Movie Date: December 20, 2006

Yet another quick knockout for Mason Dixon, almost perfunctory. The fans let him know how they feel about it. Hide the women and children. This could get ugly. This crowd does nothing to hide its anger over this latest debacle. The fans are mad as hell. They don't want to take it anymore. They seem to be blaming Dixon, a good fighter, for the decline... ... not only of the heavyweight-division guys, but of the entire sport. They're actually pelting... ... the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world with ice. Maybe this angry, visceral reaction will pressure Dixon to fight someone... ... who can fight back for a change. If there's somebody out there. All of boxing is hoping for a warrior who thrills us with his passion. Time goes by too fast. Yeah? Not fast enough. - Your kid should've been here. - That's all right. - No, it ain't all right. - The kid gets a little busy sometimes. He don't get that busy. Let's not talk about it here, okay? You're coming tonight, right? I'm working. I took the tour the last three years. I know, but it's the anniversary. Fine. You got my word. I appreciate it, thank you. I owe you, Paulie. Yo, Robert. What's going on? Where have you been? You're late. No. I don't wanna hear this. Look, your job performance... nowhere near good enough to be pulling this. I don't give a damn who your father is. You understand me? - All right. Now get out of here. - Okay. Thank you, sir. Yo, Robert. Yo. - Hey, Rocky. - Hey. - Hey, how you doing? - Hey. What's up, champ? - You caught me off guard. - I know. I wanted to catch you before you got busy. Yeah, it gets busy up there. - So how you doing? Yeah? - Real good. Yeah. - Yo, Rock! - Yeah, how you doing? Yeah, real good. Listen, you wanna go out and get some coffee? I'm kind of behind. Maybe later? Yeah. That'd be great. You ought to come by the restaurant tonight. I can have something made special for you. Tonight I can't. I got plans. A few of the guys get together. - Did I do something wrong? - What do you mean? Well, I don't know exactly what I mean... ...but I just think, like, when I come here, you don't feel so comfortable. And I certainly don't wanna do that. - Well, you throw a big shadow. - A big shadow? You're not gonna get anything done down here, Robert. Well, if you're not gonna introduce me, I will. Hi, I'm William Tomilson. - How you doing? - Your son works for me. - It's a good job. - Yeah. I've told Robert about 20 times that I wanted to meet you. You're pretty busy, which isn't a bad thing. - I get a little tied up. - Grab a shot, will you? I may not get this chance again. Old warhorses have to stick together. - The old horses, yeah. - I'll tell you. - Good thing it's not your left. - This makes you popular with people. - One, two, three. - Finally, we get to meet. I gotta get going. It was nice to meet you face to face. You take care of yourself. Robert, I'll see you later. I gotta get going. I'll change my plans for tonight. That'd be great. I'm looking forward to it. - How you doing? - Okay. - Okay. - All right. And do not let those numbers drive you crazy. - Too late. - Use an eraser, get rid of all of them. - Yo, Rock. - Hey, guys. - Hey, Rock. - Hey, how you doing? There you go. It'll be about 10 tenths. You guys take care, okay? You got it. I'll try a few of these later on. - It's good for baking. - How much--? - Yo, Paul, what's the cost? - 58.40, sir. All right, take it out of that. I trust you. - How you doing? - You're too generous. Not a problem. How you guys doing? How we doing, Isabel? Okay, except for the freebie reading the Bible. - He's okay. - Just because you fought him... ...don't mean you gotta feed him. He doesn't look like a fighter. Spider Rico could hit. - Listen, how's your stomach? - It's okay. If you keep rubbing olive oil on your stomach... ...your kid's gonna be born very strong. - Okay, Rocky. Whatever you say. - No, really. - Yo, how you doing, Spider? - God bless you, Rocky. Thanks. How you guys doing? Jose, can you make something special for my kid who's coming tonight? No problemo. Good. I appreciate it. Back and forth, back and forth, give and take. And then I went in there like an animal and threw him into the corner... ...and I unloaded everything I had. Hook, hook, hook, left, left, left. But Creed, he kept busting me back pretty good... ...and the agony began to pile up. Then I heard the best sound that I ever heard in my life... . - The bell. - That's right, the bell. I ain't never been so tired, and I'm sitting in my corner. I'm trying to figure out how to survive the last round... ...when Mickey leans into my ear and says: "Come on, get out there and fight this guy hard, you bum. You gotta be first. You gotta be first." I said, "Yo, Mick, if I could... - "I would." ...I would." The end. Yet another quick knockout for Mason Dixon, almost perfunctory. The fans let him know how they feel about it. They're actually pelting... ... the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world with ice. Hello, Adrian's. Yeah? Tell him you can't make it? Yeah, I'll give him the message. I just kept hearing Mickey's voice in my head over and over again. I just dug down, and before you know it... was toe to toe and it was-- Excuse me. Your son said he can't make it. He said he'll take a rain check. Okay? Look at these birds. Don't these birds look like candy? Flying candy? Hey, birdie, you wanna fly me home? You need somebody to walk you home? No? It's a cold night. We need a few laughs in our life. What do you think? Maybe? Maybe? Maybe? Okay. Let's get out of here, okay? That place ain't changed much from last year. Are we done? Hey, how you doing, Mick? That sign is falling apart, Paulie. The whole world is falling apart. Look at us. Don't talk crazy, Paulie. You know, I think if you live someplace long enough, you are that place. I ain't no talking building. Come on, it's getting late, Rocko. I get a headache from this train. I remember when she was standing there... ...all nervous and shy, with this little smile. And all I wanted her to do was trust me. She did. - She did. - You done? - How long are we staying here? - Not long. Well, I'm glad they tore this ice rink down. Come on. You heard me. I'm happy they tore it apart. First time I walked your sister across this ice, we was over there. She was nervous, but I wasn't so great on the blades either. Ice is stupid. People standing on ice are more stupid. And over there, when she was falling... ...and my hand grabbed her... ...and I got her arm through that coat, I could feel it. Electric. You said the same thing last year, Rock. Did I? - So you better develop your brain. - You're left-handed. - Absolutely. Come on, Rock. Let's go. We're done. There's no place to sit down around here. It's all right. It ain't all right! It's depressing and freaking cold! What's the matter with you, Paulie? You're living backwards, Rocko! Change the channel from yesterday! Yesterday wasn't so great! - It was to me. - Not to me! You treated her good. You had the good times. I treated her bad. I don't have to think about this. She always loved you, Paulie. Sorry, Rocko, I can't do this no more. Can I help you? No, no, I used to come down to this place a long time ago. I was just looking around. No big deal. Can I get you a drink? - All right. Maybe just a short beer. - Okay. Go. Go on. Yeah, go on. Get him to buy a round. Get him to buy a round. Go. Get him to-- He's got it. He's spending money. Listen, I don't mean to cross the line or anything... ...but I read about your wife's passing a few years back. Yeah, it was woman cancer. Yeah. I always heard she was a nice person. Yeah, the best. - Do I know you? - We met a long time ago. We did? When I was a kid, you walked me home. - I did? - Told me to stop smoking and things. Stop smoking... . Are you Little Marie that used to hang out at that Atomic Hoagie shop? Yeah, that's right. Yeah, now I remember. I walked you home. When you got there, you turned around and said, "Screw you, creepo." - I didn't say that. - Yeah, you did. - You sure? - Great insults last a long time. Yo! Yo, is that you? Is that really you? - How you doing? - I think he wants to drink alone. Well, then give him his drink, then. I ain't stopping you. What's that, your man or something? No, I don't think so. Anyway, me and my friends, we're right down there. Think you could buy us a round? You got the money. Just one round. Hey. Thank you. What are you doing pushing my hand away like that? - What's your name? - Angie. What do you wanna know for? - Don't be playing a fool for that guy. - A fool? - Yeah. - A fool? I'm the fool? You're the fool, not me! You got it twisted. You're the fool. I'm a person, just like you. You ain't no better than me. You think you're a big shot now? You're nothing. You ain't no better than me. No better! Glad you dropped in? I think the neighborhood is changing a little. - What was that all about? - I don't know. Forget about it. I'm gonna lock up, so if you wanna take off, I'll tally everything up. - Yeah, thanks. - How you doing, Rock? I'm good, thanks. - You live around here? - About eight blocks from here. Eight blocks. You need a lift? All right. Did you ever get married? - Yeah, sort of. - Sort of? - Yeah, well, he took off. - Poof, just like that? Yeah, just like that. - You sort of have any kids? - Yeah, I got one kid. Yeah? Me too. Me too. Wonderful boy. Hey, tough guy! What's the matter, you can't buy a round? The girl was being nice to your dumb ass. - What you doing with that pig? - Think you can disrespect us? - She ain't nothing but a jealous bitch! - Come on back! Hey, don't listen to them. Both of youse, you ain't no better than me. Come over here, you'll get your head kicked in around here. - You punch-drunk, goofy bastard. - You ain't no big shot, look at you. You ain't even got a car to take that pig home. You all right? Yeah. What are you doing? Don't get out. It's all right. No, Little Marie. It ain't all right. - Yo. - What? I'll tell you what. Get inside. - You get inside. Yeah, you. - Hey, leave him alone! - Yo, man! - See it? - You see that? You see that? - Yeah. All right. - What do you say? - I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Get a job! That guy sends his apologies. Okay. Martin. Martin. Yo, Martin! I see you still got your key. Yeah, I got a key. You got time to talk? I got a lot of time since your people let me go. You know I had nothing to do with that. Yeah. Yeah, we moved in about a year ago. - Yeah? - Yeah, I mean, it's only temporary. - Yeah, I could see that. - I'm gonna look for an apartment. Apartments are nice. Yeah. It is what it is, you know. Yeah, it is what it is. This place used to be pretty nice. There's a lot of history around here. - Yeah. - Like down the street... the Cambria Fight Club. They used to call it the Bucket of Blood. I took some massive beatings there. But it was nice. Good memories. And I heard these buildings are like, I don't know, 100, 150 years old. If I was 150 years old, I'd be falling apart too. So it's okay, building. Does that light work? - No, it's burnt out or something. Yeah. - Yeah? Listen, thanks for the ride, and I'm sorry about those guys. Some of those guys just got their brains on backwards and stuff. - What's he doing out so late? - Is that your kid? Yeah. Wish he wouldn't stay out so late. - Amazing. - Yeah, what's that? Last time I seen you, you was a kid... ...and now you officially got one of your own. It's amazing. You know, he sort of resembles you. He's got that big Irish hair. Yeah, it's the other one. - Yeah? - His father was from Jamaica. Jamaica? European. Was you on a cruise ship or something? - No, not really. - What's his name? - Steps. Short for Stevenson. - Makes sense. Does he look mad at me, or is it maybe the angle I'm standing at? No. He's a good kid. - You wanna meet him? - It's getting kind of late. - I got so many things to do. - Yeah, yeah, I understand. Thanks again for the ride and everything else. I'll see you. You too. Hey, Steps, come on. Let's go. Say good night to your friend. What are you doing out in the cold with no hat on? - Did you get something to eat? - Yeah, I already ate. All right. - You're late, you know. - I can take care of myself. Yo, Little Marie! Ain't you gonna introduce me to your kid? - How you doing, Steps? - What's up? Listen, I got this place, this restaurant, nice little eatery not too far from here. What's all this junk? Got a tissue. Sometimes I feel like a kangaroo, all the stuff in my pocket, you know. Here you go. I got a card, there it is. And if you ever get a chance, it'd be great... ...if both of youse come down there and eat. It'd be great, free. You know. Anyway, I'll leave it over there-- Here. I'll leave it on the steps. Steps. See you later. Come on, let's go. You've known what's best for you since you were 10. Since you walked in here alone. Got everything money can buy... ...except what it can't. It's pride. Pride is what got your ass out of here. Losing is what brung you back. But people like you, they need to be tested. Need a challenge. That ain't gonna happen. Ain't nothing out there. There's always somebody out there. Always. When that time comes and you find something... ...standing in front of you that ain't running... ...that ain't backing up, hitting on you, and you're too damn tired to breathe... . You find that situation on you, that's good. Because that's baptism under fire. You get through that, you find the only kind of respect... ...that matters in this damn world: Self-respect. Thanks, Martin. I appreciate that. Now, what can the champ do for you? You can give me some of that money you got. - You know, I like you, Martin. - But not that much. Exactly. How about a picture with the kid? All right? Sure. Here, son, hold up your fist. Makes you look more hazardous. - There you go. - Thanks, Rock. Enjoy your meal. - He's a nice guy, isn't he? - Rocky? - Yeah. - Spider just went downstairs. - I don't know if that's all right. - What's he doing? I don't know. That's your friend. Yo, Spider! - Let me do some dishes. I feel better. - Come on. You're my guest. - Let me do something. - Keep eating. Guests do that. Don't make me fight you again. Last time you got lucky. Lucky? Okay. Jesus wants me to work. - Yo, Rocky. - Yeah? You've got guests. Don't get too wet, okay? Glad Jesus didn't ask you to cook. You kept the card. Yeah, I kept the card. - Why don't you sit down? - Yeah, sure. Because, you know what, I walk in there, I say good morning, I do this: Tonight, boxing once again. Two contrasting styles in almost every way. Hey, can you turn this up? Turn this up, please. Who was the best of all time? If two athletes from different eras... ... could compete against one another, who would come out on top? Given the same rules, using the same equipment, who was the greatest? We feed our facts into the computer. They weigh in on who they think will reign supreme... ... while fielding the comments of our illustrious panel of sportswriters. Champ! - Yo, champ! - Yeah? Come check out this trash they're talking about you, man! - What you talking about? - Come check this out. Hurry up. Tonight, the former two-time heavyweight champion... ... from Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa. All right, Chuck Johnson, USA Today? There's no question that Rocky Balboa fought tougher fights... ... during a tougher era in boxing. You look at Mason Dixon in his career... ... he's basically been spoon-fed his opponents. No question in my mind. Not only does Rocky win... ... but he wins knockout. Rocky! Offspring. Bernard Fernandez? Dixon is a victim of his own dominance. He's never been in real knockdown-dragout brawls. He never had to dig down to rally back. If he tries to dig down against Balboa... ... he'll find he doesn't have a big enough shovel. I clearly give it to Balboa. What happened to you? What happened to you? Boxing historian Burt Randolph Sugar. Dixon has fought cream puffs. We don't know what he's made of. But both in their primes, you gotta factor in... ... Dixon's unbelievable speed... ... his slashing offense. He cuts Balboa to bits. No doubt. Dixon wins all the way. Here's where our subjectivity ends. Let's see what the computer says. Dixon unloads on Balboa. Rocky has no answer. Balboa is eating jabs. - What time is it? - Mason time. - What time is it? - Mason time. - What time is it? - Mason time. Now Dixon is done. He is reeling. He is almost out on his feet! Balboa turning up the heat. Pounds him across the ring. Boy, he's bit off more than he can chew this time. Believe it. Oh, a murderous right hook! And Dixon is out on his feet. He is out cold as he crumbles to the canvas. And it is Balboa who has won... . Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Rocky. Baby Rocky. I'm glad you liked the food. If you heat that up, it's pretty good in the morning. Yeah, thanks, man. Nice kid. I hope this music ain't giving you a headache. I like this old stuff. No, I like it. It's nice. Well, good. Good. Yo, you think Steps wants a job? Make a few bucks on the weekend? It's good making your own G's. My kid stashed a few bucks doing that. Why are you being so nice? I don't want you to think nothing's off, you know. My wife, she's gone, but she ain't. You know what I mean? Yeah, well, I wasn't thinking that. Believe me. - No? Then what was you thinking? - No. That you don't owe us nothing. What are you doing? Be patient. Now... ...I don't owe you nothing, but why do you gotta... ...owe something to get--? Bingo. Why do you gotta owe something to get something, you know? Really. I think hanging out with your kid would be nice. What do you think? I think that'd be nice. Good. That's very nice. I'm glad you come by. It was nice watching you eat. Good company. Yo, Little Marie. Let there be light! - You like dogs? - Dogs? Dogs. This is like a dog pound. It's where they keep... ...a large variety of dogs. I used to come here all the time for sightseeing. But, you know, you learn a lot talking to dogs. - Really, you do. - Yeah, man. So... . Hey, man, how about this one? He don't look too friendly, my friend. Man, this is the one. Hey, boy, how you doing? Hey, what about this one here? Come here, boy. - Who, him? - Yeah, why not? Hell, no. That is one ugly dog, man. I know, but it's kind of a cute ugly. If you look at it closely, the color... looks like old furniture, like some kind of pirate-chest thing going on. Yeah, sure, man. Hey, so how about a young one? Steps, forget him. Come over here. I want you to see something. Now, you notice what this animal is doing here? Lying in that position? He ain't doing nothing. No, he's doing a lot. He ain't wasting no energy. Because he's dead. He ain't dead. There's a lot of good mileage left on that animal. Good food, the addition of a couple of new friends, bingo, he's back. - What do you think is a good name? - It's your dog. You name him. No. It's, like, a community animal. Fifty-fifty. Look, I don't know much about no dogs. Well, it ain't that complicated. You pet him, you feed him, and nature takes its course. You know, so... . Don't you wanna name an animal? Every guy should at one time try to name an animal something. I don't know. Fleabag? It's catchy. It ain't original, but it's pretty good. I think you could come up with, in your young brain... ...something better to throw out than Fleabag. Punchy. How's that? - Punchy? - Yeah, Punchy. - I like it, you know. - For real? Yeah, for real. Punchy it is. It's easy to remember, it's not that hard to spell. And once it's in your brain, you never forget it. Punchy. Very good. - All right, man. - Good call. All right, Punchy. You ready to get bailed out, my friend? Okay. Hey, you know it was a joke, don't you? Yeah, I know. You're a very funny guy. Rocky? The fans let him know how they feel about it. - Excuse me. - Sure. This could get ugly. - Rock. - Yo, Paulie. They're gonna be talking about that fake Looney Tune fight. Hey, come on. We're about to serve today's special. Italian food cooked up by a bunch of Mexicans ain't so special. Hey, yo. Hey, I skipped work for this. What an ugly dog. It's a cute dog. - Hey, Rock. - Yeah? I'm gonna take off. That stuff back there is pretty cool. - Oh, you like that? - Yeah, man. - Thanks, I appreciate it. - I'll catch you later. All right. - Who's the criminal? - He's a nice kid. He dresses like a bum. Coming from a human hamper, that's quite a compliment. Hide the silverware. That's nice. Hey, Spider. Didn't you knock out that bum once? Will you give it a rest? I'm gonna be late for work for this. Give me a break, huh? All right. Just for a few seconds. In the late '60s, a simulated fight took place between two legends... ... Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano. Marciano long retired, and Ali unable to fight legitimately... ... for three years for having refused induction into the armed forces... ... was in need of money, and agreed to the dream match... ... whose outcome would be decided by a computer. It's almost 35 years since Rocky Marciano... ... won the much-disputed computer decision... ... and guess what? Not much has changed. Last week, Rocky Balboa won a decisive fight... . See? That's the cartoon fight I'm telling you about. Yeah. A stunning knockout. Keep in mind, this is taking the human factor out of it. - The computer says Balboa... - Beautiful. ... would be triumphant, KO 13. And here's some of the fallout: What started as a simple form of entertainment... ... has become a rallying cry for people who think... ... an old-school athlete like Balboa could actually be better. Computer technology has to create what isn't. That's just not responsible. Get therapy, will you? How do you think Balboa would have done against Dixon? Badly. Personally, I think Balboa was completely overrated. He owns a restaurant in South Philly. What's the specialty, pounded chicken? Anyway, I would have paid to see the fight. Next topic, NAS CAR... ... and the controversy that won't go away. Let's go back to Sunday's race... . Hey, hey, hey, cheer up. It's free advertisement. Come on. Meat house calls. Yo, Robert. What are you doing out so late? I tried calling, but nothing was picking up. - Is something wrong? - I just wanted to come by... ...and see you in person. - Wanna come inside? No. I just wanna get your opinion on something. Sure. Opinion on what? You know, they say you only go around once, right? - Yeah, I've heard that. - Well... ...I think I wanna, like, do something. - Like what? - Fight. You know, nothing big. Small stuff, like locally. You know. Don't you think you're too, you know, old? You think you ought to stop trying things... ...because you had a few too many birthdays? I do not. People will think you're crazy. What's crazy about standing toe to toe saying, "I am," you know? That's just ego talking. What are you trying to prove to other people, Pop? Prove? Listen, I stopped thinking... ...the way other people think a long time ago. You gotta think like you think. - I do. - Do you? Good. You gotta face reality, okay? It's a different world now. Only the clothes is different. I really don't know what you want from me. I just wanted us to get involved. You know, like, home team. Look, whatever it is, whatever you're going through, it'll pass. Yeah, you're probably right. Time is gonna catch up to all of us. - Especially if you're standing still. - Hey, come on. Look, I'm gonna call you in the morning. - Did you tell this to your kid? - Yeah, I did. - What'd he think, you're nuts, right? - Yeah. Oh, well, he don't believe in you? Welcome to my world, buddy. Rocko, nobody's giving you no title shot. I know that. I don't want one. So this isn't a mental disturbance? No. You're mad because they took down your statue? No. Not really, no. If it's about money, just hang a sign around your neck saying, "Punch me." Five dollars, you'll make big money. What? You haven't peaked yet? - Peaked? - Yeah, peaked. I don't know. There's still some stuff in the basement. - What basement? - In here. Tell me about the stuff. - What about it? - Tell me about the stuff inside. - Is it angry? - Angry? Are you mad because Adrian left you? She didn't leave, Paulie. She died. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. You know, sometimes it's hard to breathe. You know, I feel, like, this beast inside me. It's okay, Rocko. Please, it's okay. Is it okay? I just never knew it was supposed to be this hard. It wasn't supposed to be like this, Paulie. You know, it... . So you wanna come by and help me train? I got a job here. I understand. Remember you said if you stay one place long enough... become that place? Rocko, this is all I got. I understand, Paulie. I do. If you get time and come down and see me train, I'd appreciate it. Of course, Rocko. Bye, Paulie. Goodbye, Rocko. Goodbye, Rocko. Take care, Rocko. This plenary session of the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission... convened in order to consider the application of Rocky Balboa... ...for the issuance of a discretionary professional boxing license... ...due to his ineligibility to be licensed as a matter of right. Mr. Balboa, you're welcome here. Since you're representing yourself... ...we invite you to make an opening statement, if you'd like to. No, I was just curious how I did, that's all. All right, well, the Medical Advisory Board has informed us... ...that the battery of tests to which you've been subjected...'ve passed these tests with flying colors. And we congratulate you for that. - Thanks. - However, this commission... good conscience, cannot recommend you for a license... ...and we therefore deny your application. - Didn't I do what you asked? - Yes, you did. So I should get a license, right? Not exactly. So why did you give me all them tests if you was never passing me? We've gotta stand by our decision here... ...and we have to deny your request for a license at this time. Yo, don't I got some rights? What rights do you think you're referring to? Like in that official paper they wrote down the street? - That's the Bill of Rights. - Bill of Rights. Don't it say something about going after what makes you happy? No, that's "the pursuit of happiness." But what's your point? My point is I'm pursuing something, and nobody looks too happy about it. But we're just looking out for your interests. I appreciate that, but maybe you're looking out for your interests more. You shouldn't ask people to come here and pay the freight on something. They pay, it still ain't good enough. You think that's right? Maybe you're doing your job, but why you gotta stop me from doing mine? If you're willing to go through all the battling to get where you want to get... ...who's got the right to stop you? Maybe you got something you never finished, something you wanna do. Something you never said to somebody, something! And you're told no, even after you pay your dues. Who's got the right to tell you that? Who? Nobody! It's your right to listen to your gut. It's nobody's right to say no... ...after you earn the right to be what you wanna be or do what you wanna do! The older I get, the more things I gotta leave behind. That's life. The only thing I'm asking you guys to leave on the table is what's right. Yo! Have you seen the paper today? Front row. Front row. That is so great. - All right, all right. - Let's go get some food. Food. - Let's get a beer. Come on. - Come on. The last two pay-per-views were in the toilet. You're not making heavyweight-championship money. There's a bunch of nobodies out there, Mase. I wanna talk to you about an opportunity we should run with. Look at me. You heard Rocky Balboa applied for a license and got one? - I heard. Forget about him. - Hear me out. You want me to fight a guy I can beat with both hands tied behind my back. Everybody knows you could beat him sitting down. That's not what it's about. It's about making money. We gotta capitalize on that computer fight. This could do a million buys. That's 15, 20 million to you. - Forget it. - No one's beating the door down... watch you fight anymore. - We got guaranteed fights. You wanna do this now in front of your friends, we'll do it now. We got nothing. All the pay-per-view fights you come up with got rejected. You know why? They're all bums out there. Nobody cares about them. There's no marquee value. But this Balboa thing is interesting. - I don't wanna do it. - Listen to me. It's a has-been, never-gonna-be world. Call it nostalgia, whatever you want... ...but people relate to that stuff. This is a no-lose. It's all good. - Good for who? - For you! Not for me! For you! Maybe you don't understand. People don't like you no more. They don't follow you. They're not supporting you anymore. Understand? Don't look at me like I'm messing with your legacy. Every jock now thinks they got a legacy. A legacy is what you get instead of getting paid. That's a legacy. - Don't talk to me like I'm stupid. - I'm not no more. Everybody knows you could kick this old man's ass. But you don't. Leave him with a little dignity, so they say: "Mason Dixon's got compassion. He's a decent guy, he's a nice guy." You get a whole new audience, we'll double your money. You want a new image? That's how you get it. To replace the one that you two made? Whoa, wait. We made your world green. You made the rest. This is you. You made all this junk happen. I've had it up to here with this mess. Time for me to make changes. I'm going to Martin's gym. - We'll talk about it. - Forget this crap. I want Martin back. There's nothing to talk about. - How you doing? - Hey, what a surprise. I was driving around the neighborhood, I thought... ...why not drive by and say hello? - You wanna come inside? No, the dog needs some exercise. You wanna take a little walk? - Yeah, yeah. All right. - It's nice outside. - All right. - Nice and brisk. When did you get a dog? We picked up Punchy a couple of days back. - Punchy? - Yeah. You named your dog Punchy? Your kid come up with the name. Oh, yeah? I think that's disrespectful. Oh, no, no. It's fine, really. No, it's easy to remember and it's all that, you know. Listen, what do you think about coming over to the restaurant? - What for? - Well, you know, for, like... . For work. The hostess is gonna be having a kid. You'd do good. - I don't know. - I'm telling you, you'd do so good. I appreciate what you're doing for my kid, but I can't. Hey, listen, I think you'd like it a lot. It's a nice environment, it's very pleasant. Yeah, can we drop it? What's bothering you? Nothing. It's all right. Listen, I gotta get back. - No, it ain't all right. - Oh, come on. - What? - I'm gonna be the first person... ...people see when they walk in? - You give out menus. You say, "Hello, how are you?" You sit people down. Look, if I can do it, anybody can do it. You could find 10 better people, a hundred better people for this job. Give it a try, like two weeks. I don't wanna try. - Who put this stuff in your head? - Nobody. Well, it just don't get in there by itself. Thanks for coming by. Yo, when was the last time you went dancing? Has it been a while? - Why are you asking? - I'm asking because... dance around these problems, you might as well dance with me. I ain't that good, but I'm better than the average bear. Where that came from, I don't know. - You're crazy. - A little bit. But the way you're thinking and talking, it's a little crazy too. Come on, you deserve better. Really. Come on over. I need you to class my place up. Philly needs you. And if you say, "Screw you, creepo" again, I totally understand. But I'm warning you, I'm gonna put myself... the middle of the street here... ...and stand here, me and Punchy, and wave to the first bus, say: "Come on over here and mash me! Little Marie turned down the job at the restaurant. She thinks she's better than us." Oh, yeah? Well, there hasn't been a bus down here in 20 years. - Yeah? - No. That was a close call. Listen, seriously. Come on over. It'd be nice. All right. Paulie! Sorry, Paulie. Sorry. How are you? Get my unusual up there. Excuse me. Deliveries are in the back. I'm not a delivery guy. Well, do you have a reservation? Do I look like a freaking Indian? Hey, Rock? Rocky? I think we've got a little bit of a problem with this guy. Problem? No, no, he's just a relative. Oh, okay. Yo, Paulie. - What happened to your eye? - I hit it. - Why? - Needed to. What happened? - I'm celebrating, Rock. - Why? - I retired. - Retired? So when did they start giving retired people meat... ...instead of watches, Paulie? I don't need a watch. I got a watch! You gave me a watch! Paulie-- I don't need no goddamn watch. - Yo, Paulie. - I got a watch! I got two watches! Yo, Paulie! Yo, Paulie. Rock. It takes guts climbing back in that ring, knowing you're gonna take a beating. You're gonna do all right, Rocko. How do you know that? The stuff in the basement. Thanks, Paulie. - Hey. - Hey, Rock, how are you? - You okay? - Yeah, good. How are you? - Yeah, fine. This is great. - Good. Listen, some guys over there wanna talk to you. - Okay. You got it. - Okay? - Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it. - Our pleasure. - Wanna hear stories? - What kind of stories? Well, a lot of people like to hear these old fight stories. - Maybe later. - Okay. I'm Lou DiBella. This is L.C. Luco. He's Mason Dixon's manager. - Will you sit down and join us? - Sure. You know, we have the promotional contract for Mason Dixon... ...who's a big fan. - Really? When he heard you were interested in fighting... ...he thought why not try to work something out? Like a special event. Like a first-class exhibition fight. - Why me? - He respects the hell out of you. All right? And let's be honest, that computer fight got people curious. - This could be very interesting. - I ain't interested... getting, like, mangled and embarrassed. No, that's not gonna happen. Never happen. Truthfully, I was thinking more on a, like... ...miniscule, small level. You know. Small fights, not big fights. Small fights. Things that-- Local. You know what I mean? Not a bad idea. Don't think of it as big. Think of it like an exhibition. Think of it as a glorified sparring session. Here's something you'll like. We're gonna donate a portion of the gate to charity. - That's always nice. - It's good to give. Yeah. Where's it taking place? - Las Vegas. - Las Vegas. Nice and warm. This cold's gotta be killing you. - Little stiff. - You move better when you're warmer. - Yeah. - And if nothing else...'ll have new stories to tell. - I really gotta think about this. - Absolutely. - Is that okay? - I understand. No problem. I'm gonna go over there. You can order something. - What do you recommend? - It's all edible. Okay. Thanks. We got him. Imagine if Dixon met this bastard in his prime? - He'd kill him. Kill him. - You ain't kidding. Man, I'm confused. I didn't think this was gonna come along. But this is what you wanted, right? I don't know. You know, I talk and I talk. Sometimes I think what I'm saying is true... ...and then I look at myself and I'm not even sure what is true anymore. Because it's like, I pushed this crazy idea about fighting. I mean, what's it all about? Do I really care about standing toe to toe and all that stuff... ...or, like my kid says, is it just, like, ego? Or am I this old pug who's just trying to replace old pain with new pain? I don't know. I don't know. Look, I know I usually don't say a lot. I'm always listening and looking. But who you are, the part of you that's so full of life... ...we all have that feeling, that fire... ...but usually never get a chance to use it. And then it just goes away. But you can. You've got this opportunity, so do it. Why not? I mean, this is who you are. This is who you'll always be. And you don't move aside for nobody until you're ready to move. And it doesn't matter how this looks to other people. All that matters is how it looks to you. Rocky. Rocky, look at me. How it looks to you. And if this is something that you wanna do... ...and if this is something that you gotta do, then you do it. Fighters fight. You're not gonna punch me, are you? Listen, I gotta go before I wear out my welcome. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks. Fighters fight, right? It's rare when you get to promote an event bigger than boxing. This is. Skill versus will, with part of the proceeds going to charity. The brainchild of Mason Dixon, to honor past heavyweight champions. Warriors like Rocky Balboa. Let's open it up for questions. Hey, champ! A few great fighters have fought in their 50s, often with disastrous results. Why risk the danger and embarrassment? The smart money says you have virtually no chance. A puncher always has a chance. This fight will be competitive. Why are you doing this, Rocky? I don't know, I'd rather do something I love badly than- - Than to feel bad by not doing something you love. Rocky, the press has labeled you a Balboasaurus. How do you feel about that? Let's say the following happens: You win, we'll say you beat an old guy. You lose, say a thumb in the eye, you'll be the joke of the decade. You all know that will never happen. This is only an exhibition. Don't go trying to make more out of this than that computer tried. Isn't this sport in enough trouble without these circus events? - Next question. - On the surface, this looks like... ...a cheap bit of ring theater between, no offense... ...a has-been and a man whose own credible legacy... ...and popularity is in doubt. - What's the upside? - Doubt? Upside? I mean... . What do you mean, upside? I mean, what do I have to do? You know, I'm 33-0 with 30 knockouts. I'm doing you people a favor. I'm having this exhibition for you. You gonna get up here and make a mockery out of me? I'm the champ. I mean, I get pissed, this guy get hurt. See you at the fight. The guy's a joke. He's gonna get crushed. - Look who's here. - How you doing? - Have you seen my father? - He's in the back. This place has never served this many meals. It's unbelievable. You're doing good? Hope you're enjoying everything, all right? Excuse me. How you doing? Glad you come by. Can I talk with you? - Sure. - Can we do it outside? - So you're going through with this? - I start training tomorrow. Hey, Rock. I made some connections. I can make some money on this, endorsements. Absolutely. Do that. - Thank you, Rock. Okay. - Sure. - So you nervous about the fight? - Scared to death. - You don't look scared. - Well, I ain't supposed to. Then you don't have to do it. Yeah, well, I think I do. You know, living with you, it hasn't been easy. People see me but they think of you. Now with all this going on, it's gonna be worse than ever. - It don't have to be. - Sure it does! - Why? You've got a lot going on, kid. - What, my last name? That's the reason I got a decent job. That's why people deal with me in the first place. Now I start to get a little ahead... ...I start to get a little something for myself, and this happens. Now, I'm asking you as a favor not to go through with this. This is gonna end up bad for you, and it's gonna end up bad for me. - You think I'm hurting you? - Yeah. In a way, you are. That's the last thing I ever wanted to do. I know that's not what you wanna do, but that's just the way that it is. Don't you care what people think? Doesn't it bother you that people... ...are making you out to be a joke and that I'll be included in that? Do you think that's right? Do you? You ain't gonna believe this, but you used to fit right here. I'd hold you up and say to your mother: "This kid is gonna be the best kid in the world. This kid is gonna be somebody better than anybody ever knew." And you grew up good and wonderful. It was great just watching, every day was like a privilege. Then the time come for you to be your own man and take on the world... ...and you did. But somewhere along the line, you changed. You stopped being you. You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you're no good. And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame... a big shadow. Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, and I don't care how tough you are... will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit... ...and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! If you know what you're worth, go and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers... ...saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody! Cowards do that, and that ain't you! You're better than that! I'm always gonna love you no matter what. No matter what happens. You're my son and you're my blood. You're the best thing in my life. But until you start believing in yourself, you ain't gonna have a life. Don't forget to visit your mother. - Yeah, those are beautiful. - Yeah. - You get off early from work? - No. I left. I quit. Quit, why? I wasn't very... . I don't know, I just... . I didn't fit in there. I understand. - So, what are you gonna do? - Right now? Right now I'd rather be with you. Is that all right? Yeah. It's been a long time since I seen a fight. You know all there is to know about fighting... You know all there is to know about fighting... there's no sense us going down that same old road again. To beat this guy, you need speed. You don't have it. And your knees can't take the pounding, so hard running is out. And you got arthritis in your neck. And you've got calcium deposits... ...on most of your joints, so sparring is out. I had that problem. So what we'll be calling on is good old-fashioned blunt-force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, pile-driving punches... ...that will have to hurt so much they'll rattle his ancestors. Every time you hit him with a shot...'s gotta feel like he tried kissing the express train. Yeah! Let's start building some hurting bombs. - Yeah, you'll get it. - You can do it, Rocko! Getting stronger! - Up! Up! Up! - Come on! Go! - Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah! Come on, Rocko! Come on. Come on. Let's hit them. Hit them. You can do it, Rock. Getting stronger! - Up, up, up! - Go! Go! All right! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Rocky Balboa, 217! The undisputed heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon, 221 ! Thank you very much. I appreciate it, champ. Thanks a lot. Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! - Know how much money is in this? - A lot of it. Imagine trying to clean this place. - No, seriously. - Balboa! You guys, I'll catch up with you all later, okay? Robert, why don't you hang with me? - How you doing, champ? - I'm good. No reason for neither one of us to get hurt in this fight. I'll do my best to carry you, make sure you save face. There'd be no embarrassment. But I promise you, you try to press me, you hit me, you hurt me... hit me low, cheap-shot me, I'll get you out of there. You know, a lot of people come to Vegas to lose. I didn't. It's already over. Ain't nothing over till it's over. What's that from, the '80s? That's probably the '70s. Just remember what I said. Hey, yo, champ. Yo, ain't you a little scared? I don't get scared. I think you try a little harder when you're scared. This is what has worked for me. - I ain't scared. - Oh, yeah. You ain't scared of me? Come on, let's see what you got. Come on. Hey, don't hit me, I'm brittle. - Hey. - Hi. - How you doing? - I was just thinking. - Did you wanna come in? - No, no, no, it's okay. I just wanted to... ...I don' t know, come by and wish you good luck for tomorrow. - Thanks. - Yeah. I brought you something. I hope you don't mind, I took it from the restaurant. - No. - Thanks. Adrian. Yeah. Thought she would keep you safe. Yeah. Yeah, she always brought me luck. Yeah. I wanted to say thanks for everything you've done for me and my kid. You've been great and... . You know, tomorrow...'re gonna prove that the last thing to age on somebody is their heart. - I'll try. - You go show them. Thank you. The heavyweight championship has been... ... one of sports' most coveted titles for 120 years. Two-time heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa... ... the Philadelphia slugger, renowned for his cast-iron jaw... ... ferocious body attack and will of steel... ... all of which have carried the smaller fighter to victories... ... over the years against physically superior opponents. And Mason Dixon, the current heavyweight title holder... ... with all the speed, determination and confidence any fighter could want. But many still question whether he has the heart of a true champion... ... never having been pushed to go the distance. Tonight, we find out. Here at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas... ... for the much-anticipated showdown... ... between Mason "The Line" Dixon... ... and Rocky "The Italian Stallion" Balboa. Hello, I'm Jim Lampley with Larry Merchant and Max Kellerman... from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, where we anticipate... of the most outrageous and compelling events in boxing history. The unappreciated heavyweight champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon... ... putting his reputation on the line... ... against legendary ex-champion, Rocky Balboa. Even though most see this as more of a glorified sparring session... ...the energy in the room is electric. Larry, why is this billed as an exhibition? Wild guess: So they wouldn't have to call it an execution. Zacariah 4:6 says, "It is not by strength, not by might... ...but by his spirit we have already claimed the victory... our Lord Jesus Christ." Good luck, Rocky. Thanks, Spider. Appreciate it. Nobody's expecting much, I think, from the way-past-his-prime... ...former champ, Rocky Balboa. Rock, I gotta talk to you. Look, I know you got a lot of stuff you gotta get out of your system. Tonight you do it. Right? Get rid of the damn beast... ...let it be done, once and for all. Please, I love you. Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! There go the lights. The buzz is building toward a roaring crescendo. Where did that come from? I told you. I love Sinatra. He's very good, Sinatra. - Let's go. - Very good. And here comes Rocky Balboa, veteran of the wars... for one more last hurrah. Or the Last Supper, perhaps, with him as the main course. What's that music? You can't be serious. "High Hopes"? Talk about wishful thinking. Well, maybe no hopes is more realistic. Anyway, the crowd likes it. Look at the Italian Stallion. Cool and relaxed. Rocky's an off-the-board underdog, and they don't care at all. This is about his pride and dignity and his punch, guys. The last thing to go is a guy's punch. Rocky always has that puncher's chance. Rocky Balboa is still, as you can hear, the people's champion. Prediction, guys: For at least two rounds... ...Dixon's gonna have his hands full. Two whole rounds? We have a cockeyed optimist in the house. - How you doing? - The crowd wants to see... ...something real, or at least-- Rocky Balboa just asked me how I'm doing. I grew up watching this guy. I never thought I'd be calling one of his fights. This is unbelievable. I'm a fan, I can't help it. Now here comes Mason Dixon. Mason Dixon establishing his presence in the ring. And suddenly now a conversation breaking out at ringside. Mike Tyson calling out Mason "The Line" Dixon. You can't call no shots here. I'm the champ. You not doing nothing. This is charity work. You got that midget with you right there. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Mandalay Bay... ...resort and casino of Las Vegas. And a special main event of the evening... ...10 rounds of heavyweight excitement... ...sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. And when the bell rings, the referee in charge of the action, Joe Cortez. And now, for the thousands in attendance... ...and the millions watching around the world, ladies and gentlemen... ...let's get ready to rumble! Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner... ...wearing black with gold, official weight, 217 pounds. His professional record, 57 victories including 54 knockouts... ...with 23 defeats and one draw. He is the fighting pride of Philadelphia... ...the two-time heavyweight champion of the world... ..."The Italian Stallion"... ...Rocky... ...Balboa! Hope he gets his head busted. Shut up. Across the ring, fighting out of the red corner... ...wearing white with blue, official weight, 221 pounds. He has a perfect professional record, consisting of 33 bouts... ...33 victories, including 30 knockouts. Originally from Tampa, Florida... ...but now fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada... ...the reigning undisputed, undefeated... ...heavyweight champion of the world... ...Mason "The Line"... ...Dixon! All right, gentlemen. All right, Mason, Rocky. We went over the rules in the dressing room. I expect a good, clean fight. Watch the kidney punches, rabbit punches... ...low blows, be careful with those. Give me good sportsmanlike conduct. Remember, gentlemen, I'm fair but I'm firm. Touch them up! - Enjoy the ride. - The champ is not in the best shape... ...we've seen him in. Maybe he plans to phone this in and go home early. - That wouldn't be a surprise. - Glad you could make it. One thing about Rocky we know for sure: This guy's showing up in shape. - The old man's crazy. - He's gotta be crazy. He's in here. - Okay. - Take it easy. This is an exhibition. All right? Do it to him. You got three rounds to set a pace. Every time you hit him, make a dent. - Got it. - The moments before... ...a Rocky Balboa fight? I can't believe it's here! Round one begins. If old George Foreman shocked the world with one punch... ...why can't old Rocky Balboa? And as much excitement as there is in the arena... ...there's a sense of foreboding as well. And now, Mason "The Line" Dixon goes to work with his jab as though... ...he's fighting against the number one challenger in the heavyweight division. See, this is to be expected early on. You knew the champ would control the distance with his jab... ...his height, his range. Balboa looking to get in a shot, misses wildly. Did you like that? It looks like a speed bag against a punching bag. Rocky's understandably frustrated... ...but he came out of retirement to get into a fight. Guys named Rocky don't like to be toyed with. One punch could still turn it around. Apparently he forgot his arthritis meds this morning. Rocky misses. There's a meat-seeking missile on the point of the chin by the champ. - More pinpoint jabs by Dixon. - Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! And there's a hard right hand and a left and a right by Balboa! He drives Dixon into the ropes with a series of shots! And the crowd goes berserk! Dixon punishing Balboa for the temerity of landing those shots. It's toe to toe in the corner. Balboa and Dixon letting it all go. Balboa landing potent combinations to the head of the champion. A wake-up call for Dixon. - You all right? - Yeah, I'm all right. - The man's got bricks in his gloves. - Where's the stuff in the basement? - It's still there. - He came to battle, okay? - Trying to knock me out. - Listen. If there's a bone he can break, he's gonna do it. - Give the man respect. - What about my respect? CompuBox numbers tell the grisly story here. Balboa landed nine of 13 punches in that round. Dixon landed an incredible - Why don't you listen to me? - Rocky's been here a million times. Coming out to start a round after he took a beating in the previous one. - Remember what I said, okay? - I warned him. I warned him. He's tired. His legs are going fast, or already gone. And what's truly extraordinary is that Rocky can still take it. The boxing commission, which was criticized for licensing him... ...would be massacred if something happened to Rocky. And a monstrous straight left hand! Down goes Rocky! And that could conceivably be the end of the fight! That could be the exhibition right there. But no. Balboa up. Referee Joe Cortez asks if he wants to continue, and Rocky says yes. Even Rocky Balboa could be too brave for his own good. Dixon comes right back to try to finish it. Balboa almost went down! Rocky actually shoves Dixon back. As Dixon lands these brutal shots. - Cover up! Cover up! - Open shots at close range. Right and left hands, and down goes Balboa! Perhaps for the last time in his fighting career! - That should do it. - Three! Four! Five! Six! Get up! Get up! - Seven! Eight! Nine! - How do you feel, man? You okay? - Now Rocky is furious with himself. He convinces Cortez he wants to keep fighting. Dixon's pointing at the ref to end it. Rocky waving his arms and saying he's fine. - He wants to go on! - Let it go! Let it go! And Balboa comes back! With a left and a right... ...and bulls Dixon into the ropes for the second round in a row! Back comes Dixon with brutal left-hand shots. - Dixon hurt his hand there! - Go after him! This is Rocky's best chance! The champ obviously hurt his hand on Rocky's hip! And Balboa immediately going to work to the body! Huge right hook! Balboa ripping away at Dixon's body! These are big punches. Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Yes! Rocky Balboa has knocked the reigning heavyweight champion down! - You hurt him! - Mason "The Line" Dixon... ...has never taken this kind of punishment... his entire professional career! Maybe he's clearing his head, but the body shots really caved in his ribs. Balboa is thinking knockout himself! Another counterhook by Balboa, followed by two more! Dixon fires back his own hooks! Now Rocky's stunned. It's an all-out war along the ropes... round two comes to a close amid a giant tumult in the ring! Incredible. All right! Welcome to Rockyland. - How's the hand? - My hand's broken. We lose, it's your ass! Your ass! It will numb up on you in a few rounds. Once that hand numbs up, Dixon will be able to throw it hard. Until then, here is Rocky's chance. - No reverse! - Take the pain, champ. Stay on him! Everybody thought this was a joke, including me! Now nobody's laughing! Stay on him! You go get him! Go out strong! Keep him off you! That's it! That's it! You won that round. Break him down. Bomb him! Bomb him! Yeah! Just keep throwing them bombs! Come on. You can do this. Rocko. Rocko. Yeah, come on, go! Go through him! Run over him! Unload on him! Get down, Mason! They're leaving nothing on the table, guys. The fans are still standing. They may not be able to sit down for a week. - You're doing great! - I'm doing better than I thought. - You sure he's okay? - I've had worse. Toe to toe, one round to go. Who would've believed this was possible? - Can you see out of that eye? - Let me talk to him. Don't take any more chances than you have to. There's nothing more to prove, Pop. There's nothing more to prove. I gotta go out the way I gotta go out. You can do it, Rocko! - One more round, we go home. - Okay, then do it. There's an old saying that every great champion has... great fight left in him, and Rocky is proving it so far. - Come on. Touch them up. - Rocko! The last round of your life! - Come on, guys. - The last round! Come on. Touch them up, let's go. Touch them up. - You are one crazy old man. - You'll get there. Let's go. Tenth round of a scheduled 10. Who would ever have dreamed... ...that Rocky Balboa would still be in this quote, "exhibition," against... ...the heavyweight champion? - You can do it! Come on! This fight is as though Dixon got on-the-job training in courage. - Cover up! Cover up! - They're both in a pain-free zone! These guys are fighting in another dimension right now! Beyond belief! Balboa just walking straight into Dixon's punches. Target practice for Dixon. They're exchanging right hooks! Balboa's drilled! Here comes Dixon! He's exhausted from just punching the man! Knock this bum out, Mase! What is it you said to the kid? It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. - Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! - Get up. - Let's go! Get up! - Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Get up. Another monster body shot. Rocky's ancestors must have felt that one. Come on, Rocky! Start moving those hands! Less than two minutes to go. The crowd is astonished that Balboa got up. - Come on! - Turn it over! All the way through! And retaliates with fury! Chop him down! Come on, Rocky! Come on! Take him out now! They're trading shots again! Balboa is trying to hit anything and anywhere! Win it! Win it! Yes! Yes! You're a great champion. You got heart. Thanks for the opportunity. Good man. That was unbelievable. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen. You did it. That's the kind of fighting you're talking about. Hey, Paulie. That beast is gone now. The beast is out. One of the most overused words in sports, guys, is "incredible." I hate to say it. This is incredible. Let's go! Ladies and gentlemen, before we go to the scorecards... ...a round of applause for these two heavyweight warriors! We have a split decision. Adelaide Byrd scores it 95-94... ...Dixon. Chuck Giampa has it 95-94... ...Balboa. And Bill Graham scores it 95-94... ...for the winner by split decision, and still undefeated... ...the heavyweight champion of the world... ...Mason "The Line" Dixon! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! You know, I couldn't have done nothing without you. Yo, Adrian, we did it. We did it.

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