Movie Date: April 11, 2014

1 What is If love be with you ? I know how much is too Sit alone In her arms is where I wanna be For being with you brings me balance Listen to me, dear wake up every morning = = Thinking about how you feel Wondering if you know As the party is good If you are not close by Hear me now As love is good If not your love How is love . good If not your love ? 's a crazy party I'm happy to be with everyone Balance Shake your body down to the ground Let's get, let's go crazy, Blu I? What is a song If you do not hear it too ? can not imagine dancing without you Not worth see a shooting star If you are not here with me Listen to me, dear I wake up every morning Thinking about how you feel Wondering if you know As the party is good If you are not close by Hear Me Now As love is good If not your love / i For a bird Minnesota until learned a few steps. Not a step, was an accident. But I'll take the compliment. Glad Rafael is with children. Looks like you're stuck with me all night. You are my only love, Blu. This is good, since I am the only other species. - Hi, lovebirds, happy new year! - Rafa, which are... The children are with Luiz. Not without worry! Look concern here. - Luiz, where are the kids? - What? I have no children. Our Children! - Really! Are with Tininha. - Tininha? What? She is a great babysitter. I'm a horrible babysitter. This will be awesome! Okay, I did all the calculations, and each explosion is the rhythm. - Except if the wrong account. - I imagine so... Red, blue, green, yellow , yellow... purple. And I would imagine so... I think your parents will not like that very much . Here we go. - Is going where, bird? - What is it? - Santa! - Know the rules, nothing fireworks without an adult around. Tininha asked for. Worse. Sorry Tininha. No need to pay me, Lord Blu. Next time, ask me. - But always says no. - I do not say no. - Daddy, you're denying. - Love, I always say no? Always . I mean, no. Great, now Mom is also speaking. Listen, we are the last Macaws planet, need to stay safe. - United Bluebirds... - never be defeated. I smell chicken. No, no, no! No, no, no! By my count today he said "no" 27 times. - Help! - What? Personal, run! Happy New Year Face! Why only Dad got all the fun? Look! It worked! Well, this year has started well. RIO 2 AMAZON Tour of Rio Caracuru. Amazon Expedition. 7th day. There 3.200km Rio We got to the heart the rainforest. Surrounded by plants and animals struggling to survive. As we descend the river without much effort. No stress for you. What beautiful! Spit it out! Spit it out! We are getting close to the nests of uru-buck. Odontophorus gujanensis bird smugglers. I was sick, malnourished, with a broken leg. But now, my trusty assistant... I mean, beloved wife and colleague , will release it in its natural habitat. It's okay, you can go now. Just do so. Let me talk to her. Go ahead! Weirdos - Do you think she'll be okay? - Give him a break. Welcome to the home. Wait a minute. What she is saying, Tulio? Only is difficult for her to say goodbye. No, I think is trying to warn us. No, Linda, should be some mating dance. Tulio, look! Reme now! Okay, okay! Caution! Left, left! Right! No, to the left! Forward! Forward! Decide, Tulio! My Jesus! This not! Row, row! Faster! - Beautiful! Linda! - Tulio! Thank God you're okay. Tulio, this is... Linda, this is amazing! Good day, Jade! Guys, look what I found. Blu ? Children? Where everyone... Okay, who is ready to Breakfast Unbelievable. Knew that whole pancakes has twice the vitamins and minerals? with blueberries is 4 times hotter. Where are the blueberries? Daddy, looking for it? Manda! In the final minutes, he has magic feet , he kicks and hits! - Goal! - Goal! That's right, I got, I'm good. Quick thought, Dad. Too! Hi, Mom! - At busted. - Time to go. Hi, honey. Are you hungry? Blu, we talked about this. Talked? It is, then, what you got? - Breakfast. - Funny, but what is it? Chestnut Para Never thought I'd find so close to town. - I want to show them how to open. - I mean, so? Daddy already shown. Wait, back. Mom, Dad, you're on TV. Brazilian ornithologist Tulio Monteiro announced a major discovery today Believe we have found a wild blue macaw right in the heart of the Amazon blue macaw was practically extinct last surviving family living under the protection blue shrine - In Rio de Janeiro -. Famous Us. Where the birds are found their home will be saved Can have a whole flock of birds there And if there, we'll find them and protect them Hi, Blu! Hi, Linda! We are not alone. There are more of us there. - Yes, that's great. - All this time I thought... I thought we were alone. This was so bad? Of course not, but... Imagine if more of us. As would be amazing! - We must do something. - We? Yes, we have to fly to Amazon help Linda and Tulio find them. We can not pack up and go. Why not? It's time this family feel the wind in their wings. Look at us! IPod, television pancakes? We are not people, birds are . We have to go to the jungle be birds, Blu. Let the kids know their roots, show them what I had. They need it, we need it . Come on Blu! What do you say? I do not know. Maybe, but... He did not say no. Means he almost said yes. - What, no! - It will be so fun! Come to Amazon. Wait, what is the Amazon? The Amazon is one of the most threatened ecosystems Due to illegal deforestation and agriculture hope the dr. Monteiro and his team find these rare birds and save your home Can have an entire flock out there = = If, we find them and protect them Ecochatos. Prepare my boat. Need to take care of it personally. Next It's my turn, can go home. Are looking for the next King of Carnival. Hi, Penudo, good luck! Be careful, man. You can not see Arriving .. You will not find somewhere Bravo! Bravo! That was amazing! Eve, honey, you reaches all the notes. - Is not personal? - Yes! In various notes I've ever heard. - Rafa! - Do not worry! I'll talk to them. Let's find a perfect place for you! Maybe Antarctica. You bet! Bye bye! Goodbye, boys! See you at home, my pink sleeve! None of the actors inspired me. I am not inspired! The carnival is coming. And our reputation is at stake. Copy, need something with swagger. What do sway. Need something pop . You know pop instead? - Pop - Next. - Blu! - Sorry, man! Okay, Luiz! Good to see you too! Listen, Blu, we are looking for a singer , a dancer, the whole package. And you're clumsy. - Do not get upset? - Not! I'm not here for the test. I got news! I'm going to Amazon. Amazon! This is wild. Yes, Jade think will be good for us. - How wild? - Really wild. There mosquitoes suck your blood through a straw. E snakes that swallow you whole. E carnivorous piranhas, who eat meat. Great, looks pretty good! - I will not! - Personal! Blue , have nothing to worry about. All these stories are totally exaggerated. - You think so? - Sure! If it is important to Jade, go with everything. Happy wife happy life. - Remember that. - Okay, you're right. You know, family vacations, can be fun. And it will not last forever! That's the spirit. Okay, thanks guys! See you in a few weeks. - Tread carefully, Blu! - Bring me a gift! Dog, he will not return. He's already dead. Amazon! Come on! Come on, Dad! Let's see, here repellent! Chlorine water here! Dressings... I think I'm forgetting something. Cool, a pocketknife adventure. Try to deal with it. This is not for you! Dad, look at this! Knew that there snakes in the Amazon that swallow you whole? In fact, these stories are exaggerated . No, really! Look! What madness! We ready to go? A fanny pack? Linda gave me, I need take the GPS. Was the GPS. Carla, we're going. I will not! Will be boring. Here is the recognition voice makes everything easier. See this: Finding Linda and Tulio. Looking for dining in Tokyo Not this, but is a good suggestion. - You trust this woman? - Yes, I trust. Wait family, I will too. Do not worry. We protect you. - Eva let you go? - Sure! Promised her a place in the carnival. - You did what? -'re Late. - For the clock. - But early for a musician. Expected, will you? Do not lose for nothing. Let's get the biggest and best talent jungle. And our inspiration for the carnival party. Wild Amazon. Cool! I mean... Okay... I think I will. Race in Amazon Jungle, baby! Who's ready for a tropical adventure? Guys, wait! Recalculating Birds, again! They were without me again! This is unfair! U Haters Gonna Hate Maniacs l / b Karynasb l Annie vik / b Michael Yang Lune l / b Beta Laura Zac l / b @ ManiacSubs / ManiacSubs / b Heavy traffic ahead Thank you, sissy GPS. Faster, faster! Slow! Here we are, kids! The gate to the Amazon. "Ser .." Or... Do not be! Is the question! Tis nobler in mind to suffer stones and arrows. With Fortuna, angry? Or rebel against us a sea of nettles "and struggle to put an end to them?" What Gorgeous, Nigel. What does it mean? Death, Gabi. Is about death. Nigel, I love when is dark and evil. Bird, it's showtime! My audience expects! From the streets of Rio to the Amazon jungle . The Mystery Bird. Get that stock there. Back to work. Mom, I want one, I want to luck! Welcome, madam. The Incredible Cockatoo reveal your future. Okay bird. Take your luck. Let's bird! You're doing fine, Nigel. Pick it up. Come on, we're almost there. No more flying for today We have to get this boat soon . According my friend here will get there in the morning. You will survive, but will never fly - Come on! - My luck - You are very cute. - Why is it taking That blue bird caused my ruin?. Nice bird. Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Nigel is very macho. Thank you. I'm free! Poisonous frog! The cockatoo squawks and cries for vengeance. Also Shakespeare, by the way. No its interpretation, is not nothing. 're Right. GOOD TIME TO COMPLETE TASK OLD This is pure and fragrant air. Goodbye, smelly city air! Yes, goodbye. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate. I would do anything for you. - You know that, right? - Of course I know. Do not come here to eat, came for revenge. When these passengers have flat sleeping let's give our friends blues a little love. A poisonous love. This is my specialty. We will strike midnight, because it is evil. Stay alert. Midnight. Time to strike! Nigel. Nigel. Look for us criminals. A toxic frog and a freak that can not fly. So different and yet so alike . Dear while sleep all is well We're friends and that's great, But I have a secret to tell I love you They say it is wrong and absurd a frog and a bird love But I know in my heart this is to happen If we could embrace us, in kiss, take you to heaven Your lungs explode and you would look like would cough up your face turn blue Eca Know that'll protect you Do not worry, rest /. i Why not have bird I do not kill for you can not see We intended to have Our Love poison Love - Love.... - I know Yes I know you can call me Feel me close for now.. . With her lovely wings get involved Fate told me, love poison Love . / i Staying here You're so close and at the same time - So far. - Like a star Here we are - What to do? .?. - Making Why You are my Romeo and I , Juliet You're so perfect and still if I touch, just touch Is yet everything you can beg is a . goodbye And I'll cry While you die From our poisonous . Love What a nightmare. Carlitos, was to you have woken me up. It's time. I love being the team of Nigel. I can not think of anything more romantic envenanar that passengers on a cruise moonlight. Stop! This is mine. Twinkle, twinkle, Bluey. Where were you? Upstairs hiding. Are you ready to die? You need one breath mint. Until asleep you mock me? Wait for me. Do not leave me! - James, stop making a mess. - I did nothing. James Gunderson, listen to your mother. This sucks. We're almost there. Wait, guys. Remember... Birds... Forget. They are fleeing. Wake up, you idiot -eating insects. Behind them! Best! Now three times faster! Rushed! Always suspected that was dumber than a monkey. And now I know. Head, what are you doing in the jungle ? Perhaps the better question is: What are they doing? Freaks of nature. and play in my yard? I think not. As you know, friends, this deforestation is a bit... illegal. If these two crazy they think those birds 're finished. And that's why you should end this expedition. Find them! And get rid of them. The rest of you, will cut trees. Who calls a flock of birds? The racks must have done nest near the nut. I think we should continue... Tulio, are you listening? You have arrived at your destination See? Works nicely. Here we are. Where? These things have a margin of error . I told you not trust this woman. a larva of Heliconius and she will now make the chrysalis. Is going to poop. You are such a child. I'll get them. Okay, you stay here and I I take a look around. Do not worry, we'll be here. Not going anywhere. - I got goose bumps. - I'm not enjoying this. Let's sneak out. Bia? James! Come on girl, do not leave me on the wing. Calculating route to: Fish in coals Seriously.. Okay, guys... Guys? Good one, guys. Very funny. Funny same. Very clever. Jade, where are you? Children? Jade? A arararinha! Linda! Let me go! loose his barbarian. Blu? I swear it looked like Blu. Is impossible, Linda. He is in Rio safe and sound. I am a citizen of U.S., its wild. I demand to see my ambassador. I know my rights. I know my rights. Back barbaric. This, indeed. Is a spoon and a fork. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Dude, put that down. Off me, leave me. Luckily I'm bigger. I can not believe we found them. Well, technically they found us. 'll Need buttons. There are mints. Do not need it, but they are good. Can eating. No, not the whole box. Puts out . What is this doing here? What is happening? We caught them flying close to people. What? Who are you? This is not the appropriate response. I asked a question. Where did you come? - Back. - Excuse me, young lady. That... I do not believe. How... How did this... Some loggers came. There was so much smoke and fire. Were you under my wing. E was suddenly no more. - Father - I looked for you everywhere. I'm here. Santa. Daddy? I missed. Okay. Now everything is fine. Santa found you. Look at you. It's my little girl. Have grown. So beautiful. Just like her mother. Sorry I missed you. I can not imagine her alone all this time. It's okay, Dad. I was not alone. Blu liked me. Lord, is a pleasure to meet you. Enough that wing there, Bilu. Come here. - Sure. - Closer. - Really? - Closer. You brought my Jade back. I appreciate. I'll hug you now. Okay. - Come here. - That's it. My pleasure. Are you crying? Rolled a thrill and I'm very sensitive. Let me give you an arm. Mom, are you okay? Mom ? I'm Grandpa. I'm Grandpa. Look, I'm Grandpa! Father, is this: Carla Bia and James. - Pleasure to meet you, sir. - No sir, my young. Call me grandpa. - Grandpa? - I like that. Sounds good. I'm grandpa, grandpa. I'm grandpa, grandpa. Children, will calmly with Grandpa. You call me sir. My daughter returned. For years we live because humans fleeing push us more to the forest. But as you can see we found a sanctuary. A place where finally fincamos roots. All of you. Come. All leave the nest. My daughter returned. Come macaws. My Jade returned. Jade ? Out of the way. Out of the way. Jade! Aunt Mimi? Aunt Mimi. I felt so homesick. My wild little flower again. I know that back. I saw the specks of poop. Look at these puppies. Macaws are the cutest. This is a big boy for his age. Mimi, this is the Bilu. Actually I am the Blu. - Where did you get that name? - It's blue in English. So they call the of Spix's macaws. Do not call her. It is a so-blue arararinha real? Look it shining Its feathers shine Now the jungle is smiling I Because our children are home. You can feel what I'm feeling That day finally arrived Our precious Jade returned I'll be the first to say welcome back Roberto, I... Welcome I say, . welcome back, welcome, welcome Back - You are beautiful. - You too. Hey, hi, hello. I am the better half of Jade. So you're the lucky bird Ded which caught the flight, huh? - Dede? - This. When we were kids we called in by apelidinhos. Age I called him Bob. This is lovely. I Love apelidinhos. You never mentioned no Roberto. There was nothing to mention. This is my partner wing. Can we relax with Roberto driving. Eduardo taught me everything I know. - He is the bird. - No, you're the bird. - You are the bird. - You're the bird! We get it. You two are birds. Can now stop and start the party? I remember that song. How could I forget? It's in our blood. It's who we are. Do not mind if I borrow , is not it? - Have you commented... - C'mon, Dede. Sing my people Sing with joy That this revelry Not have time to finish I got my people sing with joy this revelry I arrived to celebrate You came to brighten the day /. i You came to bring us joy We "somo" hoo hoo hoo Come on Blu. We are the same family Come here comes dancing Come celebrate here ... - This has potential. - I'm loving the sound. Come here comes dancing Already said Jade arrived I told you I told Jade arrived /. i Have said Jade arrived I told you I told that Jade arrived You came to brighten the day /. i You came to bring us joy We are the same family We are the same family You are the one who understands what being alone and... Misunderstood. Are you the "evil" of my "mortal". You are a frog, or a parakeet? Where are you, you rotten Birdie? ! 's Because I'm doing it all wrong. I have to go upstairs to see best. You ran for almost one second this time. Bravo! Bravissimo! What you looking at? Take me upstairs. Highest. Highest. Highest yet. A little bit louder. More down a little lower. Here. Perfect. This is where an infestation. Celebrate, 'll throw poop this party soon. Hi, Nico. Hi, Peter. We have come to the right place. The Amazon's out. We could take these macaws River and make the best carnival parade all. I am inspired! Regret to inform, urban, but will have to find other talents, nobody leaves the tribe. And nothing human in the jungle. Understand? What's his problem? I feel naked. We could have turned legends. We are already awesome, but... Understand? We had everything. Talents unknown, good ideas, inspiration, but if we can not take them to Rio .. We have nothing. None? Easy there, still have Eve What? You still leads way, Dede. - I'm exhausted. - It's best we rest. Find a hostel or hotel here. What madness is this? No, you will stay in my nest . I patrol tonight. - My house is all yours. - How kind, Beto. Thanks, but we find a way. my family would not fit in their nest beds. Wow! The property shall be cheap here. This place is amazing. This hut? I just gave an impromptu . With my two wings, of course. And my strength. And my muscles. Father is huge, has 6 bedrooms. - The largest is mine. - No, I'm the oldest. Only for 3 minutes and 2.5 seconds. I hoped one day be blessed with a bunch of Betinhos my own. - I bet you do. - No way! A bathtub! Caution! Yummy. I'll open my heart, if anything , whatever it is, you happen to , I take care of his family. You got it, buddy. Sleep well. - Good night, Dede. - Good evening. Good, all alone. My throat . Asks for me to sing And the pain goes .. As a reminder will i From childhood till dawn rest When I find you / i sings again, mother. Bedtime. What an amazing day. All this time, and... I never had hopes that they would be alive. But are. We think our family, Blu. This changes everything. Is. Wait, what? Changes what? Jade? Get out. To, love. It tickles. That was fun. James! Come on, James! Come! Good day. Or should I say good afternoon. Good day, sir. The days here in the jungle begin early. Good morning, Daddy. This is my girl, you know? Have standing and ready. Good morning, love. Why did you let me sleep late? How so? Hours you sleep every day. - Yeah, but... - Father! Aunt Mimi said clay is good for digestion. - Try it. - No, honey, brushed... is good, right? I'll get more. Clever girl. I thought I'd take the Bilu to know the whole place. Take a stroll. - It's a great idea. - What? Have fun with Dad, and I explore with children. - Okay, sure. - You'll love it. Okay, great. I just need... Okay, I'm ready. Okay, Bilu, come here. - Not so close. - Okay. Listen... I can not even look human need get this thing. This here is a fanny pack. A fanny pack, what a beautiful thing. Is human. Now that will join the tribe, will not need it anymore. See you on the hills of clay. No, wait, join the tribe? He does not think we will change to jungle, do you? No, he's just glad to be here . Let's not spoil the moment. And then will not die if you drop this fanny pack . Okay, you win. I leave the pouch aside. Happy wife happy life. Bye, Love. Have fun. Yeah, of course. Goodbye. People, wake up... Wake up! You woke up. And that story Amazon Wild? The plan is as follows... tests today and rehearse the show tomorrow. We? What are you talking about? Who invited you? Come on, then. Let's start. The girl is professional. Alas! When ready. Batatinha when born spreads the floor, When I sleep I put hand on heart, I'm like a tiny button . / i threw the stick in cat but he did not die - Next! - Us extraordirias the capoeiristas turtles. Bravo! Another one! Another one! Got ! Did I miss something? Dengue! Hi, this is Clara, the capybara and I'll sing my favorite song. Remember We were both under the moon Touch is so easy . leave me If you keep eating if there is no show. This is not a food contest. Are you fast. It's fast. I think I strained the wing, you is fast for his age. Sage. Mean wise. This, a wise bird. Is rare but can happen with young birds , and in your case, you're young and wise and it is amazing when it happens. - Be quiet. - Thank you, sir. It's time to take the city of you. Need to learn the basics - survival in the forest. - Would not walk? It's training day. Come on! Mud is your friend. She is their camouflage. Feel, Taste. If not crusty, not 're doing right. Do not want to be seen by humans. Is a macaw or cockerel? Faster! Faster! Come on! Not to be eaten. Are alone in the forest. Fell into a trap What will you do? - Had my fanny pack ... - No! - Uses his beak! - My Nipple! Your most important tool. Okay, I use my beak. - Almost. - Time's up. Turned food ounce. Roberto got first. Sure. Up, Up, plane! Now Back! Fly back? Only hummingbird can fly well. Back. Rises! Falls! Rises! Higher! - Very good! - Thank you. Do not. The chestnut trees. These trees are the key to our survival . They feed us, sustain us , They... Wake up! I'm standing! I'm in Brazil castenheiras trees did. This is important. We have to protect these trees. Our future depends on it. Edie, who's the guy? Now nurses have? - Hi, I'm... - Do not think you are very close to our side? We have an agreement, Felipe. Relax! Know love you, old man. Come on, guys, let's fly, paint the skies, before they start to cry. - Seem legal. - They have their side and we have ours. The food is scarce. I've never seen them so close to the village. - Do not let them see you. - Sure, sorry. Maybe we should look for Linda. - What is Beautiful? - Linda is the person... - who created me. - What? - It's Allowed? - No, no, is not so, I was a companion. liked? That explains it. - Linda's family. - Family? Humans are not family. You do not understand, they came to help. Listen, do not bring human for the tribe. Just why are still alive. Can not have doubts about it. Understand? Got it. The tour ended. Watch the nest? Tulio, okay? Yes, I'm fine, everything's fine. I'm fine. 're Cutting the forest! - Where is it going? - Talking with them. You speak with birds and I with humans. No, wait! Lord! Hi! You can take it easy with this saw. There are rare birds living here. Can not cut these trees! Dear ! Found you. Sought by you. Hello! It's beautiful here, no? They are lost? Lost? Not! We are here celebrating their honeymoon. And going back to the group, is karaoke night. Come on, baby, do not sing alone. This guys just do not cut trunks. Run! Secure them. Go! Go! Excuse. Care. 'll Race. - Cool! - Good, James. James! Very Good. 're Back. How was the ride? We had a blast. It was educational. Father, Uncle Bob taught me maneiros tricks. - Uncle? - Look, I can fly backwards. Born with talent, partner. 's Never too late to learn the forest life in James. Others may never learn. I have to go clean up. Roberto, saw human near the orchard. We need to beware. Life in Nature... I want her departure. There he is. This is our chance. I'm so happy! Prepare estilngua. Carlitos, make me fly again. Take it, tiger. Give up on the powerful cockatoo! What is your problem, man? That was cool. This is the energy for a hearing. Hearing? 's Why I'm here. I have a great... Continue. Seek a new star. Star? You look familiar. I know you from somewhere? No, I think not. Sure not. I am... Paul. Paul, the cockatoo. Any. Show knows. At first, I was afraid was petrified. I thought we could not live, who could barely fly. I spent many, many nights thinking how you did me wrong but strengthened me. Learned to get me Go now, will Exit through the door, i Turn around, My life is what matters was not you who tried hurt me with goodbye = = thought I'd pass out thought I would die ? I will survive While hate you, I know I'll survive I have my whole life to live, got all my love to give, - And I'll survive! !. - Will survive we survive I'm in the area I am Eye, binds, i Ripped and ready for the fight You will give it no walks, parades 'm cockatoo and my pet is like . / i know I'm a winner Prepare now it's show time What / i is not a lie If you try to knock me down, I'll be back stronger If you try to tame me I loose dog If you beat me at ping pong I'll play better Give me my throne, I'm ready to thrive One thing I know, I will survive I. .. I'm... Survive Thank you, I am too. He is so yummy. - You won, is the guy! - You is not Eve, but it is too. 'll See in the presentation tomorrow night. All of the tribe come. 'll Be out of range. Everyone. Everyone? Is the perfect move. Thank you for waxing, porcupine. Go away. Pursue one birdie throughout the jungle and now let him come to us at the show Carnival. I'll hypnotize you beyond the stage where the public... You, my kitty... Will be my weapon of mass destruction. Does a performance... to shatter. Only works when I do. Okay. Love you. So cute. Yes! Hi, sweetheart. You are here. Why is it taking so long? Enough with this GPS, seriously! Come watch the sunset sunsets together. Let . No, wait. I just find the coordinates. They are on the other side of the orchard, see! They are very close. I know that your father does not trust humans , but if he knew them, change his mind. They help to keep this safe place. Blu, my dad knows what he does and... You can not forget the Linda and Tulio for a moment and enjoy the setting sun? But I thought that was our plan. New plotted course I. .. know... Maybe some places should not be found. Maybe they should be left alone. She ate a bug! An insect! Blu, stay calm! Calm me? Had a plan: Help Linda and Tulio find the gang and back. But when I spoke, she ignored. And her father... Totally crazy. Has a weird thing with humans. He has this thing with humans. He loves them! Is our pet! Bichinho? He called me a bug! I do not believe he used that word with me . It's as if he saw me as the enemy! It is not one of us, Roberto. Keep an eye on him. And that Roberto? He is always watching. Always around Jade. Always singing! I can not compete with that. You have to be a man! If release of domestication! Try to see this place through her eyes. Try the flavors. It is delicious. I should eat a bug? This is disgusting to think. - Shine! Where is my glow? - Sorry, sorry. Do not want excuses, I want shine! Brightness is absolutely essential for magic performances. Do not you know anything? People, trials, big day tomorrow... remember anything? Come on! How come, you are no father? Yes, of course. This girl breaks the sapucaia. - Remember... - I know. Happy wife happy life. What a wonderful morning! I forgot that there were mornings like this. Your favorite. You remember. How cute. It's so good. Thank you, Blu. That's it! I who will make a surprise for her : Coffee in bed, leaving. Chestnuts, where are you? I know they are here. Not! Come back here! Wait! - This is not a toy! - Directing dangerous No, do not do it. Gotcha! Finally! A chestnut! This is my most important tool. Now, now, now. Look what we have here only. I think the rules of Dudu do not work for everyone. You are in our territory. Really? It was bad. Do not know that, sorry. Sorry, sorry. You come here, our food takes and now offends me? No, no. This is just a big misunderstanding . You know, I wish I could accept your apology You seem like a nice bird, but this means war! What? No need... No may mean something else? Today, the Endless Pit. Sorry, Endless Well, seriously? - I'm serious. - Noon. Can not turn yellow, your feathers will start. - You did what? - It was an accident. - Accident? - What is happening? Thanks to Blu we lose our side of the orchard. I was just trying to get a nut! You do not like nuts! What were you thinking? I was picking for you. You were? Roberto, I want your best birds it. We will not give up without a fight! Understood! You ! Stay out of it! Have kitted enough. - Wait! - Blu, he's right. It is better and my father Roberto handle it. - You think I'm not capable? - Not! I just... Do not know if it's exactly his strong point . Come on! Well Endless now! My God! I hope you do not mind, but I have been getting at ease. A lollipop? Is a shame. You came here to protect the jungle. Let's see if she returns the favor. Ecochatos... - Roberto... - Felipe... No mercy. - I have to stop this. - How? Blu! Stop, stop! Eduardo, this is crazy. We are an intelligent species we know how to solve problems. You caused this! Now watch. - Cara. - Crown. I hate this job. - It's a game! Damn, it's a game. - Is not a game. Is war. It's a beautiful day in the endless pit! - Winner takes all! - It's best 7 The winner will control the whole Chestnut Orchard.. Equals Football. I can handle it. Okay. Any special tactics? What is the training? 4-4-2? What do we do, coach? What is the position? I actually have a perfect position. Water. Water here. Take your water. Thanks. Nobody for Roberto! It is amazing - Go, Roberto! - I could have done it. Roberto go! And he will! And he will And he kicks Goal! Felipe passes by all! The macaws want to turn the game Felipe to Tico Tico for Mario, To Caesar, Caesar to Antony = = And it marks This! Take that! Felipe, Roberto, Roberto , Philip Goal - This is gonna hurt. - Go, go! Felipe Lipe Lipe - No! - Come on, Red! - Okay. You are inside. - Really? Do not. You. Watch and learn, water boy! - Okay. Enter there. - Yes! You can leave, you can leave. Look, Daddy! A new player is coming! Is a secret weapon? I think the guy is water. I'm free! Goes to me! Burrow for me! I'm free. Very free! Pass the ball to me! - Worth the pass, Blu! - Lend me! Roberto enters the scene. He dribbles one, dribbles other Roberto! Goal All tied at Endless Pit - Next to score... - Earn all I! caught, I get caught! Go Blu. Wow! The water boy turned professional ! Pass the ball to Roberto! Pass the ball! Pass the ball! - Blu, wait! - They will see only! Apparently the secret coup backfired. Let's see the reaction of the technical Eduardo! I'll kill you, pochetezinha! Look, granny! It seems that have to start a diet without nuts! Let's talk about that for long, long time. Could not expect a different pet. What happened there? I was trying to fit in me. But I think I'll never be the bird that your father wants. - My... what? - It's time to go home, I guess. - We should talk about this. - Talk about what? Blu, watching. Children are adapting, they love being in nature. Perhaps here is our home. Home? How can a home here? I do everything to fit in, help but everything is wrong! For me, this is not a home. Maybe you are. But not for me. You know what? Need to figure out what you want. And who knows, stop thinking only in and you start thinking of us. Come on! Quickly. Lindo. Linda! Tulio! Goodbye, Linda. - Goodbye, fanny pack. - Return when possible Sorry, the GPS lady.. It's not you, it's me. Goodbye pancakes. Goodbye, coffee. Goodbye, coffee! Linda? Linda? Eduardo was right! Traitor! - Wait. You do not understand. - What? Ally be human? - What do you know human? - Everything! I know everything. They attract you! Imprison you! Destroy your mind! Blonde wants cookie? Blonde wants cookie? Not! No more cookie! I hate cookie. - Come on, Roberto! - They are! They are! Move over, Roberto! Not again, not again! No more cookies! Stop it! We have a chance to stop it, right? I need to find my friends. Go warn others. Get it? - Right? Go! - Got it. I will! Humans! Human! - Your right! Left! - Right or left? His right leg, my left . Rises! Rises! - Up. - Up. Stretches. Almost there! Linda, I'm sorry. Bad as it is, not no other place in the world Where I prefer to be beyond you. Even if it is tied to a tree. Linda! Blu! Blu! - Linda? - Ask here! - What? Blu! - What are you doing here? Is dangerous. Awesome! It is a flight of 3220 km! - Fantastic. - Let's follow him! I said I had heard it! This is me. It was! Finished! Human! The lights, the lights! Not! He is so since the find. Loggers coming and Blu is with them. - Traitor! - No, he tries to save us. - What? Alone? - Let's evacuate the area. Let's get out of here. Everybody out. Father, this time I'm not with you. You have to come, will not put the family in danger again. The Blu is my family, not leave you behind. Will not need. Are you okay? Eduardo, can not be the strongest bird flock , but this time it is a good thing. You know the forest and I know humans. And I know that together we can stop them. We can not let them take over our home. Sure is hot, noisy and full of insects . But it is our home. Let's fight for it! - Who's with me? - I'm... Anyone else? Stop! Stop it! Stop! That's it! Respect Amazon rainforest! I knew it! Know! I sa... Where think you're going? It is just a bunch of pigeons. Back to work! Guide you, Blu. This is my name, you called me Blu. This! I am the Blu. Okay. Spix's macaws united... never be won! Everyone ready? Below! Above! Back! I'll survive I will survive - Got it! - How much accuracy. I'm not afraid of birds. Attack! - The fight started on Amazon. - Okay, shoot them down! Toca there! - Why? Why? - Stop it! Look at the pump! There he is. Carlitos, get ready. - James. - Now yes. Ready, aim, fire! I failed again. - Well, James! - Arrasamos, Dad! So, bluebird? Thought I'd miss that? Let the game begin. Back here, its useless! All of you! Caution! Find someone your own size! - No! Not! - Gotcha. 's Okay, is safe now. This is Linda. Continue with all Blu. I have to do everything yourself. - Get out of there! - No, nobody steals my scene. Lollipop? What? What are you doing? Put it down, save yourself. - Drop it. - Never. Are you crazy? Go in overthrow loose. - Dj vu Blu? - Nigel. - Blu! - Nigel. You! 'll Pay for this, for its pestilence! Stop it. For. Rage fortune furious over his face. - No need to do that. - I want to. My God! Carlitos is now! Calm down. Fight tapas. Shoot! Shoot! Nigel! This is the end. I was too young, too beautiful to live. - Kermit? - This is not Kermit. I said I knew him from somewhere. My last scene. And I stand here alone. Goodbye. Not! What did I do? can not live with it, then I must not live. This frog is not poisonous. - What? - We're not dead? Is a common mistake. Is a Pseudo-Dendrobatidae. Can you notice blot roses. But my parents said I was poisonous and not to touch anyone. You just have very nasty parents. So now... We can stay together! - Nigel! Nigel! - Somebody help me. - I will never leave you! - Excuse me, I'll be nice. Not! Carlitos! Carlitos! This is not natural! Hi, guys. Have something on my hair? Straight from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, have urgent news. Thanks to mr. Monteiro and his team , this whole area will be declared as a national wildlife sanctuary. together we will ensure that this place remains safe. Not even Blu? This is not the only good news. We think this cockatoo in the woods. He seems to have attached to a frog. Let's get them back to Rio to continue watching. Nigel, that too! Honeymoon in Rio Batam paws, beaks and wings for top talent ever assembled in one jungle. Is Wild Amazon! There? Do not Bite Me So? Do not Bite Me Where my birds ? Flap your wings Amazon . is an emerald treasure From the jungle to you Always on the beat we bring in the chest. Is an emerald treasure From where we live Where we live Happiness and joy Time Flies Past as the breeze Pretty, is only a thong call to dance . Hello, Amazon! - Luiz! - Guys, got it! Welcome to the Amazon! One more turtles. One more. Sing, my love. Are you sure that Amazon may be our home? - Even with the heat, the insects. - Are you kidding? I'm the king of the jungle, wild and very animal. We spend the summers in Rio You are my only love, Jade. Finished?

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