I was looking for someone to play with. Then I saw Bert. "Here comes Bert!" I said. "I bet he will play with me. Hi Bert! Let's play catch". But Bert kept on walking. "Not today." he said. "Ernie is waiting for me." I was surprised. "Oh!” I said. Just then Grover ran out of his house. He had a shiny new red fire truck. "Hi, Grover!" I said. "That's a nice truck. Let's play with it". But Grover kept on running. "I am sorry, Big Bird. But I am giving it to Ernie.” said Grover. I was sad. "Oh.” I said. Then I saw Cookie Monster. He had a big box of cookies. "Hi, Cookie! Want to play?" I asked. But Cookie shook his head. "Me bring Ernie cookie.” said Cookie. I was so mad! "Nuts!" I said. "No nuts!" said Cookie Monster. "Cookies!" I sat on the steps. I felt terrible. "Nobody cares about me!" I said. "Just Ernie, Ernie, Ernie!" Just then Betty Lou came by. "Why are you so mad?" she asked. "Nobody will play with me". I said. "Everybody wants to play with Ernie". "Oh, didn't you know? Ernie is sick!" said Betty Lou. I was surprised. "Oh!" I said. "Well, I am sorry that Ernie is sick". "But I bet he is having fun". Betty Lou took my hand. "You are silly. It is not fun to be sick.” she said. "Come on. Let's visit him.” "Okay.” I said. Ernie was in bed. Bert was trying to feed Ernie some soup. "How do you feel?" I asked. "Terrible.” said Ernie. "I have a bad--ah, ah, ah, ah...AH-CHOO!" "You have a bad cold", said Betty Lou. "I know", said Ernie. He blew his nose. "Gee, Ernie", I said. "Bert made you some good soup. Grover gave you a new red fire truck. Even Cookie Monster was nice to you. You are so lucky to be sick". Ernie blew his nose. "Lucky?" said Ernie. "I feel awful!" "I feel too sick to play. Being sick is no fun!" But I was not so sure. Later that day, I sat in my nest. "Nobody cares about me because I am not sick". I said. And then I’ve got an idea. "I will pretend to be sick!" I said. Just then Little Bird came by to visit me. "Oh, I am so sick!" I said. "That is too bad", said Little Bird. "I will try to make you feel better!" I smiled. Little Bird got busy. He gave me a hot water bottle. He swept out my nest. He even read me a bedtime story. Then he said, "Go to sleep". "I will stay with you". I sighed happily. The next morning Ernie came to my nest. "Wake up, Big Bird! I am all better!" he said. "Do you want to play?" he called. I opened up my eyes slowly. "I am sorry, Ernie", Little Bird said. "Big Bird is sick". "He can't play today". I jumped out of my nest. "I am not--ah, ah, ah...CHOO!—sick!" I said. "You sound sick". "How do you feel?" asked Ernie. "Sort of hot and cold... and funny in the tummy", I said. "Get into your nest", said Ernie. "I will get the doctor". Soon I felt really sick. I was so glad to see Doctor Getwell. He felt my tummy. He listened to my heart. Then he looked into my mouth. "You have a cold", he said. "I know", I said. The doctor told me to drink lots of juice. He told me to get lots of rest. "Get well", said Doctor Getwell. Lots of my friends came to visit me. Ernie and Bert made me a bowl full of soup. Grover gave me a yo-yo. Cookie gave me cookies. "Gee, thanks", I said. "But I feel too sick to eat or play". I slept a lot that day. That night I said, "Ernie was right. Being sick is no fun. I feel terrible". I sneezed. "You will feel better soon", said Little Bird. Little Bird was right. In a few days, I felt fine. I ran to the park. "I am all better! Isn't that great?" I said to my friends. "It sure is", they said. "It is no fun to be sick". "You can say that again", I said. And they all said it again!

Notes Edit

  • Written by Sarah Roberts
  • Pictures by Joe Mathieu

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