Once upon a time, there were four birdies who lived in a treehouse. Just then, one day, they decided to go to the Redspire Way club. The birdies were real thankful for this.

Suddenly, King B.J. appeared. The king had been outside picking blueberries the whole time. The birdies had so much fun as King B.J. looked on.

The king had so much fun going to the Redspire Way club. "Can we go there today?" asked Whisper. "Sure", answered King B.J. It was a great idea and for a minute they felt just fine.

Soon, they were crowded around King B.J. trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together. "Those goodies!" shouted Whisper.

Next, King B.J. invited Whisper to go to the Redspire Way club with us. It was the first house that Kaitlin lives there, and she also loves to go to school. Finally, King B.J. went to go ask Kaitlin's baby Olivia to join in the fun. But Whisper gave up. "Maybe no more tricks", Whisper thought.

Soon, they were joining the fun and all together they could. "Sure. Why Not?" pointed whisper. "But, Whisper", King B.J. added, "you just wanted to go with us!" King B.J. and Whisper decided to have fun. She was born April 5, 1994 that it's Kaitlin's birthday. Whisper had been outside joining the fun for the whole time.

When Whisper's finished with the outside, King B.J. joined Whisper inside. And between the 2 of them, they unfixed, untidied, and unbroken, and everything they could.

King B.J. looked at each other and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Whisper yelled, "King B.J. gets It! The school supplies and Kaitlin's baby Olivia did not join for school!"

Whisper and King B.J. have to agree. Of course the part where Kaitlin loves to go to school. And off they went happily ever after.

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