Whisper thinks that Fireman Duck says that the friends from school wanted to put up Jack And The Beanstalk, but Whisper told him that they can't put up a Jack And The Beanstalk play. Fireman Duck also says that her baby Olivia is sick. Instead, Whisper went to Kaitlin's House to play the Freddi Fish computer games at Redspire Way. Whisper says that the project for this episode might be not too long, and it's not too short, but it's just right. Fireman Duck says that it was "Goldilocks And The Three Bears". Along the way, Sonny Friendly hosts the My Best Friend Game Show. Next, Big Bird reads about his good friend Snuffy. Oscar was worried about the TV so The Announcer says that Nitya Vidyasagar narrated the story. The Count Sings The Batty Bat. (EKA: Episode 2096) Bert reads Ernie the air book called "All About Air". Instead, they played baseball. Kermit tries to cooperate with the cow, the Martians, and the greasers. Curve Of The World. Elmo looks out at the stars in the sky where the voiceover says there are five words, twenty-six letters, and seven syllables. Cookie Monster sings "Eatin' Cookie". (EKA: Episode 3506) Whisper sang the song about tonight's play. First, Derek, Tina, and Michael dressed up as the bear family. Then, Abby Cadabby dressed up as the little girl named Goldilocks. She narrated the story. "Once upon a time", she began, "there were 3 bears who lived in the house in the woods. There was some Papa Bear, Michael: (dressed as Papa bear): That's Me, Mama Bear, Tina (dressed as Mama bear:) That Is Me, and Baby Bear Derek (dressed as Baby bear): That is me, all right." She continued, "One day, they were all going to have porridge for breakfast." She continued (again), "When they took a bite, the bowls are a little bit hot." The part where the bears went for a walk. Ms. Vidyasagar continued, "And so, the bears went on their walk. At the very same time now, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She seems a little house in the woods and wondered what she was inside." The part where she ate 3 bowls, she sat on 3 chairs, and she laid on 3 beds. She continued, "She took a bite. She tasted the Papa's bowl, she tasted the Mama's bowl, and she tasted the Baby's bowl that she ate them all up". The part where she walked right to the living room and she sat on 3 chairs. "She sat on the Papa's chair, she sat on the Mama's chair, and she sat on the Baby's chair. She sat down with that loud thud and then her chair broke". Which means maybe nothing to sit on. Ms. Vidyasagar continued, "She went upstairs and she saw 3 beds. She laid on the Papa's bed, she laid on the Mama's bed, and she laid on the Baby's bed then she fell asleep." In the end, the bears came back from their walk and they remembered about what she did. They woke her up. "And they played for you happily ever after".

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