Announcer: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" narrated by Kevin Doody.

Whisper: (Don't Eat the Pictures plays sounded like Cookie Monster): Welcome to this classic fairy tale. In it, they decided to go for a walk that me love that part!

(Don't Eat the Pictures still music playing)

The bears decided to go for a walk with them. Since they left their house, there was a super-dee-duper little girl named Goldilocks. Suddenly, she ate three bowls of Bert's yummy oatmeal. Soon, she sat on three chairs, except for the third chair maybe, I guess. And of course, she slept on three beds so she fell asleep. And in the end, they came back to their house. Before I narrate that classic fairy tale, I want you to narrate that along after the "Oles" part. Let me narrate that fairy tale.

Narrator: (after the Oles' part): Once upon a time, there were three bears who lived in the house in the woods. There was some Papa Bear, (that's me) Mama Bear, (that's me), and Baby Bear. (That is me, all right). One day, they were all going to have bowls of Bert's yummy oatmeal just for breakfast. Do you think they go for a walk? Sort of. Soon, they decided to go for a walk. At the very super-dee-duper time, there was a stupendous little girl named Goldilocks. She seems a little bit house in the woods and wandered what she was inside. In the house, she tasted three bowls of Bert's yummy oatmeal on the table. She tasted the Papa's bowl of Bert's oatmeal and it was too long. She also tasted the Mama's bowl of Bert's oatmeal and it was too short. She tasted the Baby's bowl of Bert's oatmeal and it was just right that she ate them all up. Next, she walked right to the living room and sat three chairs. She sat on the Papa's chair, she sat on the Mama's chair, and she sat on the Baby's chair. She sat down with that loud thud and then the chair broke surrounded by pieces. Oh, no! That's not good at all! Sorry, Whisper. Soon, she went upstairs and slept three beds. She slept on the Papa's bed, she slept on the Mama's bed, and she slept on the Baby's bed then she fell asleep. Soon, they came home. They went to the bowls of Bert's oatmeal. Do you think they come back? Yes, Whisper. So they went to the living room. I like those chairs. Except for the third chair, Whisper. Soon they went upstairs. Do you think she fell asleep? Yes, Whisper. There she is! They woke her up, she jumped out of bed, out of the house, and of course, all the way right home to her mother and father and they lived happily ever after.

Announcer: Join us next time for another version of the classic fairy tale narrated by Fireman Duck.

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