Movie Date: August 14, 2009

[ship horn blares][orchestral music plays][bubbling, crackling][squeaking][bubbling][rumbling][squeaking]Shh![all squeaking][softly squeaking][kisses][all squeaking loudly][orchestral music plays][woman singing inforeign language]Sosuke, come rightback up, ok?Ok![squeaking][gasps][rumbling][gasps][grunts]Huh?A goldfish!Can't get it out.[growling, moaning]That was weird.[Sosuke grunts]Ow!It lookskind of dead.It licked me!It's alive![wave moaning]Sosuke, we'll be late!- [waves moaning]- mom, a goldfish![mother] Sosuke![moaning]This wind is crazy.Sosuke,I'm starting the car now!- [bubbling]- [waves moaning]Well? Have youfound my daughter?[moaning]What? She wascaptured by a human?A boy!This is very bad.Is it already dead?You are alive![laughing]Sosuke, I have a job, you know!Look, mom,I found a goldfish!- A goldfish?- It was right downby the rocks.- Yeah?- [metal squeaking]Hm?- [squeaking]- [water sprinkling]I don't knowwho you are,But we don't useweed killer around here.Hm? What? This isnot weed killer.This is thepurest ocean water,And it keeps mefrom drying out on land.Whatever. As longas it's not weed killer.- Excuse us.- [man] please wait.Uh-oh.This is bad.This is very bad.[engine revving]Wow. That Guywas a freak show.But don't you callpeople "freak show."We never judge othersby their looks.I know, mom.I don't.Oh. Another experimentfor school?- Mm-hm.- Your teacher doesn'treally like show and tell.I think it'll be fine.Don't worry, I'll takegood care of you.Huh!She sure is pretty.There's a shipheaded for dry dock.Hurry up.[woman] eat your breakfast.I wonder ifshe would eat this.[Sosuke] want some?Hey! My cutis all gone!Mom, I thinkI'll call her Ponyo.- Mmm?- She came to me.She might be magic.[Sosuke] I saved her.She's my responsibility now.Want ham instead?Mom, Ponyo reallylikes to eat ham.So she thinksshe's human?Ouch![grunts]Whoa! Turn!Humans are disgusting!Come on, Lisa, hurry![man] all this waste, filth.[Lisa] morning, shima-san!Ponyo, look.You can see our house.- Ask about the fish.- I will.- Love you, Sosuke.- [Sosuke] goodbye.Morning! Seems likeI'm always late.- Can you get meanother wheelchair?- [Lisa] sure.- Good morning, Sosuke.- Excuse me.- I'm in a big hurry, Yoshie.- Is that so?- And me, Sosuke?- Not now, Toki.I'm concentrating.Ah...[engine starts]Maybe the teacherwill get mad.I got it.You'll be safe here, Ponyo.I'll be back soon.Hm. I wonder if thereare any cats around here.That should do it, Ponyo.Stay put. I'll be right back.- See you later.- Hello there, Toshi.[woman] I'll call ifher cough gets worse,but she looks fine.- You good, little sweetie?- Oh, thank you. Good.- Bye-bye.- Good morning, sensei.- [woman] good morning, Sosuke.- [woman 2] hi, Sosuke.- Sosuke!- Kumiko!Look at me! My mothermade me a new dress.- Isn't it pretty?- Hm...Hey, Sosuke,let's go play.Can't now.I'm busy.You're not busy.You're five.- I am too! I have a job.- You're so weird.Yeah. Hm!Oh!Ponyo?Ponyo![sniffling]- [girl] Sosuke!- [gasps]- Oh, Kumiko.- What is that?There are rules about bringingthings to school for a reason.I know.This isn't school.These bushes are onthe senior center property.Let me see!- Oh, a goldfish?- She's not just a goldfish.She's Ponyo.Ponyo? Let's see!- [Sosuke] ok, but don'ttell she's here.- [Kumiko] I won't.The rules are:Look but don't touch.Look at her.Isn't she pretty?That's the mostboring goldfishI've ever seenin my entire life.[screaming][gasps][sobbing]That one wasKumiko’s fault.You should neverjudge others by their looks.Let's get yousome more water.[straining]Ponyo!Ah! [laughs]that was my fault.[giggling][Yoshie]there it comes again.I hear oldSosuke’s voice.But I know our boyis in school right now.[laughs] so it mustbe only in my head.Look, Yoshie.I'm right over here.Oh, that's a relief.[Yoshie] I haven'tlost my mind quite yet.Are you readyto see my big surprise?- What is it?- I'll show you.But first,guess what color she is.- Hm... She... She's red!- Red!That's right!- How did you both guess that?- [Noriko] come on, show us!Ok.- Well, look!- Very pretty.Her name is Ponyo.She likes to eat ham.- And she can do magic!- [Yoshie gasps]I got a cuton my thumb,And it went awaybecause she licked it.[both] oh!Maybe she could use some of hermagic to fix my hips and back.I'd let a fish lick meIf it'd get meout of this wheelchair.Well, I don't knowabout all that licking.- I'd have to ask Ponyo...- Let me have a lookin that green pail.Yes, Toki-san.[shrieking]it has a real face on it!Hurry up! Put itback in the ocean.Don't you realizeit'll cause a tsunami?Oh, you. It's always tsunami,day and night.Fish with faces who come outof the sea cause tsunamis.[Toki] that's whatthey always say.[shrieking] tsunami!Tsunami! It's here!Ah! Oh! Sosuke, put her backin the ocean where she belongs![gasps]Toki, what's the matter?I'm soaking wet.Look at my clothes![Lisa shouting] Sosuke!Sosuke!Sosuke!Sosuke!Come back hereand apologize![sighs]Don't worry, Ponyo. No matterwhat, I will protect you.[Sosuke] I promise.Sosuke![gasps]Sosuke![gasping, laughing]Ponyo!Ponyo. Sosuke.Ponyo loves Sosuke!I will love you, too.- Ponyo loves Sosuke!- [laughing][gasps][waves moaning]Ponyo?Ponyo!Ponyo! Ponyo!Ponyo!Ah! Ponyo! Ponyo!- [Sosuke shouting] Ponyo!- Sosuke![Sosuke] Ponyo! Ponyo!Ponyo!Ponyo!Ponyo![Sosuke sobbing][continues sobbing]Listen, Sosuke, you know,this could be for the best.I know you tried,but Ponyo is a fish.[Lisa] she wasn't meantto live in a bucket.The ocean is home to her.Anyway, let's get home.Hopefully,that spritzing weirdo is gone.Whoo!Can I have a lick?Hurry, it'sstarting to melt.Dad's favorite. Me, too!I'm really sorry, Sosuke.But dad is finallycoming home tonight.[Lisa] you can tell himall about Ponyo.- No more ocean today, ok?- [Sosuke] mm-hm.- [window opening]- [Lisa] Sosuke?Sosuke? Time tocome in now.Maybe if Ileave the pail,Ponyo will know where we livewhen she comes back.Do that. I think that'sa lovely thing to do for Ponyo.Mm-hm.[phone rings]Sosuke, can you get that?- It must be your dad.- [ringing continues]Hello? Yep.She's fine.- [Sosuke] are you at the dock?- [man] I caught a second run,So I have to take it.I won't be home tonight.I'll signal you when we pass.Can you help me out with mom?No, you shouldtell her.[Lisa] hi, honey.Uh-huh.What?! Too manyin a row, Koichi!Let someoneelse take it!Go ahead, abandonyour wife and childUp here on a cliffall alone.Oh, jerk!Uh! Come on, Sosuke.Let's get out of here.What if Ponyocomes back?Mm!Ah!There's dad.Turn off the lights, mom.- Don't you wanna signal him?- Mm-mm.Hey, my son is workingthe signal all by himself!- Can you believe that?- Your wife must be pretty mad.[Sosuke] s... O... R......R... Y.- Dad says he's very sorry.- B-u-g...- [Lisa] o-f-f.- B...[Lisa] b-u-g o-f-f.B-u-g o-f-f.Mom, dad sayshe loves you.[Sosuke] he says,"lots and lots."Wow! Nice, dad![Sosuke] don't cry, mom.I know dad breakshis promises sometimes.But he doeshis best for us.I promised PonyoI'd take care of her.Then I lost her.I wonder if she'scrying now.- Ah!- You are so good! Mmm![both laughing]%% happy as can be %%- Mm! Ah!- Don't you worry, Sosuke.You did your bestand Ponyo will be just fine.- Ok.- [chuckles][Lisa] I say we start withdessert and go backwards!It's been abackwards kind of day.[man] it's not your fault.I exposed you to the magic andyou're too young to understand.I have to keepthe sea in balance.It's a greatresponsibility.You mustpromise me something:You will nevergo back to the surface. Yes?Come on, now.Eat, Brunhilde.I want ham!Ham! You ate their food.What else did you do?Did you taste blood, Brunhilde?My name is not Brunhilde.It's Ponyo.- Ponyo?- Ponyo! Ponyo loves Sosuke!I will be a human, too!Human? What do you knowabout humans, Brunhilde?They spoil the sea.[man] they treat your homelike their empty, black souls.I was once, long ago,a human myself.I had to leave that all behindto serve the earth.Hands! I want hands!I don't wantthese flippers anymore![Ponyo] I want feet,like Sosuke!- That's enough!- [straining][squeaking][straining] ah!Oh![all squeaking][straining]I made hands!I made feet, too! Ha!- Yes!- What? No, no!Don't tell me.You have tasted human blood!I'm going to Sosuke!Enough! You're makinga terrible mistake!Don't do it! Stop it.Stop it! Stop changing now.Revert. Revert.Revert! Revert!- [moaning]- revert![straining] stop it, stop it,stop it, stop it, stop it!- Don't change!- [Ponyo straining]- [Ponyo grunting]- I need more power![Ponyo] let me out!Let me out![grunting]let me out!I want to see Sosuke!Let me go!- Let me out!- You can't be human and magicat the same time, sweetheart.Be still, be still,be still, be still, be still.[all chattering][sighs] she's alreadyso powerful.Just like her mother.[man] if you could only remaininnocent and pure forever.[all chattering, squeaking]I don't have the powerto hold her for very long.I need to askfor her mother's help now.I... What?Huh! They're headedfor my elixirs.Shoo! Shoo!Get out of here! Shoo!That was too close.I must be careful not toupset the balance of nature.Calm. I must remain calm.When I think ofleaving her again,my heart won't stop pounding.Right, then.Focus on work.This batch should be ready.At least therearen't leaks down here.This door stilldoesn't fit right.I'll fix that next.If even one living creaturegot in here...Ah, yes. I can feelthe power of the oceanIn the furthestreaches of my DNA.When this well is full,Then the age of the oceanwill begin again.An explosion of lifeto match the Cambrian age.An end to the eraof those abominable humans.[man grunting]this cursed door![squeaking][all squeaking, chattering][all chattering][kissing]Teeth![all chattering]Let's find Sosuke![creaking][all shouting]I'm free!- Waterspout!- Captain, look over there!- [man] it must be a tsunami!- [Koichi] turn the shipinto the wave!Look! What is that?[man] captain, all ourinstruments just went dead!It's a little girl. Lookslike she's about Sosuke’s age.- Thanks again.- Sure. See you tomorrow.It's rainingso hard, Sosuke.I'll call your motherand have her pick you up.That's all right. I'll takethe shortcut. Goodbye, sensei.Bye, Sosuke.Be careful out there.Sosuke, I'm sorry.The door didn't open, right?The power just went out.- Everything ok at school?- Mm-hm.Lisa, if your shift's over,you can go home.Sure you don'tneed my help?[woman] don't worry.We'll be fine.A little rain Stormkeeps the seniors entertained.If I were you, I'd get outof here while you still can.Wait here, sweetie.I'll be right back.Ok.Hi, Yoshie.Oh, Sosuke.Is that you?It's so darkI can barely see.Here, Yoshie.I made this for you.Oh! What do we have here?There's one for you,too, Noriko.Thank you, Sosuke.I can't see a thing. I don'tknow why we're still here.It's just a little rain.I wanna go back to my own house.There we go.That's more like it.Let's see.Your goldfish!I bet the lights came back onbecause Sosuke’s here.They're now calling the bizarreevent a micro-typhoon.Ship... [static]Ah, this stupid TV.Nobody understandsweather anymore.Might as well look at shadowsand listen to crickets.You should takeyour mother home now.With our lucky goldfishto keep us company,- We'll be just fine.- Ok.[man on TV] ...Landslides,flooding and tidal surges.People tryingto evacuate...This is for you, Toki.I can't tell. What is it?It's wrinkled.It goes like this.I got it.It's a grasshopper.No, it's theKoganei maru.That's the name of yourfather's ship, isn't it Sosuke?- Mm-hm.- Now, it lookslike a party hat.Sosuke, we've gottaget on the road.Let's hurry nowand say goodbye.Ok. Ladies,good evening.[both] good evening,Mr. Sosuke.Be careful the winddoesn't blow you away.Let's go. Slide in.They said the phonesare out, too.The ocean looksall puffed up.You think the Stormcould sink the ships?No. Ships can handle a Storm.They go out to sea.That's what your father'sdoing right now.[yelping]I saw a fish!Did you see that, mom?Put your seatbelt on!Hold on, Lisa!You can't cross here!We've just gotten word. They'regonna evacuate this side.It's not mandatory.There are some peopleup at the senior center.You should get them out.They're fine.They're on the leeward side.You need to go backand seek shelter there.Ok. But right now,I need to get home.- Well, you can't cross here.- Take the mountain road.- Hold on, kiddo.- Mm!No! Stop! Don't do it!Watch out! Here it comes!Lisa, you gottaget out of here!- [Lisa] hold on.- [engine revving]The fish arefollowing us now![Lisa] turn around.Sit down.Ah!Ah!Try to hang onto something![yelling]That waveis just after us.- Mom, the little girljust fell in!- What?She was runningon a fish and she fell!Where?I've never seenthe ocean like this.Sosuke, where didyou see a little girl?She was out there,running on top of a huge fish![Lisa] that's impossible.Sosuke, we have to go![screaming][grunting]It's ok. There was nolittle girl out there.We're almost home.[gasps]There is a little girl.Come over here!We'll help you!Come here!Stay there, Sosuke.[gasping]What?Sosuke, do you know her?- Ponyo?- Mm-hm! It's me, Ponyo!- It is you!- [laughs]Mom! Ponyo came backand she's a little girl now!Who?[all shouting, laughing]I found Sosuke!All right. Sosuke, Ponyo,life is mysterious and amazing.But we have workto do now.And I need both of youto stay calm.Me, too.You can take offyour rain coat now, Sosuke.I've got a job for you, Ponyo.Will you hold the light?- Huh?- Stay here,and I'll go get a towel.- [turns on radio]- [flipping stations][turns off radio]- Here, this way!- [laughs]- [laughs]- smells like you in here!- Ow!- Ponyo!- Oof!- There, got ya.Now, let's rub you downand dry you off.[mumbling]Look at that pretty red hair.It's almost dry.- Huh!- Huh?[Lisa] and your clothesare dry.That's because Ponyowas a fish, mom.- Water can't make her wet.- Mm-hm.I reallylike this thing.So let's calm ourselves downwith a hot drink.Ponyo, will you holdthe light for me?- [Ponyo] coming!- Ok.- Who wants to betthe water is working?- I do!I do!- Water!- Water! [laughs]We have our own water tankoutside in the yard.And who thinksthe stove will light?And light!All right.- All right!- We have our own propane tank.- Ok. Let's all sitat the table.- [both] ok!Ponyo, the table'sover here.Now, sit down like this.Now, put your stuff down.- You need to use your hands.- No, I'll use feet!Look at that!Uh... What areyou guys doing?Look at her feet.They're just like hands.[Lisa] here you go.It's hot.This is the best.Mm![blowing][spitting][chuckles][gulping][hiccups]Hm...[sighs] that hit the spot.So, what would the two of youlike to do now?Ponyo wants ham!All she thinksabout is ham, mom.I bettermake some dinner then.First, we should start thegenerator so we can call Koichi.That's my dad. We need powerto talk to him on the radio.He's out at sea right now,but he'll be fine.- Is he a naval wizard?- No, of course not.[Sosuke] he's thecaptain of a ship.So, Ponyo,what's your dad like?He hates humans!He keeps me in a bubble!- Huh?- So I swam away from home.Huh?So, what's yourmother like then?She's big and beautiful!- But she can be very scary.- Just like my mom.[laughing]Ponyo, over here, please.[Lisa grunting]Mm! [sighs]Looks like something must havegone wrong with the fuel line.- Maybe it's clogged.- It's clogged.It's clogged over there.[straining, bell chimes]- [gasps]- [engine starts]- It's on!- It's light now! Yeah!Ponyo, you're amazing.- Antenna, antenna!- Hey, mom.Did all the shipsout there sink?I don't see anylights out there.All right.[static on radio][feedback]- Too loud!- What's wrong?I can't get any reception.That's really weird.Transmitting from JA4LL.JA4LL.[Lisa on radio]come in, Koichi.This is Lisa,Sosuke and Ponyo.We wanted you to knowthat we're all doing fine.I'm taking careof everyone, dad!Ham![laughs]Got your noodlesall ready?Be careful.It's really hot.You have towait a little bit.It takesthree minutes.[Lisa] ok,close your eyes.Keep 'em shut.- Ponyo, uh! No peeking!- [gasps]Get ready to look now.- Abracadabra!- [shouting][Ponyo] mm!- It's ham!- Careful, it's hot.Oh! [yelping]hot, hot, hot!Mm...[moaning]Mom, Ponyo fell asleep.Do you think Ponyocame from far, far away?Yeah, I do.[Lisa] look outside. It lookslike the waves have calmed down.Maybe because Ponyofell asleep.Do you see that light?It's moving. There must besomebody still over there.That's the senior center.- I don't see it now.- Did they evacuate?[Lisa] I'm worriedabout the seniors.Sosuke, stay with Ponyo, ok?I've gotta go help them.I can get there if Itake the mountain road.Sosuke, I shouldgo to the senior center.I'm coming, too.I'd feel betterif you stay up here.But why can't I come? We'll wakeup Ponyo and take her with us.I wannago with you!Sosuke, right now, our houseis a beacon in the Storm.Our light can be seen bythe town and by the ships,And every placeelse is dark.You know I need tohelp the old people.So I'm going toleave you here in charge.You'll do the right thing.I know it.[Lisa] you have to bethe man of the house tonight.Let Ponyo sleep,wait for me.You're only five,but you're very smart.Sometimes, we take a leap.Be brave.You can do it,and I'll be back.Promise?- I promise.- You promised.I love you, Sosuke.[orchestral music plays][snoring]Captain, I can see the lightsof a city up ahead.Finally, we can getour bearings again.We're someplaceI've never seen before.[man] did the Stormblow us to china?What mountains are those?I have no idea where we are.[Koichi] that isa huge wall of water.Why is the Moon so close?Hm...That's no mountainwe're looking at.And that'sno town, either.Those lights are ships.[Koichi] the Moon is so close,Its gravity is forcingthe ocean to rise.- What's going on here?- [rumbling][gasping]- The engine stopped!- Try to hold her steady.- Arai, drop the sea anchor.- Yes, sir.Something's coming this way.[men shouting]I just sawthe goddess of mercy!Ah!- The engine's working.- It was her.So you saw her, too? I thoughtmaybe I was hallucinating.Thank you for protecting us...[prays indistinctly]- Higher, higher.- [moaning]Huh?![gasps] that hasa powerful spell on it.How has she learnedto do something like that?What? I can'tbelieve it! No!She's turned into a human!Whoa! Hold still!- You... What are you doing?- [giggling sound]- [man] hold still!- [squeaking, giggling]Girls! Girls... Whoa![man] stop, stop! Please!Stop now! No! Stop! Ah![man] respect your father!This was serious.I'm trying to save your sister.[squeaking]At last, she has finally come.- Fujimoto.- It's been along time, my love.Look at my ocean.Something has changed.It's like my ancient Devoniansea, full of magic and power.You're going to bevery upset, my dear.Ponyo got into my elixirs,and she has tasted human blood.Ponyo? What a lovely name.Hm.Of course, it's allmy fault, really.She's become so powerfulThat she's opened a holein the fabric of reality.She's too young to understand,and she wouldn't listen to me.She's now a little girl.And she loves a little boy.And the whole worldis out of balance.Please, please,remove the human in her,or the planet is doomed.Huh? [gasps]Already the earth is pullingsatellites from the Sky.And the Moonpulls the sea closer...Be calm, dear.Sosuke.The boy's name is Sosuke.[squeaking]We love your sister,and we all want her to be happy.Listen, my darling, why don't welet Ponyo become human for good?We must test the boy.If Sosuke’s love is true,Ponyo will bepermanently transformedAnd the balanceof nature will be restored.But if his love isn't real, thenPonyo will turn into sea foam.True. That is wherewe all originated, my darling.The boy is so young,so innocent.- What does...?- Shh.[woman] let them sleep.They'll need their rest.Sosuke!- Sosuke!- [both grunting]Ponyo, you ok?Good morning, Sosuke.Huh?Look at that.The ocean is at our door.How come yourmom's not here?The water's so high.She must be stuck.Too bad we don'thave a boat.There's a boat,right there!- It's a little small.- No, it's not.[blowing]Ah!Uh! Huh?Thank you!Wow! You even madethe candle bigger.- We can fit!- This is fantastic.- Fantastic!- You take that end, please.Ok!- Ready?- Let's go![grunts] whoa!Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!Ah!It actually floats![laughing]Doesn't look likeit has any leaks.Now, we haveto fill the boiler.The water gets sucked inthrough this pipe.Then it gets heated uphere in this round thing.[inhaling][panting, inhales][giggling]well, that worked.[Ponyo laughing]Looks likeeverything's shipshape.- Shipshape!- Yep.- Shipshape! [laughs]- shipshape.Shipshape! Shipshape!Shipshape! Shipshape!Shipshape!What's that? [gasps]- Ow!- Ow!- Look at that!- It's burning.It's hot! It's hot!It's hot! It's hot!- Is it working?- Hm...It's working!Sosuke, we're shipshape, right?- Yep.- This is a good boat.Mm-hm.Ah!- Hey, Sosuke! Look at me!- Mm-hm.- Hey, this is even more fun!- Mm-hm.[laughs] that thingmakes my nose hot.Ponyo, you bethe boat's lookout.- And I'll do the steering, ok?- Mm-hm. I'm the lookout!- There's the road.- That's the road my momtook last night.- I don't see her anywhere.- We'll see her.She promised meshe'd come back.Those are ancient fish. Theylived during the Devonian age.I know that one.It's Bothriocephalus.- And that one is...- Dipnorhynchus.Dipnorhynchus!Wow! That one'sreally huge!- That's Devonynchus!- Devonynchus![man] ahoy![woman] ahoy!- [man] ahoy...- Whoa, there's a boat![woman] ahoy!I'm gonna say that.Ahoy!Ow!Whoa, that's fast!- Hey!- I'm getting the hang of this.Get ready to stop, Ponyo.- [spitting]- [coughing]- Hello, you two.- Hello.Hey, that is quitea boat you got there.I've seen you before. You'reLisa's little boy, aren't you?He's not a little boy.He's Sosuke!She's Ponyo.And I used to bea fish.Is that right? [giggles]I like your name, Ponyo.It's cute.Mm-hm.By the way,have you seen my mom?Your mother? Why isn'tyour mother with you?- She went to the senior center.- Wow, way up there?My baby likes you.[cooing]- [fussing]- oh, sweetheart.[crying]Oh, is that for us?Can I have the cup?Well, thank you.It smells good.- [crying]- wow, that's good soup.Thanks.- My mom made it from scratch.- The soup's for him!Oh, I'm sorry.He's a little too young.He can only drink milkat this age.But I could eatthe soup instead,And it would help meto make milk for him.Huh?Yeah, my mommade milk for me, too.Ponyo, what do you say? Is itall right if I eat the soup?- That's fine.- Thank you, sweetheart.- [Sosuke] huh?- [chanting][chanting]People from the town!It's just like a parade!Ahoy! Are any of you in needof assistance at this time?We're all good here! But thanksfor checking on us, captain![man] we are taking everyoneto the mountain peak hotel!For your safety,we request that you follow us!Aye, aye! Will do!- [Sosuke] looks likethe whole town is here.- I don't see your mom.- I hope she's ok.- Ponyo, time for usto cast off.Hold on a second.- Here, have some milk.- Oh. Uh...It's for milk.She already ate all the hamoff those sandwiches.Thank you. That's verygenerous of you, Ponyo.Sosuke, here.I brought you thebiggest candle I have.Thanks. Ponyowill make it bigger.- See you later.- Take care.Be careful.- [crying]- oh! What's the matter?[woman] shh, shh, shh.You have a cold.[gasps][crying][cooing]Ponyo![Ponyo laughing]- [baby laughs]- [mother laughs][Sosuke] hey,are you guys ok?[woman] hey, Sosuke.- What are you doing out here?- Sosuke, where's your mother?[Sosuke] she went to thesenior center last night!We're on our wayto find her!You know, I still can'tbelieve Lisa beat that wave.- That's Lisa.- Sosuke, can I ride with you?I can't. I'm busy.I have a job to do now.[man] check the park. Theseniors should be there by now.- [man 2] good luck, kid!- [woman] you'll find her!We'll send a boatfor the seniorsAs soon as wedrop this group off!- Good luck, captain!- [chanting][cawing]Ponyo, our candleis just about out.We'll be ok. The fishermangave me another one.Ow! It's stillpretty hot.Bye-bye.Here, Ponyo.Can you make this bigger?All right.Hey, are you ok?Hm?- [Sosuke] Ponyo.- Hm?[grunts]Ponyo. Ponyo![snoring]Oh, good.I can walk from here.There's the road.[Sosuke grunts][gasps] it's shrinking!Ponyo!Ponyo!Ponyo, wake up!Sosuke.[yawns]You scared me.Don't turn into a fish again.I'd miss you.[gasps]My mom's car! Ponyo, come on!She might be there!Hey, mom! Mom!Mommy!Mommy!Mom!Mommy!Mom!Mom!Here, I've got your boat.There's watercoming from your eyes.- Let's go find your mom.- Mm-hm.[laughter]- [Noriko] it's so beautiful!- You forgot your cane!Look, here comesa whale again!I think he sees us.The other sideis nice, isn't it?- And my knees don't hurt.- This is the other side?- Where do you thinkwe are, Las Vegas?- [laughter]- It's like a dream.- Ladies, can wegather around, please?- [all] coming!- Why don't we run?Come on!- It's so nice to run.- Beat you there![women laughing]Winner!Everyone, quiet, please.The time has comefor you to bear witnessTo a sacred test of love.- Oh, how exciting!- Are they too young for this?- Are we too old?- When are they coming?Please, ladies,the children are coming now.And remember, this isa very important moment.[man] a crucial moment.Fujimoto, youwon't let any harmCome to Sosukeor Ponyo, will you?[woman] it's notin his nature.Of course I wouldn't.My hope is Ponyo willstay asleep. Excuse me.Do you thinkwe can trust him?I wonder what Lisais thinking.She's withthat woman,And they've been talkingall night and day.Poor Lisa.Must be hard on her.I wish we could hearwhat they're talking about.Oh, why don't wejust ask. Lisa![all] Lisa![all] Lisa!We wanna know whatyou're talking about!Come tell us!- My dear!- Lisa!What's going on?Lisa, are you sureyou can trust that man?It's so exciting.Tell us what's goingto happen next.Whatever happens, I'm justglad you're all here for this.- It's going to be fine.- [all chattering]I think I'vebeen here before.Ponyo?Don't like this place.Don't let goof my hand.Mm...[rattling][gasping]Ponyo![snoring]Ponyo!Ponyo![gasping][grunting]Ponyo! Please don't die!Ponyo!- Ponyo, wake up!- Shh.Be careful not to wake her.It's goodto meet you, Sosuke.We've all beenwaiting for you.- The old ladies, your mother...- My mother?Won't you come with me andjoin them, Sosuke? Ponyo, too.[man] come with me.I promise I'm not goingto take Ponyo away from you.- We have to go now.- [Toki] Sosuke!Sosuke, don't listento that wacko!He tricked all the othersinto going with him,But he couldn't fool me!Toki!Did you hear me?Nobody fools me!There is so little time!My choice has to be made!If the Moon comes any closer...Can't you see it?The world is out of balance!We will all be underwater!That's the best excuse you cancome up with? A falling Moon?- [moaning] humans!- Sosuke, come to me!Sosuke, please listen.You have to trust me.You're the only one who can savethe planet. Do it now. Do it!Ponyo!Brunhilde,respect your father!Ponyo!Sosuke, come on!Bring them to me!Faster!Jump for it![squeaking]Now what?[squeaking]- Mama!- Sosuke.Ponyo!You don't have to swim.I don't know whywe're here.- So this is Sosuke.- How do you do?- Are you Ponyo's mother?- Yes.You brought my daughtersafely here.[all] shh![woman] thank you.Sosuke, Ponyo openeda magic wellBecause she wants very much tobe human, to become a real girl.She needs you to acceptand love her as she truly is.You know that Ponyowas a fish, don't you?Mm-hm.[woman] and youknow her as a human.- Your drop of blood did that.- Oh, that's it!I cut my thumb. Then Ponyolicked it and made it better.So that's how shechanged into a human.Could you love her if shemoved between two worlds?Mm-hm. I loveall the Ponyos.It's a big responsibility,but I really love her.[giggling][chuckling]- [all laughing]- ooh!Ponyo, come here, please.Ponyo, Sosuke has promisedto accept you as you are.To become human, you mustchoose to abandon magic.- Can you do that?- Mm-hm.Kiss the bubble, child,when you return to land,And Ponyo will become a girl,growing up just like you.I accept, Ponyo.Thank you very much,Ponyo’s mother.Everyone, the balanceof nature is restored.- Life begins again.- [cheering]I'm so proud![all chattering]My Sosuke.[squeaking][gasps]- Good luck, Lisa.- Thank you.I'll take care of her.There you are!Are you all right?Wait, let meget your wheelchairs!Don't bother, shima-san.We like to walk.Life begins again.This is yours,I believe.- Thank you.- Try to remember me kindly.If you will.May I?Take care of Ponyo.[gasps] it's your father!Koichi! Hi!Over here!Ah! Lisa and Sosuke!Ahoy!Look, Ponyo,there's my dad's ship![orchestral music plays]%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyofishy in the sea %%%% tiny little fishywho could you really be? %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyomagic set you free %%%% oh, she's a little girlwith a round tummy %%%% tip, tippy toejump, jump and hop %%%% now that I've got my legsI cannot stop %%%% pat, patty patwaving hello %%%% come and hold hands with medancing we go %%%% my feet are skippingmy heart, too %%%% happy, happy are we all %%%% maybe I might love youmaybe I might love you %%%% so hold on tightand hold me close %%%% you're my hero %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyofishy in the sea %%%% tiny little fishywho could you really be? %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyomagic set you free %%%% oh, pretty little girlwill you swim back to me? %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% one, twoone, two, three, four %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyotiny little fish %%%% she's a little fishfrom the deep blue sea %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyoshe's a little girl %%%% she's a little girlwith a round tummy %%%% favorite little fishysing along, let's go %%%% sing, "p-o-n-y-o" %%%% you can clap your handsclap your fins %%%% everybody, this is wherethe magic happens %%%% and whenI'm skipping with her %%%% my heart does a dance %%%% munch and munchkiss and hug %%%% munch and munchkiss and hug %%%% oh, he's myfavorite little boy %%%% rosy, rosy, red, red %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyotiny little fish %%%% she's a little fishfrom the deep blue sea %%%% Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyoshe's a little girl %%%% she's a little girlwith a round tummy %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%%% Ponyo %%

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