Once upon a time, long ago in a super-dee-duper castle by the river long forgotten in a place that no one can remember there lived a prince. Because his name is Barney and he was a prince.

Prince Barney was a stupendous prince because he did all the super-dee-duper things. He played, he sat down, he ate, and he talked one told to. Sadly, there was 1 thing that the dinosaur prince could never do. He could never fall asleep.

His good friend Princess Baby Bop tried everything she could to get Prince Barney to go to sleep. So off they went dragging the world to search the kingdom far and wide hitter and yawn and all over the place trying to find something that would help Prince Barney fall asleep. But nothing worked.

Next, we went to see Whisper. Prince Barney sat for hours but not once did he even yawn or close his eyes. Princess Baby Bop suggested that the dinosaur prince sure will never get Prince Barney to go right to sleep. "What's wrong?" asked Whisper. Only a few of the sheep could successfully leap over the prince's bed and the rest launched around the castle making the mess. They remarked to themselves.

Soon magically one day there appeared a super-dee-duper package. The package had a card for Prince Barney and Princess Baby Bop. The card said "Open the package" Garenteed to help Prince Barney sleep. They rushed to open the package and they found the letter "A".

"What's wrong?" Whisper asked. They took the letter "A" behind them. "We could play Hangman while we wait", Whisper added. Before they could say another "A" word they went to the next room. Prince Barney sat for hours in the world to be prepared.

"We can play basketball now", Whisper added. Princess Baby Bop and Prince Barney sat for hours for a few minutes but not once did they had fun with the letter "A". When they were done, Princess Baby Bop and Prince Barney helped Whisper and they had a wonderful time. Prince Barney suggested to the world to be within again.

With night sheets on the bed when it became dark. They got the television too. Prince Barney got Mr. Rogers. He even change his doorbell so he sounded swell.

And when we were done, Prince Barney thank Whisper for helping Princess Baby Bop. So they fell right to sleep.

Prince Barney had fun with the letter turning that sideways. "Prince Barney did that, and he always have fun with Princess Baby Bop", added Whisper. But before they could say another "A" word Prince Barney fell right to sleep. Princess Baby Bop sure had fun together. And they played for you happily ever after.

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