Once upon a time, long ago in a fantastic castle by the street long forgotten. Her name was Sally. 'Cause her name was Sally and she was a princess. Because she likes to work together.

Princess Sally didn't want to be impolite so she wanted Whisper to come along. When they reach the castle, she knocked on the door.

"1 knock!" yelled Whisper. "2 knocks!" shouted Whisper as Princess Sally knocked on the door for the 1st and 2nd time. She was about to ask Whisper to stop counting, when suddenly the door opened.

Princess Sally opened the door and they saw the crocodiles. There were 20 to see Princess Sally and Whisper. Before Princess Sally could say a word Whisper spoke up. "20 of them!" shouted Whisper. "They wanted to open the front door!"

Next, she followed the crocodiles. Whisper invited them, too. Biff and Sully came to the theater to put up a play. While they were working, she went out to get the other things she needs.

"They'll never bother the princess", Whisper remarked and started to leave. "Don't get us wrong". Whisper was about to join Princess Sally. Suddenly, the crocodiles had fun.

"20 crocodiles!" Whisper shouted out. Princess Sally was about to go in. Suddenly, the crocodiles had fun with Whisper.

Princess Sally and Whisper had so much fun counting the crocodiles. "That's 1 crocodile", Whisper began ignoring Princess Sally. "That's 2 crocodiles", Whisper continued. In moments Whisper was in the center of the room counting the crocodiles.

Princess Sally sure had fun with the crocodiles and Whisper had fun with the crocodiles in the center of the castle happily ever after.

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