Check out our other school story named Little Critter First Day of School

Early in the morning, Mom wakes me and says, "Get up, Little Monster, it's time for school".

I put my overalls and go downstairs for breakfast. Pop says, "What will you have this morning, eggs or cereal with milk?"

After breakfast, I brush my teeth and get ready to go. I have lots of school stuff to carry with me.

Mom walks me to school. Some of my friends come on bus.

The first thing we do is sing a morning song and then we practice our letters. Yally Verakisser makes some of his letters backwards and then he gets mad. But I help him.

Counting comes next. We count from one to twenty. Little Laff Verakisser is the best counter in the class and that makes Yally mad, too. Yally wants to be the best counter in the class.

We have pets to take care of. I have a Zipperump-A-Zoo. Little Laff has a gerbil. Grendella Grithix has a snake. Yally won't take care of a pet. He says "Pets are icky".

We grow plants. Everyone is growing something different. I'm growing some beans in a box. Yally's plant won't grow. He says "The plant is mad at me".

We tell what we did over the weekend. Yally makes up the most fantastic stories.

On nice days, lunch time is outside. I have a sandwich and a tango, but Yally always brings lots of candy.

At recess, we all go to the playground. Yally won't play with anyone. He says games are stupid.

After recess, Mr. Grithix reads us the story of Little Monster And The Three People. Everyone sits on a mat and listens execpt Yally, who pouts. He wants to hear a story about horrible people from outer space.

Mr. Grithix gets out a map and shows us where our town is. We see how the monsters dress in different countries, and look at flags from different monster lands.

We have science class and learn about leaves and rocks and bugs.

Then we get to make things. I make a paper airplane. Little Laff makes a block building, and Grendella makes a puppet. Yally draws a great picture and everyone is amazed, especially Yally.

Then we have singing. Ms. Verakisser plays the piano. Yally and I share a songbook, and Yally even sings.

School is over. I walk home with my older sister and my new friend Yally.

I put Yally's great drawing on my refrigerator right next to my great drawings.

The End.

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