Big Bird was so curious he didn't even finish his cocoa. Big Bird went to see why Oscar sounded cheerful instead of grouchy. When he got to his can, Big Bird couldn't believe his ears or his eyes. Not only with Oscar singing the "Alphabet Song" but his fur was all neatly washed and cold and he was wearing a tie.

And that's not all. Oscar the Grouch was watering flowers. Planted in neat little boxes, all along the brand-new fixit bin in front of his can. "Oscar", Big Bird said. "What on earth are you doing?" "Why, I was watering my lovely flowers", he replied. "Isn't this a beautiful day?" Big Bird was flabbergasted. Oscar the Grouch have said lovely and beautiful. Then Big Bird noticed that he shined his trash can and swept the sidewalk too. There was a piece of trash inside it. He also had a new doormat with a word "Welcome" on it in great big letters.

Before Big Bird could ask Oscar if he was feeling all right, Cookie Monster appeared pulling a big wagon piled high with boxes. "Oscar", Cookie said, "me bring you coconut raspberry cookies, papermint marshmallow declares, cinnamon apple turnovers donuts, two chocolate maraine cakes, and a strawberry rupart pie. You want me to help you with me way?" "How kind", Oscar answered politely. "Thank you, Cookie Monster".

So, even more curious and confused, Big Bird watched while they went back and forth. Putting away cakes and cookies and donuts. "Uh, we put cookies together on big mattern right here, and it claries over there", Cookie was saying when he got another surprise. Big Bird leaned over to look into the trash can and discovered that all Oscar's broken, messy, junky, grouchy things were fixed in calling and tidied until Oscar told him just like anybody else is.

When they had finished unloading the wagon, Cookie Monster said "Now me go get some brun parts, banana macaroons, and maybe some peach ice cream and a lemon and lasercake for to mini now." "That would be nice, Cookie Monster", Oscar answered. "Oh, believe me think better tonight. It delicious! Bye-bye." "Oscar", Big Bird said when Cookie had gone. "Yes, Big Bird? How may I help you?" "You can help me by explaining what's going on", Big Bird told him. "I'd be happy to", he said actually smiling at him. "My brother, Ernest the Grouch wants to come visit me for a few days, and I don't like Ernest. In fact, I can't stand him".

Then Big Bird understood. "I see, Oscar. You're doing all these un-grouchy things so your brother won't like staying with you." "That's right", said Oscar. "That's why I'm washed and cold, and singing the "Alphabet Song" and borrowing yucky food from Cookie Monster and practicing being polite. Stuff like that will make Ernest feel awful". Oscar told him all of the things he had done in his trash can. Big Bird imagined what it would look like with real soap in Oscar's bathroom instead of the cake and puff when he wasn't there and with night sheets on the bed and regular fluffy pillows instead of the pillowcase full of rotten Oscar kept in his restroom. He fixed the television too. Alan only got Mr. Rogers. He even change his doorbell so it sounded nice. "Listen. This will be the first thing Ernest hears when he get there and pushes the button. He'll hate it!"

Then Cookie Monster returned with more food. "Now me make big feature of lemonade", Cookie was saying when the telephone rang, and Oscar went inside to answer it. "My goodness, Cookie!" Big Bird said. "You're acting is strange as Oscar letting his cookies and donuts and ice cream." "Oh, grouches not eat Cookie Monster food", he told Big Bird. "Me get it all back when Oscar's brother go home". Suddenly, we heard Oscar yelling. He didn't sound polite anymore. "Razzlefrack! Rats and rubbish! What rotten luck!" He popped up, still yelling. "That was Ernest on the telephone! He changed his mind! He's not coming! I mean my trash can all need and clean and tidy, and planted me silly flowers, and fix my television, and borrowed Cookie Monster's yucky food for nothing! I feel awful!"

"Well", said Cookie Monster, "me guess me like as well as these cookies declares donuts, cake, tarts, macaroons, and ice cream me bring for you. And a strawberry rupart pie". "Sure. Go ahead", said Oscar miserably. "Have a wonderful time". "Oh, me will, Oscar. Maybe you have wonderful time too. Maybe like claires like before." All at once, Oscar couldn't up again. "You're right. Why didn't I think of that? I'll make it even messier than before and you can help". With that, he told Cookie Monster into the trash can and began throwing macaroons and ice cream and cake in after him. "Okay. Start eating". "Oh, cowabunga!" shouted Cookie Monster.

Oscar got right to work. Breaking his brand-new fixit bin. Gathering his nice little garden, and discovered that his shiny trash can all over all awhile saying "Terrific. What a mess".

When he's finished with the outside, Oscar joined Cookie Monster inside. And between the two of them, they unfixed, untidied, and unpoed, everything else. Cookie Monster gathered crumbs in busy cardboard everywhere as he gobbles mouths of food "Oh, Cowabunga!" and Oscar ripped some more and banged they battered his way from one end to the trash can to the other. He didn't miss anything. He even remembered to change his doorbell.

And when they were done, Cookie Monster said "Gee, Oscar, you can look worse than ever. And we both have wonderful time."

Later that afternoon, Big Bird saw Oscar again. He looked very unhappy. "Oscar", Big Bird said, "what's wrong?" "What's wrong? Ernest decided to come visit me after all. And he loves my trash can now that I've got it all wrecked and messy again. That's what's wrong. I'm going down to the junk".

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