Promo is Scooby-Doo's theme song.


Ladies and gentlemen, now, now for the unmask.

Who is it?


Who is this? Who is that? Who is this? Who is that?

What are these, what are these two?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's Zeb and Zee, It's Zeb and Zee.

Who is it?

Well, how about that, that?

Uncle Stewart?

Johnny Gerald?

Officer Wiggins?

Carl the Stacksman?

Well, roobity doo.

Who is it?

What's all t-t-t-t-this about, this about?

Well it's a big bog bully.


Big bog bully.


I wished you minded your own buisness.


Aren't you scared? I'd mind to answer that!

I'm not talking.


Who's after my invention.

You blasted, blasted action thrilled meddling kids.

Those meddling, meddling kids

With their blasted pig and their dog.

Oh, dag, dagnabit!

Hoobity doo!


Background informationEdit

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