00:00:25 (rumbling) Whew!
00:01:06 you didn't tell me you were gonna kill it! oh!
00:01:14 (ghostly howling) (ghostly laughter) (wailing) (ghostly meowing) (evil laughter) (ghostly howl)Captioned byClosed Captioning Services, Inc.
00:01:44 Who-whoo!
00:02:06 Thanks, old pal.
00:02:12 Charge!
00:02:19 Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.
00:02:34 Who are you writing to, linus?
00:02:35 This is the time of year to write to the great pumpkin.
00:02:39 On halloween night, the great pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children.
00:02:46 when are you going to stop believing in something that isn't true?
00:02:50 When you stop believing in that fella with the red suit and the white beard " we are obviously separated by denominational differences.
00:03:12 (laughing) Not again!
00:03:29 Writing a letter to a stupid pumpkin?
00:03:32 You make me the laughingstock of the neighborhood.
00:03:35 All they talk about is my little brother who always writes to the great pumpkin.
00:03:40 You better cut it out right now, or I'll pound you.
00:03:44 There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people-- religion, politics and the great pumpkin.
00:03:53 You're wasting your time.
00:03:54 The great pumpkin is a fake.
00:04:07 What are you doing, linus?
00:04:10 I'd rather not say.
00:04:11 You might laugh.
00:04:12 Oh, I'd never laugh at you, linus.
00:04:16 You're so intelligent.
00:04:18 I'm writing to the great pumpkin.
00:04:20 You say the cutest things.
00:04:23 On halloween night, the great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch and flies through the air to bring toys to all the good little children everywhere.
00:04:31 Wouldn't you like to sit with me in the pumpkin patch on halloween night and wait for the great pumpkin?
00:04:38 Oh, I'd love to, linus!
00:04:40 What's going on here?
00:04:41 What are you trying to do to my little sister?
00:04:47 And how do you think you're gonna mail that letter?
00:04:57 you can't possibly reach the mailbox, and I'm not gonna help you.
00:05:06 (squeak) Hey! I got an invitation to a halloween party!
00:05:24 Is the invitation to violet's party, charlie brown?
00:05:28 it's the first time I've ever been invited to a party.
00:05:32 Charlie brown, if you got an invitation, it was a mistake.
00:05:36 There were two lists, charlie brown-- one to invite and onenotto invite.
00:05:42 You must have been put on the wrong list.
00:05:58 of"do ") ♪
00:05:59 ♪ does your nose go to the side ♪
00:06:07 .. ...sit wide?
00:06:23 vo: dayto show, ♪ It's my turn, gonna shine...♪
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00:06:38 The Jammin' BandMusical Microphone.
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00:07:13 (mom) house !!
00:07:16 What?
00:07:18 The thompson's have butterfinger!
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00:07:50 Aah!
00:07:51 A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.
00:07:59 Is linus takingme to the party?
00:08:01 That stupid blockhead of a brother of mine is out in the pumpkin patch making his yearly fool of himself.
00:08:09 Boy, is he strange.
00:08:10 But maybe thereis a great pumpkin.
00:08:13 Every year linus misses tricks or treats, and then the halloween party.
00:08:19 He'll never learn.
00:08:21 Do I get to go trick or treating this year, big brother?
00:08:24 how do we do it?
00:08:28 All you have to do is walk up to a house, " are you sure it's legal?
00:08:36 Of course it's legal.
00:08:37 I wouldn't want to be accused of taking part in a rumble.
00:08:48 Oh, good grief.
00:08:50 Is that you, patty?
00:08:53 No.
00:08:53 Where is charlie brown?
00:08:56 Here I am.
00:08:58 I had a little trouble with the scissors.
00:09:00 They'll never guess it's me under here.
00:09:04 Hello, pigpen. glad you could make it.
00:09:07 How did you know it was me?
00:09:10 What in the world kind of costume is that?
00:09:14 He's a world war I flying ace.
00:09:16 Now I've heard everything.
00:09:18 All right, everybody, we'll go trick or treating and then over to violet's for the big halloween party.
00:09:25 (all cheering and laughing) Hey, have you come to sing pumpkin carols?
00:09:49 You blockhead!
00:09:50 You're gonna miss all the fun just like last year.
00:09:55 Don't talk like that.
00:09:56 The great pumpkin knows which kids have been good and which kids have been bad. you'll be sorry.
00:10:02 Oh, good grief.
00:10:02 He'll come here because I have the most sincere pumpkin patch, and he respects sincerity.
00:10:08 Do youreallythink he'll come?
00:10:10 Tonight the great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch, he flies through the air and brings toys to all the children of the world.
00:10:18 That's a good story.
00:10:20 You don't believe the story of the great pumpkin?
00:10:23 I thought little girls always believed everything that was told to them.
00:10:26 I thought little girls were innocent and trusting.
00:10:30 Welcome to the 20th century.
00:10:33 All right, once and for all-- are you coming or are you staying?
00:10:37 We can't waste all night.
00:10:54 I'm glad you came back, sally.
00:10:56 We'll just sit here in this pumpkin patch, and you'll see the great pumpkin with your own eyes.
00:11:06 If you try to hold my hand, I'll slug you.
00:11:09 Each year the great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere.
00:11:15 He's gotta pick this one. he's got to.
00:11:18 I don't see how a pumpkin patch could be more sincere than this one.
00:11:22 You can look all around, and there's not a sign of hypocrisy.
00:11:26 Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.
00:11:39 Could I have an extra piece of candy for my stupid brother?
00:11:43 He couldn't come with us, 'cause he's sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin.
00:11:49 It's so embarrassing to have to ask for something extra for that blockhead linus.
00:11:57 I got five pieces of candy.
00:11:59 I got a chocolate bar.
00:12:01 I got a quarter. I got a rock.
00:12:04 (all) TRICK OR TREAT!
00:12:12 boy, I got three cookies.
00:12:16 Hey, I got a package of gum.
00:12:19 I got a rock.
00:12:21 Trick or treat.
00:12:24 I got a popcorn ball.
00:12:26 I got a fudge bar. I got a pack of gum.
00:12:29 I got a rock.
00:12:31 By the way, whatever happened to the world war I flying ace?
00:12:37 Oh, he's probably getting ready to take off in his sopwith camel on the next dawn patrol.
00:12:44 His mission is to find the red baron and shoot him down.
00:12:48 Here's the world war I flying ace, climbing into the cockpit of his sopwith camel.
00:12:55 "Contact!" he shouts.
00:12:56 (airplane engine starts) (airplane engine roaring) (gunfire) Aah!
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00:18:04 changing I don't think so.
00:18:07 Easy sweetheart.
00:18:08 I'm only canceling billy's recording.
00:18:10 No you're not, drop'em.
00:18:12 Both of you.
00:18:13 Sorry, billy.
00:18:15 Happy pony's on.
00:18:15 And I'm not missing happy pony.
00:18:17 Guys. we're family, we can work this out.
00:18:20 ...
00:18:22 Nevermind.
00:18:23 (announcer)END THE CONFLICT.
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00:18:40 (Charlie Brown) HERE'S THE WORLD WAR I FLYING Ace imagining he's down behind enemy lines, making his way across the french countryside.
00:18:51 (bombs exploding in distance) Come on. let's get going.
00:19:07 It's time for the halloween party.
00:19:10 (all cheering and laughing) (sarcastically) HAS THE GREAT PUMPKIN BEEN By?
00:19:16 (laughs) What blockheads, sitting in a pumpkin patch in the middle of the night.
00:19:22 You missed trick or treat, and now you're going to miss the halloween party.
00:19:26 What a way to spend halloween!
00:19:28 (laughing) YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SMART.
00:19:30 Just wait until the great pumpkin comes.
00:19:34 He'll be here. you can bet on that!
00:19:37 Linus knows what he's talking about.
00:19:39 Linus knows what he's doing.
00:19:43 All right, where is he?
00:19:46 He'll be here.
00:19:47 I hope so.
00:19:48 I have my reputation to think of, you know.
00:19:51 And just think of all the fun we're missing!
00:19:55 Just look-- nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.
00:19:59 (children shouting) Charlie brown, you'll have to model for us.
00:20:06 Me? you wantmeto model?
00:20:08 you'll be the perfect model.
00:20:14 Turn him around.
00:20:16 ..
00:20:21 ..
00:20:23 ..
00:20:28 Yes, that's the way.
00:20:31 you were a perfect model.
00:20:36 (bombs exploding in distance) (siren wailing) (bombs exploding in distance) (cheering and laughing) All right, all right, let's bob for apples.
00:21:26 This is the way to do it.
00:21:28 (girl) YEAH, LUCY. YOU SHOULD BE GOOD AT This.
00:21:30 You have the perfect mouth for it.
00:21:37 Blecch!
00:21:38 My lips touched dog lips!
00:21:41 Blecch! ugh!
00:21:42 Poison dog lips! blecch!
00:21:46 If anyone had told me I'd be waiting in a pumpkin patch on halloween night, I'd have said they were crazy.
00:21:56 Just think, sally, when the great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch, WE'LL BE HERE TO SEE HIM. (rustling) ..
00:22:04 ..
00:22:06 I hear the great pumpkin!
00:22:13 There he is! there he is!
00:22:16 (howling) IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN!
00:22:18 He's rising up out of the pumpkin patch!
00:22:22 Ooh!
00:22:26 What happened?
00:22:28 Did I faint?
00:22:30 What did he leave us?
00:22:31 Did he leave us any toys? I was robbed!
00:22:35 I spent the whole night waiting for the great pumpkin when I could have been out for tricks or treats!
00:22:41 Halloween is over, and I missed it!
00:22:46 You blockhead!
00:22:46 You kept me up all night waiting for the great pumpkin, and all that came was a beagle!
00:22:52 I didn't get a chance to go out for tricks or treats!
00:22:55 And it was all your fault!
00:22:57 I'll sue!
00:22:59 What a fool I was!
00:23:01 I could've had candy apples and gum!
00:23:04 And cookies and money and all sorts of things.
00:23:07 But no! I had to listen to you.
00:23:10 You blockhead. what a fool I was.
00:23:13 Trick or treats come only once a year.
00:23:16 And I missed it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead.
00:23:21 You owe me restitution!
00:23:24 You've heard about fury and a woman scorned, haven't you?
00:23:29 Yes, I guess I have.
00:23:30 Well, that's nothing compared to the fury of a woman who has been cheated out of tricks or treats.
00:23:37 Hey!
00:23:38 Aren't you gonna wait and greet the great pumpkin?
00:23:42 Huh?
00:23:43 It won't be long now.
00:23:45 If the great pumpkin comes, I'll still put in a good word for you.
00:23:50 Good grief, I said "if"!
00:23:52 I meantwhenhe comes!
00:23:55 I'm doomed.
00:23:57 One little slip like that can cause the great pumpkin to pass you by.
00:24:02 O great pumpkin, where are you?
00:24:06 (alarm clock chimes) ("Linus & Lucy" playing) (teeth chattering)