It all began one afternoon when Big Bird met Cookie Monster on his way home from a shopping trip to Hooper's Store. He was carrying a grocery bag full of cookies. "These cookies for dinner tonight", he told Big Bird. "Me going to have coconut macaroons, marshmallow puffs with strawberry icing, and gingerbread for dessert." "That sounds nice, Cookie Monster." "That sound delicious! Oh, me can hardly wait. Uh-Oh. Me afraid me no can wait. Me afraid me going to eat cookies now! Then me not have them for dinner. Here, Big Bird. Me get cookies for me till dinnertime. Quick. Before it too late", he said. "Oh no", Big Bird said. "I know what we'll happen. You change your mind it tend to be all afternoon trying to get some back again".

Well, Cookie Monster asked him again and again to eat his cookies. But just as Big Bird was about to give in, Oscar popped up and said "I'll keep your cookies for you". "Really, Oscar? You do that for Cookie Monster?" "Why not? It'll be a pleasure", said Oscar. "Oh, good. Now cookies stay safe", said Cookie Monster giving Oscar the paper bag. "See you at dinnertime. Bye-bye!" And off he ran. "Oscar", Big Bird said, "don't you know Cookie Monster will try to give you to give him the cookies before dinnertime?" "Of course I know that", said Oscar. "And I love saying no". That's what Big Bird knew it was going to be an interesting afternoon.

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