better. Well, now, did you come here to show me that dog? No. Mick, can I have my locker back? - What's on your mind? - Fightin'. Fightin'? What? You wanna go blind? - Nobody's goin' blind. - You heard what I said? Yeah, and the eye's great. No problem. Now, listen, every pug thinks he has one good one left. Now forget it, cos your fightin' career is over, kid. - Is that right? - I think that's right. I spend my whole life gettin' a career. I get one, and you tell me it's over. What's the matter? You shook the hell out of the champion of the whole wide world. - You be happy with that. - Maybe we can do better this time. - Or worse. What about that? - Hey, yo, Mick. I done you a favour last time, you know. Can you do me one this time? I don't know. You don't understand me. I wanna show you somethin' now. Test you. Now, look, you look right there at the end of my nose, will ya? - I wanna test you. - Look at your nose. You look at my nose. When I bring my finger in, you tell me when you see it. - There's the little thing. I see it. - That's good. - I told you. It's OK. - Now, wait. Now we'll try the other lamp. Now, look here, will ya? Now, tell me... - I see it. - No, you see nothin'. Creed would have caved in the whole side of your face. Now, forget it, kid. You got the heart, but you ain't got the tooth no more. Now, forget it! - Is that right? - That is right. Yeah? Well, maybe it's you who ain't got it no more, you know that? Huh? Yeah. That's it. Now, look, you didn't even see that comin', did ya? No. Well, that was from a broken-down pug like me. What do you think the champ would do to ya? - I don't know. Hurt me bad. - No. He'd hurt you permanent. Permanent. You know, Mick, if... If I can't fight no more... maybe I can help out around here, you know. Here? Well, sure, but... You know, you're like royalty here, kid. You want those guys to see you carryin' towels and buckets around? Where's your dignity? I don't know how to say this, you know. I just... I gotta be around it. I just g... All right, kid. Will you come back tomorrow, huh? Thanks a lot, Mick. Look, as long as I'm gonna be promoting this fight myself... ...I want more pressure on for a rematch. Hey, we can get the same money for the two top contenders. Why go after Balboa? Why? Because there's still a lot of people that think he won. There's people accusin' me of havin' the fight fixed, of bein' a fake... ...and insultin' my kids at school. - You wanna hear the truth? - Yeah. The truth is that last time he was damn lucky. Now he's all finished. He's been hangin' around doin' nothin' for six months. Any trainer worth anything wouldn't have nothin' to do with him. Now, I say let's go after some new meat. Forget this bum. Do you think I beat him the last time? Do you? Hm? - You got the decision. - Man, I won, but I didn't beat him! What are you afraid of, Tony? - Honest? - Yeah, honest. He's all wrong for us, baby. I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before... ...and the man kept coming after you. We don't need that kind of man in our life. I know what you're feelin'. Let it go. Let it go. You're the champ. Thank you. You're in charge of my public relations. I want a new campaign started. I want somethin' done publicly to bring this man out, to jar this man's pride... get the people around him talkin'. If we use this humiliation tactic, you're setting yourself up as the bad guy. Whatever gets him in the ring. - What's happenin'? - Hey. - What? - Where's your heart? - What are you talkin' about? - You heard me. Well, what's this? It's kinda funny, don't you think? (Mickey) Hey, Chico, listen. Hey, listen. What's with the grin? How'd you get so happy with yourself? Let me tell you somethin'. Snarl more, you see. Now, a good snarl can give you what the Bible calls a psychological edge... ...because you snarl on your punches... Wait a minute. Hey, Rock! Rock, come here a minute. Show this Latin lamebrain how to snarl and punch. Show him that. That's it, you see. That's ugly! That's a snarl. Hey, John, will you empty them buckets? They're flowin' over. - I'll do it. - Let him do it. - I got it, Rock. - Hey, Rock... Hey, wait a minute. Now you can take it. - Whoops. - Hey! Can't you think of anything tougher to say than "whoops"? Come on, hit that right. Bang! (Mickey) Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold it. All right. Come on, come on, come on. Yo, Rock. Yo, Tony. How you doin'? How am I doin'? How are you doin'? I heard you was workin' in this dump. What are you doin'? I'm sweepin' up, makin' a few bucks here and there. You ain't no janitor. You don't need a job like this. Besides, you're Italian. - You come back and work for me. - Well, what would I be doing? You mean, like, uh... you know, like, collectin' or somethin'? What else? Come back, work on the docks, you get some fresh air. - It stinks in here. - I appreciate the offer, but, uh... ...I can't do that stuff no more. - It's healthy, huh? Now, look, I gotta go. Take it easy, huh, champ? Yeah. See you around. Remember that guy, Rock? Yo! How's everybody in the clubhouse tonight? - Oh, fine. How'd your day go? - A million laughs. It was great. - You need some help with that? - Yes. Hey, maybe you oughta stay home and rest your stomach. - It's just part time. We need the money. - Yeah, well, maybe you're right. There we go. That ain't my brand. I like oatmeal. Listen, why don't we forget all this work? You wanna come home with me now? Maybe I'll tell you a few jokes... ...and maybe you'll laugh, you know. Huh? We need a few laughs in our life. What do you think? Maybe? - Yes. - Maybe? - Maybe. - Maybe? OK. Let's get outta here, OK? - OK. - Here we go. Hey, listen, Adrian. Listen to this one. Why do cows wear bells? - Why? - Cos their horns don't work. Is that killin' ya? No? Huh? They really used to like it in third grade. I used to break everyone up with that one. (man) Yo! - You really sweep good, man! - (laughter) Is he talking to you? Nah, he probably has me mixed up with somebody else. Come on. Italian chicken. Boy, you guys got the easy life. Hey, how you guys doin'? Did anybody move today, you know, huh? How's life in the bowl? You gotta exercise once in a while. Would you like a little snack or somethin'? Here you go. Come on, Cuff. Hey, Link, what, are you drowning down there? Huh? Hey, wanna hear some TV? Huh? Wanna hear some TV? ... the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams defeated the Buccaneers in overtime... ... 13 to 10 on Frank Corell's 45-yard... Hey, Butkus. Come here, Butkus. Come on, boy. What'd you do today, huh? Did you bark at anybody today? Adrian! Sometimes I look at Butkus and I don't think he's a normal canine. - What do you think he is? - I don't know. He just don't look like a regular dog to me sometimes when I look inside there. (TV) Earlier today I was down at Apollo Creed's palatial gym... ... and, as usual, the champion was not at a loss for words about Rocky Balboa. I know a lot of people wanna see me in a rematch... ... with a timid fellow called the Italian Stallion. But this man does not have the honour to meet me in the ring. Or is it Scallion? - What is your name? - Balboa did officially retire. The bum's hidin'. He doesn't wanna face me. - He's scared. - There's more here than meets the eye. You've been under scrutiny since that split-decision victory. A lot of reporters, Apollo, including me, thought it was an even draw. (Apollo) That's your opinion, but now I'm ready to have a rematch... ... to prove that this lucky club fighter does not have the skill... ... to last five minutes in the ring with a superior athlete. The man's runnin', he's hidin'. He doesn't wanna face me. So I say to you, Rocky Balboa, that I want the American people to know... ... I want the world to know that I'm ready to meet you anywhere. Any place, any time, I will meet and defeat this so-called fighter... ... the Italian Stallion, if the man only has the guts to give me a call. Call me collect. Call me, Balboa! This would be a legitimate rematch, the boxer against the puncher. Everyone wants to see them back in the ring. But there's only one problem: Where is Rocky Balboa? Ugly bum! You know, I was thinking that, uh... ...I ain't supposed to do no commercials and... ...I ain't supposed to work in no meat house. I'm supposed to be a fighter. But you... you gave that up. Mm. I think I'm becomin' a nobody again, too. - In whose eyes? Not mine. - In mine. In here. - We'll get by. - That's just it. I don't want just to get by the hard way, you know? I want you to have good things. I want the kid to have good things. We'll have 'em. I just think we need 'em now, don't you? Rocky, please... You don't have to prove anything. Adrian, it's all I know. I don't want you to do it. It's all I know. Adrian? You know... ...I never asked you to stop bein' a woman, you know? Please, I'm askin' you, please... don't ask me to stop bein' a man. Please. (knocking) (knocking) (knocking) (knocking) I think we oughta knock his block off. - Absolutely. - (Adrian) Rocky... I'm sorry. Let's do it. Apollo! Apollo! Has a site been chosen for the rematch? It will be in the Philadelphia Spectrum... ...cos I want this man's home town to see this. I want all of Philadelphia, all of America, the whole world... see me destroy this man after two short rounds. After this fight he's gonna have to donate what's left of his body to science. Rocky, what do you think about the fight taking place in the Spectrum? - Well, I'm very happy about that. - Why? Well, it's only about ten minutes from my house. Apollo, people say that you lost the first fight, a victim of the southpaw jinx. - Did fighting a left-hander throw you off? - Southpaw jinx nothin'! I took the fight too lightly and this man was just plain lucky. But this time - this time - you all will see the real Apollo Creed. The world's gonna see the real Apollo Creed. Lightnin' fast and hard to catch. No playin', no jivin' - just business. Rocky, do you think you have a chance this time against Apollo? - I don't know. He looks pretty mad. - (laughter) - Me and Mick, we're gonna try our best. - His lungs he's gonna punch out. - Now, who's that? Al Capone? - I would sweat you. Look here, a lot of people may not like me, and that's OK. But come November, Apollo Creed will provide the ultimate gala spectacle... ...on Thanksgiving, in front of this man's home crowd. I'm gonna drop him like a bad habit. Rocky, your pay is substantial. What are you gonna do with the money? The first thing I gotta do is I gotta pay the rent, you know. And then I made this list on the way over. I was just thinkin' of things to do. I'd like to get a couple of hats and a motorcycle and... ...a couple of quarts of perfume for Adrian - she likes to smell good. Some Muppet toys - you know, Ernie and Big Bird and that frog. - What's his name? Kermit or somethin'? - I don't know. I thought maybe a statue for the church, and a snow-cone machine for you, Paulie. - You like snow cones, don't you? - Yeah. Rocky, got anything derogatory to say about the champ? Derogatory... Yeah. He's great. How about some clowning shots, Apollo? Does this look like a circus to you, man? Come November, you're mine. - He's very upset. - Ah, well. (Mickey) See how smooth he moves there? - See how he pumps that jab in your eye? - Yeah. You got guts to go back in the ring with him, kid. Thanks a lot, Mick. You see, your style's too easy to figure out. Left-handed fighters, they're the worst. They lead with their face mostly. Tryin' to throw that big left. Right's no damn good. They oughta outlaw southpaws. Why didn't you tell me this before? I didn't wanna hurt your feelings. Now, look... pull this miracle off, you gotta change everything. You gotta learn to be a right-handed fighter. This'll confuse Apollo... ...and it'll protect that bad eye. - I can't learn how to fight right-handed. - What's can't? There ain't no can'ts! There's no can'ts. Now, he will beat you uglier than you are now. Now, listen, you start fightin' right-handed and then you change suddenly... ...and that'll make history, but first you gotta get speed. Demon speed. Speed's what we need. We need greasy, fast speed! Now, I'll show ya a trick how to get some speed in them legs. - Do you have to wear that sweatshirt? - It brings me luck, you know? You know what it brings? It brings flies. I want you to try - listen to me. I want you to try to chase this little chicken. What do I gotta chase that for? It's embarrassing. First, because I said so. Second, because chicken-chasin' is how we always used to train in the old days. You catch this thing, you can catch greased lightning. Ready? Well, I'd rather eat it than chase it. It ain't very mature. Neither are you very mature! Listen, get this thing. - I'm a fighter. I ain't a farmer. - Come on at it! Go on and get him! Get him! Get him! Get him! Come on! What's the matter with ya? Get him! Pick him up! Pick him up! Pull him round! What's the matter? Are you standin' still or somethin'? Speed! Speed! Can't you catch a little chicken? Huh? Come on! Move your tail! Move your tail! You look like a girl out there. What's the matter with ya? I feel like a Kentucky fried idiot. Wake up, will ya? Will ya wake up? Come on! Come on. Give it. Give it! Yo, Rock. What's the matter with my sister? Well, I wish you'd go talk to her. Adrian don't like this none. She's started cryin'. - She don't like me fightin'. - What's with this domestic stuff? Tend to the business, will ya?! Jab that till it hurts! Do you hear me? 500 times. - I wanna use my other arm. - If you do, I'm gonna chop it off. - Is that clear? - I'll figure somethin'. I wish you would, Paulie. I appreciate it. I'm sorry. Are you finished? Can we go to work? That would be nice. Now, hit that bag. Hit it. Jab it till it hurts. Go ahead! - Three... four... - I want 500 high ones. - Go! - What was that? Seven or eight? One, two. One, two. One, two. Come on. Turn it over. Snap it. Snap it. Come on. Dig it! Dig it! Dig it! All right, pick it up. Come on. Pick 'em up. Pick 'em up. Faster! Faster! Faster! Come on! Faster! Time! Time! Get up! Get me another one, all right? - Ease up on these sparrin' partners. - You just get me another, man. Time! What's the matter? That bag too fast for ya? (crowd chants) Apollo! Apollo! Apollo! You're gonna pound that sass right out of him. Last time we shoulda won, but this time you're gonna be scary, kid. You're gonna be a greasy, fast, Italian monster! You're gonna eat lightning! You're gonna crap thunder! We'll have to put you in a cage, kid. - Let's take a break, all right? - Break? What break? Where are you goin'? We're not finished. Hey, I said where the hell you goin'? Ooh! Ohh... (Mickey) Speed! Speed! Catch that punk! Speed! Speed! Can't you catch that little squirt? Can't you? Get the lead out! Move! Move! Fast! You look dead. If you're gonna catch that little speedball...'re gonna catch Creed easy. Come on! Move! Move! Right. Time! Hey, dead ass. Get over here. Hey, are you sick, kid? Kid, what's the matter with you? - Nothin'. - Let me tell you somethin', kid. Now, for a 45-minute fight, you gotta train hard for 45,000 minutes. That's ten hours a day. You listenin'? And you ain't even trained one. I don't know what the hell you're waitin' for. What are you waitin' for? I don't know. Suit yourself. - Yo, Rocky. - Hey, yo, Paulie. How you doin'? I'm worried about you. I've been watchin'. Your head ain't screwed on right. Nah, come on. I'm doin' OK. You know, I've been thinking. Would you like to work in my corner? Wanna get involved in this fight? - What? Watchin' you get murdered? - Oh, come on. I'm doin' OK. My sister got you so guilty, you're runnin' all over the place. - She'll be all right. - It ain't all right. Hey, Paulie, it's OK, all right? - It's not OK. - Just leave Adrian alone, all right? Yo, Adrian! Where are ya? - Paulie. - Yeah, Paulie. What the hell you doin'? - What do you mean? - What the hell you doin'? - About what? - About messin' up that guy over there. Don't start. I'm just trying to keep him safe. Yeah, what? Feedin' these goddamn squirrels? Did I teach you how to do that? Ditchin' a guy when he needs your help? - I can't believe my ears. - You didn't teach me anything, Paulie. - And I never hurt Rocky. - You're messin' up his brain real bad. - That's not what I'm doing. - Yeah, don't tell me! - He's gonna get hurt because of you! - It's not true. - Don't say that! - I'm sayin' it. - Come across and tell him it's all right. - If he goes blind, you walk away. I can't. I love him. You don't! What are you doin'? What are you doin'? What's wrong? Adrian, what's the matter? Come on. Where are your guts? What's your problem, Mick? - My problem? - Yeah. You got the problem, kid. You got a ticker problem. What's the matter? You got nothin' left inside? Cos you're trainin' like a damn bum, you know that? - Bum? - A bum. Maybe you're right. Maybe I ain't got it no more. All right. Then don't you waste my time no more. You hear that? Go away! Go back to the docks where you belong. You go back to bein' a two-bit nothin'! But don't you ever come back here again, because I'm too old to waste my time... ...tryin' to train a no-good loser like you, you bum! - They want you across the street. - What's up? Your wife's sick. Mr Balboa? I'm Dr Cooper. The baby is fine, even though it's a month premature. - What is it? - It's a boy. Holy smoke. I didn't know she could do it. How's Adrian? Where is Adrian? She's had complications. Like what? She was haemorrhaging when she was brought in. The premature delivery was most likely caused by strain of overwork... ...and the sudden loss of blood has caused her to slip into a coma. Adrian, it's... it's me. They said outside you're very sick, but I... I don't wanna believe that. Maybe you're just tired, you know. Don't worry about nothin'. You just sleep as long as you want, OK? And I'm gonna be here when you wake up. (knocking) Rocky, come on. You're not doin' any good here. Let's go see the kid. No. We gotta see him together. It's OK. We gotta see him together. Mr Balboa, visiting hours are over. Can't I stay? I'll be quiet. I'm sorry. Hospital rules. I can't do any more of this watchin' stuff. Do you have a chapel? Yes, we do. Good night. Hi, Rock. Uh... That Adrian... she's a good girl. Me, you know, I'm sorry for both of ya. Hm? Well... there's nothin' I can do, is there? Except... I'd like to tell you somethin' once, and then I ain't gonna say it again. Well, Rocky, you got a... another shot. It's a second shot. At the, uh... I don't know, the biggest title in the world. And you're gonna be swappin' punches... ...with the most dangerous fighter in the world. And just in case, you know, your brain ain't workin' so good... ...all this happens pretty soon. And you ain't ready. You're nowhere near in shape. So I say, you know, for God's sake... ...why don't you stand up and fight this guy hard, like you done before? That was beautiful! But don't lay down in front of him like this! Like a... I don't know, like some kind of mongrel or somethin'. Cos he's gonna kick your face in pieces. You know that? That's right. This guy just don't wanna win, you know. He wants to bury ya. He wants to humiliate ya. He wants to prove to the whole world... ...that it was nothin' but some kind of a freak the first time out. He said you're a one-time lucky bum. Well, now... I don't... I don't wanna get mad... a biblical place like this... ...but I think you're a hell of a lot more than that, kid. A hell of a lot. But, no, wait a minute. If you wanna blow it, if you wanna blow this thing... ...dammit, I'm gonna blow it with ya. Do you wanna stay here? I'll stay with you. I'll stay with you. Yeah. I'll stay and pray. What have I got to lose? It's gonna be OK. "'There ain't no other trail to the ranch, or no shorter one."' "'Oh, yes, there is' said Marvel." "'When I was a kid, I helped my old man trail some cattle up from the border."' Can you hear me, Adrian? Keep listening. Keep listening. "After breakfast, Bruce watched the party get away on the chase." "He saw Cora and Kay and Bud... ...start up the valley "At the last minute, the girl..." Well, I just wrote this thing for you, Adrian. I don't know... maybe you'll like it. I'll just read it to ya, cos, uh... "Remember when we was on ice skates And I thought you were supposed to be great?" "But I kept givin' you lip And you kept tryin' to slip So I could catch you?" "That was our first date And after that every day was great." "So now I want you to know That wherever you go Atlantic City or in the snow Don't worry about a thing Cos as long as I got this ring I'll always be there to catch you." I knew you'd come back. (Rocky) Thank God. Anybody want a refill? Adrian, it cost six bucks a bottle. - I don't need that. I ain't drinkin' now. - So, you haven't seen the baby? - I was waitin' to see him together. - I seen the kid. The kid's a winner. He's got forearms like you, Mickey. - (nurse clears throat) - Here he is now. Look. - There's your mommy. - Oh, baby! Is that it? - I can't believe it. He's ours? - Yeah. - He's really ours? - Thank you. Come on. You done all the work. Adrian, I can't believe you done this. - Believe me, we did. - Oh, no. He ain't got a name. - What do you wanna call him? - Paulie's a great name. Yeah, Paulie's a pretty good name. - What about after the father? - Rocky Junior? - Come on. You really wanna do that? - Yes. Adrian, he's the best I ever seen. You really done good. You look so tired. Why don't you go get some sleep? Oh, no, no. I feel great. Listen, I been thinkin'... ...if you don't want me mixin' with Creed no more... ...we'll make out some other kind of way, you know. There's one thing I want you to do for me. Come here. - What? - Win. - Win. - What are we waitin' for? Take us! Faster! Faster! (Mickey) Keep movin'! Keep movin'! Faster. Pick 'em up! Pick 'em up! That's it. That's it. - Speed! Speed! - Come on! Come on! - 59! - One more! Come on, man! Come on! ...46... Yeah! 47... ...48... 49... ...50! Come on! Push! Don't give up! Get that olive oil out of ya! Push! Push! Push! Again! Left! Right! Yeah! That's speed! (Mickey) Speed! Speed! Speed! (music box plays lullaby) (whispers) Good night. Hey, Rocky! Come on. Come on, come on. (chanting) Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Good evening. This is Bill Baldwin speaking to you... ...from the Spectrum in Philadelphia, the site of Superfight II... ...with Rocky Balboa, the challenger, and Apollo Creed, the world champion. My sidekick and partner again tonight - Stu Nahan. For those watching tonight's telecast... ...we think you're gonna see a real great battle in every sense of the word. Don't worry about nothin'. It's OK. I gotta go. Adrian, I wish the doctor'd let you go to this fight. Me too. You're the man. You're number one. The champ. The best of all time. The girls love ya. Men, old people love ya. Young people love ya. You're the best. You're the man. And he's yours. He's yours. He's yours. This bum shouldn't even be in the same ring. I want you to show him who you are tonight. Stick him. (cheering) - You help with the baby, right? - I'll take care of everythin'. - OK, cos you're in charge. - You're gonna be late for your own fight. - Everything's gonna be fine. - Maybe I'd better go fight now. - I love you. - I love you too. - Punch his lungs out. - Adrian, I wish you could go. (Paulie) The doctor said no. - Take care. - Good luck. (cheering) (chanting) Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! The champion has let it be known to the press and radio... ...that he is in the best shape of his career. And Rocky Balboa, I know, is a 5-1 underdog. He's a street brawler from Philadelphia. But can he repeat that incredible performance of ten months ago? And, you know, he took a real beating at the hands of the champion. (car horn beeps) (Rocky) Carmine! Hey, yo, Father Carmine! Father Carmine! Hey, Father Carmine, are you home? Father Carmine! Hey, yo, Father Carmine! - Chi e? - It's me, Rocky Balboa. Rocky. Ma che cosa fai la? Non devi fare la lotta questa sera? I'm goin' to the fight, but I was wonderin' if you could do me a small favour. - Ma sicuro. Che favore? Che? - It's about the fight. Now I got the family and the baby. I was wonderin' if you could throw down a blessin', so if I get beat up tonight... won't be too bad. Could you do somethin' like that? Padre, figlio, spirito santo. E cosi sia. Thanks a lot, Father. I gotta go. I'm so late. See you in church. Take care. - Hey, Rock. - Good luck, son. - Yo, Mick! - Run, or I'll break your head! Where ya been? Ya lost your brain? - We got a fight, remember that? - I'm sorry. I'm here. Get dressed, will ya? Stu, there are many rumours about this fight. The most obvious is a desire for Apollo to draw first blood, to end it quickly. This would prove that the last fight was a fluke. Come on, lightning, thunder! Hurricane! Hurricane! - Get him. - I'm gonna get him. - Gonna get him. - He's ours. He's ours! It's time, kid. OK, let's do it. All right, I'm ready. - I think I'm startin' to get a headache. - No, you are in perfect workin' condition. - You are perfect. - You look good, too. And you look perfect. - Hey, Mick. - Yeah. In case I don't get a chance, I just wanna say I'm gonna be tryin' hard for you. - Thank you. - Ain't this robe nice? It's better than last year. Remember that baggy one? - This is gorgeous. It's perfect. - Yeah, it's real cute. I like it. (cheering and screaming) (commentator) Rocky Balboa heading toward the ring. Yes, sir. Rocky Balboa, known to millions as the Italian Stallion. Making his way to the ring. Why this fighter of limited ability... ...has gained such popularity is such a mystery. Rocky Balboa. The folks at the Spectrum are beginning to chant his name. - He has an awful lot of backers here. - Balboa is wearing a black and gold robe. He wore a red one the last time from that meat-packing plant. Or from the high school he never graduated from! hands with the referee, Lou Filippo. And we're waiting now for the champion to come into the ring. (chanting) Rocky! Rocky! It's certainly packed with Rocky's people. I've never seen so many Italians in one place! Hey, hey. You said that. I didn't say that. - These people are for you! - I appreciate it. - Are you ready in here? - I think so. Tonight's our night. By the sound of the crowd, the champion is just now coming into the Spectrum. And the champion, Apollo Creed. And he looks a little more determined this time than he did the last time. - It's Apollo. - Who'd you expect? - I was hopin' he wouldn't show. - Ha! (trainer) The champ of all time! Now the champion is climbing into the ring. Very determined-looking. Very serious right now. Rocky doesn't look too confident. (trainer) Apollo Creed: The master of disaster, the best of all time! You're goin' down, man. You're goin' down. Don't let it bother ya, kid. - Would it bother you? - Yeah. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Philadelphia Spectrum! (cheering) This is your main event of the evening: championship of the world! (cheering) In the black corner, the challenger, weighing 202 pounds... ...from the great fighting city of Philadelphia. The Italian Stallion... ...Rocky Balboa! (cheering) And in the red corner, weighing 220 pounds... ...a champion who needs no introduction anywhere in the civilised world... ...the true master of disaster... ...the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world... ...the one, the only... ...Apollo Creed! (cheering) Referee Lou Filippo will give the instructions. OK, I'm gonna give you the instructions now, and I expect you to follow 'em. Watch your low punches and your kidney punches. Watch your rabbit punches. In case of a knockdown, you go to the corner... ...and stay there until I tell you to come out. OK, boys. Let's have a good fight. You're goin' down. Good luck to you. - He's still upset. - Who cares? Protect that eye. No matter what happens, don't go back to fightin' southpaw till I tell ya. Get him. - (attendant) Good luck. - He'll try to kill you quick. If you get through this first round, then he's ours. Show him who you are. (buzzer) Rocky Balboa prays in his corner. The champion dancing over in his. We're just seconds away from the fight of the century: Superfight II. And there's the bell. The champion comes over in a hurry and throws a couple of rights and lefts. He starts to take command early here. Moves his feet along the side of the ring. Rocky's holding that right hand. He's fighting right-handed! The southpaw from Philly is fighting right-handed! Break that damn jab! Protect that eye! - (Apollo) Is that all you got? - (referee) Break it up there. You ready to lay down? A good right hand, another and another thrown by the champion. Three good right hands at Balboa. And Balboa coming back out. A left and a right to the head. Balboa appears to be getting hit often, but he seems to be in pretty good condition. A hard right hand thrown by the champion. Another right. Balboa is in trouble now. Taking rights and lefts as the champion begins to open up. - It was a tremendous right hand. - Balboa is down! Get back. We see Apollo hit that bad left eye from the first fight. The eye that was cut the last time. Balboa getting up. - Go get him, Rocky! - Go after him, kid! Go after him! Yeah. And the champion starts to move in again. Going right, left. He's taking those punches pretty well. And now Balboa is coming right back! Right out of the ring. Coming out now. Balboa's tagged. Left and right combinations by the champion. - Another left. - (bell) - There's the bell! - There's the end of the round. There's a lot of bad blood between these two. Good round. Good round. I can't believe it. He broke my nose again. Balboa has gotta be in great shape to withstand that butchery. That's just what it is. It's plain old butchery. Did the switchin' bother you? You shoulda had him. You can't be hurt. You follow? You can't be hurt, cos you are too tough. Don't let up on him. This man is dangerous. Dangerous? I'm dangerous. - That guy is crazy. - No. Listen, he's only a man. You can beat him, because you're a tank. You're a greasy, fast, - Go through him! Run over him! - I'm a tank. I'm gonna get him. - This is it, man! - (commentator) Here we go. Round two. Round two. The champion comes back out. Starting with a left and left and left. Left to the chin, left to the head. Coming around now. He's got that right hand cocked. He's waiting for that precise moment... There it is! But here comes Balboa! You can't hurt me. He can't hurt me! No way! Break it up. Break it up. Break it up. Break clean. (Apollo) You're too slow! Man, you're too slow! Get your cameras ready. Watch this. Watch this. He's goin' down. Here it comes! Rocky! Get up, Rock! Get up! Balboa for the second time is down. Struggling to get up. Don't get up. Just stay down there. Just stay down there, chump! - I told you! - Beautiful! Beautiful! Protect that eye, kid! Get at it! The body, the body, the body! You're a tank, kid! I told you! I told you! And here comes the champion. Here it is. A left and a right and he's got him back in the corner! But here comes Balboa again! Where does he get that stamina? He's got the champion trapped in the corner. And he's breaking left and right. (chanting) Rocky! Rocky! Keep it up! Keep it up! - I'm standing here. - (commentator) A great second round. The round is over, but they're taunting each other. Everybody in the audience better get ready for World War III. I ain't goin' down no more. Attaboy! Go get him! (bell) Come on, kid! The champion again with a combination of lefts and rights to the head. - That was another round for Creed. - Creed keeps piling up the points, but... Get him! Hit him! Just hit him! Another round for Apollo Creed. Here comes Balboa again. Lefts and rights to the midsection. And those hurt. (Mickey) Pound the body! He's won another round. He now begins to taunt Balboa again. Get out! (bell) - I'm gonna give that round to Balboa. - You wonder what's on Creed's mind. He's lost his first round. Go for it, Rock! Balboa is on his way. Hands up! Hands up! Now, just stick and move! This man is breakin' you up inside! Now, stick and move! (bell) Lightning! Thunder! Hit him back! I thought he took a beating ten months ago, Stu, but tonight it's twice as bad! Another round for the champion, Apollo Creed. The left eye is closed. Now bust him, understand? - Stay away from him. - Don't let him breathe! Get him! (bell) Balboa's taking another beating in the corner. Another round for the champion. (bell) You got him beat on points. You understand? Stick and move! Don't go for the knockout! - He's gonna fall. - He's breakin' you up inside! - How's that eye now? - It works. - You can't do much more with that. - I know what I'm doin'. - You get in trouble one more time... - Please don't stop nothin'! Now, listen, let me stop it. - You're gettin' killed! - It's my life. Apollo ahead. All he has to do is stay away and he retains the title. - Just stick and move. - It ain't gonna be like last time. - Switch now to southpaw anyway. - No tricks. I ain't switchin'. - Yeah, but you're fadin' out. - I don't need no tricks. - I ain't switchin'. - You gotta plan. You gotta switch. He's ready. Believe me. Don't go for the knockout. You got him burned! They come to the centre of the ring for the fifteenth and final round. - You're goin' down. - No. No way. Here we go. Let's see what Creed does here now. Creed has started to move in on Balboa. He's going for the knockout. The champion comes out jabbing with that left hand. - The champion is beating Balboa. - Now! Now! Balboa just nearly floored the champ! A hook caught the exhausted champ off guard! Creed doesn't know where he is! It's blind instinct. Balboa is staggering from exhaustion - but a right to the head of the champion. Another right, and a left. He's got him into the corner. Stay away from him! He's got this thing won if he stays away, but now it is Creed coming back. - Creed with a left hand. - Go for it! What's keepin' these two guys up? A tremendous moment. Now! Here comes Balboa, but the champion back with another left. Get away from him! A right hand! A right hand! It's Creed! Now it's Balboa! Now it's Creed! What a tremendous fight! They're standing toe to toe. I don't know why the champion is fighting Balboa's fight. Go, Rocky! Go for it! A tremendous left to the head. A left. A left. One! Two! Creed will retain the title! If neither gets up, it's a draw, and Creed will win the title automatically! - Four! - Get up, man! Get on your feet! Five! - Balboa reaches for another! - Get up, Rock! Six! - Now the champ is trying to get up! - Seven! Get up, Rocky! Eight! Nine! The champ is going. And he's down! Ten! He made it! Rocky Balboa has shocked the world! He is the new heavyweight champion of the world! Ladies and gentlemen... a stunning upset, scoring a win by knockout... ...the new heavyweight champion of the world... Yo, Creed. Good luck. Excuse me. Excuse me. I can't believe this is happenin'. I can't... And I just wanna say thanks to Apollo. For fightin' me, Apollo. I wanna thank... thank Mickey for trainin' me. - (man) We love you, Rock! - Yeah, and I love youse, too. (cheering) Most of all I wanna thank God. Except for my kid bein' born... ...this is the greatest night in the history of my life. I just wanna say one thing... to my wife who's home. Yo, Adrian! I did it! I love you. I love you.

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