Big Bird and Snuffy write a story about the castle at the bottom of the sea. (EKA: Episode 2258) Whisper sings School Plan where Fireman Duck exclaims, "Yeah, they came back!" Ernie and Bert had fun with the air book. (EKA: Episode 3695) Janelle Monae sings about The Power Of Yet. (EKA: Episode 4502) (Comedy whistle in the beginning, basketball sound for Big Bird catching, and the text in the end that said "Next, She Tasted The Mama's Bowl") Bushman Bill introduces the song about the letter D with Diddo Day and the Dewdrops that comes after C for this. Telly talks to Elmo about forward and backward. (EKA: Episode 3606) Cookie Monster saw the Monster Cookie. Todos Un Pueblo from We Are All Earthlings (album) with Whisper singing Torna Torna while Kevin Doody narrated the classic fairy tale that Robert Southey wrote is "Goldilocks And The Three Bears". Episode 10

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