Episode Date: January 23, 1987

Ojo painted Bear's wagon, but Bear thinks he can't paint the wagon blue and yellow. Soon, he decided to make them. First, red and yellow make orange like the oranges. Blue and yellow make green like the text of Be Our Guest from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Blue and red make purple like Barney the Dinosaur's body with his green tummy, 3 yellow toes on his feet, and 8 green spots on his back. Treelo saw himself in the mirror. Pip and Pop used their French costumes by saying 2 French words. "Bonjour" means "Hello", and "Aw Revoir" means "Goodbye". Everyone helped Bear get ready to go to the market from the wagon so colorful. All of Bear's friends were gettng ready to go to the market. So they head off!

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