Date: April 9, 1974

aired on CBS

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Aired at 08:00 PM on Wednesday, Mar 31, 2010 (3/31/2010)      View all transcripts from this day

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00:01:49 [ Buzzer ] [ whirring ] [ thud ] [ thud ] [ whirring ] [ thud ] [ squawking ] [ squawking ] [ squawking ] [ squawking ] [ buzzer ] [ whirring ] [ buzzer ] [ whirring ] [ thud ] [ squawking ] It's almost Easter, and I have nothing to wear.
00:03:40 Look at these shoes.
00:03:41 How can I celebrate easter properly in these shoes?
00:03:46 We're on our way to the store.
00:03:48 We got to get ready for easter.
00:03:50 You know, we need easter baskets, eggs, candy -- the works.
00:03:56 Want to join us?
00:03:57 I told you it's a waste of time.
00:03:59 The Easter beagle does all that.
00:04:01 Ooh, Linus, you drive me crazy.
00:04:05 Easter beagle?
00:04:07 Sure, Sally.
00:04:08 We don't need to go to all this trouble.
00:04:10 On Easter Sunday, the Easter beagle passes colored eggs to all the good little kids.
00:04:16 The Easter beagle?
00:04:16 Are you sure, Linus?
00:04:19 Of course.
00:04:21 Come on, Sally, I thought you wanted to get some new shoes.
00:04:34 Hey, it's Chuck and his team.
00:04:37 Hi, Chuck.
00:04:37 What are you up to?
00:04:39 We're here to get some eggs to color for easter.
00:04:42 Marcie here fried the last batch.
00:04:45 This kid isn't quite with it, chuck.
00:04:47 I think it's a waste of time to buy and color eggs, 'cause the Easter beagle will do all that.
00:04:53 Hey, Chuck, what's all this about an Easter beagle?
00:04:57 Has your friend here got all his marbles?
00:05:00 ..
00:05:02 He did say "beagle," didn't he?
00:05:04 Well, yeah.
00:05:05 Boy, Chuck, you sure have some strange friends.
00:05:09 Well, come on, Chuck, let's go in and buy some eggs.
00:05:13 Easter beagle, indeed.
00:05:27 It's Easter, and they already have the Christmas decorations up.
00:05:33 Good grief.
00:05:34 I can't believe it.
00:05:36 I told you -- it's the gift-getting season.
00:06:02 [ Both laughing ] Okay, you two, let's get on with it.
00:06:17 It's shoes you need, not hats.
00:06:35 Aren't those shoes almost out of date, Sally?
00:06:39 That's why they're on sale.
00:06:41 Besides, I like to be different, anyway.
00:06:45 ..
00:06:46 Good grief.
00:06:48 Ohh.
00:07:04 Aah!
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00:12:10 [ Cash register bell rings ] [ squawking ] [ squawking ] every easter, the easter beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.
00:13:26 That sounds faintly familiar.
00:13:28 I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for the great pumpkin to come.
00:13:35 That was the worst night of my life.
00:13:38 This is different.
00:13:39 That was halloween.
00:13:40 This is easter.
00:13:43 Well, I don't know.
00:13:45 I really want to believe you because I like you and I really respect you, but I just don't know.
00:13:52 The easter beagle will never let you down.
00:13:56 I know he won't, but how about you?
00:14:01 [ Whistling ] Aaugh!
00:14:42 [ Sawing and hammering ] [ lounge music playing ] [ squawking ] Hey, here's ol' Snoop.
00:15:55 We're going in to get some more eggs.
00:15:59 Look, Marcie, here's ol' Snoopy.
00:16:01 You don't mind if he joins us, do you?
00:16:04 He's a cool kid.
00:16:05 Ol' Snoop won't get in the way, right, Snoop?
00:16:24 [ Playing classical music ] [ music slowing down ] Boy, that kid really can dance.
00:17:20 And he sure knows how to make a girl happy.
00:17:23 He sure is a funny-looking kid, though.
00:17:26 He has a very strange nose, doesn't he, sir?
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00:21:53 Now, look, kid, these eggs are not to be fried, nor are they to be roasted, toasted or waffled.
00:22:00 Yes, sir.
00:22:02 These eggs gotta be boiled.
00:22:03 You boil 'em, and then I'll show you how to paint 'em.
00:22:07 Yes, sir.
00:22:08 I'll boil them, sir, then you'll paint them.
00:22:15 [ Whistling ] [ whistling ] When the water comes to a boil, let me know, but put the eggs in now.
00:22:32 Okay, sir.
00:22:34 In they go.
00:22:51 Okay, sir, all the eggs are in.
00:22:54 Good, Marcie.
00:22:54 Let 'em boil a good long time, and then I'll show you how to paint 'em.
00:23:03 They look done, sir.
00:23:03 Want to look at 'em?
00:23:07 Okay, Marcie, let me look.
00:23:09 That's funny. [ Sniffs ] It smells like soup.
00:23:12 Oh!
00:23:14 Marcie! You've made egg soup!
00:23:18 Aaugh!
00:23:22 Chuck, I just don't know what to do.
00:23:25 We've ruined three dozen eggs, and we don't have any colored yet.
00:23:30 I've run out of money, and I can't buy any more eggs.
00:23:33 How am I going to teach my friend here about easter and coloring eggs when I can't get any eggs to color?
00:23:41 Don't worry about it.
00:23:42 The Easter beagle will come, and you'll see.
00:23:44 He'll bring Easter eggs to all the little kids.
00:23:47 Kid, I hope you're right.
00:23:49 I don't want my little friend here to be disappointed.
00:23:52 She won't be.
00:23:53 On Easter Sunday, the Easter beagle will brighten everyone's day.
00:23:57 Everyone will be filled with great warmth and friendship.
00:24:03 It's really a waste of time.
00:24:05 The Easter beagle does that.
00:24:07 Leave me alone.
00:24:08 Don't bother me with your stupid ideas.
00:24:11 Easter is very simple.
00:24:12 ..
00:24:15 You hide the eggs, and you find the eggs.
00:24:19 And you know who's going to find the eggs?
00:24:22 Me, because I'm the one who's going to hide them.
00:24:51 Well, Marcie, I'm really sorry.
00:24:54 Here it is, Easter morning, and we don't have any colored eggs.
00:24:58 I'm the one who's sorry, sir.
00:25:01 I guess I'm not much of a cook.
00:25:03 I've seen this happen on holidays before -- you look forward to being real happy, and then something happens that spoils it all.
00:25:12 You've done it again, haven't you?
00:25:15 I've been sitting here since dawn waiting for the Easter beagle!
00:25:20 Where is he?
00:25:22 I don't know why I always listen to you.
00:25:25 I never learn!
00:25:27 You said the Easter beagle was coming!
00:25:31 Well, where is he?
00:25:37 I know why they have holidays.
00:25:39 They have holidays so people can get together and have fun.
00:25:44 So why am I alone?
00:25:47 This is going to be the greatest easter egg hunt ever, and I'm going to find them all.
00:25:59 I'm the laughingstock of the neighborhood.
00:26:03 You've made a fool of me!
00:26:05 Why do I always !
00:26:08 "Trust me," you said.
00:26:08 " now I've been burned again.
00:26:15 Never trust a man with a blanket.
00:26:18 Get me my lawyer!
00:26:18 I've been humiliated!
00:26:45 Is it?
00:26:47 It is!
00:26:48 He's coming!
00:26:48 He's coming!
00:26:50 The Easter beagle is coming!
00:27:04 Thank you, Easter beagle!
00:27:04 Thank you!
00:27:07 Thank you very, very much!
00:27:12 Thank you!
00:27:52 See? Linus was right.
00:27:54 There is an Easter beagle.
00:27:57 Some Easter beagle.
00:27:59 He gave me my own egg.
00:28:03 What do we do with the easter eggs now that we have them, sir?
00:28:09 We eat them.
00:28:09 We put a little salt on them, and we eat them.
00:28:19 [ Crunching ] [ gulp ] tastes terrible, sir.
00:28:29 --Captions by VITAC-- Captd for by a

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