Whisper thought that the friends from school can't put up a Jack And The Beanstalk play, but Whisper also said that it was "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" narrated by Nitya Vidyasagar. Big Bird reads about his good friend Snuffy. Telly's Lunch (EKA: Episode 3728) Hootie And The Blowfish sing their hit song Hold My Hand. (EKA: Episode 3896) Oscar was worried about the TV that the announcer from Google Translate says that it's not too long and it's not too short but it's just right. Ernie doesn't want Bert to read the air book anymore. Kermit tries to cooperate. The Count talks about his carpathian mountains. Cookie Monster was not invited to the party. He imagined something. Grundgetta had such fun reading about her good friend Oscar. Whisper sang the song about a play to the tune of The Brady Bunch Theme. Fireman Duck told Whisper that the bears were glad that they came back from their walk and remembered what she did. She ate three bowls of porridge, she sat on three chairs, and she laid on three beds. Home Video: Whisper studied "Studying Three Bears Quiz".

"Goldilocks and The Three Bears"

narrated by

Nitya Vidyasagar

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