Movie Date: May 30, 2014

A royal led by a greedy king. He was always dissatisfied, and jealous of other people's wealth. And in another kingdom. region filled with many strange and amazing creatures. And they live in peace. Trust each other. Disebuah big tree disebuah big cliff at The Moors... Figure living spirit. You can think of it, a woman. But he was not an ordinary girl. She is a fairy. Already. And her name was Maleficent. n42n42. Good morning sir Shandoval, I like your hat. Do not, do not, do not do it. Ha! Not hit! Two. It was beautiful, the girls. What is this? Hey, I told you, I do tell... I want to tell him that. -There are rules that we must follow. Last time you told us, I could tell it another time. Tell you what? All right. -Thank you. Maleficent, the... -A boy has taken the pearl. Sorry. He always flies darted with wings magnitude. Geez. This will result in other war. I'm not his friend. Actually, I never meet him in person. Get out. No, they will kill me. Moreover, they face horrible to look at. That is rude. Do not listen to him Balthazar... You're very handsome. Stealing is not true. But we do not kill hence the people. Come out, get out while you can. Are you a witch? Instead. I believe he just a boy. I'm here just to see. Okay. Who are you? I was Tom Stefan. Who are you? I was Maleficent. [SPEAK MONSTER] Yes, either. You have to return it. Restoring what? You do not need to suspect, I can go home alone. I suspect not. I take you, and I do this for you. n 42 N42 You know, I lived there, inside the castle. Why did not you stay there? I was lonely. So, your parents are found already gone? My parents are dead. My parents also. May we meet again. Maybe you do not come back here. It's not safe. And if I go back, Will you be here? Possible. Aw! -What is it? Ring, I'm anti with it. I'm so sorry. You want to race. Maleficent is now a friendly, and starts since then. He felt a little warmth. When the hand was touching her. And their heart was moved. Occurs when the young thief. Out to steal the jewels. There is something much more valuable. Maleficent. n42n42/ Maleficent. Look who's back. I thought you did not want to race. So, what would you do? n42n42 Stefan and Maleficent becomes a very close friend. And at that moment. As if the friendship between human and fairy proven. And slowly. friendship changing into something else. And on the 16th birthday. Stefan gave Maleficent gift. And it is true love's kiss. But not as they should be. After many years passed, Stefan ambition exceeds Maleficent. And there came the temptation to get the man power. As Maleficent, the strongest fairy, rose to become the protector of his people. Maleficent often walk alone, And sometimes, Stefan contemplate existence. But he never understood human greed and jealousy. But he's willing to learn. But the king of the middle man The gathering strength to Moss. And preparing to attack. Everyone, stop. This is where we are. The Moors mysterious forest. There is nothing to fear. against the creature. Not anymore, as I say, destroy them. Get behind you! A king does not accept command of a winged elf. You're not the king of me! Bring me his head! Ready! Rise up and stand with me! Strike! Catch him! Secure the King! You will not be able to. Not now, not never could! You... When I became the King... I promise to you all. One day later... We are going to take over... The Moors and his property. Every one of you, swear. an army for me. Until that goal... Majesty... Disebuah losing battle... It will be my inheritance... I saw you waiting for, that I die. It will not be much longer... I will choose a successor. To take over the kingdom. In appropriate given you. Kill the winged creatures. Avenge revenge! Before my death... You will take the crown... Maleficent... Maleficent. Maleficent! Stefan. How life with humans? Maleficent... I came to warn you. They intend to kill. King Henry has spoken. Please... You must believe me. They talked about many things... But for many years it has disappeared... But Stefan is the goal, kill him secretly. And it all happened Been a long time. Maleficent? What's this? I have your revenge, Noble. Did you get rid of it? You have a wonderful ability. you do things which others are afraid to do it. You will be rewarded... I will do my best. To be meaningful to you. Majesty. I got you! I'll beat you! -Changed so man. You're It is the devil! What have you done to my lovely? Do not you like me to do that? I do not like! -Stop complaining! I saved your life. I'm so sorry. Who should I call? Stefan. You have saved my life, I understand. Anything you need. Actually... I want you to be my wings. You did this. To make sure he got it. What happened? Mrs? Menunduklah! What happened? What happened in there... is... There was, ah... What! A child. King Stefan and his Queen already have a child. Then? There will be a baptism. They say there will be a massive celebration. A massive celebration. For the baby. It's amazing. Everyone comes to the baby's christening. Even the fairies come to give peace and kindness. Oh, look at the baby! The baby will bring peace! Oh, do not talk anymore! Greetings. Majesty. I was the leader of the fairies. I am the fairy peace. And I was a fairy wisdom. They bring a gift for our daughter. It is not just an ordinary gift, This is a miracle! A special gift from the fairies. Please. Aurora is a sweet, I pray for you to become beautiful children. My hope is that You never sad. And be happy all your life. Sweet baby. My hope is that you be a good person. Hey... We have to save him! It was a festive celebration, King Stefan. Are we all okay? Wait... O bird... I must say I'm quite disappointed because it does not get any invitation. You are not my friend. Oh, dear... It's an awkward situation. You're suspended. I know. And I'll show you, resolve it with you. I also have to give a gifts to the children. Not! We do not need a gift from you! Stay away from the princess! Yes, stay away! Listen, all of you... The 17-year-old daughter. Exuding an aura and beauty. He was loved by all creatures. What does it mean? You will know. Notice. Before the sun sets in birthday day 16, He would poke his finger in accidentally machined spinner. And will fall and fall asleep A bed, where he will never wake up. Stop the curse and insanity. I like you. Do not you understand? I'm begging you. Alright. The Princess could, wake up from the dream of death. Just when he was getting. a kiss from true love. Real love till the end of time. There is no force in the world, that can change it. Stefan King ordered his soldiers. Looking looms throughout the kingdom. The greatest will be destroyed until the end. And will never be even. Found him in jail deepest in the palace In secret he entrusted the security into the hands of his magical fairies. Hid for 16 years. Stefan shut himself behind the palace walls. While the soldiers are looking for and Maleficient to hunt all over. He built his own palace. A terrible palace will not be touched by a human. And he lives in grief. The elf started his journey. To bring up the princess in the forest. Come on! He really heavy. Lift him higher. No, we need is the right size. What do you think? We must change our appearance. Come on! What we have think this is a baby. So melingkarlah! Be prepared! Changed! I like this change. Listen, we change not to be known. We had not a fairy again. We are ordinary people who raise a child... In this forest. I'll go into. Not! no! There you are. Why are you alone here? Come on! we entered. Oh... You're so ugly, It was his fault. I hate you. Really... The fairy finding, that a a difficult task for them. What's this? It's for baby food. And give him a meal. Oh. It will not stop until they feed. What? -You cheated. I saw it. We will start again. Whatever you say. You can not cheat anymore, ugly base. It fits perfectly. Stop doing that! I did not do anything. Well, someone did. Not me. You two. I will go, and I will not tolerate. Stop doing that. It's all your fault. Oh, come on! It was a funny thing. Today when disappearance, Stefan girls. Being obsessed with the power and revenge. Stop. Remove. Do you think he is... The walls can not be penetrated. It will not be destroyed. Nothing that can not be destroyed! Not the wall, not Maleficent. There must be a way to destroy it. Bring me the workers... Look! The fairies will fall off a cliff. Watch him. Go. Go. Go. I do not like children. Go home, Go home to your house. Maleficent met last time, Now he's become a smart and beautiful girl. Do not be afraid. Far there, he remembers about the beauty of it. And musimpun changed, when flowers are blooming. Likewise herself. He wondered if the world would take him. And what's out there, which makes her approach. Looks like he's interested in the tree. He was not the only one who wants to pass it. Shh. Is It... Maleficent. Really? Leave them all to me Oh, we'll get into big trouble. Oh. How could you do that to me? You said everything I needed. Yes, but do not be a dog again. Look at me, it is the same. They are dirty, violent and hostile. Well, next time I will turn you into a little. I do not want to be that, I want to be more... I'm still curious. I know you're there. Do not be afraid. I'm not afraid. If so, get out. Later you will be afraid of me. It will not. Turns out it yourself. Do you remember me? You are my fairy mother. What did you say? -You are the fairy godmother. I'm very glad to meet you. You have saved me when I was a kid. I will never forget about it. I also remember you. Birds are beautiful. Hello Aurora. I'm watching you, since you were little. I finally get to meet with all of you. Oh, this is very beautiful. I always imagined it... Good night, little girl. Come back. Do you hear me? Why did not you answer me? You're talking to? What perdulimu? I'm just worried about your condition... You do not need to say anything else. I've compiled everything. Everything has been planned. They are so beautiful. Look at him. Could he knows. Take a break. I let go of my strength. With this. I release him. We are The Moost Is it true that you have wings? It should. I want to hear it? I want to know. They already stole something from me. That's all you know. But as if it was. Is it big enough. Very large up You are not able to carry it. And it is also very strong. You will be lighter without thinking about all of this. And with all of that. But not all I trust him. He came. Where your workers. There disana. Yang noble. Back at work, make it back. Those glorious fatigue. But I will finish soon. Then quickly finish now. It took many hours. Alright. You work well. So keep working hard. Did you fall asleep! I do not want to see like that again. You got it! Go! Aurora? Come here. Anyone want to tell you. What is it? There is something evil in this world. Try you away from me. What I am sure of that? I can look after myself. I understand. I'm worried about you. When all is finished, we This all will enjoy. We'll have fun. You must listen to me. Do you understand. That's for sure. Everything starts from expectations. And gather them all together. We must have spirit in our lives. We're going to need it. See you tomorrow. I'm really excited. I say something to you. It's time we parted. Halo. Sorry surprise. But I'm on my way to the palace and I.. Ohh, sorry, it was my fault. I'm so sorry. Through there. Palace. What is your name? Phillip. Halo. What is your name? Aurora. Hello Aurora. Well, it's good to see you, once again I'm sorry for sloppy. No, I'm sorry. That's all right. I'm going to go. Goodbye. Will you come back here? I'll be back. So I'll see you again. Immediately. Phillip goodbye. Goodbye. Stop it The boy is the answer. No, that's not true. -Yes. She really loved him, she can lift the curse. Kiss of true love? Are you still not know? The curse can not be appointed by that sort of thing. But I'm sure with it. What next. The boy was the only chance. It was his destiny. Please just, turn me into anything. A bird or a worm, I do not care anymore. If I could go tomorrow? You can not go tomorrow. Tomorrow's birthday party 16. after his birthday party. No. I'll join the party. -No, you were there after the party. I will come. -Not. I will come. -Not. Go there! -You're the go! Go there! -You're the go! Let's stop it! How dare you! I want to talk about something. What is it, dear? Sorry I have to say this. Tomorrow I will be 16 years old. We're going to celebrate. N42 n 42 I want to go home. How dare you... I raised you, together with two This stupid woman. so you can stay with us. We will kembalikanmu keayahmu. My father? You told me my parents were dead. I think you should sit down for a minute. Fairy Godmother! What is it? You should be told about the curse Is it true? Not true. My aunt said, he is a very wicked fairy. I do not remember his name, he... That... -Maleficent. Mother... Is that you? Are you Maleficent? No, do not touch me. You're the most evil person in the world. That's you... Sorry to disturb you, Your Honor. We found this girl near the gate. He claimed to be a princess. Dad, it's me, Aurora. You're much like your mother. You made me remember the past bad. Everything is because of you. Bring and brackets in his room, quickly. Let's move on. Fun once it's been restored! I'm glad to flapping my wings again. Do not play games, we have to find Aurora! King is already getting ready. Wait! Princess. I'm looking for a woman. Of course. They already know. Go faster, stupid horse! Go faster! It's happening. He's been waiting for you, ma'am. Behind that wall. He's already prepared for you. It's happening, it's not your fault. Well, thank you very much. I need stefan. I can not do this without you stefan. I can hear you. What can I do for you? See all you've done. She's just asleep. She's just asleep you say? He's always asleep. She's just asleep forever! With a kiss, Yes, true love's kiss. True love. It never existed. But that's the only one, Majesty. Mistress. What we have to do. We must not give up Come on comrades. We can start with prefix better. The leaves do not fall from the tree just like that, right... Ah you guys... Do I have it back? You're in the palace. This is where I should be. But why are you here? Where are you from? My father sent me here. -Who's your daddy? King George Roswell. Aurora... You know him? Why is he asleep? She stuck in witchcraft. Is he going to kiss her? She is the prettiest princess 've seen. Are you going to kiss her? Want all. Then do it. What happened to you? Quick Kiss her! Magic you say? Kiss him! You're not doing it right! -Kiss kiss it must be true love! Sorry sir... -What are you doing? We have to go. I told you. Let's give him a kiss. I hope this works. I've forgotten hatred and revenge. Dear... I give you strength. And now is your time to get up. I vowed not to there are people who hurt you. As long as I live... And the day after I'm gone. I will always protect you. Can I call you mom? Of course. True love. Her Majesty dla here. We return to the moors. Is that what you want. Stop! -Move! Enough! How are you feeling? How do you feel should be lowered? You know how I feel?! Kill him! Shoot him! Come on, come on! I'm not going to kill you now. Maleficient destroy walls are made. until no remaining And she invites them who once lost. yore... When Maleficent was a child. And his heart was still clean. But now, starting back. But that's not all. Wait for me! We gave the crown to daughter Aurora. That we have save it for years... Alright. Our kingdom has been revived. You've got your queen. You see, this story is not over. And someday you'll know him as" The daughter sleep" In the end, united kingdom not for these heroes or them. The first legend is happening. But I want both of them... And her name is... Maleficient.

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