Movie Date: November 18, 2012

Oh. Once upon a time... - Oh, I want to tell it! - Me, too! Okay. We'll all tell it. - Wonderful! - Mmm-hmm. You start. Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Enchancia, there lived a young girl named Sofia. Sofia led a simple life, working at the village shoe shop with her mother, Miranda. One fateful day, they were summoned by King Roland II, who needed a new pair of royal slippers. Oh, I hope they're blue! No, red! We'll see. Sofia and her mother arrived at the castle. Sofia was very excited to meet the King. Miranda placed a slipper on the King's foot. It was a perfect fit. And so were they! King Roland and Miranda were soon married. And what seemed like a storybook ending... ...was really a storybook beginning. Sofia! It's time to go! Come on, honey. The coach is waiting. Coming! - Good luck, Sofia! - Don't forget about us! Bye, Jade! Bye, Ruby! Bye, Sofia! Bye! Mom! We're almost there! I wonder what our room will look like. Sofia, now that we're living in the castle, you're going to have your own bedroom. Yes! Uh-oh. Looks like someone's not going to be the fairest in the land anymore. Amber, James, I trust you'll do your best to make your new sister feel welcome. Of course, Father. Your Majesty. King Roland II. Queen Miranda. - Hey there! - Good morrow, Sofia. Great morrow, Prince James! Princess Amber, I'm so excited we're sisters! Stepsisters. Amber, James, I know there aren't many fairy tales about kind and loving stepmothers. But I hope to change that. These are for you. I sewed them myself. It's our family crest. That's right, James. Because that is what all this is really about, becoming a new family. Sofia, welcome to the family. All hail Queen Miranda and Princess Sofia! Grow ye, flora! Cedric. I said flowers, not showers. Oh. Excuse me, Your Highness. I'm still breaking in my new wand. That's Cedric, our royal sorcerer. He comes from along line of royal sorcerers. So, we're stuck with him. Mmm. Ooh! -- Ooh. Rose petals. Should I wave? Yes. You should wave. Right. Hi! Hello! We don't have to curtsey unless they're royalty. I think it's going to take me a while to get the hang of things around here. Just follow my lead and you'll be okay. Great. That means I lead. You follow. Oh. Okay. Following. Oh, be careful, mate. That's the new princess' throne. Child! Watch where you're dawdling. Mr. Ceedric! It's Cedric. It's so great to meet a real live sorcerer. That flower trick was amazing. If by amazing, you mean a complete waste of my talents, then, yes, thank you. I should be out slaying dragons, battling ogres. But, no! King Roland has me doing parlor tricks when I should be... - Mr. Ceedric? I am Baileywick. The castle steward. It is my responsibility to make sure everything in the castle is where it should be, when it should be, and you, my dear, should be in the banquet hall, 30 seconds ago. - Oh, right. - Off you go. Going. Hmm. Mmm. - Sofia. Yes, Your Majesty? Call me Roland. Or, "You with the crown." Or Dad. It's a tradition to provide an official welcome to every new member of the royal family. For your mother, it was the wedding. But for you, we will be throwing a royal ball in your honor at week's end. - Brilliant! - James, manners. Sorry. A ball? Just for me? Father, why didn't I get a ball? You did, Amber. When you and your brother were born. You don't remember? Sofia, it will be your royal debut. And you and I shall dance the first waltz. Oh, Rollie. You're so sweet. I have to dance? Why, what better way to let everyone in the tri-kingdom area know that Princess Sofia has arrived! This is my room? No, sweetie. This is your room. It's so huge. Looks like the standard princess suite to me. You've got your canopy bed, window seat, playing area, reading nook. And in here, you'll find all your gowns and royal accessories. Wow. Now, if you need anything at all, any time of day, all you have to do is ring this bell. Yes, mum. You rang? Do you need anything? I don't know. Do I? Well, when you know what you need, you know what to do. Good evening, Princess Sofia. 'Night. Everything seems crazy big And I'm feeling unsteady Mom says I'll be just fine But I don't think I'm ready New school, new friends, new family And a ball where they want me to dance I'm just a little girl from a small, small town In this world I don't stand a chance I'm not ready to be a princess I don't have what it takes I'm too short for gowns I look bad in crowns And I'm gonna make a bajillion mistakes I'm too average to be a princess I respectfully refuse I don't know the rules I don't want the jewels And these feet were made for comfortable shoes Shelves bursting with trinkets that I'm afraid to touch Fancy toys and ginormous pillows It's all much too much Too much I'm not ready to be a princess One look and that seems clear Cancel my debut Keep your royal crew And if I ever find Mom's room I'm outta here Sofia, not a noble name Sofia, even my wave is lame I'm not ready To be a princess Sofia? Oh, Mom! What's the matter, sweetheart? I don't want a royal ball. Oh, Sofia. I've never known you to turn down a party, especially one thrown just for you. But I don't know anything about being a princess. And I don't know how to dance. I'm going to trip and everyone's going to laugh at me. You'll do fine. And besides, no one ever laughs at a princess. Says who? Come here, Sofia. Just try the best you can. And if it's not good enough for all those stuffy dukes and duchesses, then that's their problem. Mmm-hmm? Sofia, I have something for you. Consider it a welcome gift. It's beautiful. It's a very special amulet, so you must promise to never take it off. That way you'll never lose it. I promise. Now, you best run off to bed. You have princess school in the morning. - Princess school? - Royal Prep. Where all the princes and princesses from every kingdom go to learn our royal ways, including everything you'd need to know for the royal ball, which I'm very much looking forward to. Me, too. Thank you. Good night, Sofia. 'Night. Everything's going to be just fine. -- Ooh. Sorry, Mr. Ceedric. Cedric. Why can't you... Your amulet. Isn't it lovely? The King gave it to me. Well, good night! She has the Amulet of Avalor! But not for long. Oh, how could I have missed it? After all these years, I can't believe the Amulet of Avalor was right under my nose. Yes. Now, all I have to do is pry it from the princess and I'll finally have the power to take over the kingdom! Maybe I am ready to be a princess. For lowest Air Fares and home-delivered tickets, contact D&L TRAVELS @ 9612136045 What is going on in here? This is a castle, not a farm. Out! Out, out! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! -- Out! Out, out! Go on! Breakfast will be ready in five minutes. And then it's off to school. Whoa! Steady now. -- Wow. Hey, Sofia. Hi! Wait for me. Why do the horses have... Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Amazing. Princess Sofia. Up here, dear. Welcome to the Royal Preparatory Academy. I'm Flora. And this is Fauna and this is... Merryweather. We' re the head mistresses ...of Royal Prep. We're so excited you're here. We're always looking for a few good princesses. That's great because I need to learn to act like one by Friday. - Oh! Oh my! I'm afraid it will take a little longer than a few days to learn how to be a princess. You see... When someone new enrolls here at good ol' Royal Prep They're at that great beginning They're taking that first step Your lessons will commence here once you pass through this door So why not come and join us And see what lies in store? You'll learn the art of manners - Of royal protocol - That's right And when to bow and curtsey for functions big and small You'll read books of fact and fiction Of poetry and prose You'll learn to give a royal speech while perfectly composed At Royal Prep, step-by-step You'll gain wisdom and pep So heed the call Come be all you can be - Every task, every test - Just give it your best - And we'll do the rest - You'll see - And don't forget our motto - To which you'll be true "Rule over others as you'd have them rule over you" You're taking your first step at Royal Prep We'll explore enchanted objects Each creature, every charm So spells of evil magic will never do you harm In arts and crafts, you'll draw and paint Or maybe work with wood You'll learn to fence as well as dance For footwork both are good At Royal Prep, step-by-step You'll gain wisdom and pep So heed the call Come be all you can be - Every task, every test - Just give it your best - And we'll do the rest - You'll see And don't forget our motto To which you'll be true "Rule over others as you'd have them rule over you" - We're royal all the way - All the way - At good 'ol RPA - RPA - It's step by step - With wisdom, grace and pep At Royal Prep Time for your first class, dear. Good luck. Class, we have a new student. How should we greet her? - Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning. Ooh! - Oh, dear. - Let me help you with that. - Here's your book. And then she dropped her forks all over the floor. Hi! I'm Sofia. Amber's sister. Stepsister. - Wow. Nice amulet. - Thank you. - Are you going to wear it to your ball? - We're all going. We can't wait. - Whoo! - Oh! Hey, Amber. What's going on? I think it's time Sofia took a ride on the magic swing. I don't know, Amber. Father asked us to make her feel welcome. Isn't that how you welcome all the new students? Well, all right. Hey, Sofia. Oh, hi, James. What's going on? Have you tried the enchanted swing set? You don't have to kick. It swings itself. Go on. Try it. Swings itself. Never heard of that before. Hmm. Oh. Uh... Oh, no. Here we go. Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! Good one, James. You got me. Oh. Don't worry. The first day is always the hardest. He played the same prank on me. I better go dry off before the next class. Sofia, wait! I thought you said she was your sister. She is. What's that sound? Oh, look. A baby bird. It's all right. I can help. There you go. Just the two of you. The way it should be. Huh? I guess I gotta go back. Bye. Thank you! Thank you. Huh? We shouldn't have played that prank. Sofia, wait! Princess Sofia! Oh, how was your first day of school, my dear? Tougher than I thought it would be. Oh, poor thing. Well, then, how would you like a private tour of my lair? I... I mean, workshop. You know, not even the King himself has seen it. Hmm? Just up the stairs. Come along. And this, my dear, is where the magic happens. Oh, that's just Wormwood, my raven. Now, you stop it, Wormie! You're scaring the princess. Now, I make all the royal potions right here. Wow! This is really neat, Mr. Ceedric. Hey, that looks just like my amulet. Well, I'll be a dragon's uncle, you're right. Oh, but if you had the Amulet of Avalor, you'd know, for it contains powerful magic. With each deed performed, for better or worse, a power is granted, a blessing or curse. - Really? - Well, yeah, you know, if it's the real amulet. But only a certified sorcerer, such as myself, could tell for sure. If you like, I can take a quick look at it. I don't know. Oh, I'll give it right back. I promise. But I promised never to take it off. And my mother says, "A broken promise can never be glued back together." How irritatingly charming. Oh, well, look at the time. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I know how hard it can be adjusting to royal life. So, if you ever need any help, my door is always open. Ooh! I'll get that amulet. Well, should we wake her up? Are you kidding? The girl screamed like a banshee yesterday. And I got sensitive ears. - I'm not going to scream. - That's a relief. - You can hear us? - You can talk? "Can he stop talking?" is a better question. Hey! So, what are we dealing with here? Some kind of a magic spell or something? Hmm. "With each deed performed, for better or worse, "a power is granted, a blessing or curse." I helped a baby bird yesterday and I think the amulet gave me the power to talk to animals! Oh. That is great, kid, 'cause there's a few things that I've been meaning to talk to you princesses about. Clover, not now. She needs to get dressed for school. It's okay, Clover. Tell me. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You ever heard of personal space, momma? Put me down. Oh, sorry. You're just so cute and cuddly I couldn't help it. - Yeah, well, please, help it. Okay. Now, why do you think us woodland creatures have been helping you princesses for all these years? I don't know. Tell me. 'Cause we gotta eat. And you got the food. We've helped princesses for many eons But you treat us all like furry peons We make your bed Clean up your messes Wake you up And put on all your dresses And what's our reward? What thanks do we get? Not a crumb, not a morsel No brie, no baguette Did you really think after all these years When we did your chores we were volunteers? A little bit of food is all that we seek A little bit to eat - Fill our tummy Wet our beak A little bit to munch - Like breakfast - Dinner Lunch A nut, a seed, a bean or just some rice 'Cause a little bit of food would sure be nice It really isn't much Not too much for us to ask After helping you daily with each little task Just a bite or two Such a modest fee Even little songbirds Shouldn't sing for free Well, if food is what you want... Just a little bit ...- you've come to the right castle. - Follow me. A little bit to munch And there's nothing quite like brunch So, deliver just a sliver or a slice Of whatever tasty treat all the royal people eat We'd be glad to make some room for a lentil or legume If you want some first-class service there 's a price And a little bit of food Would sure be nice - Oh, a little bit of food A little bit of food - Just a little bit of food Just a little bit of food Nice. Time for school. Mmm-hmm. Don't worry about the other kids, Sofia. You gotta keep your eye on the ball. And I'm talking about your royal ball, honey. You're right, Clover. I'm going to learn how to be the best princess ever. That'll show 'em. Yo! You go, princess. Hmun dang zawng aia tlawma Air Tickets la duh tan D&L TRAVELS #9612136045 ah biak mai tur a ni e In/Office lamah pawh a thlawnin tickets kan dahsak thei Take the horses in back. Give them something to eat. I want the gold-ware, not the silverware. Coming through to the kitchen. This is a royal occasion, not a picnic. Sorry, sir. Make it work, everyone. Sofia, how was school? I thought being a princess would be easy. - But it's really hard. - Hmm. I know just what you need. Jade! Ruby! I thought you could use some familiar faces. Thanks, Mom! Jade! Ruby! I'm so glad to see you. Hi, Sofia! - How many gowns do you have? - Uh... Lots. - We've really missed you, Sofia. - I've missed you, too. Oh, how many tiaras? Five. No, six. Oh. Here. Let me help you with that. Prince James. What are you doing here? I'm sorry. I've been a royal dunce. - But I want to make it up to you. - How? Well, by teaching you all the royal stuff you need to know for the ball. We can start with how to pour the perfect cup of tea. Prince James poured me tea! Best curtsey I've seen all year. You're all set for the ball now. My work here is done. - There is one more thing. - What? I can't dance. Is that all? No problem. We have dance class with Professor Popov tomorrow. But the ball is tomorrow night. One class with Popov and you'll be dancing circles around all of us. Trust me. Okay? Okay. Sofia, don't even think about touching those stinky shoes. I brought an extra pair just for you. Thanks, Amber. You're very welcome. Now, hurry up and get ready. Children, gather round. So you think you can waltz, eh? We shall see about that. I need volunteer! Mmm. New girl. Excellent. Pop-pop-pop. Follow my lead. If you dare. Mmm. Oh! What's going on? Whoa! Oh. Uh. Oh, Sofia. I must have grabbed a pair of Cedric's trick shoes by mistake. He's always leaving his stuff lying around the castle. Sorry about that. Coachman, can we get going? The ball starts in four hours. I'll barely have enough time to get dressed. Ah. Princess Sofia. The ballroom is almost ready. It's beautiful. There's only one thing missing. A princess. It's your time to shine, Sofia. And I can't wait to see your first waltz. I know. Mr. Ceedric. - Hmm? - Oh, Mr. Ceedric? - Hi! - It's Cedric. - May I come in? - Must you? What is it? Remember how you said if I ever needed any help? Of course I remember. I was the one who said it. Well, I was wondering, do you have a spell that can make me a good dancer? It's for the ball tonight. I don't want to look silly in front of everyone. Mmm? Mmm. Yes. Everyone will be there. I have just the spell for you. Yes, I do. And here we are. No, no, no. Not now! You must wait until the waltz begins. Then just say those three magic words and you'll become the best dancer in the kingdom. Thanks, Mr. Ceedric. I don't know what I'd do without you. That makes two of us. Oh, come on. You didn't really think I gave her a dancing spell, did you? When she utters the magic words I gave her, everyone in the ballroom will fall into a deep sleep, even her dear old mom and dad. And I'll only wake them up if she hands over the amulet. And then the kingdom will be mine! You look lovely, Miss Amber. Perfect as usual. I need to talk to my sister. Alone. Mmm-hmm. How do I look? You gave Sofia the trick shoes on purpose. If I recall, you played a prank on her, too. What you did wasn't a prank. She needed those dance lessons. You're trying to ruin her ball. And I know why. Because she doesn't belong here? No. Because everyone likes her more than you. And after what you did today, so do I. - You don't mean that. - Yes, I do. Wait. James! Come back! Oh. MY gown! Suzette! Marcie! Look at you, Princess Sofia. Pretty, pretty, pretty. - Sofia! You look beautiful! - You look gorgeous. Prettiest princess in the palace. All hail Princess Sofia. - Sofia. - Your Majesty. It's almost sleepy time! Shall we dance? Somnibus Populi Cella. What? It's working. Soon everyone in the ballroom will be asleep. Oh, no! Mom? Mom? I must have said it wrong. Please wake up. Help! Help! Help! Someone. Anyone. Mr. Ceedric? Guards? Suzette? Marcie? Help! What have I done? Cinderella? What are you doing here? Your amulet brought me here. It links all the princesses that ever were. And when one of us is in trouble, another will come to help. Why are you so sad, Sofia? I tried to use a magic spell to make myself a good dancer, but it put everyone to sleep. I should have just let them laugh at me. Can you undo the spell? Only you can do that. But I think I can help you find your way. Everyone's heard about the day that true love came for me He carried me off and far away from my stepfamily But ever since I wed the prince and left my hurt behind There's one regret! won't forget that weighs upon my mind My stepsisters let their jealousy harden their heart But when they ruined my ball gown that's not all they tore apart If only we had tried to see a way to start anew We may have found that this time 'round Our friendship only grew We could have been true sisters If we only made amends True, true sisters And ever after friends You suddenly feel that all is lost Frightened and alone But maybe yours isn't the only heart That's sinking like a stone Though many of the ones you love are frozen in a trance Someone who's a lot like you never made it to the dance But Amber's been so mean to me. Perhaps all she needs is a second chance. - You could be true sisters - Sisters If you only make amends True, true sisters Sisters And ever after Friends What do you want? I've done something terrible. Come on, I'll show you. A dancing spell put everyone to sleep? I must have said it wrong. It's all my fault. No, Sofia. You wouldn't have needed the spell if I didn't give you those trick shoes. I was just jealous because everyone likes you more than me. Even my own brother. That's not true. You're the most popular princess at Royal Prep. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out we were going to be stepsisters. Sofia, we're sisters. How are we gonna wake them up? Hmm. Oh, I bet Cedric has a counter-spell in one of his books. Oh. But his workshop is always locked. Not if you have the key. Give me a boost. Got it. Whoa! I forgot about Wormwood. He won't let us get near the spell book. We'll need more help. From who? Everyone's asleep. Not everyone. - Just follow the plan. - We have a plan? Hey. Those are the animals that used to help me clean my room. I wondered what happened to them. Get his beak! Got it. Oh, you little... Ow! Ow! Ow! Take that, birdbrain! Stop it. - Get the spell book! - Got it. Oh. Claws off my sister! Eye peck away. Get it. - Stop that! - Amber, over here! Got him! All right, sports fans, that may be the first time Amber's picked up a broom, but she sure knows how to use it. Let's find that counter-spell. Oh! Where is it? I don't know. Yo, Wormwood! Why so quiet? Worried we'll tell the other ravens you got outsmarted by a rabbit? Hardly! We'll see who has the last laugh. They'll never find the counter-spell. Oh, they've got your master's spell book, birdbrain. But the counter-spell book is hidden behind the painting. So the joke's on them. Thanks, Wormwood! She heard what I said? No! Found it. Let's go. - What's wrong? - I can't go in there looking like this. - You go on. - Not without you. Come on. I've been fixing my dolls' dresses for years. There you go. Good as new. Thank you, Sofia. Guess I gotta go try to waltz now. Wait. There's something I can fix, too. I owe you a dance lesson. Oh. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One... Populi Cella Excitate. Amber, it's working. Sofia, are you ready? I am. Merlin's mushrooms! Ow! Sorry. I'm afraid I'm not a very good dancer. I never paid much attention in Popov's class. But you certainly did. You dance wonderfully. Thank you, Your Majesty. I mean, Dad. I had a little extra help from Amber. - I taught her everything she knows. - Huh? Mom, would you like to dance? Of course, James. Ooh. I've been wondering, why do they call you "Roland the Second"? Because my father, the former king, was also named Roland. So I guess that makes me Sofia the First. I guess it does. Oh. 2012 D&L Infotainment I used to go to sleep at night So thankful for my simple life Up at all the stars I would be gazing An ordinary girl it seems But never in my wildest dreams Could I imagine something so amazing 'Cause then in just an instant All of that changed And my whole life was re-arranged It's time to rise and shine Wake up and make the day mine In this brand new world I'm at the starting line But I know deep down That it will all be fine 'Cause I'm gonna rise and shine

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