Pooh Learning Theater is the 1998 Disney toy for each learning fun scene. Pooh and his friends are going on a learning adventure in the Hundred-Acre Wood today. Five fun activities! Press the Piglet button to do the shape adventure. Press the Owl button to do the ABC adventure. Press the Kanga button to do the eyes ears and nose adventure. Press the Tigger button to do the number adventure. Press the Pooh button to do the opposites adventure. If the viewer would like to go back to the beginning of each adventure, press the rewind button. If the viewers would like to continue this fun adventure, press the forward key. Oh, hello! Welcome to our learning theater. My friends and I are going on a learning adventure today. Oh, that was fun! Let's go on another adventure. To start with the shape adventure, press Piglet's button. For the numbers adventure, press Tigger's button. For the eyes ears and nose adventure, press Kanga's button. For the ABC adventure, press Owl's button. For the opposites adventure, press my button.

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