Movie Date: November 28, 2014

The Far Peru. A Huge unexplored region shrouded in mystery. So far, of course. Because my colleagues geographers instructed me ... to get me out of my comfortable family home ... for a journey of discovery. started lightly and only carry the essentials ... maps, food, table Timing roles books. Until finally in deep forest I discovered something special ... A species of bear up yet unknown ... It's time to ensure museum exhibition. I thought everything had finished, he would die ... But the bear saved my life. I took the jungle and introduced their world. And I presented ours. It is a telescope ... after the binoculars from my grandfather. Do Not!Do not touch that! Detente. It was what you had eaten soap. Why not try this? This is jam. It is spread on toast or a sandwich ... or you can drink. Well, you see, this is London. - It's where I come from. - London. My God. Now try "Popokatepetl". Over time, I became friends with Bears and gave them names ... for the female of my dear mother ... and the name of a male boxer Exotic met in a bar. And finally, it was time returned with my wife and daughter and present my discovery to the world. Goodbye, Lucy, goodbye Pastuzo! And if you come to London so have a very warm welcome. These two bears gave me a lot ... and I wonder what I gave them? AFTER MANY YEARS. Jam ... are ripe ... have finally matured Aunt Lucy, Uncle Pastuzo! You'll never guess ... Why are you always rushed destroying everything as a natural disaster? Uncle Pastuzo are ripe. - Today jam day! - Marmalade day! What do you mean, sir? Day Jam! Well, you both calm down. Do not rush. Be careful up there.And those paws off my hat! All right. Jam. A sandwich contains all the vitamins, we need throughout the day. Awesome! A recipe that Beflatelom he learned from his aunt Lucy. When we go to London we carry at least a crown. I would not worry. Hablamos that trip for 40 years. - Someday ... - Why do you want to live somewhere else ...? When do we live in best place in the world? Watch Out! I told you to be careful. - Give me the hat. - Yes, but man ... No buts. It is time to regain some respect. Awkward ... but tasty. A good tip for a abroad in London. Third lesson ... It's getting dark and the street becomes a pedestrian ... - reply you greeting. - Goodnight . To continue talking about the weather ... Today is decent downpour. know that Londoners have 107 ways to express it rains. Is there still sandwich? It remains the last, but not give it. bear Wise always left a sandwich in a hat ... just in case. What rules must be followed in a shower? And London will make you feel at home. Lucy, earthquake! Quick hide! - Aunt Lucy! - Just come! Pastuzo! Pastuzo! Uncle Pastuzo! Pastuzo! Uncle Pastuzo! Aunt Lucy ... What We Do Do not get up until you're not in London. You are with me right? I'm too old and tired in a very long journey. So what are you gonna do? Do not worry me. I go into the house Bears retired. But you have a whole life ahead ... you can find a new home in London. But ... But I do not know anyone there. What if they do not like the bears? You know, once a war there were Scout in the country ... Thousands of children were sent away for safety. Left at railway stations with a graph of this type. Foreign families adopted them and they wanted as their own children. They have forgotten how treat a stranger. Be careful, dear. Behave decently. Good luck. FOR THE TRIP. London. Now what? Sure ... Good Morning. It's nice, right? Hello. I'm looking for a new home. Hello? Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find a home? Nobody knows? We ask passengers do not leave your luggage unattended. Suspicious objects are removed and disposed of. Be careful. Hello. Are you hungry? Me too. And only is this and is only for emergencies. So here you go. What did I do? Come on. Are not they can go elsewhere? Can they be removed please? Let me. - It was boring. - I regret that you enjoyed it. But I had a day and personally I liked the Museum of the Victorian era. At least spent some family time. And we learned a lot about the era. Did you have fun, dear? Judy and I missed it before you jump into the lake. It was a Victorian bath, bathed in it. - But not naked! - Well, I forgot a swimsuit. Jonathan, stop jumping. The 7% injuries in children occur when they jump. - But if I have to be an astronaut ... - But you're not an astronaut. You can be whatever you want. - Danger. - What? Do not look here, there's a bear and probably selling something. - Good afternoon. - No thanks. I must be doing something wrong. - Hi, Teddy. - Mary! Good night. It's raining cats and dogs, right? Yup. Mama! Sorry for asking but Should not you be home? Yes, I should be. But I have not seen how to find a home. And where are your parents? - They died when I was little. - There he goes. - I have kept my only aunt. - Where is it? - It's in the depths of Peru. in pension for old bears. - Yes, of course. - How did you get here? - Hidden in the lifeboat. Great. I ate jam. Did you know that the bears love jam? - I did not know that the bears talk. - But I'm ... a bear very rare. Do Not were many like me. What will you do? Well, I've thought about it, I sleep in those baskets. Very wise, let's go. What if we help you? That would be like .... And do not bother you? Of course not. Is it true affection? Not at all. It's delicious. And what's your name? - Does a bear have a name? - Of course, I call: Can you repeat that? Claro. Do it. Try it. His throat. Mr. Brown, that's a very bad word. I'm going. Wait For Me. Someone will come for him? All have closed, we have to grab. - No way. - But Dad ... Jonathan, is sufficient. It is terribly embarrassing. - We can not leave him here. - But we can. It is not our responsibility. He is young and needs help, Henry. Just for one night. While we found a more adequate housing. - Okay. - Great! If you do not mind ... I'm sorry, but no I do not know what your name is. I bear a name and find it difficult to pronounce. - Not mature. - A name in English? My name in English? Example? Look, Henry, that's great! - Did you call Ketchup? - Do Not. Winnie Ketchup? - Paddington. - Paddington. Paddington? Paddington. Paddington! Excuse me. I like it. So, Paddington, Want to go home with us? What route followed by the city? The young bear told me it was his first time in London ... so I showed him monuments. For example. - Keep the change. - Thank You! Let Paddington. Yup. This ... This is awesome! I tell you, I thought that no one would give me a home ... ripe, I agree. - I am very grateful. - We have not provided a house. You are here just for tonight. You see, when you come young in this country ... one does not move with the first family, you know. - Need a tutor. - What is that? It is an adult who welcomes you and cares about you. Just like you. Yes, you can say that. But not you. No, do not do that. But it is always someone you know. But yeah I do not know anyone? In that case, our offices you put someone from the State. What? An orphanage? ORPHANAGE. No, not an orphanage. It will be like an institution for children, whose parents sadly disappeared. INSTITUTION FOR YOUNG SOULS WHOSE PARENTS DISAPPEARED. - What's the traveler? - Who? We visited in the depths of Peru saying that we welcome. Gloria! How is it called? You can go now. His human name not know. My uncle and aunt did not speak human, so they said ... How many travelers may have gone to Peru? - Maybe we could find. - Unnamed? Do not flatter yourself. Well, let's get the pajamas. Is this the Jonathan? Do not run. Do not worry, Paddington, we will find it. Thank You. Search the encyclopedia. but seem like cool first. - Please? - You know, toileting. Many people go there after a long journey. Well, if people do, I want to try it too. - Stairs. - You mean ...? that, yes, stairs. Pretty good, but not traditional. - Are you okay? - Yup. Hi, Henry Brown, Windsor Gardens. I want to add something to the policy of my house. Let's have a guest tonight, a bear. So I would like to re-assure my house ... Yes, a bear. No, alive. It has about one meter. Grizzly? Probably not. But I'll know in the morning. What would it cost? It will fall storm. It will be a terrible storm. The radio said is clearing. But the radio ... I can feel it in my knees, do not lie. - Lady Bird, there is a bear with us. - Yup. - A real bear Peru. - That's fine, honey. You do not look surprised. Only I was surprised by the invention of the microwave ... so I have nothing more that surprising. Wait online. Your call is very important to us. Where will you sleep? In my room. - Because Tonny awake. - Shut Up. Tonny certainly stay in my room. Who is Tonny? - I'm warning you! - Is the boy she loves. No. Seriously, Honey? That's it! Can I meet him? Can I meet him? Honey? Okay, sleeps with me. Bear will not sleep in any room. You go to the ... attic and worldwide will close its doors. I have not found anything here about Travelers who have been in Peru. - Of course not. - Why? Everything invented. Just trying to impress mom. Henry, that's not fair. - It's not fair. That you've brought here a stray bear. - It's embarrassing. - Also what would you do like me. What are you doing? - The storm is near. - You and your knees. One thing is certain, Lady Bird, in the house will not rain. Do Not. It's here. - Is Mr. Brown? - Yes, I'm here. Yes, I take it. No, no, no, no need, to read the conditions. I want it to be processed as soon as possible. No, I would not wait! Paddington! What is going on here? Nothing. I have only a small problem with water. It's time for ducks. It was awesome. Dear Aunt Lucy ... I came to London ... And while it rained, rained, pouring, and the flood came ... I missed ... is different from London we thought ... Almost no wear hats ... It is not enough to go to the station and find a home ... I can not imagine how a cute bear can ... find a home in a big city ... Luckily I came to Brown, to let me sleep in the attic. They have a nice house, but I'll be here if I stay ... You know what? Right Away I will call the authorities! But what the traveler? No traveler! And I will not jeopardize the family until you have found. Tomorrow that bear will leave here! The Brown is joining very special tribe ... Mr. Brown is a risk analyst. Bear says that when he is at home ... susceptibility to disasters is increased by 4.000%. Mrs. Brown illustrated adventure books. The latter is in the London and brokers channels ... But now I know how the main character ... know invent nicknames for her daughter Judy ... like honey or coconut. Hi dear. Tomorrow I planned to go to underground channels ... And I wonder if you wanted to accompany me. If desired, we could go with Tonny. Why would anyone want wastewater go? Honey, it's no wastewater. It is an underground maze ... where you can reach anywhere in the city. - It's strange, smelly and it is shameful. - Sure. Judy has a rare disease, which is called "shame". She walks with a child who is Tony calls not want to bring home. - When will you invite me to your house? - It's something that will never happen. She learns Chinese. Can you tell me, please, how to get to the shops? In order to escape the house and start their own business. I was accused of abuse information and I need a lawyer. Jonathan wants to be astronaut when he grows up. Last year, rocket boots are made. Three, two, one ... And now can only play with Kits insurance and education from his father. Living with Mrs. Bird. Her husband was a sailor, and she wants to have everything in order. Tomorrow lead me to the office and then to accommodated on something that is not an orphanage ... but apparently is not a house as we dream together. Can not sleep? Do Not. - I would find traveler. - I know, Paddington. But the British expeditions to Peru they never found any trace. But the traveler was there, Mrs. Brown. To me Uncle gave this klubk. - Was the traveler? - Yes, why? I have a friend who is antiques business ... and knows the meaning in all things old. You could help us find the traveler. That would be awesome. But Mr Brown said ... About Mr. Brown not worry. otherwise for him, all would to the authorities. I can not wait for You can find a home. And now sleep, okay? Tomorrow find the browser. Love, Paddington. PS: This is my name now my name. MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCES. Hello, Krant. Schoolmarm. Another box with the animals? Let's go. Yup. It will be perfect in our booth. Are not you afraid that the people begin to ask? Not at all. As for those fools never have come to this place ... so it never occurred to them a live animal was here. But I worry because you do not enough my collection. I would like to add more. - Today at the port saw a strange animal. - Yup? Yup. was patrolling as usual and I ... noticed something sticky over the ship. They were animal tracks. This animal had hidden in a lifeboat. He had to wait there for a long way from Peru. It was fed with jam all the time. You said jam? - What is it? - He escaped in a van. Yup. - I followed him to Paddington Station. - Okay. But then disappeared. - I'm sorry, but for me very important - Why? Are you at risk? Now it is. I know, everyone loves to jam. But this is my sandwich. Would not it be using these brushes For the ear in his mouth Mr. Brown? Strange habit. Have a good day. Awesome. Jonathan, do not even think. Children are at the railing. - But ... Paddington - Paddington'm not interested. - What is it, honey? - My beauty is over. No, I do not like when you use many chemicals, honey. You can totally destroy shoulders. - Good morning, Judy. - Hi. - Why does my dad is so boring? - It's for your own good. - Be kind to others. - Just wanted to wash my face. Better? Last night was crazy home, Brown. - Hello, Mr. Curry, did not want to bother him. - Good Morning. - We were not presented. - Mr. Curry, this is Paddington. - It's a bear. - I noticed that. - Is probably far from home. - I'm deep in Peru. Do not worry, Mr. Curry. I hope so. I do not want to wake up tribal music. - Do not talk in school about Paddington. - Why not? Because nobody wants to hear from a bear. Hello. Where's the bear? Carefully on each platform no criminal murderers and thieves. - So follow us and do what I say. - Right. Thank You. Lord. Now the serious stuff. I printed the address of the office. - Laminate. - This is just a banana peel ... Thanks, honey. I know exactly where I'm going. - Where is Paddington? - What? - Paddington? Paddington? - Paddington? Paddington? Dogs must rise. I feel good. I knew I could. I feel good. I knew I could. Appears to the right Very good, very good, I love you. Paddington? Paddington! - Here I am! - Idem. This belongs to me, thanks. This will probably be his. You know what, Paddington? The antique shop is near. Let's walk. - Mrs. Brown, come on. - You are Mr. Grumber. And you young knight, hat that has a remarkable. Come on, I prepared food. Every day is exactly the Like a train I took many years ago. - Really? - Yes, you know ... in my country had then a lot of trouble. So my parents sent beyond other end of Europe. It was taller than you are now. Was it difficult to find a home? Then my aunt got me. Lord Grimbert. But then I realized that a home is more than a roof over your head. My body grew old quickly ... but my heart, it took a little longer. But now I would analyze his hat. Thank You. Unusual color. It's hard to say how long has this hat. Jam? My uncle always kept in the hat a sandwich for each case. You made me laugh with that. Great idea. When we look closely, we see that ... Hello. Wait! - Paddington! - The man lost his wallet! - Where is it? - Watch Out! Alto! Come on! What it does I get it. Sorry! I just want back this lost item! Sorry! It is a small bear police. You! What do you think you're doing? I just want to return this lost object. Out of here! Leave my dog alone! Here colleague Charlie Delta has problems, I need reinforcements. What? 100m to the left is a bear. I have your wallet! It is fun. "The Winter's Tale" is the Shakespeare's famous tale. "Enemy longer persecuted ..." - Paddington. - Paddington? Here's your wallet. You have plenty of those. It definitely does. No, no loo understand. only wanted to return them back. Hi, Judy. - Do you know him? - It's amazing. - Yes, his name is Paddington. - Thank You. Thank You. You're a hero! I am not. That's in every bear. I do not know how to thank you. That thief had been stealing for a long time people in my neighborhood. - Exceptional. - I had the time and I reviewed his hat. I think that this does not is an ordinary hat. Do Not? This symbol indicates that it was produced in association geographers. What does this mean? It was in ancient travel community. I will go there and see if your luck smiles ... and would have to tell me who it belongs to. All right. - How is protein? - What cookie? Correct. How many carbohydrates? - In one? - In one is ... - 7.7 grams. - Yes . Quantity sodium? - I know ... - Sure ? - Find. - First guess . are on ... After all these years really is here. Soon you'll be stuffed bear. You said one night. A! - I know ... - You promised you would go to the authorities. - I have not promised. - Definitely yes. I know, but telling the truth does exist that traveler. - What are you doing? - Looking the other way. - With breath? - Even with breathing. Just take it geographers society. - Enough! - And here is the finger. - We've done enough for him! - Now the voice . - Now I'll take care of it. - You're taking you charge? Yes. Paddington is a threat for our family. Jonathan is in danger and is not a wild beast. Hello, Paddington. Been read the papers? Hairy Police. You've only been here just one day and you're already famous. I regret how I behaved with you. I'm in a new school and not want them to think it was strange. I understand, Judy. It is not easy being in a new place. No, it's just ... ears were cleaned with my toothbrush ... It can be very different from than previously imagined. My father was always boring and annoying. I do not think. Even your father You might be surprised. What? When I met him was a person completely different. That's it! - I hope that this will never change. - It'll never change, baby. We're having a baby! When a man becomes a father does strange things. Care, please take a drink. Apartensen, I pray you, have a son. Save the flowers, pollen can hurt you. - Where is your bike, dear? - I bought the car. - What? It's pretty beige, right? Beige is a neutral color. His father will be pleased. Give it a try, You might be surprised. Maybe you should start again with my father. I guess I did not do the best impression. Do not take this wrong but should see more presentable. A minute. I hope you not to talk to ... It's cold! - Is it so bad, Paddington? - Is it bad? I totally wet. Why why rain falls at home? Because we are parents and we We must protect our children. After all, we protect. - Shout! - No, dear, laughing. Wind! hot wind! Too hot wind! I do not like. I hope not to see me too eccentric. - Too Much. - Too Much. Then lend a brush. Here we go. This is my old coat. It was actually originally mine. And before it was mine. - Really, Mr. Brown? - Really? It was for the first time in school. It's beautiful. There are wooden buttons on my feet. And these compartments for sandwiches they are a great idea. I have to admit it looks good. I did not think I would like this human shield, but ... you're like a family member. However it has been Paddington led the Office, Dad? You will go to the community of geographers. Yeah, well. We'll see what we do. - But if we find something ... - I do not think. Thank you very much, Mr. Brown. Certainly must have many foreign customers. He has no idea. I've driven for bishops, magicians, bears, naked women ... - You say bears? - Yes, yesterday was his driver. Fascinating. Do you know where I've been? - I can not divulge that information. - Why? It is against our code. What? Taxi code. A secret oath. As doctors and priests; medieval knights ... sure you understand, right? Right. Let me tell you of my code. If someone can not find what I want you to remove parts of the body. And I begin by nose hairs. And then moving on to something bigger. This is my code and always keep. Do you follow your code? Actually, this is not a code. Do Not? Rather, it is only a recommendation, but not binding. So tell me Where he took the bear? - At the Garden of Windsor. - Thank You. But right now I'd go there west ring, but ... - Paddignton. - Jonathan. - Thank You. - Goodbye Paddington. Goodbye. And have a nice day. These French sandwiches Lady Bird are delicious. They are very exotic. What are you doing for so long? Give me a second. They go 47 minutes. Or do you have a very long call or ...? You're standing on the stand unauthorized material. I'm sorry. You're what I'm looking for. - But it seems that ... - Okay, ma'am. Sorry to have bothered you but ... I've seen it happen many things in this barium. Someone here gives me suspiciously. Come on, come on now behind us. There is a bear. A creature very upset. If asked by the bear, That's why I came here. Welcome to the community of geographers. - Are you a member? - No, we're looking for one of its members. Name? Your name unfortunately do not know ... but we know that participated in a deep expedition to Peru. Peru. In Peru we have never been. What? You should have been. I see you have a lot of work. Not what I can see for myself? Files older than newspapers and artifacts carefully arranged. We can not afford to strangers with a bear are curious about. - Listen ... - Can you leave now? Let Paddington. Paddington? Paddington? Paddington! Mr. Brown. - Here I am. - What are you doing? We need to get the files. Paddington, please do not take this wrong, but are you sure that lived the traveler? You could find the hat and invent ... What is it? Why do you look? It is terribly stuffy here. I feel so ... Uncomfortable? Uncertain? It is called gaze. My aunt told me that activates when people are rude. - That nerves. - Mr. Brown, I assure you. The traveler lived. If we find it, could go home. A real home. As is yours. I got an idea but I need your help. - This will not work. - Of course I do. - It suits you. - Stay there in silence. - Good Morning. - Hi. Hold On. I had not seen. Truth. I'm new here. I see. Are you going to come every day? No, usually I am passionate about. Like you. Ve. Chop Chop. All right. Peru. He knew that Mrs. hiding something. RECORD DESTROYED. It says that the record has been destroyed. I'm going to see more. New girl! Is there a problem? I forgot to check the license. My ... My license. Claro. Old photograph. Sure, we've always been ... You've changed. Much, I lost weight. I see. Do not you ...? I went to laser surgery. He grew your hand again. This is a prosthesis. You really do not feel anything? I felt nothing. Special. So I go to the bathroom. I am coming. Mr. Brown. I found something. Okay. So get out of here. Mr. Brown. The locking system has. I think it was the sandwich. Is peanut butter? It is too orange, will ... You! Stop the sexy woman! Alto! It has a beautiful home, Mr. Curry. I live here since childhood. This house was inherited from my mom. A very private woman. He comes from a humble community. Therefore understand that such a beast when it comes ... will be very worried. I guess I should be grateful, it's just a bear. Start as always with one, Mr. Curry. Soon the streets will be full of bears. Put your eyes on it. Pestered elderly, laughing .. And having a picnic wild every night. What should I do? I have some acquaintances. Where we can take the Bear and send it where and the case belongs would be closed. Really? But I can not do it alone. I need help of a strong man. Me? - I do not know. - If I start frequenting this place ... They will ask. But you could watch, right? Me? I will. Great, I agreed. We're going to catch. So this is the video, Mr. Grumber. - Did you manage to get in, Dad? - Exactly. You are very brave, dear. You know, the times you have to be boring ... and times when must be a man. Mr. Brown was disguised as a woman and someone pricked with a pin. - What? - It's starting. - What did he say? - What ever. - And you dressed? - Do Not. It looked like a dress. It was an apron and looked beautiful. The Peru deep ... an unexplored region shrouded in mystery ... but only so far ... Do you come from there? Paddington. That's incredible. Aunt Lucy Goodbye, goodbye Pastuzo. And if you come to London, will get a very warm welcome. These bears have learned a lot ... But I was thinking if they learned something from me. Leader of the expedition: MONTGOMERY CLYDE. Montgomery Clyde. Dear Aunt Lucy ... never imagine what happened ... Today I saw an old movie Shot in the depths of Peru ... I forget though our house I have begun to understand London. The Browns are a special tribe but I quite like them ... The strange thing is that, Mr. Brown organizes a lot ... foreign objects Mrs. Brown in her purse. Here it is. The Lady Bird has many vacuums. Judy can handle any language ... Even a bear ... has excellent pronunciation. And Jonathan can build almost anything ... of those old kits, Mr. Brown. This is awesome! It's very strange ... Maybe soon find traveler but ... I'm starting to feel I'm home. Paddington in these books listed the names ... and addresses of all people in London. Among them is the traveler. Thank you, Ms. Brown. Kids get moving. Wait, I'll try anything in the library ... traveler to find Clyde. I'll go with you, Mary. I have to go buy Jams. Should not stay someone with Paddington? In a return hours. Do not worry, Mr. Brown. I think I can take care of myself. Okay, so beware. - Okay. - Bye Bye! - Hello Paddington. Who? Who? - Medulka, here the brave eagle. - What? Here Mr. Curry. Le I suggested to you that we use codes. You Medulka and brave eagle. Yes, of course. - Do you have something to report ?, brave ... - Eagle. Eagle. Affirmative. the monster Furry is home alone. I repeat, the monster Furry is home alone. I'm on my way. Medulka. I need to go to the roof. Claro. And then I would invite to dinner. I have bread with pate and pickled cucumbers. That sounds tempting. It is on the date of expiry but nothing im ... Mr. Curry. What about the roof? Search, search, search ... Do Not. I'm coming! Good Bear. I have a minor problem with tape. Come on, man. Elephant! Bear! Hide! Dear, dear, Medulka, I'm coming. Medulka! Medulka! It was not my fault! Who else could it have been? The entrance was closed. - It was an elephant. - What elephant? It had a head like a bull and the body of a snake. - And I wanted to shoot. - What do you drank ?, Saltwater? - Paddington, tell us what really happened? - What? - We do not get angry. - Speak for yourself. Mrs. Brown, you have to believe me. I will never lie. - I'm sorry, but that was the last straw. - It was an accident, dear. That happens. Paddington is the best thing our children could find. They are happy. Why are happy when they are not safe? Understand that Paddington is a threat. Children should be our priority. But it is, of course ... Yup. And the worst thing is that no tells us the truth. How can you live with us if we can not even trust him? I do not know, Henry. We have to admit ... This house is no place for a bear. I think you're right. Maybe we should ... Dear Brown, thank you very much for it allowed me to stay here. They are a very happy family. Forgive me for flood and fire and the accident at the community of geographers. I hope ... Now that I've gone all calms down. Yours, Paddington. Well, we're going to look? It's better this way. He really does not belong here. How can you say such a thing? Judy ... I will go to the room. - Where are you going? - Just ... sure it is correct. Should not, right? How Come? The family needed the bear as well as you need. Well, that's all. Sorry, you living here Mr. Montgomery Clyde? Sorry, friend, Monger'm Clyde. Fine thanks. It is one meter high, head has a large hat has a blue coat. And it's a bear. Not enough information. Really? Is Montgomery Clyde? Margory am, dear. Nothing new. If you are interested in. - Who's there? - Hello, I am looking for Clyde Montgomery . I've never heard of him. But it has to do ... Please, I been everywhere and you are the last ... Why do not you go now?. If you go to London, you give a warm welcome. Hello? Good night. am Clyde Montgomery looking for. It is my father. Really? Is the traveler Montgomery Clyde? Exactly. It's cold, below, and low. Thank You. Thank You! Did Mr. Clyde's at home? I'm afraid not. You know, my father is dead. So so ... What do you want from him? Once my aunt told me if came to London, would be welcome. So I expected ... find a home. The you can give. Really? Of course. You are an amazingly beautiful specimen other should be roaming the streets. You belong to an exceptional place. And I know a place. Come on, we'll make a trip. Taxidermista Miss Clydeov! Mr. Curry, what do you want? I found in the trash and did not want to waste them. That charm. Now excuse me. Where is it going? Why do you care? Have a bear. So what? I just ... I just thought that you would send him to Peru ... but ... I said I was going to take where it should be. In this case, the Museum of Natural History. But Medulka, is barbaric. Mr. Curry, I'm not your Medulka and I never will be. What? Take the bad herbs idiot! Go Away. Hello? Good night, is a anonymous phone call. Hello, Mr. Curry. I am not Mr. Curry, am Mr. Burry. I have information for you a bear. What? What do you mean? Who you are calling, Henry? Curry and Mr is changed identity. - I'm Burry! - Says Paddignton is abducted . Welcome to your new home, bear! This is the cathedral of knowledge. Every major browser to come here. - Charles Darwin brought a turtle. - Good evening. Captain Scott brought an imperial penguin. Captain Cook brought a kangaroo in Australia. Hello. Each of these men is immortalized by what they did. But ... do you see anything here about my father? Do Not. Because when he met your strange kind ... he refused to bring the sample. Is there any specimen? Friends, are not beasts, They are intelligent and civilized. Please, Clyde, You actually spoke English? - No, but ... - They played cricket? - They drink tea? - Did they crosswords? That idea so wrong civilization, Clyde. Tell us where you are and send our researcher in the sample. I'll never tell. Correct. We have no choice.The Delivery will be removed from your record! Montgomery Clyde.Be interrupted her renowned membership in our community! Present, give back. could have been famous and rich but nevertheless ... No relented and opened a zoo. Before your family, gave priority and happiness furry carnivores. I swore that someday end the work of my father. And now the day has finally arrived. Exactly. Today we have a bear. I see, no time to lose. But how do we get? This looks like a fortress - Channels. - What? - Channels. You said you come to any part of the city. Okay. - What is going on? - Could help a helpless old woman? - I missed the bus. - Come in, it's cold outside. Thank You. You're very kind. It's locked from the other side. Let me. Did you bring the chemistry set? Potassium nitrate and sulfur. This is a deadly combination, Dad. Would you like a hot drink? For the heart. No, I do not drink when I'm on duty. Is it too strong for you? Am challenges? Well, I'll take one. Three, two, one ... - Jonathan, are 50,000 Volts! - I know what I'm doing. Do it. Now! There, again, I was not ready. It is locked. What do we do now? I know. Henry, Henry, please do not go there. Go there, Dad. Someone should. And that someone is me. My hero. He is my hero. I know .... It's crazy. My dad is really great. Definitely. I surrender, I surrender. I have to go back to work. Wait, wait, wait! Not so easy to give up. Thank You. All right. Good job! Paddington! Paddington! Here I am! Are you God? Your voice like Mr. Brown. I'm Brown! Mr. Brown. What are you doing out there? We've come to save you. Really? Mr. Curry told us everything. I am sorry not to have trusted you. Sabotage. Paddington, have to leave! You get out! Back bear! Open to me! - Where is Paddington? - I do not know. Silence, I hear something. Is a pipe. There is a pipe. It's a bear! This up to the roof! Come on! - I have. - Thank You. Come on, get out of here. Not so fast! Come on, give me the bear. Do Not. - We will not. - Lady. Brown. It is our family. Family? After all, it's not even your type. It's true. Yes, it's true. When I first met Paddington we had nothing in common. But my wonderful wife opened her heart. And then also my wonderful children. - And now, also. - Henry. No matter if wine opposite end of the world. Whether it another species. Even it is quite obsessed with jam. We love Paddington. And we are a family. A family stays together! So if you want it, we have to take everyone. All right. - When I say all ... - I've never dissected a human but ... Wait. Wait. There has to. - Paddington! - Do Not. Yup. Yes, that's it. Come to me. Could I have one last wish? What? I'd eat a sandwich. I have one in the hat. Well, go ahead. Thank You. Nice try, bear. The roof of the world! Lady Bird. What happened? Can not you be more careful? You can shut up. Lady Bird. You saved us. Paddington! - Hello? - Hey, Dad Hello, Mr. Brown. - You're home. - Yup. This is a surprise. Today I arrived early. Today is exceptional. A little more sugar. Let's see. - Hi, Judy. - Hey, Dad. Well, friend, what do you cook? Jam, Mr. Brown. Try it. It is very delicious. A sandwich contains all the vitamins, we need throughout the day. So that means that Did not I have to eat vegetables? He said a bear, not a child. - Come on, Jonathan. - Thank you, Judy. Judy. So we still need ... Thank you, Mrs. Bird. The home must have jam days. And the bear. Special bear. Home. Dear Aunt Lucy ... Sorry for not writing sooner but so many things happened ... I found the daughter of the traveler ... wanted di-dry myself but Mrs. Bird he threw it down from the roof ... The court held that the prison was not a good idea, so ... sent her to perform community service ... No, please, any thing but it is not! In the petting zoo ... You smell like ugly! The smell is not mine! In Windsor Gardens. life It has completely changed ... Lady Bird says things they finally put in order. Apparently, too helped his knees ... Judy does not feel so awkward and even He has also presented Tonny ... - You can not say anything. - Of course not. - Do not touch me. - He has not touched anyone, honey. - Do not go to mourn! - Do Not. But it's a great flood of emotions. - I know. - Come on. Mom, this is Tonny. I welcome you to the family. Mom! Sorry, sorry, no cry. Henry? I apologize for that. It's strange. All. Would you like some tea? Do Not? Mr Brown assisted by Jonathan He built an enormous rocket ... Sure, Dad? Jonathan if we're going to send into space need all the nitroglycerin. Although now Jonathan is concerned security approach father ... Wilson obviously have a problem. Mrs Brown says here in London, everyone is different ... But that means that all the world can not find a place. I think you're right. Although I do not see how the Moreover, I feel at home. I'll never be like the others. But that's OK ... Because I'm a bear. A bear called Paddington. Come on, Paddington!

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