Movie Date: July 1, 1989

On a grassy knoll...)

RADIO:        ...Now for the weather report from Northwest
              Karikiya.  A high pressure system over land will bring
              good weather overall.  Tonight, the wind will be from
              the west by northwest, wind pressure 3, clear, with a
              beautiful full moon.  Tomorrow should be clear, and
              also the day after.  Next, the futures prices from
              the Karikiya Central Produce Market...

(At home...)

KIKI:         Jiji!  I've decided!  I'm leaving tonight!

KIKI:         Mother!!  (to Mrs. Dora) Oh, good day!  Mother, did you
              hear the weather forecast?  It's going to clear tonight.
              There'll be a beautiful moon!

KOKIRI:       Kiki, did you take Father's radio out again?

KIKI:         Well, he won't mind. (to Mrs. Dora)  Mrs. Dora, how
              are you?  I've made up my mind, I'm going to do it

KOKIRI:       But, dear, you said you were going to postpone it for a

KIKI:         But I don't know if the next full moon will be clear.
              I want to depart on a clear night.

KOKIRI:       Ah...Wait a minute!  Kiki!  <poof!>

DORA:         Do witches have to leave home as part of their

KOKIRI:       Yes, it's an old custom.  If a child wants to be a witch,
              she leaves home when she turns 13.

DORA:         How soon.  So Kiki is at that age already?

KOKIRI:       But to leave home alone so young, it won't do in this
              day and age.

DORA:         I remember well the day you came to this town.  A tiny,
              13-year-old girl riding on a broom, dropping out of the
              sky.  Eyes sparkling, a bit saucy...

KOKIRI:       But that child, all she's mastered is flying.  And
              there'll be no one to carry on my medicine-making.

DORA:         It's the fault of the times.  Everything's changing.
              But for me and my rheumatism, your medicine works the

(In Kiki's bedroom...)

KIKI:         Well, you were so eager to depart, and now that the
              time has come, you're sure dilly-dallying.

JIJI:         No, it's not that.  After all, it's the beginning of
              your independence, and you should be more cautious
              and calm.

KIKI:         So, what'll I do if I wait a month and in the meantime
              find a nice boyfriend?  It'll be too hard to leave then.

JIJI:         It's always a worry, what'll happen, because once you
              decide, you're such an impulsive person.

KIKI:         Well, I guess I am.  I'm all excited, like when I'm
              about to open up a gift.

(Kiki's dad arrives...)

KIKI:         Father, I've decided to leave tonight.

OKINO:        What did you say??

KIKI:         I decided, just a little while ago.

OKINO:        But look, I borrowed the camping equipment for next

KIKI:         I'm sorry.

OKINO:        This won't do!  Ah...Ah!

(Okino is on the telephone...)

OKINO:        Thank you.  We'll be waiting.  (dials)
              This is Okino.  Kiki's leaving tonight...
              Yes, that's right.

(In Kiki's bedroom...)

KOKIRI:       It looks nice, doesn't it?

KIKI:         If only it were purple...

KOKIRI:       Witches have worn that since long ago.

KIKI:         A black cat, black clothes...I'm all in black.

KOKIRI:       Kiki, don't worry so much about your appearance.
              What's important is the 'inner soul'.

KIKI:         Yes, I understand.  Leave the 'inner soul' part to me.
              It's too bad I can't show it to you.

KOKIRI:       And don't forget to always smile.

KIKI:         O-kay!

KOKIRI:       And write us a letter as soon as you're settled.

(Kokiri leaves, and Okino walks in...)

KIKI:         Father!  May I have that radio?  All right?
              The radio?!  Hooray!!

OKINO:        (laughs)  I finally lost it...
              Hey, let me see my little witch.  You look a
              lot like your mother
              when she was younger.

KIKI:         Father, lift me up 'high-high', like when I was small.

OKINO:        All right.  (lifts her)  When did you get so big?...
              If it doesn't go well, you can always return home.

KIKI:         That's not going to happen.

OKINO:        It'll be nice if you find a nice town.

KIKI:         Right.

(Evening, on the patio...)

NEIGHBOR A:   That's hard--to find a town to live in by yourself.

NEIGHBOR B:   Kiki will do fine.

FRIEND A:     What kind of town will you choose?

FRIEND B:     A big city?

KIKI:         Well, I'm planning to find a town overlooking
              the ocean.

FRIENDS:      Oh, how wonderful.  We're jealous!

KIKI:         But I'm going for my training.  I can't become a
              witch unless I live for one year in another town.

FRIEND C:     But there'll be a disco there, won't there?

KOKIRI:       Kiki, it's time.

KIKI:         All right.

KOKIRI:       Dear, are you going with that broom?

KIKI:         Yes, I just made it.  Isn't it cute?

KOKIRI:       It won't do; it's so small.  Take Mother's broom.

KIKI:         Oh, no!  It's so old.

KOKIRI:       That's why it's just right.  It's been through a lot,
              and will weather any storm.  Take it, OK?

KIKI:         But I worked so hard to make this one.  Right, Jiji?

JIJI:         I think your mother's broom is better...

KIKI:         Backstabber!

DORA:         Kiki, when you get settled in your new town, you can
              make your own, can't you?

KIKI:         (Resignedly)  Well... (switches brooms with Kokiri)

OKINO:        Be careful.

KOKIRI:       Chin up.

KIKI:         I'll be off.

KOKIRI:       Do your best!   Take it easy!  Be sure to write!

FRIENDS:      Go, go, Kiki!   Go, go, Kiki!  Go, go, Kiki...!

(Kiki takes off...)

KOKIRI:       Oh, clumsy as always!

OKINO:        (listening with hands cupped)  It's OK.  I think she's
              off without any trouble.

NEIGHBOR:     I guess we won't be hearing those bells for awhile...

(Over the town...)

JIJI:         Which way are we going?

KIKI:         To the south, where  we can see the ocean.

KIKI:         Jiji!  Turn on the radio, my hands are busy!  Hurry!

(The credits roll...)

(Over the lake...)

KIKI:         Good evening.

WITCH:        Well, well...Are you a newcomer?

KIKI:         Yes, I just departed this evening.

WITCH:        Would you mind turning off that music?  I like to
              fly in silence.

KIKI:         Oh.  Is it hard to settle down in a strange

WITCH:        Well, there were problems.  But I can tell fortunes,
              so it's going all right.

KIKI:         Fortune-telling...

WITCH:        And lately, I've been telling love-fortunes.

KIKI:         Really?

WITCH:        What's your specialty?

KIKI:         Well, I've been thinking about various things.

WITCH:        Oh?  I'll be through with my training soon.  I'm so
              glad I can return  home with my head held high.
              (points down)  That's my town.  It's not big, but
              it's all right.  And you too, do your best.

KIKI:         I will.

WITCH:        (Departing with a flourish...)  Well, bye!

JIJI:         What a snob!  Did you see that cat?  Ehh...

KIKI:         A specialty...

(A sudden rainstorm...)

KIKI:         What the...!   That weather report!!

JIJI:         That's no good!  It's a freight train.

KIKI:         Let's rest a bit until the rain stops.

JIJI:         Won't we get a scolding?

KIKI:         Well, if we're discovered.  I'm soaking wet.

JIJI:         Is it swaying?

KIKI: smells good.

(The next morning...)

KIKI:         Ah, Ah!  (laughs hysterically)

KIKI:         Sorry, I didn't know it was your dinner.

(Atop the boxcar...)

KIKI:         Jiji, it's the sea, the sea!  How wonderful!
              It's my first view of the sea!

JIJI:         Big deal!  It's just a lot of water.

KIKI:         Look, look!  A big town!  I wonder if there's a
              witch there?

JIJI:         Hmm...I wonder.

(Kiki prepares to take off from the train...)

KIKI:         Here we go.

KIKI:         Jiji, are you holding on?

KIKI:         Look!  It's a town right by the sea!  A
              clocktower!  I wanted to live in a town
              like this!

JIJI:         But there may be a witch here already.

KIKI:         And there may not be.   Isn't it beautiful?

JIJI:         This town's a little too big.

(At the clock tower...)

CARETAKER:    Hey, a witch!  Isn't that something!

KIKI:         Good morning.  Is there a witch in this town?

CARETAKER:    Hmm...I haven't seen one for a long time.

KIKI:         (to Jiji)  Did you hear that?  I've decided on this
              town.  Thanks, mister!

CARETAKER:    Not at all!...

JIJI:         You really want to go down there?

KIKI:         Of course!

JIJI:         They're all looking.

KIKI:         Smile.  We have to make a good first impression.

(On the street...)

KIKI:         Ahem...I'm Kiki, a witch, and this black cat is Jiji.
              I hope I'm not intruding.  I'd like to live in this
              town.  It's beautiful, and the clock tower is

WOMAN    :    (nonplussed)  Really?  I'm so glad you like it here.

(A policeman approaches her on the run.)

COP:          Hey, you!   You can't jump out in the street like that!
              You almost caused a big accident!   Flying around town
              like that is dangerous.

KIKI:         But I'm a witch.  All witches fly.

COP:          Witches have to obey the traffic laws like everyone
              else.  Your name and address?

KIKI:         You're going to notify my home?

COP:          You're a minor, aren't you.  I will if I have to.

(Voice):      Thief!  Thief!...Thief!!

COP:          You wait right here!

(On a side street...)

JIJI:         Kiki...

TOMBO:        Hey, there...That worked out great, didn't it?
              I'm the one who yelled out "Thief!"  You're a witch,
              aren't you?  I saw you flying.

              So you really do fly on a broom.  Say, will you
              let me see it?

BOYS:         Tombo!  Hunting girls so early in the morning?

TOMBO:        Idiots!  Oops...

TOMBO:        Hey, please, for just a minute, OK?

KIKI:         Thank you for saving me.  But I didn't ask for your
              help.  And when you haven't been properly introduced,
              it's rude to start talking to a girl.  Hmph!

TOMBO:        You're really a witch, aren't you...just like my

KIKI:         Don't follow me!

(Kiki flies away...)

TOMBO:        Ah...Cool!

(In a hotel...)

HOTEL CLERK:  A room?  Is there a guardian with you?

KIKI:         I'm a witch.  Witches become independent when they
              turn 13.

HOTEL CLERK:  Well then, may I see some identification?

KIKI:         Never mind.

(At the monument...)

JIJI:         Aren't you going to eat?

KIKI:         If you want it, you can have it.

JIJI:         It'll be evening soon.

KIKI:         Let's go.

(In front of a bakery...)

JIJI:         Let's find another town.  There's a bigger, better
              place somewhere else, I'm sure.

OSONO:        Ma'am!  You forgot something!  Ma'am!!

OSONO:        Oh, no, what a problem.  That baby will cry and cry
              without this.

OSONO:        I'm sorry, customers.  Please wait a minute, I have to
              deliver this.

KIKI:         Ah, would you like me to deliver it for you?

OSONO:        But...

KIKI:         It's that lady with the baby carriage who went around
              the corner, right?

OSONO:        Would you?    Thank you so much!

KIKI:         It's nothing.  Jiji, here we go.

OSONO:        Oh!...(she sees her flying)  Oho!...

(Kiki catches up with the lady and her carriage...)

KIKI:         The bakery lady asked me to deliver this.   Something
              you forgot.

(At the bakery...)

OSONO:        Thank you.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  The usual,

OSONO:        (to Kiki)  Ah, thank you for your trouble.  Come on
              in and wait a second.

              Thank you.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  Yes, thanks.
              Please take care.

OSONO:        (to Kiki)  That was quite a surprise.  So, you can fly!

KIKI:         I came to deliver this letter.

OSONO:        It's that lady's signature.   (Letter:  I have received
              the pacifier.  Thank you.)

KIKI:         Well, I'll be on my way.

OSONO:        Oh, wait.  Can't you stay a minute.  I want to thank
              you.  This way.

(In the kitchen...)

OSONO:        Sit down.  Is coffee OK?

KIKI:         Yes, thank you.

OSONO:        (to Jiji)  This is for you.

OSONO:        I see...So that's why you're looking for your own town.

KIKI:         The people of this town don't seem to like witches.

OSONO:        It's a big town, and there are all kinds of people.
              But me, I like you.   And, have you found a place to

              Well, if that's the case, why didn't you say something
              earlier.  We have a spare room you can use.

KIKI:         Really, Madam?

OSONO:        (laughs)  Never mind the 'Madam'.  Here they all call
              me 'Osono of the bakery'.

KIKI:         I'm Kiki, and this black cat is Jiji.

(A dusty room upstairs...)

OSONO:        It's a little dusty, but you can fix it up to suit

KIKI:         Yes.

OSONO:        The water and toilet are downstairs.  If you need
              anything, don't hesitate to ask.

KIKI:         Thank you.

JIJI:         It's dusty with flour.

KIKI:         Right.

JIJI:         I think, by tomorrow, I'll be a white cat.

KIKI:         Jiji, we can see the ocean!

JIJI:         Tomorrow, shall we look for another town?

(Jiji looks at the cat next door...)

JIJI:         Huh!  Huh!  What a snob!


KIKI:         I want to stay in this town a little longer.
              There may be others, like Madam Osono, who like me.

(The next morning...)

KIKI:         How much do you think it costs to have a phone put in?

JIJI:         A telephone?

KIKI:         Yes, I'm going to start a business.

(In the bakery...)

KIKI:         Good morning!

OSONO:        Morning!  Did you sleep well?

KIKI:         Uh-huh.  It smells good.  Is it all right if I help?

OSONO:        Um.

              So, a delivery service?

KIKI:         Since flying is the only skill I have, I thought,
              maybe, a delivery service.

OSONO:        That sounds interesting...a flying delivery service.
              You came up with a good idea!

              You can use that room.

KIKI:         Really?!  I'm so glad.  I'm thinking of having a
              phone put in.

OSONO:        Won't that be expensive?

KIKI:         I brought a little money with me.

OSONO:        That's wasteful.  Look, why don't you use the phone
              in the shop?  It'll be difficult until you have a
              regular clientele.  Since I'm in this condition, if
              you'll help mind the store occasionally, the room and
              the phone will be free.  And we'll throw in breakfast!

KIKI:         Oh, thank you!  I'll work very hard.  Madam Osono,
              you're a nice person, aren't you!

(Kiki cleans up her room...)

KIKI:         Jiji, I'm finished.  Let's go shopping.

(On the street...)

JIJI:         You shouldn't jump out into the street like that...
              After all, we're not out in the country.

KIKI:         I know, I know.  I did it without thinking.

GIRLS:        (laughter)   That's terrible...I wouldn't...But he.....

KIKI:         If only my clothes were a little nicer...


KIKI:         Just daily living takes a bit of money...

JIJI:         Kiki!!  Look, look!

(On the way home...)

JIJI:         Do you have enough money?

KIKI:         Well, we'll have to make do with hotcakes for awhile.

KIKI:         Aren't they beautiful?

TOMBO:        Stop!  Stop!
              Little-miss-witch, aren't you flying today?
              (to his friends)  See, didn't I tell you?  She's
              really wearing a black dress.  Hey, wait a minute,
              Miss Witch!...

(At the bakery...)

OSONO:       Kiki, you're just in time.  It's a customer.  There's
             someone here who needs something delivered.

KIKI:        Really?  I'll be right there!

(Running upstairs...)

KIKI:        Map...

(In the bakery...)

OSONO:        This is a regular customer of the shop.  When you came
              up in our conversation, she said it's just perfect.

MAKI:         What a cute witch!

KIKI:         My name is Kiki.

MAKI:         I'd like you to deliver this.  I wonder if it will get
              there by this evening?

KIKI:         Yes.

MAKI:         It's a birthday gift for my nephew.  Something came up
              at work and I can't make it to the party.

KIKI:         Where shall I deliver it?

JIJI:         (Sees the toy cat)   It's me!

MAKI:         I wonder if it's too far?

KIKI:         I can fly there in a straight line.

MAKI:         What about the fee?

KIKI:         Well, I haven't decided yet.

MAKI:         Do you think this would be enough?

KIKI:         It's so much.  Thank you!

(On the street...)

TOMBO:        (Watching Kiki ascend...)  Isn't that neat?!

OSONO:        If only I could fly, too...

TOMBO:        Lady, do you know that girl?!

(High above the town...)

JIJI:         Kiki, how high do you plan on flying?

KIKI:         Well, this is my first job--the police won't bother me
              up here.

JIJI:         (as a seaplane passes far below)  I thought you were
              making a delivery to an angel.

KIKI:         It's on the other side of that cape.  Here we go!

KIKI:         Jiji, I like this town.

JIJI:         It's too soon to make up your mind.

KIKI:         But now I can write a letter to Mother.

(Alongside the geese...)

KIKI:         A flock of geese!  How beautiful!  They're going in
              the same direction we are!

KIKI:         I wonder what's wrong?

JIJI:         They said a big wind is coming!

KIKI:         What?!

JIJI:         They're saying, 'Let's fly higher.'

(A gust of wind...)

KIKI:         (seeing the falling stuffed-cat)  Oh, no!!

(In the tree...)

KIKI:         This won't do!  I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  (seeing a nest)
              Please excuse me!  I wasn't going to steal your eggs!

KIKI:         Wow, that was scary!

JIJI:         Well, it was your fault.  After all, they warned you
              about the wind.

KIKI:         You're right.  Aren't they something?  Look how high
              they're flying, using that wind.

JIJI:         Kiki, it's gone!!

KIKI:         You're right!  Oh, no!!

JIJI:         It must have happened when we fell.

(The crows come back...)

JIJI:         They're saying, 'The egg-thief is back again'!

KIKI:         Oh, no.  What shall we do?!

KIKI:         Ohhh!...My broom.   Stop it!   Stop it!  (swinging the
              empty cage)  Hey, stop it!!

KIKI:         What a problem.  They're still kicking up a fuss...

JIJI:         Ah, a witch's standing has really fallen.  Crows used
              to be retainers to witches.

KIKI:         But that was a long time ago.
              The only thing we can do is wait until sunset and
              return quietly and search.

JIJI:         But then we'll be late for our delivery.

KIKI:         Jiji, we have to do this as a last resort.

JIJI:         This won't work!

KIKI:         Please.  I'll come and rescue you as soon as I find it.

(Above the cape...)

JIJI:         Is that the house?

KIKI:         Uh-huh.  Now don't move.

JIJI:         How about breathing?

KIKI:         As little as possible.

(At the house...)

KETTO:        It's Auntie's present!   How weird!  (laughs)

KETTO'S:      It took you a long time, didn't it?  My sister called,
MOTHER        so we were expecting you.

KIKI:         I'm sorry.  Ah...Would you sign for it, please?

KETTO:        Mother, is it all right if I transfer the canary?

KETTO'S:      Yes, but be careful not to let it get away.

KETTO:        Okay.

KIKI:         Thank you very much.

(In the house...)

KETTO:        Now stay calm, Pitchi.  Hey, you're not getting away!

JIJI:         (whispering)  Kiki, hurry!

(In the forest...)

KIKI:         What am I going to do?  It should be around here
              somewhere.  There it is!

(At the cabin...)

KIKI:         Excuse me please!  Is anyone here?  Excuse me!

URSULA:       Yes...I can't stop now.  Would you come up here?

(On the roof...)

URSULA:       What is it?

KIKI:         That stuffed black cat in the window.  It's something I

URSULA:       (to the crow)  You're a good birdie, aren't you.  Now,
              don't move.  (to Kiki)  I found it in the forest a
              little while ago.

KIKI:         May I have it back?

URSULA:       Just a minute;  I don't want to stop right now.
              (to the crow)  That's good.  Aren't you pretty.

(Back down at the cabin...)

URSULA:       Well, if that's the case, why didn't you say so
              earlier?  I just thought it was kind of cute.

KIKI:         Thank you!  Oh, it's ripped!

URSULA:       It's the crow's fault.  They were making a fuss at the

KIKI:         What shall I do?  It belongs to a customer.

URSULA:       How about a trade-off?

(Later, in the cabin...)

URSULA:       So, you're on your own at 13?  I think that's great--I
              like the idea!

KIKI:         Ah, can it be fixed?

URSULA:       I told you, leave it to me.

(The house on the cape...)

KETTO'S:      Ketto!  Ketto, hurry and take a bath!  The guests will
MOTHER        be here soon!  KET-TO!!

(The log cabin...)

URSULA:       Finished!

KIKI:         Thank you.

URSULA:       OK, hurry and go rescue Jiji.

KIKI:         But I haven't finished cleaning.

URSULA:       That's plenty.  Hurry, hurry!

KIKI:         Thank you.

(At the house on the cape...)

KETTO:        Jeff (the dog) is really a funny one.  (laughter)

KETTO'S :     It's so comical;  Jeff has taken such a liking to that
MOTHER        stuffed cat, he won't let go of it.

GUEST A:      I wonder if he thinks it's a puppy?

GUEST B:      If Maki hears that, she'll be angry.  (laughter)

KETTO:        It's OK, I'm going to give it to Jeff.

KETTO'S:      Why don't you write a letter to Aunt Maki?

KETTO:        Okay.

GUEST A:      Jeff has really aged, hasn't he?  You have to be nice
              to him, Ketto.

KETTO:        But all he does is sleep.

GUEST A:      Isn't that the truth!

KETTO'S:      Ketto, Jeff wants to go out.  Open the door for him.

KETTO:        Okay.  When you're done, close the door yourself.

(Outside the house...)

KIKI:         JIJI!!

JIJI:         You're late!

KIKI:         I'm sorry.

JIJI:         (pointing to Jeff)  He's the one who saved me.  He
              says he'll replace the stuffed cat.

KIKI:         Can you do this favor for us?

(Above the town...)

KIKI:         Are you still feeling stiff?

JIJI:         I'm hungry.

KIKI:         That's right.  And I'm dead tired, too.  But it was a
              wonderful day.  And you know, the person who found the
              stuffed cat for me wants to paint a picture with me
              as a model.

JIJI:         Nude?

KIKI:         Stupid!

(At the bakery...Sign:  "I deliver...Kiki")

KIKI:         How slow it is...

JIJI:         That won't do.  You're supposed to be watching the

KIKI:         But there's not a single customer coming around.

JIJI:         It's going to be the busy hour pretty soon.

KIKI:         No, I mean customers for the delivery service.
              Jiji, if it's like this for a long, lo-o-o-ng time,
              and customers don't come, and every day, e-e-ev-ery
              day, until I become an old lady, we have only hot
              cakes to eat, what'll we do?

JIJI:         Myself, I like hotcakes...if they're not burned.

KIKI:         Huh.  Cats sure have an easy life.  Well, don't blame
              me if you get as big around as a hotcake...!

KIKI:         Isn't she pretty?  I hear she's a fashion designer.

JIJI:         I don't like her cat...'cause she's such a snob.

(The telephone rings...)

KIKI:         Hello, this is the Gutiokipanja bakery...Yes we do...
              (whispers)  Jiji, it's a customer, a customer!
              ...I should be at your house by 4:30.  Yes, I
              understand.  May I have your address?  Yes...yes...
              a house with a blue roof.  Thank you.  I'll be there
              without fail.

TOMBO:        This please.  Here you are.

KIKI:         Thank you very much.

TOMBO:        Listen, don't be mad, and hear me out.  Our club is
              having a party tonight.  It's called the Aviation Club,
              and we want you to come for sure.  Here's the

TOMBO:        It's a formal event.  Everyone's anxious to hear
              your story.

(A customer enters with a parcel...)

KIKI:         Ah, welcome.

CUSTOMER:     I heard you have a delivery service here .

KIKI:         Yes...Do you have a package to deliver?

CUSTOMER:     Can you deliver this right away?

KIKI:         Yes, I'll take care of it.

CUSTOMER:     Can you manage?

TOMBO:        Shall I help?

KIKI:         It's all right.

TOMBO:        (leaving)  I'll be here to pick you up at 6 o'clock,
              so decide by then, OK?  Bye!

CUSTOMER:     How much will it be?

KIKI:         Is it in-town or out-of-town?

CUSTOMER:     I wrote the address on the box.

KIKI:         Oh, I'm sorry.

(In the living room...)

KIKI:         Mrs. Osono!  What'll I do?!  I got an invitation to
              a party.

OSONO:        Isn't that nice.  You should go.

KIKI:         But I only have this one dress.

OSONO:        So, you're worried about that?  It's a very nice dress,
              because black shows off a girl's beauty.

KIKI:         Really?

OSONO:        How's the business?

KIKI:         I have two jobs.  It's already 4 o'clock!  Oh, no!
              I'm sorry, would you take over the shop?
              (running out) JIJI, JIJI!

(Over the town...)

JIJI:         You were so mad at that guy, and now you're going to
              his party?!

KIKI:         Don't talk now!  I have to concentrate;  this package
              is so heavy!

KIKI:         Thank you very much.
              (to Jiji)  We have to hurry!

(Airborne again...)

KIKI:         Next, we have an appointment at 4:30.  It's a blue roof.

(At an old mansion...)

KIKI:         Ah, I'm Kiki, the one who made an appointment for a

BERTHA:       Yes, come in.  You're right on time, aren't you.

KIKI:         Yes.

BERTHA:       Madam, she's here.

MADAM:        Oh, no.  What a problem.  What to do?  Is it the
              appointed time already?

BERTHA:       (to Kiki)  Go on in.

KIKI:         All right.

BERTHA:       I'll take that for you.  A black cat and a
              broom.  It's just like my great-grandmother told me.

KIKI:         I'm Kiki, of the delivery service.

MADAM:        Well, well.  Such a cute witch.  But you know, the food
              I was going to have you deliver isn't ready yet.
              The oven temperature just won't go up.  Isn't it

              It's no use, when machines and people get old.
              I thought I'd have you deliver a dish right out of
              the oven for my grandchild's party.  It's my specialty
              --herring and pumpkin pot pie.  But we'll have to give
              up.  I'll apologize to my grandchild on the phone.
              And you had to make a wasted trip, didn't you.

              BERTHA...BERTHA!  Give the witch her fee.

BERTHA:       Ah, yes?

MADAM:        That's all right.  Give her the amount we agreed on.

KIKI:         Madam!

MADAM:        Please accept it.  After all, it wasn't your fault.

KIKI:         Madam, I still have a little time.  Can't you use that

MADAM:        Ah, that.  It used to bake beautifully, but I haven't
              used it for some time.

KIKI:         If it's a wood-burning oven, I can help.  In the
              country, my mother taught me how.

MADAM:        Even so, it's a lot of work.

BERTHA:       It's a great idea.  I don't like electric ovens, but if
              it's a wood-burning oven, we can use the fireplace logs.

KIKI:         Let's do it, Madam.

MADAM:        Should we?  Well then, can you help us?

(At the woodshed...)

JIJI:         Showing off is okay, but if you're late for the party,
              don't blame me.

KIKI:         But I couldn't just accept the money.  We have to hurry.

(In the kitchen...)

BERTHA:       (holding a bellows)  Look.  This still works.

MADAM:        You were well-trained by your mother, weren't you?
              You've got everything in good order.  It's sort of
              exciting, isn't it?

BERTHA:       I just hate electricity.

MADAM:        It looks like the right moment.  Ah, that's just right.
              Now all we do is wait.

KIKI:         About 40 minutes?

MADAM:        Yes, that's about right.  Well, let's take a little

KIKI:         Is there anything else I can help with?

MADAM:        Really?  Well, I wonder if we could impose on you?

JIJI:         This is asking too much.

KIKI:         Not at all.

JIJI:         I don't think you'll make it on time.  No way.

KIKI:         Worrywart!  If I fly full-speed, I can make it in
              exactly 15 minutes.

BERTHA:       The tea is ready.  Come this way.

(In the kitchen...)

MADAM:        ...!  A party at 6 o'clock?  Can you make it on time?

KIKI:         Sure, I can make it in 15 minutes.

MADAM:        Oh, no!!  That clock is 10 minutes slow!

KIKI:         Oh, what'll I do?

MADAM:        Hurry, the oven!

KIKI:         All right.


KIKI:         How does it look?

MADAM:        It looks fine.  Now, hurry!

KIKI:         All right.

BERTHA:       Hurry!

KIKI:         All right.

MADAM:        You forgot something.  (hands her some money)

KIKI:         ...No, this is too much!!

MADAM:        Please take it.

BERTHA:       Hurry, hurry!!

MADAM:        Have a nice time at the party.

BERTHA:       You can go out there!

(In the air...)

KIKI:         It was such beautiful weather until now.

JIJI:         My whiskers are crackling!

JIJI:         Let's get out of the rain!

KIKI:         We can't;  we'll be late, and this food will get cold!

(At the granddaughter's house...)

DAUGHTER:     What do you want?

KIKI:         I have something to deliver.

DAUGHTER:     Oh, it's soaking wet.

KIKI:         That's because it suddenly started to rain.  But the
              food is fine.

DAUGHTER:     And I told her I didn't want it.

(from inside):What is it?

DAUGHTER:     It's from Grandmother.  She sent a herring pie again.

KIKI:         Ah, would you sign for it, please?

DAUGHTER:     You know, I hate this pie.  (slams door)

JIJI:         Is she really that lady's granddaughter?  Beh...beh!!
              (sticks out tongue)

(Above the town...)

JIJI:         Is it too late for the party?  Kiki, there's that boy!
              You can still make it!

(At the bakery...)

OSONO:        That was quite a downpour.  That boy waited a long time.

KIKI:         It's too late now.  I can't go like this anyway.

(In Kiki's bedroom...)

JIJI:         What's the matter, Kiki?  Have a headache?  Let's eat,
              I'm hungry.

(The next morning...)

OSONO:        KIKI!


OSONO:        Are you feeling sick?...What a fever!

KIKI:         My head's throbbing.

OSONO:        Last night, you didn't dry off completely, did you?

KIKI:         I think I'm going to die...

OSONO:        (laughs) It's just a cold.  I'll  bring you some
              medicine.  And also, you'll have to eat something.

KIKI:         I'm not hungry.

OSONO:        It's better to eat a little, even if you don't want to.
              I'll make you some milk-gruel.  Some for Jiji, too.

(A little later...)

OSONO:        This is best when one has a cold.  Here, Jiji.  It's
              hot, so be careful.  (to Kiki:)  Now, eat some while
              it's hot.  Can you get up?

KIKI:         Do I absolutely have to?

OSONO:        Well, if you want to get healthy again.  Oh, yes.  That
              boy came to the shop a little while ago.  When I told
              him you were sick, he said, "You mean witches get sick
              too?"  He wants to visit you later.  What do you
              want to do?

KIKI:         No, no!

OSONO:        I thought you'd say that, so I turned him down
              politely.  You have a good rest;  you overtaxed
              yourself.  I'll open the window, OK?

KIKI:         Mrs. Osono?...Oh, nothing.

(The next morning...)

KIKI:         JIJI...JIJI!!

JIJI:         What?

KIKI:         Jiji, it's time to eat.

OSONO:        Kiki, how are you this morning?

KIKI:         I'm just fine;  Sorry I overslept.

OSONO:        That's all right.  When you come down, I have a favor
              to ask of you.

(In the bakery...)

KIKI:         The name is 'Kopori'?

OSONO:        Is this enough?

KIKI:         I don't want anything.  I can walk there, it's
              so close.

OSONO:        That won't do.  Business is business.  Be sure to hand
              it to the right person.

(In the courtyard...)

KIKI:         Jiji!

JIJI:         A job?

KIKI:         Well...a friend?  What's her name?

JIJI:         It's Lily.  I'll be right there.

KIKI:         That's OK, it's not far.  Miss Lily, I'll leave him in
              your care.

(On the terrace...)

KIKI:         How beautiful...

TOMBO:        Hey, Miss Witch!  Out for a walk?

KIKI:         No, I'm looking for someone named Kopori.

TOMBO:        ...That's me!

KIKI:         What?!

TOMBO:        Come around over there.   I'll be right down.

KIKI:         (looks at the slip)  It's Mrs. Osono!

(In front of Tombo's house...)

TOMBO:        Thank you.

KIKI:         Um, I'm sorry about the other day.  I kept you waiting
              for a long time.

TOMBO:        Uh-huh.  And how about you;  it must've been terrible
              in that rain.  Say, can you stop in for a minute?
              There's something I want to show you.  Hurry!

TOMBO:        It was a party to celebrate this.  It's part of a
              self-propelled flying machine.  Look.  The wings and
              fuselage are being made somewhere else.  We're going to
              fly it this summer vacation--I'm the pilot.

              Hey, do you want to go to the beach?   Let's go see
              the dirigible that stopped for repairs.

KIKI:         Dirigible?

TOMBO:        Didn't you see it on television?

KIKI:         I was in bed...

TOMBO:        Well then, let's go!

KIKI:         Are we going on this?

TOMBO:        Of course.  Training, training.  I have to strengthen
              my legs.  Okay, get on.

KIKI:         This is my first time on a bicycle.

TOMBO:        Really?  That's something.

TOMBO:        Hold us back with your feet, 'til we build up some
              forward pressure...Here we go...Kick-off!

KIKI:         Shall I get off?

TOMBO:        No-o-o...

(Barrelling down the street...)

CAR:          Go for it!...Looking good!

TOMBO:        When we come to the sharp curve, lean over to the side.

KIKI:         What?!

TOMBO:        We can't turn unless we put our weight into it.
              (leans over)  Now!!  That's good, that's the way!!
              That was great!  Fantastic!

KIKI:         Is that what you call a 'dirigible'?

TOMBO:        Yeah.  (sees oncoming car)  Oh!!.....We're flying!!

(On the grass...)

KIKI:         Tombo, are you all right?

TOMBO:        Un...How about you?

KIKI:         I'm okay...(laughs hysterically)

TOMBO:        Is my face that funny?

KIKI:         ...That's not it...Sorry, but I was so scared...

TOMBO:        (laughs)  I was scared, too.  Hey, did you use your
              magic a little while ago?

KIKI:         I don't know; I was in a trance.  Oh, your bike is a

TOMBO:        Oh, no!  The gang'll be mad at me.  Kiki, keep an eye
              on it.

KIKI:         What's the matter?

TOMBO:        I've got cramps from pedaling!  Wait!...

(At the beach...)

TOMBO:        Isn't it great?  Wouldn't it be
              wonderful to circle the globe in one of those...
              Say, what was it like the first time you flew?

KIKI:         I don't remember, because I was very young, but my
              mother said I wasn't a bit scared.

TOMBO:        I wish I had been born in a witch's family.  You can
              fly with a broom, but I have to do it like this...
              (making pedaling motions)

KIKI:         But flying is part of my work.  It's not all fun and

TOMBO:        Is that so?  But it's work well-suited to your talents.
              That's great.

KIKI:         I'm glad I came here today, because I didn't feel
              confident.  When I see the ocean, I feel like I'm going
              to get better.

TOMBO:        I'll bring you anytime you like.  It'll be part of my

KIKI:         Tombo, you're nice, aren't you?

TOMBO:        Hey, you finally realized that?

KIKI:         Well, at first you seemed like a juvenile delinquent.

TOMBO:        That's what my mother always says, "This juvenile
              delinquent of a son...quit staring at the sky and start

(A car comes by...Tombo's friends)

GIRL A:       Great news!

TOMBO:        What is it?

GIRL A:       Something great!  Hurry!

TOMBO:        Wait a minute!

GIRL B:       They'll let us see the inside of the dirigible.
              Want to go?

TOMBO:        Wow!  Neat!  I'm going, I'm going!

GIRL B:       Say, who's that girl?

TOMBO:        She's Kiki, the witch.  (to Kiki) Kiki, won't you come
              with us?  They'll show us the inside of the dirigible.

KIKI:         No, that's okay.

TOMBO:        Come on, let's go!

GIRL C:       I know her;  she's the delivery girl.

GIRL B:       Really?  She's already working?

GIRL A:       Ad-mi-ra-ble.

TOMBO:        Let's go.  I'll introduce you to everyone.

KIKI:         I'm not going.  Goodbye.

TOMBO:        What's wrong?  Why are you angry?

KIKI:         I'm not angry;  I have work to do. (leaves)
              Don't follow me.

GIRLS:        Tombo, we're going!

(Kiki's bedroom...)

KIKI:         ......Jiji, something's wrong with me.  After finally
              making a friend, I suddenly became spiteful.  It seemed
              like the quiet and cheerful Kiki disappeared...(Jiji
              walks off)...?  How cold hearted...


KIKI:         Jiji, no matter how nice a friend you've met, I wish
              you'd be on time for dinner.  I can never finish
              cleaning up.

JIJI:         Meow...

KIKI:         What's with you, talking like a cat?

JIJI:         Meow...

KIKI:         ...Jiji, what happened to your voice?   Say 'Kiki',
              Jiji!  Jiji!  (Jiji walks off)  I wonder what happened?
              It seems that I can't understand Jiji...Oh, no!

KIKI:         My magic has gotten weak.

(The next morning...)

OSONO:        You can't fly?  Because your magic has disappeared?

KIKI:         It's gotten very weak.  I'll have to cancel my delivery
              service.  But then, I'll help full-time at the shop.
              Please let me stay in that room.

OSONO:        Well, that's no problem.  Your magic powers will
              return, won't they?

KIKI:         I don't know, though I can make another broom.

BAKER:        (sees the dirigible flying overhead)  Hey!

(Tombo is talking to Kiki on the phone...)

TOMBO:        Kiki?  It's Tombo.  Did you see me waving from the
              dirigible today?  The captain let us go on a test
              flight.  It was fantastic!  Hello, hello?  Are you
              listening, Kiki?

KIKI:         Don't call me anymore.  (hangs up)

TOMBO:        Huh?  What?  I can't hear you.  The captain wants to
              meet you.  ...?  Hello, Hello?!

OSONO:        What's the matter, Kiki?  You're as white as a sheet.

KIKI:         I'm still in my training period.  If my magic
              disappears, there's nothing else I know how to do.

(Ursula drops by...)

URSULA:       Kiki!  Hi!  Hey, you didn't come to visit me at all,
              so I came myself.

KIKI:         I'm sorry.

URSULA:       Well, that's not true.  I'm on a shopping trip, so I
              stopped in.

KIKI:         Come on in.  I'm between chores.

URSULA:       Of course.  That's what I planned to do.

(In Kiki's room...)

URSULA:       This is a pretty nice room.

KIKI:         Have some if you like.  I'll make some tea.

URSULA:       No tea for me.  Could I have milk, if you have some?

KIKI:         Sure.

URSULA:       (to Jiji)  Aha, it's true!  Exactly like that stuffed
              cat!  You're Jiji, aren't you?  (to Kiki)  How's the
              business?  Are you on the right track?  It's not going

KIKI:         I'm taking a little time off.

URSULA:       Oh?


URSULA:       On the street, I thought you looked a little
              down-hearted.  So that sort of thing happens to
              witches, too?  Look, why don't you come and stay at
              my cabin?

KIKI:         What?

URSULA:       Excuse yourself with the shop-lady.  One day won't
              hurt.  Jiji, won't you come, too?  (laughs)  Rather
              be with her, huh?  OK, decide.  Let's go right away.

(At the bus terminal...)

URSULA:       It's here!

(On a hill...)

URSULA:       Made it.

KIKI:         How beautiful...!


URSULA:       What gives?  Doesn't this beautiful girl catch
              anyone's eye?

(In the truck...)

URSULA:       What?!  You thought I was a boy??

DRIVER:       Well, you looked like one.

URSULA:       And you didn't notice these beautiful legs?

(At the cabin...)

KIKI:         The crows...

URSULA:       We've become good friends.  Ya-hoo, I'm home!

KIKI:         Good day.  Please forgive me about last time.

URSULA:       Go on in.  I'll get some water.

(Inside the cabin...)

URSULA:       Well?

KIKI:         It's wonderful...

URSULA:       When I met you, I got the inspiration to paint this
              picture.  But you know, I can't get this girl's face
              just right.  I've been waiting for you to come.

KIKI:         Is this me?

URSULA:       Well, I guess.  Sit there a minute.  Will you be my

KIKI:         But I'm not that beautiful.

URSULA:       (laughs) You have a fine face.  It's a lot nicer now
              than before.  Now, sit there.  That chair is okay.
              Raise your head a little, like you're looking off into
              the distance.  That's it; hold it.

              Magic and painting are a lot alike.  You know, a lot
              of times, I just can't paint.

KIKI:         Really?  When that happens, what do you do?

URSULA:       No, no.  Don't look over here.

KIKI:         Before, I could fly without giving it a thought.
              But now, I don't know how I did it.

URSULA:       When that happens, all one can do is struggle through
              it.  I draw and draw, and keep drawing.

KIKI:         But then, if I can't fly...

URSULA:       Then I stop drawing.  I take walks, look at the
              scenery, take naps, do nothing.  Then after a while,
              all of a sudden I get the urge to draw again.

KIKI:         I wonder if that will happen?

URSULA:       It will.  Hey, look to the side.


URSULA:       I decided to become an artist when I was about your
              age.  I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go
              to bed.  And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn't
              draw anything.  Everything I drew, I didn't like.

KIKI:         Hm...

URSULA:       I realized that my art up to then was a copy of
              someone else, things I had seen somewhere.  I decided
              I had to discover my own style.

KIKI:         Was it difficult?

URSULA:       It's still difficult.  But then, the results...They
              seem to be a little better than before.

URSULA:       Then, witches don't go around casting spells?

KIKI:         No, they say it's just something passed on
              to offspring.

URSULA:       It's nice to be a witch, isn't it?  I like the idea--
              to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker...It's an
              energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right?  Though
              thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times...

KIKI:         I never even thought about my magic powers.  I used
              to think this training was just an old-fashioned
              custom...I was so happy you came today.  If I were
              alone, I'd just be running around in circles.

URSULA:       You know, to tell you the truth, I thought about
              destroying this painting many times.

KIKI:         Even though it's so beautiful?

URSULA:       When I met you today, and saw your distressed face,
              I thought, 'That's it', and I was inspired.

KIKI:         Tease!

URSULA:       (laughs)  Now we're even.

URSULA:       OK, I'm going to turn it off.

KIKI:         Um.  I'm sorry I'm taking your bed.

URSULA:       That's OK.

KIKI:         Is it all right if I come and visit some time?

URSULA:       Sure.  I'm here during the summer.  And I'll go and
              visit you sometime, too.

KIKI:         Right.

(The next morning, at the bakery...)

TV:           The dirigible "Spirit of Freedom", that landed in this
              town due to the heavy rainstorm, has finished its
              repairs and will continue its journey to the South Pole.
              We plan to broadcast the departure live, from the
              seaside park.

OSONO:        (answering the phone)  Yes, this is the Gutiokipanja
              bakery.  Oh, Kiki.  Yes.  But you should take more
              time...Oh, yes.  The lady you met the other day wants
              you to stop over again.  What do you want to do?
              Shall I turn her down?  I told her you were on
              vacation for awhile, but she insists...Really?
              Then stop in on your way back.  Bye.

(At the madam's house...)

KIKI:         Good day.

BERTHA:       Well, well, come in.  We've been waiting eagerly.

TV:           It's almost 5 minutes until departure.  The city's
              "Seahorse Band" is playing, and the crew is waving
              to the crowd below.  The group of people holding the
              rope are eagerly awaiting the departure signal.
              The final check seems almost complete...

KIKI:         Here I am, Madam.

MADAM:        Welcome.  Please excuse me for not getting up.  The
              weather's nice but my legs are bothering me.  Bertha,
              would you bring it?

BERTHA:       Yes, yes.  Madam, has it taken off yet?

MADAM:        Not yet.  Isn't it funny?  She's crazy about

BERTHA:       It's the adventure that I like.

MADAM:        Would you turn the sound down a bit?  Kiki, would you
              open this box?

KIKI:         All right.  Madam, this...

MADAM:        I'd like that delivered to a person named Kiki,
              because she did a big favor for me the other day.  It's
              my way of saying "Thank you'.  I'd also be happy if
              at the same time you would find out her birthday.
              Then I can bake another cake...  Kiki...

KIKI:         I'm very sure that person will want to know Madam's
              birthday, too.  It would be fun, thinking of a present.

MADAM:        That's true, isn't it.

KIKI:         (laughs)

TV:           It's a gust of wind.  A gale...Oh!

MADAM:        What happened?

BERTHA:       It seems like there was an accident.

TV:           It's serious trouble!  The rope has broken!!  The
              dirigible is being blown away.  Ah, it's coming towards
              our broadcast truck!
              Oh, no!!

BERTHA:       Ah, at the most important moment...what are they

MADAM:        These strong winds sometimes come up in the summer.
              It will come by here in a minute.

BERTHA:       Madam!  The picture's back.  It's upside down!!

TV:           We're here at the seaside park...Blown by a sudden gust
              of wind, the "Spirit of Freedom" is almost touching

BERTHA:       When you come right down to it, it's just a balloon.

TV:           It's lost its balance, and the ship is now upside down.
              They're doing their best to anchor the last rope
              holding the dirigible.  I wonder if they can hold the
              ship;  it looks like it's ready to float away.   Ahh,
              it's no good...

              The tremendous lift of the helium gas is pulling the
              dirigible higher and higher.  The powerful force of
              the helium matched against several hundred people...

KIKI:         Tombo!!  That boy's a friend of mine!

TV:           It's throwing off people one by one, and floating
              higher and higher.  Ah, even a patrol car is being
              carried away like a toy.  What's going to happen...?!

              A young boy is being carried away with a patrol car!
              This is terrible!  Who would have thought something
              like this would happen?!

KIKI:         Tombo!

MADAM:        You say he's a friend of yours?

KIKI:         I have to go.

MADAM:        Be careful!

BERTHA:       How terrible!

(The dirigible...)

CAPTAIN:      Hold on!  Don't let go!   (to crew)  Release helium
              from the rear compartments!  Hurry!!

(On the street...)

RADIO:        The helium in the dirigible will not explode.
              Townspeople, don't panic and move about calmly.

KIKI:         How's Tombo?...Is the boy all right?!

MAN IN CAR:   I don't know, but they said the patrol car fell.

FIRETRUCK:    Move aside!  Open up the street!  Clear the way!

SWEEPER:      Are you OK?

KIKI:         Mister, please lend me that broom!

SWEEPER:      Huh?

KIKI:         Please!  I promise to return it!

SWEEPER:      Well, I guess...

KIKI:         Thank you!

KIKI:         Fly!!

BYSTANDER:    She's flying...!

(In the air...)

KIKI:         Fly straight, or I'll throw you in the fire!

ANNOUNCER:    Nothing has happened to the boy yet, but the "Spirit of
              Freedom" is being blown by the wind and is approaching
              the city tower.
              If it continues, it'll crash into the tower...

TOMBO:        We're going to hit!  More altitude!

CAPTAIN:      We don't have enough gas!  Before we crash, jump into
              the tower!

TOMBO:        I'll try!

CARETAKER:    Hey!  Come over here!

TOMBO:        Mister!  Get away!

CARETAKER:    Grab this!

(Kiki, above the town...)

KIKI:         Fly faster!  Hey!!

ANNOUNCER:    Listen to that!  It's the tremendous noise of the gas
              escaping.  We can't see from here what happened to the
              young lad.

              It's going to fall!  The gas is escaping!  The
              dirigible is going to fall!!  It's caught!  It stopped!
              It's been stopped!  Look, the lad is still there!  It's
              a miracle!  The lad is still hanging there!  But then,
              how are they going to save him?  If they don't do
              something, that brave lad...

(The town square...)

ANNOUNCER:    What, what was that?!  A bird...No, it's a young girl!
              A young girl is flying through the air!!  It's a witch!
              It's not a broom!  It's a witch riding on a push broom!!

(The madam's house...)

MADAM:        It's Kiki!

BERTHA:       Go!

(The bakery...)

OSONO:        That child, she's flying!

(The house on the cape...)

KETTO:        Go get him!!

KIKI:         TOMBO!!

TOMBO:        KIKI!!

KIKI:         (to the broom)  Listen, you're a good boy, so do as I
              tell you!

CAPTAIN:      Keep trying!  Just a bit more!!

KIKI:         TOMBO!!

TOMBO:        KIKI!!

ANNOUNCER:    You can do it!  Just a bit more!

CROWD:        Go get him!  Go get him!  Go get him!!

CAPTAIN:      You can do it!

ANNOUNCER:    She caught him!!  She caught him in mid-air!!

              They've just touched down!  It's an emotional scene!
              It looks like the crew of the dirigible is safe too!

SWEEPER:      I lent her that push-broom, you know!

(Madam's house...)

MADAM:        (laughs)  Ahh!...Stop it, Bertha!

BERTHA:       She did it, she did it!!...(laughs)

(At the bakery...)

OSONO:        Good girl, Kiki!  Good for you!

              Dear!!  Call the doctor!  I think it's time!

BAKER:        Oi!!...

(EPILOGUE:  At Kiki's home village:)

OKINO:        Mother!!  It's a letter from Kiki!

OKINO:        (reading letter)  Father, Mother, how are you?   Jiji
              and I are both very well.  (Kiki's voice:) My work's on
              the right track and I'm confident.  It's been hard
              sometimes, but I love this town.

                                THE END

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