Movie Date: August 30, 1996

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00:03:58 [Brandy barking] [footsteps] [barking] [laser buzzing] got a perimeter breach. bring up sector 47.
00:04:14 Yes, sir. 47 coming up.
00:04:18 Simms: Oh, just great.
00:04:19 Ok, it's official. I don't like this kid.
00:04:22 [Sirens] [guns cocking] [tires screech] [barking] Morton: Freeze!
00:04:35 Luke?
00:04:35 Luke, there you are!
00:04:37 Hey. whoo! I found him.
00:04:40 I tell you, man, if there was an international hide-and-seek team, he'd be the captain.
00:04:45 What's everybody doing out here?
00:04:46 We're responding to a perimeter breach.
00:04:48 What are you guys doing out here?
00:04:49 Playing hide-and-go-seek. right, luke?
00:04:52 Is that right, luke?
00:04:54 Come on, tell him what we're doing.
00:04:58 Tell him, luke.
00:05:03 I'll find you!
00:05:08 Only 6 hours on the job and already an escape attempt?
00:05:13 That's one, simms.
00:05:16 let's lose these lights!
00:05:20 [Guards grumbling] Morton: And lose that tie!
00:05:23 Yeah, why don't you make me?
00:05:25 "That's one, simms.
00:05:26 "Know what's next? two.
00:05:28 " oh, just great. like I'm not out here.
00:05:33 Forget me.
00:05:35 [Beep] welcome, you have mail.
00:05:39 All right!
00:05:40 Luke: Mongoose12.
00:05:46 how old are " [beep, typing] Luke: 13 1/2, 21 If you're an older girl.
00:06:00 [Beep] " ..arlington. we should meet sometime." cool.
00:06:19 [Knock on door] it's bedtime!
00:06:22 [Zap] you online?
00:06:26 Yeah, I was.
00:06:28 Who you talking to?
00:06:29 None of your business.
00:06:30 You don't tell anybody who you really are, do you?
00:06:32 No. do I look like an idiot to you?
00:06:34 Online, I'm just like anybody else.
00:06:37 You know, normal, like any other kid?
00:06:39 You ought to try that here.
00:06:41 !
00:06:42 I said go to bed.
00:06:43 Just be careful out there in cyberspace, all right?
00:06:46 Be careful what you tell people.
00:06:48 Thanks!
00:06:50 Hey, you can go now.
00:06:58 Ppllh!
00:06:59 [Thunder] [low chatter] how you doing?
00:07:23 Bartender: What do you need?
00:07:24 Give me a harvey wallbanger.
00:07:26 Make it a harvey oswald.
00:07:28 What's the difference?
00:07:29 Harvey oswald's got 3 shots.
00:07:32 [Chuckles] Bartender: Last one, woods.
00:07:36 Hey, I want you to know I'm sorry about what happened in the mall.
00:07:41 No hard feelings?
00:07:42 Hard feelings? are you serious?
00:07:45 You didn't take my job, simms.
00:07:47 I got no problem with you.
00:07:49 I just got a 6-month paid vacation courtesy of the service.
00:07:55 I lied to the shrink.
00:07:57 [Chuckles] [snorts] it was a living hell, anyway.
00:08:07 Never been so happy to be off a detail in my life.
00:08:11 I'll be back.
00:08:15 See you. all right.
00:08:23 Does he always drink like that?
00:08:25 No. he had a bad day.
00:08:28 He lost his job.
00:08:30 Fired? he just told me he lied to psychiatry.
00:08:33 No. he failed his fitness for duty exam.
00:08:37 Oh, man.
00:08:39 But, hey, thanks for the good word.
00:08:42 I really appreciate it.
00:08:43 Don't mention it.
00:08:44 Don't go making me look bad and don't blow your shot at eagle like woods did.
00:08:49 Hey, I'm not gonna do that.
00:08:51 That's the reason I joined the agency.
00:08:53 See you later, sammy. see you tomorrow.
00:08:56 Thank you, sir.
00:09:16 Unlock the door.
00:09:17 Unlock--unlock the door!
00:09:20 unlock the do-- I'd like to welcome you all to georgetown academy.
00:09:29 lawrence, your teacher, and this is science 101.
00:09:32 I see that some of you recognize one of our classmates.
00:09:35 For those of you who don't know, this is luke davenport.
00:09:39 And because of luke's special circumstances, his friend will also be joining us all year.
00:09:48 swims?
00:09:51 Uh, no, no. simms.
00:09:53 Mr. simms. let's make them feel welcome.
00:09:58 [Clapping] yes, robert?
00:10:02 simms been left back?
00:10:06 [Class laughing] Ms. Lawrence: Very clever, mr. macarthur.
00:10:12 I hope to see some of that cleverness put to good use this year.
00:10:16 Let's not pick on mr. simms.
00:10:20 Let's take a look at the syllabus and see what we'll be studying this year.
00:10:29 [Knock on door] is that all right with you?
00:11:01 Man: Let's welcome our friend in the white house, the president of the united states, paul davenport!
00:11:07 Sir, sorry I'm late.
00:11:08 I'm lactose intolerant-- shut up, simms. what is that?
00:11:13 What, sir? that!
00:11:15 Ha! very funny, sir.
00:11:16 This is a black tie affair.
00:11:17 I know, sir, and I got it covered.
00:11:19 I'm black and I'm wearing a tie.
00:11:21 Don't go there. sorry, sir.
00:11:23 Can I ask you a question?
00:11:25 No, but you're gonna.
00:11:26 Is the agency jealous of my style?
00:11:28 We are.
00:11:29 I mean, why can't my clothes fit my personality?
00:11:32 Bright, bold, colorful? I'm a good agent.
00:11:34 I think it's time for the agency to change, sir.
00:11:36 You're right. change into this.
00:11:39 Thanks for your support, sir.
00:11:49 Sir, I got to check something.
00:11:51 What?
00:11:51 Trust me. I'll put that on.
00:11:52 I gotta check something out, sir.
00:11:53 ...Linda and me back to the white house for 4 more years.
00:11:57 [Applause] [muttering] [hissing] no! not the snake! I hate snakes!
00:12:11 [Hissing] ] [laughing] [clank] [boys laughing] ha! I told you he's such a dork.
00:14:15 Rob: Hey, turn around!
00:14:16 Boy: Yeah, turn around! ha ha!
00:14:18 Simms, can you give me some space?
00:14:22 No problem.
00:14:23 This better?
00:14:25 Do you want me to tell morton about that tie?
00:14:29 Ok, then back off. you're suffocating me.
00:14:33 Fine.
00:14:35 it's a dream i have.
00:14:39 Rob: Hey, guys, check this out.
00:14:42 Boy: Come on, rob. go get him.
00:14:44 [Cameras clicking] Boy: Watch this. ha ha!
00:14:50 Hey, want to come eat with us?
00:14:53 No, thanks.
00:14:55 [Boys talking] why not?
00:14:58 You think you're better than everyone?
00:15:03 Not everyone.
00:15:05 Pff.
00:15:07 Did you hear what he just said to me?
00:15:09 You don't ever say that to rob.
00:15:12 All right, mr. luke.
00:15:13 Let's see how you do on your own.
00:15:14 ..anyone.
00:15:20 Whatever.
00:15:31 Hey, we just want to know how it feels to be the biggest butt in the world!
00:15:35 'Cause we saw it all over the news the other night.
00:15:39 Yeah. I'm sure it looked just like your face.
00:15:48 Hey!
00:15:52 Nah.
00:15:52 Oh, we're not so cool without our baby-sitter now, are we?
00:15:57 He's not my baby-sitter.
00:15:58 I knew it. he's a wuss!
00:16:00 Hit him! come on, let's go!
00:16:02 Just like his dad, the draft dodger, right?
00:16:06 "First kid"? ha ha! come on! come on!
00:16:10 Unh!
00:16:14 He slaps like my sister.
00:16:16 [Children laughing] you know, as a matter of fact, I think my sister slaps a little bit harder.
00:16:21 Shut up! get out of here!
00:16:23 first wuss, I'm over here.
00:16:27 Come on, you dork!
00:16:28 Let's go! come on! hit me!
00:16:31 Come on, slap me! you can do it.
00:16:33 Dash, get these photographers out of here.
00:16:35 Let's go. come on.
00:16:39 Hit me!
00:16:44 Hey, what are you doing? put me down!
00:16:47 Simms: The show's over! everybody back off!
00:16:50 Are you all right?
00:16:52 You ok, luke?
00:16:53 Rob: Man, that's what you get!
00:16:54 Oh, I bet that hurts.
00:16:55 Can you take him to get cleaned up?
00:16:59 Come on, let's go.
00:17:00 I hope you don't need stitches.
00:17:02 Mr. simms!
00:17:04 Can I talk to you for a minute?
00:17:07 Me?
00:17:08 If you're not going to protect him, then I suggest you recommend someone who will.
00:17:13 Excuse me?
00:17:14 Where were you while he got beat up?
00:17:15 That's none of your business, all right?
00:17:16 And the kid asked for some space.
00:17:18 Well, I suggest you give him less space.
00:17:21 Don't tell me how to do my job, ok?
00:17:23 And I won't tell you how to teach your little boring science class.
00:17:27 Luke is in a tough situation.
00:17:29 He's got a high profile, he's in a new school, he needs your support.
00:17:33 I know how this kid operates, you don't.
00:17:35 The last thing he needs is support.
00:17:37 And what is it he needs?
00:17:39 He just got it.
00:18:43 Hi, may I help you?
00:18:44 Yes, we're looking to save on car insurance, even if that means we have to shop all day, right, honey?
00:18:48 Yep, all day.
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00:18:54 Look!
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00:19:06 Mm-hmm.
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00:19:44 Whoo!
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00:20:24 Your homecoming queen is...
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00:22:31 You know, you need to learn how to box.
00:22:32 Why? that's what you're supposed to be for.
00:22:36 my job is to protect you from psychos, wackos, kidnappers-- not 14-year-old boys wearing blue blazers, all right?
00:22:43 that's unfortunate for you, because as much trash as you talk, you need to learn how to defend yourself.
00:22:48 I didn't ask you for your advice, so just take me home.
00:22:52 Know what?
00:22:55 All I got to do is keep him out of trouble till I get bumped to eagle. that's all.
00:23:02 ...Not counting the half million we had in bosnia.
00:23:05 Paul, hello. I'm terribly sorry.
00:23:08 Ahem. oh.
00:23:09 ..
00:23:11 You know the joint chiefs.
00:23:13 Hello, generals, admirals.
00:23:16 Linda, I am in the middle of a meeting with the joint chiefs of staff.
00:23:21 Can't this wait?
00:23:22 Yes, it can wait, if you want to see it on the news tonight.
00:23:29 He was in a fight, paul.
00:23:30 President:..
00:23:31 Guys, could you give us a few seconds?
00:23:34 Yes, sir. yes, sir.
00:23:36 I guess that nuclear treaty can wait.
00:23:42 Hmm.
00:23:45 Sit down over there.
00:23:47 Sit.
00:23:49 All right, what happened?
00:23:52 Well, that's what I'd like to know.
00:23:54 We're looking into it.
00:23:55 We may be making some changes.
00:23:57 Well, now, let's hold up on that.
00:23:59 I'm sure simms would've stopped it if he could have.
00:24:03 Now, how did thisincident begin?
00:24:05 Well, sir, one of the boys-- Luke: It was just something stupid.
00:24:10 Now, look, luke, your mother and i are going to be out on the campaign trail for a while, and while we're gone, I really need you to be on your best behavior.
00:24:18 Now I hate to do this, but while we're gone, you're grounded.
00:24:21 How long are you gonna be gone?
00:24:23 About a month.
00:24:24 ! I have to stay in the house while you guys go travel all over?
00:24:31 President: Linda?
00:24:33 I think he just needs some time to cool off.
00:24:42 Mmm.
00:24:44 Ahem.
00:24:47 Luke!
00:24:51 Brandy, you seen luke?
00:24:52 [Brandy whimpers] I'm not in the mood for games, luke.
00:24:55 Where are you?
00:24:56 I heard about this.
00:24:58 They told me this was closed off.
00:25:00 I can't believe this kid got this thing open.
00:25:04 [Creaks] [luke crying] luke?
00:25:38 What is this place?
00:25:42 Simms: You ok?
00:25:49 What are you doing down here?
00:25:50 What's the difference? nobody cares.
00:25:54 If you hadn't come, no one would even known I was gone.
00:25:57 That's not true.
00:25:58 Now, your mother and father would have.
00:25:59 Sooner or later they would have known.
00:26:01 Trust me, it would have been later.
00:26:03 I'm here. I care.
00:26:05 Yeah, so? it's your job.
00:26:10 You don't even like it.
00:26:11 "I just gotta keep him out of trouble " did--did I get that right?
00:26:18 I should've never said that.
00:26:21 I was angry with you.
00:26:22 You make me look stupid at my job.
00:26:24 You throw a snake on me, you sneak out the white house.
00:26:27 But I should never have said it. I'm sorry.
00:26:29 Come on, luke, you got a pretty good life here.
00:26:32 You're the first kid.
00:26:33 Why would you want to run away?
00:26:35 I can't go out.
00:26:37 I--i never see my parents.
00:26:40 I don't have any friends.
00:26:43 I've never kissed a girl.
00:26:45 That would do it. I understand.
00:26:47 That would make me run away myself.
00:26:48 I'm sure you didn't have to live like this when you were a kid.
00:26:53 You were lucky.
00:26:53 you're the only one that has some problems in life.
00:26:57 Let me tell you about myself.
00:26:58 When I was your age, I lost my father in vietnam.
00:27:01 My mother had to work 2 or 3 jobs just to take care of me, so I was always by myself.
00:27:05 You're the lucky one. you got both your parents.
00:27:08 Yeah. I see them every night on the news.
00:27:10 that's your booty you've been seeing on the news.
00:27:14 Did you laugh? did--did I see a laugh?
00:27:17 There's hope, people.
00:27:18 There's hope for this man. ha!
00:27:20 See, it's not that bad.
00:27:22 Say we go upstairs, go in the kitchen, get something to eat and talk like 2 men.
00:27:27 The kitchen's closed.
00:27:28 I'm double-o simms. I can get to any kitchen.
00:27:31 How come you had trouble with those guys at your table today?
00:27:34 They only want to be friends with me because of my dad.
00:27:37 How do you figure that?
00:27:39 'Cause everyone does.
00:27:40 So how do you know when somebody likes you for you?
00:27:44 I guess I don't.
00:27:46 Simms? yeah?
00:27:47 You know that kid that hit me today?
00:27:49 Yeah, vaguely I remember that incident.
00:27:52 What took you so long to get there?
00:27:53 you know, I usually wear a size 36 underwear, BUT SOMEBODY GAVE ME SOME 34s IN THE STORE, So I had a little wedgie thing going on, ..
00:28:04 I'm sorry, ok? it'll never happen again.
00:28:07 I promise you that, 'cause I'm your partner-- double-o simms, all right?
00:28:12 [Traffic noises] Simms: I need an insurance policy.
00:28:17 A tracking device.
00:28:20 Illegal?
00:28:20 " you want the subject to know or not?
00:28:27 Not.
00:28:28 Well, here's the best stuff I got, and all of it is "covert," so don't arrest me, sam.
00:28:33 [Whistling] so take one, my brother.
00:28:36 Let's see what you got.
00:28:38 Yeah, ok. wait a minute.
00:28:42 See, this is cool.
00:28:44 This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about.
00:28:45 The agency doesn't even have this stuff yet.
00:28:47 That's 'cause they don't have me no more.
00:28:49 I want you to know that.
00:28:51 Now, mr. genius, where's the transmitter?
00:28:54 If I told you that, I'd have to kill you.
00:28:58 Ho!
00:28:58 Now, here's the tracking unit.
00:29:00 Works off the global positioning satellite system.
00:29:03 Now, I modified it, of course.
00:29:05 [Beeping] I like this.
00:29:06 Sam, don't forget to recharge it, ok?
00:29:10 Naw, cool.
00:29:11 Can--can I charge this with my atm card?
00:29:28 My dad works for the government, too.
00:29:43 " [laughs] [door opens] say, luke, dinner time.
00:30:00 It's all pg-rated stuff on there, right?
00:30:05 This the only guy you chat with online?
00:30:07 [Zap] yeah, I guess.
00:30:10 you know, another kid.
00:30:13 And he doesn't know who you are,right?
00:30:16 Yes, simms.
00:30:17 make sure you're listening.
00:30:20 Look, I got you something.
00:30:22 No, no, no. stand up and lean over.
00:30:24 I want to put it on you.
00:30:25 Spent all that money, I want to see how it looks.
00:30:27 had to get a night job to pay for that.
00:30:32 Well, what's it for?
00:30:34 Because I like you.
00:30:36 Yeah, thanks. thanks a lot.
00:30:39 All right!
00:30:40 What's up, my man? how you doing?
00:30:43 Oh, hey, mongoose 12, what's up with this?
00:30:46 Little cat online, I need you to check him out.
00:30:49 Ok, we're really backed up down here.
00:30:52 Is this really a priority?
00:30:53 No, man, but I really need the help.
00:30:56 All right, I'll get to it when I can.
00:30:58 Thanks, man. yeah.
00:30:59 [Bell rings] Katie: Luke! luke!
00:31:07 Are you busy tonight?
00:31:09 No, no. not that busy.
00:31:11 A bunch of us are going to the movies.
00:31:13 Do you want to come?
00:31:21 I guess I can't.
00:31:23 Oh. thanks, anyway.
00:31:25 Ok. I guess I'll see you monday.
00:31:30 Bye.
00:31:32 B-bye!
00:31:37 Want to see a movie?
00:31:38 Man, we get any movie playing in any theater, right?
00:31:41 Take it back to the crown, watch it in the private screening room, no lines, no big-head family sitting in front of you if you can't see the screen.
00:31:48 Huh? sound good?
00:31:55 Yeah. it'll be a barrel of laughs.
00:31:58 [Knock on door] luke! luke!
00:32:01 I didn't say you could come in here! ok?
00:32:01 Leave!
00:32:04 What's going on, man?
00:32:06 What's this? ah, I see what's happening.
00:32:10 I had one of these. you gonna run away, huh?
00:32:13 [Unzips bag] wait a minute, wait a minute.
00:32:16 No peanut butter and jelly?
00:32:17 Man can't live without peanut butter and jelly.
00:32:21 [Sighs] look, I don't blame you, man.
00:32:24 Must be tough living in a fishbowl.
00:32:27 I know one thing--running away is not the answer.
00:32:30 When I was 13, I didn't want to hear that, either.
00:32:33 So what are we gonna do?
00:32:35 You know, I'm gonna regret this.
00:32:38 I am. simms, you're gonna regret this.
00:32:40 I know this. I'm gonna lose my job.
00:32:42 Then I'm gonna be running away 'cause I'm not gonna have a place to live, I can't pay rent, but I'm gonna do this.
00:32:46 Know why? 'cause I care about you.
00:32:47 I hope you know how much trouble I could get in.
00:32:50 One day when you're old, " ..
00:32:58 Under 2 conditions-- first of all, you got to make the pinky promise-- it's the deepest promise 2 men can make.
00:33:04 No. the pinky. look, there you go.
00:33:08 You gotta get out more often, kid.
00:33:09 First of all, you got to promise not to tell anybody about what we're doing, ok?
00:33:14 Number 2-- you have to promise not to ever run away while we're out there.
00:33:19 All right?
00:33:20 Yeah. I promise.
00:33:21 All right.
00:33:25 So where are we gonna go?
00:33:26 Want to see what's happening?
00:33:27 We'll hang out with some other kids, see what you've been missing.
00:33:30 Got one problem, though.
00:33:32 Now, I know how to get us out of here.
00:33:33 I just don't know how to make 'em believe that we're still here.
00:33:37 I do.
00:33:37 [Knock on door] luke!
00:33:39 Computer: I'm sleeping.
00:33:41 Get out the bed-- wait a minute.
00:33:43 What's going on here? luke!
00:33:45 Leave me alone. I'm in here!
00:33:46 I knew it was gonna happen.
00:33:47 Your brain's been sucked into the computer, man!
00:33:49 -- oh, I get it. luke!
00:33:54 I said go away!
00:33:55 Luke!
00:33:56 I'm not hungry.
00:33:57 Very nice. where'd you get this?
00:33:59 I picked it up off the kid internet.
00:34:02 So, how you gonna get me out of here?
00:34:04 Don't worry. it's in the bag.
00:34:07 Shh, shh, shh.
00:34:11 This is really stupid.
00:34:12 You look stupid. it's ok. it's all right.
00:34:14 Hey, guys.
00:34:15 I forgot-- didn't I ask you to do something?
00:34:18 No, sir.
00:34:18 Are you sure? yes, sir.
00:34:20 Then go get the car.
00:34:21 Well, where's luke?
00:34:21 Computer: Leave me alone.
00:34:22 He was sleeping until you just woke him up.
00:34:25 Well, who's that?
00:34:27 This is--this is his friend reggie.
00:34:30 Hi, luke's friend reggie.
00:34:31 Computer: I said go away.
00:34:33 They had a little argument. it's ok, man.
00:34:34 Could you go get the car, please?
00:34:35 I got to get the boy home.
00:34:37 He has a medical problem.
00:34:39 Whatever you do, don't say anything.
00:34:41 Ok. I'm sorry.
00:34:43 Duh--gee--get in here!
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00:39:35 I didn't think he had any friends.
00:39:37 Hey, did you fill the car with gas?
00:39:39 Yes, sir.
00:39:41 Ok.
00:39:42 [Deep voice] do you, uh, like luke?
00:39:46 he's a pompous brat-- you never discuss the protectee with a stranger.
00:39:52 Now, you know that. that's code.
00:39:53 Reggie knows luke's a pain the butt.
00:39:55 Everyone who's ever met luke knows that.
00:39:59 [Deep voice] is that right?
00:40:01 [Normal voice] am I a pain in the butt?
00:40:04 [Tires screech] are a pain in the butt.
00:40:08 I told you to keep your mouth shut.
00:40:10 We are going back right now!
00:40:12 look, we're already out here.
00:40:15 Why don't we just keep on going?
00:40:17 !
00:40:18 To a federal penitentiary?
00:40:20 Look, I just want the kid to go out and hang out with some regular kids for a while, then we go on back.
00:40:23 Simms, this is unauthorized, unknown, and felonious removal of the protectee from federally secured grounds!
00:40:29 You're gonna get me fired!
00:40:30 Noreen will not marry a guy who is fired!
00:40:33 That's a personal problem.
00:40:34 Don't mix it in with our job, all right?
00:40:35 It's a little joke. just a little joke.
00:40:37 Look, the kid's gonna hang out, have a little fun, then we'll go on back.
00:40:41 Now, what could be wrong with that?
00:40:42 There's about 37 things wrong with that.
00:40:45 Unauthorized removal-- no, you will not list them all.
00:40:48 I will smack you if you list them all!
00:40:50 Look, the kid was gonna run away, so by keeping the kid with us, we're doing our job and protecting him.
00:40:57 In essence, we're going a step above our job.
00:41:00 We're doing a great thing for our country, and noreen would love that.
00:41:08 Yeah.
00:41:08 I'm relieving you of seniority of post pursuant to section 13 of the federal agency code.
00:41:14 Relax, luke. everything's fine.
00:41:16 We're going back right now.
00:41:18 Fine.
00:41:20 [Tires squealing] I'd hate to be you when luke tells the president it was your idea.
00:41:26 [Screech] it was not my idea, and luke would never lie!
00:41:31 Luke?
00:41:32 [Crying] "we didn't want to go, dad.
00:41:34 " you guys suck.
00:41:40 We suck. did you hear that, luke?
00:41:42 We suck.
00:41:42 We suck. all right! we suck!
00:41:44 Let's make a sucky left turn here.
00:41:46 [Music playing] Simms: I learned how to box here when I was a kid.
00:41:54 It was great.
00:41:54 Oh, when you get inside, just blend in.
00:42:08 Can I help you, sir?
00:42:09 Don't you recognize me?
00:42:12 Sammy.
00:42:14 Sammy simms.
00:42:15 Hey, fellas, listen up!
00:42:17 I want you to meet sammy simms!
00:42:20 Fought willie fox for the golden gloves title ..
00:42:26 Right!
00:42:27 So you do remember me.
00:42:28 As I recall, you caught him with a hard right in the first.
00:42:32 That's right. bam.
00:42:34 And in the second, he spanked you like a 4-year-old at kmart.
00:42:37 [Men laughing] excuse me.
00:42:40 What happened in the third round?
00:42:41 All right, all right, we had our laugh.
00:42:44 Now, settle down, settle down.
00:42:46 I want to tell you something about this man.
00:42:48 This man had a lot of heart.
00:42:50 He went back into that ring, and he took willie fox out and went home with the gold.
00:42:55 THE GOLD. Man: Right!
00:42:57 All right, what you standing around for?
00:43:00 Go on back to work.
00:43:01 Man: All right, men!
00:43:03 So, sammy, where you been?
00:43:06 Sorry I haven't come by the gym in a while, it's just that, you know, I'm married to my job.
00:43:10 Looks like you're married to a white girl.
00:43:13 Oh, no, no. this is reggie.
00:43:15 He's not my son. well, this is my job.
00:43:18 Well, I mean, I work for him.
00:43:20 Not for him, I work for his parents.
00:43:21 ..
00:43:25 [Smack] hey, uh, here's the deal.
00:43:28 Your old locker's still back there.
00:43:29 Anything I can do for you, you let me know, sammy.
00:43:32 Thanks, man. I appreciate that.
00:43:34 Yeah. cool.
00:43:36 "Nanny." let's go.
00:43:38 Simms: All right, reggie,let's see what you got.
00:43:39 it's your first day at the gym.
00:43:41 just give me that right hand.
00:43:44 Get your right hand, give me some power, right?
00:43:46 Just like rocky, all right?
00:43:47 just show me what you got.
00:43:50 Eye of the tiger. there you go.
00:43:53 Take somebody out.
00:43:54 they got your woman-- ♪♪ I've got the power ♪♪
00:44:01 [groans] we're gonna try to hit the bag this time.
00:44:05 Ok? thank you.
00:44:07 ♪♪ I've got the power ♪♪
00:44:12 hit the bag.
00:44:14 Mind if I help?
00:44:15 All right. it's your gym.
00:44:17 All right, little man, punch the bag.
00:44:22 Ow!
00:44:23 Whoa, ok. go on, go on.
00:44:27 Oof!
00:44:28 He's trying to tell you something.
00:44:29 Use this hand. protect your right face.
00:44:30 don't let anybody hit your face.
00:44:33 All right, there you go.
00:44:35 Unh!
00:44:35 Huh! there you go! hang in there.
00:44:38 Huh! all right, there you go.
00:44:40 Hunh!
00:44:41 Boom, there it is.
00:44:42 Rob. take that, rob.
00:44:43 Ok, ok, just a little motivation there, brother.
00:44:45 Take it easy on your hands, all right?
00:44:47 We'll hit the jump rope in a little bit, ok?
00:44:49 Cool. thanks a lot, man.
00:44:50 Come on now, let me see what you got.
00:44:52 No. I'm just working with the kid, all right?
00:44:54 Come on, willie fox, right?
00:44:56 Sammy simms?
00:44:57 I don't know.
00:44:57 Come on, man, let's see what you got.
00:44:58 It's been a long--these bags are so much bigger now, man.
00:45:02 Man, just like this?
00:45:03 I don't want to hurt myself.
00:45:06 [glass breaks] whoa! did you see that?
00:45:13 [Brakes screech] let's go.
00:45:18 Come on, let's go.
00:45:19 Yo--you did a good thing tonight.
00:45:22 You owe me.
00:45:24 Aw!
00:45:25 Good night, l.d.
00:45:26 Good night, sir.
00:45:29 Chief! ha ha!
00:45:31 Simms: Hey, chief. what's up? how you doin'?
00:45:33 Dash! go, dash!
00:45:35 that's the best partner I ever had.
00:45:38 burning the midnight oil.
00:45:40 Beautiful night, though, right?
00:45:42 I was just up at your room, and you told me youwere sleeping.
00:45:52 I did?
00:45:53 I--uh-eh-- yeah, yeah, yeah. I did.
00:45:56 Well, what are you doing out here?
00:45:58 .. he was sleepwalking.
00:46:00 Walking the dog-- he was-- sleepwalking the dog.
00:46:03 I didn't want to mention it till I talked to his parents, but obviously the boy's asleep when he walks-- [snaps fingers] there you go.
00:46:11 See, the dog walks in the sleep with him.
00:46:14 Hey, good girl!
00:46:15 They walk in their sleep-- it's amazing.
00:46:17 Did you ever see theoprahshow where the kid's walking-- is--is a-- I got the tape. I'll get it to you.
00:46:21 I need to get him to bed.
00:46:23 Yeah, get inside. get to bed, lucas.
00:46:42 ♪♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪♪
00:46:44 ♪♪ oh, that's ok-k-k-k-k ♪♪
00:46:48 ♪♪ he-ey-ey, he-ey-ey ♪♪
00:46:49 ♪♪ hey-ey-ey, he-ey-ey-ey ♪♪
00:46:51 ♪♪ hey-ey-ey-ee-ey ey-ey ♪♪
00:46:55 ♪♪ he-ey-ey, he-ey-ey ♪♪
00:46:57 ♪♪ hey-ey-ey, he-ey-ey-ey ♪♪
00:46:59 ♪♪ hey-ey-ey-ee-ey ey-ey ♪♪
00:47:03 ♪♪ my back is against the wall ♪♪
00:47:06 ♪♪ it's more real, I'm runnin' from pain ♪♪
00:47:09 ♪♪ and I know just who, who to call on ♪♪
00:47:13 ♪♪ when I need relief ♪♪
00:47:15 ♪♪ oh, hey, hey-ey-ey-ey ♪♪
00:47:18 ♪♪ to help me fight ♪♪
00:47:19 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:21 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:22 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:23 ♪♪ the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:47:25 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:47:26 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:28 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:29 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:47:30 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:31 ♪♪ the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:47:33 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:47:34 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:36 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:37 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:39 ♪♪ of the world, I need relief ♪♪
00:47:41 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:44 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:47:45 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:47:47 ♪♪ of the world ♪♪
00:47:48 ♪♪ playing on the tension and the weakness of addiction ♪♪
00:47:51 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:47:52 ♪♪ that lure your mind ♪♪
00:47:55 ♪♪ you can fight it ♪♪
00:47:56 ♪♪ fight it ♪♪
00:47:57 ♪♪ you can win ♪♪
00:47:58 ♪♪ for your deliverance ♪♪
00:48:00 ♪♪ just by your having grace ♪♪
00:48:02 ♪♪ you have to fight ♪♪
00:48:04 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:06 ♪♪ oh, hey-ey-ey ♪♪
00:48:08 ♪♪ the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:48:10 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:48:12 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:12 ♪♪ oh, the pressure ♪♪
00:48:14 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:15 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:16 ♪♪ the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:48:18 ♪♪ oh, the pressure ♪♪
00:48:19 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:21 ♪♪ whoa-oa-oa-oh ♪♪
00:48:23 ♪♪ the pressure of the world ♪♪
00:48:25 ♪♪ take this burden off ♪♪
00:48:27 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:28 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:29 ♪♪ oh, the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:48:31 ♪♪ oh-oh-oh ♪♪
00:48:34 ♪♪ oh, the pressure ♪♪
00:48:36 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:38 ♪♪ take this burden off ♪♪
00:48:40 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:48:43 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:43 ♪♪ oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪♪
00:48:49 ♪♪ the pressures ♪♪
00:48:50 ♪♪ the pressure, the pressure ♪♪
00:48:52 ♪♪ pressures of the world ♪♪
00:48:56 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:48:57 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:48:58 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:48:59 ♪♪ the pressure ♪♪
00:49:00 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:49:01 ♪♪ I need--i need ♪♪
00:49:02 ♪♪ pressures of this whole big world ♪♪
00:49:06 ♪♪ I'm so glad that I soon will be gone ♪♪
00:49:10 ♪♪ lift the pressures off me ♪♪
00:49:12 ♪♪ we all have our burdens to carry ♪♪
00:49:16 ♪♪ I know when mine gets too big ♪♪
00:49:19 ♪♪ he's always there to bear the load ♪♪
00:49:22 ♪♪ he gives me strength and comfort ♪♪
00:49:24 ♪♪ any time I need relief ♪♪
00:49:28 ♪♪ from the pressures of the world ♪♪
00:49:32 ♪♪ I get relief ♪♪
00:49:34 ♪♪ I need relief ♪♪
00:49:35 ♪♪ from somebody ♪♪
00:49:37 ♪♪ pressures of the world ♪♪
00:49:41 ♪♪ he-ey-ey-ey ♪♪
00:49:43 ♪♪ oh-oh-oh ♪♪
00:49:45 ♪♪ pressures of the world ♪♪
00:49:49 ♪♪ ah-ah-ah-ah ♪♪
00:49:50 ♪♪ ah-ah-ah-ah ♪♪
00:49:52 ♪♪ oh-oh-oh-oh ♪♪
00:49:55 [cheering] ♪
00:52:37 wish we had this.
00:52:38 We'd just tell people what to pay.
00:52:39 Yeah, we're the only ones that do.
00:52:41 I love your insurance!
00:52:43 Bill?
00:52:44 Tom?
00:52:45 Hey! it's an office party!
00:52:47 The freedom to name your price.
00:52:49 Only from progressive.
00:52:49 Call or click today.
00:55:10 What are you doing?
00:55:11 I'm trying to keep you alive.
00:55:14 I'm testin' the food.
00:55:17 Why do you always test my cookies?
00:55:22 [Giggling] I think I need some milk.
00:55:37 Hi.
00:55:38 Hi!
00:55:43 ..
00:55:44 What did you do this weekend?
00:55:48 Not much.
00:55:50 How 'bout you?
00:55:52 Not much.
00:55:56 Hello.
00:55:57 Hu-hi.
00:55:59 Hey.
00:56:00 Student: Wait up!
00:56:01 Ms. Lawrence: Still giving him his space, huh?
00:56:05 Hey, I'm within agency regulations on this one, all right?
00:56:08 I was kidding.
00:56:09 Oh.
00:56:10 I didn't know you were a kidder.
00:56:14 Is there really a water slide onair force one?
00:56:20 Mm-hmm.
00:56:22 We didn't get off to a good start, did we?
00:56:25 Ms. Lawrence: No, we didn't.
00:56:26 It must be tough being in my class every ..
00:56:29 ..boring science class.
00:56:33 Who said your class was boring?
00:56:35 You said that.
00:56:37 I must have been involved in a lot of physical activity, because I would never say I think I have perfect attendance in your class, if you check the records.
00:56:46 well, almost one time when you slammed the door in my face, but I could have made it.
00:56:51 [bell rings] puppy love.
00:57:10 Yeah, they're kinda ner-nervous.
00:57:13 Nervous. yeah.
00:57:17 ..
00:57:19 Bye.
00:57:25 Doop-doop--aw, man, you missed a dunk!
00:57:28 But it's her birthday, and she askedmeto go!
00:57:32 Look, I don't know what to say, man.
00:57:34 I mean, I'm sitting here, I'm almost crying.
00:57:37 But we go boxing-- I can go as reggie!
00:57:40 You can go as michael jordan, but you ain't going.
00:57:43 Hey, I just wanna see who she skates with.
00:57:47 No! n-o! no!
00:57:49 Come on, please, simms.
00:57:50 You know what's gonna happen if I let you go?
00:57:52 ..
00:57:54 He's gonna chew my butt off.
00:57:55 I'm gonna sit there.
00:57:57 My butt's gonna get smaller and smaller and smaller.
00:57:59 By the time I stand up, my back'll be on my thighs, 'cause I won't have no butt.
00:58:03 I'll slide off on the floor.
00:58:06 of course not.
00:58:09 I can't let you go, man.
00:58:11 It sure would be a shame if I accidentally told my dad about you taking me boxing.
00:58:16 Be a shame if I threw you out that window also.
00:58:20 [Knock on door] sorry.
00:58:23 Your mom and dad are on the phone.
00:58:26 Simms: I don't like that look.
00:58:28 what's that look supposed to be, like, oh, you gonna do something?
00:58:32 [Ring] when you pick that phone up, you better think twice.
00:58:36 [SOFTLY] Don't rat on me.
00:58:38 ..
00:58:40 Yeah, great.
00:58:43 What have I been doing lately?
00:58:50 Are you happy? I'm happy. everybody's happy.
00:58:53 Everybody's skating. it's a wonderful day.
00:58:55 you find her, you see who she's with, and we're outta here, ok?
00:59:01 ♪♪ She sits in the top ♪♪
00:59:02 ♪♪ of the greenest tree ♪♪
00:59:03 ♪♪ she sends out an aroma of undefined love ♪♪
00:59:07 ♪♪ drifts on down in a mist from above ♪♪
00:59:10 ♪♪ she's just a girl ♪♪
00:59:11 ..
00:59:12 ♪♪
00:59:15 !
00:59:16 There she is.
00:59:17 .. ♪♪
00:59:19 wow!
00:59:20 Can we go now?
00:59:24 There she is! hide--hide!
00:59:25 Oh, yeah, I'm hiding. they can't see me now.
00:59:28 ♪♪ You can hear her calling everywhere you turn ♪♪
00:59:31 .. ♪♪
00:59:35 you have to stay away from me.
00:59:38 just take care of this little teenage jealousy thing you got goin' on, and we're outta here, all right?
00:59:43 But she'll recognize you!
00:59:44 Then she'll know it's me, and it'll ruin everything.
00:59:48 Well, fine!
00:59:48 Let me know how I stay in here with you without her recognizing me, and I'll go along with the plan, ok?
00:59:57 What?
00:59:58 Oh, no, no, no, no.
01:00:01 Boy: Nice outfit!
01:00:02 Boy, whining: Ow! evan!
01:00:04 Don't you even think about it-- come on!
01:00:07 Simms: Oh, great. just great.
01:00:09 I haven't been skating since I was 12 years old.
01:00:12 And back then I had a pizza face.
01:00:14 Now I got a big giant pizza face.
01:00:18 Luke!
01:00:19 Reggie!
01:00:22 Girl: Katie, you know that guy in chemistry with the really bad acne?
01:00:25 Well, he's going out with wanda.
01:00:28 Great party, katie. you're so popular.
01:00:31 Yeah, but didn't you invite luke davenport?
01:00:34 Yeah. I guess he couldn't make it.
01:00:37 Man on P.A.:..
01:00:38 Couples only.
01:00:40 If you're not holding hands, sit down.
01:00:42 Hand-holding mandatory.
01:00:44 .. skate with you.
01:00:50 ♪♪ From now until ♪♪
01:00:53 .. ♪♪
01:00:55 .. a pretty cool song, huh?
01:00:58 Yeah. do you have the cd?
01:01:00 Yeah, of course.
01:01:01 Have you seen luke davenport around here?
01:01:04 Do I care?
01:01:06 ♪♪ And promise you now ♪♪
01:01:09 ♪♪ until forever ♪♪
01:01:14 luke-- oh!
01:01:18 Just sit right there. just sit there.
01:01:23 All right.
01:01:24 Ok. came up with my part of the deal.
01:01:27 Now, let's go, ok? let's just go.
01:01:29 They're having cake after this.
01:01:31 No, we're not having cake!
01:01:32 No, we're not having cake!
01:01:34 I have a headache this big!
01:01:35 We're not having cake. we're going home.
01:01:37 I just wanna see who she sits next to.
01:01:40 What-- do I look like an idiot to you?
01:01:44 Hmm? don't you answer that.
01:01:46 We are going home now--right now!
01:01:51 Not yet.
01:01:51 You think I'm playing? huh?
01:01:53 I'm a secret service agent!
01:01:58 Oh, my god.
01:01:59 ..
01:02:01 How you doing?
01:02:02 Hi.
01:02:04 ..
01:02:05 If you want her to be my girlfriend, just give me a sign.
01:02:08 Simms: I'm not playing. I'm going home.
01:02:10 Good-bye!
01:02:12 Yeah! come on!
01:02:14 Hey--hey, I'll get sick!
01:02:16 Let me go--don't let me go!
01:02:18 Oh, no, mr. wizard!
01:02:20 I wanna go home!
01:02:21 Boy: Look out! he's coming!
01:02:23 Move the cake! nooooo!
01:02:25 No-- Katie: Hey, look at my cake!
01:02:39 Thanks a lot, rob, you jerk!
01:02:41 You ruined my birthday! ohh!
01:02:44 Thanks.
01:02:45 ..
01:02:50 There's this, uh, dance at school this weekend, ..
01:02:56 ..
01:03:01 ..
01:03:03 [Mouths words] I think you can go to that.
01:03:08 Really?
01:03:09 Sure. yeah.
01:03:10 .. special that you might be hoping that you could kind of sort of run across at the dance at the school?
01:03:20 ..
01:03:22 W-i--i-- I don't know. m-maybe--no. yeah.
01:03:25 No. no. no, not really.
01:03:27 how's he workin' out?
01:03:30 Oh, he's great. he's cool and he's fun.
01:03:32 ..
01:03:33 He's great?
01:03:34 Really?
01:03:35 What have the two of you been doing together?
01:03:38 Oh, we do a lot of thin-- uh, you know, stuff.
01:03:41 Stuff?
01:03:43 You know. stuff. stuff.
01:03:45 Mm-hmm.
01:03:45 Hey, they said I could go to the dance!
01:03:47 Really? really?
01:03:50 Yes, really!
01:03:51 Cool, man.
01:03:53 All you gotta do now is ask katie out.
01:03:57 Naw, I'll just-- I'll just see her there.
01:04:00 How come you can't ask her?
01:04:02 I don't know. I just can't.
01:04:06 Simms: Testing. testing.
01:04:07 Can you hear me?
01:04:08 it'll be all right, 'cause I'm with you, all right?
01:04:11 Cool, man. don't hyperventilate.
01:04:12 Look at me. this is what we're gonna do.
01:04:15 Go over there.
01:04:16 I want you to be calm, be cool.
01:04:17 Keep away from her right side.
01:04:19 Don't let her see the ear piece.
01:04:21 .. be cool.
01:04:23 Go get 'em, luke.
01:04:24 I'm right here with you.
01:04:29 He's doin' good.
01:04:31 Dash: But he's not doing anything yet, sir.
01:04:33 He's just walking.
01:04:35 Simms, in ear piece: You're lookin' good.
01:04:37 Lookin' good. go ahead, boy.
01:04:52 What's he doing?
01:04:53 Don't just stand there.
01:04:55 Simms: Say hello.
01:04:56 Hello!
01:04:57 Great. make the girl go deaf.
01:04:58 They love that. we're in big trouble.
01:05:01 We're in big trouble.
01:05:02 What?
01:05:04 You're losin' him.
01:05:05 .. are you?
01:05:09 Fine, i-- ..not to me.
01:05:11 Simms: Ask her how she's doing.
01:05:13 [Loudly] how are you?
01:05:15 Fine.
01:05:16 Simms: Doing ok. hang in there.
01:05:18 Now ask her about the party.
01:05:20 was your party?
01:05:21 It was fun.
01:05:23 Until the boys beat up the mascot.
01:05:26 This is very important, luke.
01:05:27 Tell her you want the names of all the boys involved-- no, we-- n-- what?
01:05:34 ..
01:05:35 No!
01:05:36 They beat up the mascot?
01:05:38 Did you want something, luke?
01:05:41 ..yeah, um...
01:05:43 ..
01:05:46 S-say hi. hi!
01:05:49 Hi.
01:05:50 Simms: Ok.
01:05:52 Ask her if she's going to the dance.
01:05:54 You're not going to the dance tomorrow, are you?
01:05:57 I don't know. nobody's asked me yet.
01:05:59 Nobody I wanna go with, anyway.
01:06:02 Simms: Oh, yes!
01:06:04 Yes! yes!
01:06:06 Simms: Yes!
01:06:09 Simms:..
01:06:11 tell her that you're not going to the dance with anybody either.
01:06:14 ..i don't have anyone to go with, either.
01:06:18 Have you asked anyone?
01:06:21 Oh, she is coy.
01:06:22 These kids, they watch too many videos.
01:06:24 They're growing up too fast!
01:06:25 Simms: lucky for you, I'll get you through this.
01:06:28 Ask her who she wants to go to the dance with.
01:06:31 Who--who do you want to go to the dance with?
01:06:33 Luke, if you want to ask me, just ask me.
01:06:39 ..
01:06:40 Just ask her.
01:06:44 D-do you want to go to the dance with me?
01:06:59 Ok.
01:07:00 Yes!
01:07:01 Yes!
01:07:02 Ok.
01:07:04 See--see ya there.
01:07:05 Bye.
01:07:13 She said yes!
01:07:22 ♪♪ My life is in a serious mess ♪♪
01:07:25 ♪♪ my baby's gone, there's heavy mental stress ♪♪
01:07:28 ♪♪ I never knew love, but I know it now ♪♪
01:07:31 ♪♪ I wanna give her my heart ♪♪
01:07:33 ♪♪
01:07:37 thank you guys for watching.
01:07:38 Yes, yeah, i-- ..
01:07:41 Definitely the most powerful kid in the universe.
01:07:48 [Drops toothbrush] ♪♪ just a kiss ♪♪
01:07:54 ♪♪ just a kiss ♪♪
01:07:55 ♪♪
01:08:01 ♪♪ who what's wrong with you?
01:13:18 I'm not going to the dance.
01:13:20 Say what?
01:13:20 Mr. "my mama said I can go to the dance!
01:13:22 " what happened?
01:13:26 ..[mumbles] i--who?
01:13:29 I can't dance.
01:13:30 Oohmanuu?
01:13:32 I said I can't dance.
01:13:33 Aw, phff, man, what do you mean you don't know how to dance?
01:13:36 You just need to get in touch with your inner dance self.
01:13:39 well, show me something, something you've seen in the video.
01:13:43 you can do it-- you have to believe in yourself, luke.
01:13:46 You can dance! say it to yourself.
01:13:48 "I can dance." try it.
01:13:50 All right.
01:13:54 ♪♪ Yeah ♪♪
01:13:55 what are you doing?
01:14:00 Uh--oh!
01:14:02 Simms!
01:14:03 You were supposed to catch me.
01:14:05 Man, you're watching way too much mtv.
01:14:08 Get up here.
01:14:08 Man, you're gonna scare somebody doing that at the dance.
01:14:12 [Mutters while turns on radio] [switching channels] [funky music plays] the main thing is to be smooth even if you can't dance.
01:14:19 Be smooth, find a beat, and go to the middle of the dance floor so nobody can see what you're doing from the waist down.
01:14:24 If you couldn't see me, I'd be doing this.
01:14:26 I ain't doin' nothing, but it looks good.
01:14:29 Ok? here we go.
01:14:30 Find your beat, just like you're boxing.
01:14:33 Ok, side to side.
01:14:34 It's a very basic move, but it looks good.
01:14:36 bite your lip.
01:14:38 It looks like you're doing a lot more than what you're doin'.
01:14:41 ♪♪
01:14:42 ♪♪
01:14:43 little pelvic thrust. try this. uh!
01:14:46 Uh!
01:14:47 Oh, they like that, man.
01:14:48 They won't say nothin', but they'll smile.
01:14:50 There you go, man. all right! there it is!
01:14:52 Bite that lip now!
01:14:54 This is cool!
01:14:54 Do the pelvis! do the pelvic move!
01:14:57 Yeah.
01:14:57 Only one. just one per song.
01:15:00 Yeah. sorry.
01:15:00 Point at people like you know 'em.
01:15:01 What's up? what's up? there you go. yeah!
01:15:05 Just--just don't jump around, now.
01:15:07 Yeah, this is cool. this is good.
01:15:09 see, you're a dancing fool, man!
01:15:12 Look at that! talking about you can't dance.
01:15:15 You got it!
01:15:16 There you go. side to side.
01:15:18 ♪♪ Do you wanna go, uh ♪♪
01:15:20 ♪♪
01:15:24 ♪♪ funk ♪♪
01:15:26 ♪♪ funk ♪♪
01:15:31 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:33 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:35 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:39 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:41 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:43 ♪♪ to the land of funk ♪♪
01:15:47 ♪♪ funk ♪♪
01:15:49 ♪♪ funk ♪♪
01:15:51 ♪♪ funk ♪♪
01:16:07 I don't know, chief.
01:16:10 Man: Well, sir?
01:16:12 Get the bomb squad.
01:16:13 ♪♪ Now this move's so funky, hey, what do ♪♪
01:16:16 ♪♪ what is it called, it's called a lakeside stank ♪♪
01:16:26 [music stops] hey!
01:16:27 practicing dance steps here.
01:16:30 Guys, I have bad news.
01:16:31 The trip to the dance has been canceled.
01:16:33 Simms: Why? why?
01:16:33 There's a possible code 4 until further notice.
01:16:37 But my dad said I could go.
01:16:38 I'm not grounded anymore!
01:16:39 I'm sorry. I can't allow you off the grounds.
01:16:45 That's just great!
01:16:46 Hey, hey!
01:16:47 Hold it. now hold it, hold it. why not, sir?
01:16:49 Morton: There's an abandoned duffle bag on the sidewalk outside the main entrance.
01:16:53 that happens, what, 50 times a day.
01:16:55 Probably belongs to a tourist.
01:16:57 The bomb squad is investigating it.
01:16:58 You have to let this boy go to the dance, sir.
01:17:00 ..i don't make the rules, and I don't break the rules.
01:17:05 I'm sorry, luke.
01:17:06 There'll be other dances.
01:17:12 Put this on.
01:17:13 We're goin' to the dance.
01:17:16 [Music plays] ♪♪ up in my chrysler ♪♪
01:17:24 ♪♪ it's as big as a whale ♪♪
01:17:25 ♪♪ and it's about to set sail ♪♪
01:17:30 ♪♪ I got me a car ♪♪
01:17:31 ♪♪ it seats about 20-something ♪♪
01:17:33 ♪♪ come on, and bring your jukebox money ♪♪
01:17:37 ♪♪ the love shack ♪♪
01:17:38 ♪♪ is a little old place ♪♪
01:17:40 ♪♪ where we can ♪♪
01:17:42 ♪♪ get together ♪♪
01:17:46 ♪♪ love shack baby ♪♪
01:17:49 ♪♪ love shack bay-bee ♪♪
01:17:51 ♪♪ love shack ♪♪
01:17:53 .. ♪♪
01:17:54 over there.
01:17:56 ♪♪ Lo-lo-love shack ♪♪
01:17:58 ♪♪ love shack ♪♪
01:18:00 ♪♪ lo-lo-love shack ♪♪
01:18:02 ♪♪ love shack ♪♪
01:18:03 ♪♪ lo-lo-love shack ♪♪
01:18:17 I didn't think you'd make it.
01:18:20 Neither did i.
01:18:21 ♪♪ Lo-lo-love shack ♪♪
01:18:23 .. ♪♪
01:18:25 come on. let's dance.
01:18:29 [New song begins] go away.
01:18:44 I said leave me alone.
01:18:46 I said--i'm--i'm not hungry.
01:18:49 [Music plays, indistinct singing] [mouthing] [boys laughing] dork.
01:19:08 Look at him!
01:19:12 What do you call that move?
01:19:14 Oh. tying my shoe. just tying my shoe.
01:19:15 somebody stepped on my foot.
01:19:19 Oh.
01:19:19 Surprised to see you here at the school dance.
01:19:22 Ms. Lawrence: Why's that?
01:19:23 I just thought you'd have something more important on your agenda than a school dance.
01:19:28 Really?
01:19:30 What about you, mr. simms?
01:19:31 ..working. undercover.
01:19:34 Me, too.
01:19:36 I'm chaperoning.
01:19:38 Undercover.
01:19:40 We have something in common.
01:19:46 [Slow song begins] ..
01:20:01 would you like to do some undercover work?
01:20:04 Yeah.
01:20:04 Help the president's son out? could be dangerous.
01:20:07 ♪♪ They read you cinderella ♪♪
01:20:09 ♪♪ you hoped it would come true ♪♪
01:20:11 ♪♪ that one day your prince charming ♪♪
01:20:14 ♪♪ would come rescue you ♪♪
01:20:17 ♪♪ you like romantic movies ♪♪
01:20:20 ♪♪ you never will forget ♪♪
01:20:21 ♪♪ the way you felt when romeo kissed juliet ♪♪
01:20:26 ow!
01:20:27 Sorry.
01:20:28 ♪♪ All this time that you-- ♪♪
01:20:33 Agent: Chief.
01:20:35 [Luke's computer voice] go away.
01:20:36 I'm not hungry.
01:20:37 I said I'm not-- leave me alone-- go away--not-- Agent: Uuhh!
01:20:43 Get the closets. wanna get that?
01:20:45 I'm not touching it.
01:20:46 I ain't touching that either.
01:20:48 It's all clear.
01:20:49 Let's go.
01:20:50 Both: Put the snake back in the cage.
01:20:52 ♪♪ Goin' on ♪♪
01:20:55 ♪♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♪
01:20:56 ♪♪ goin' on ♪♪
01:20:58 ♪♪ buh-buh-buh, baby ♪♪
01:21:00 ♪♪ you and me got it goin' on ♪♪
01:21:03 ♪♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♪
01:21:05 ♪♪high five ♪♪
01:21:07 ♪♪ we got it going on ♪♪
01:21:08 ♪♪ you and me, you and me ♪♪
01:21:11 ♪♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♪
01:21:14 ♪♪ you and me ♪♪
01:21:15 ♪♪ got it goin' on ♪♪
01:21:16 ♪♪ got it goin' on and on ♪♪
01:21:19 [song ends] where'd you learn how to dance like that?
01:21:29 Simms.
01:21:37 You got a problem?
01:21:39 Yeah, I do.
01:21:40 Stand back, katie.
01:21:41 Come on, luke, don't.
01:21:44 Kids: Ooh!
01:21:58 Simms: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
01:21:59 Come on, hit me! hit me again!
01:22:02 Go clean your face off. go on now.
01:22:04 Rob: I'm gonna get you!
01:22:05 What did I teach you about fighting?
01:22:08 Everything.
01:22:10 That's right, man.
01:22:22 [Sighs] great.
01:22:33 Guess I gotta go.
01:22:37 Call me, ok?
01:22:38 Soon as I can.
01:22:54 You're both finished.
01:22:56 Sir, agent dash had nothing to do with this.
01:22:58 Yes, I did.
01:22:59 sir, I'm his superior officer, and I told him to keep his mouth shut.
01:23:03're still finished.
01:23:06 Badge and firearm now!
01:23:09 Fine.
01:23:16 Now get outta here.
01:23:17 Sir, can I say something?
01:23:19 No!
01:23:20 Well, I'm gonna say it anyway. I was right.
01:23:21 You can't keep that kid locked up in his room.
01:23:23 He's not a convict, morton! he's just a kid!
01:23:27 I haven't got time for this.
01:23:28 There are 2 uniforms who will escort you off the grounds.
01:23:32 Can I at least tell luke goodbye before i go?
01:23:34 you will not contact him until the investigation is over!
01:23:40 I'll tell him you said goodbye.
01:23:42 Now, get out.
01:23:44 I see you're still buying ties at the swap meet.
01:23:47 Get out!
01:23:48 Get him outta here!
01:23:49 Morton: Sorry about this, luke, but you left us no choice.
01:23:53 What is this?
01:23:54 You are confined to quarters until your parents are back in town.
01:23:57 Where's simms?
01:23:58 Simms is no longer with the agency.
01:23:59 Well, did he leave me a note, anything?
01:24:02 Luke, did any of your other agents say goodbye?
01:24:05 Just get out of here! leave!
01:24:07 This isn't your room. get outta here!
01:24:11 [Pulsing] [computer beeps] Luke: I'm house arrested.
01:24:27 Like a tracker or something.
01:24:36 " [WHISPERS] Come on, Brandy. Come on.
01:25:16 Announcer: Here's the pitch.
01:25:18 ..
01:25:21 Oh, yeah. oh!
01:25:23 [Overlapping chatter] luke, your mom and dad are on the phone.
01:25:41 Luke!
01:25:57 Aw!
01:25:58 He's gone.
01:25:59 Let's go. right.
01:26:02 Morgan: Who taught him g ououof bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad.
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01:30:45 Price, wantsa room tonight for 65 dollars.
01:30:46 We don't go lower than 130.
01:30:48 Big deal, persuade him.
01:30:52 Okay. $65 for tonight.
01:30:55 You can't arguewith a big deal.
01:30:57 We're so sure pricelinehas the biggest hotel deals we're announcing thebig deal guarantee, book a hotel withname your own price and if you can find alower published price anywhere else we'll matchit and pay you $25 dollars.
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01:31:16 ññññ who taught him disguises? you did, simms!
01:31:38 We wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you!
01:31:41 Simms: He's not a prisoner here.
01:31:43 ..
01:31:46 Wearing this.
01:31:47 No luke.
01:31:49 No luke.
01:31:51 You taught him well, simms.
01:31:52 ..
01:31:54 Has he tried to contact you in any way?
01:31:57 How many times do I have to tell you--no!
01:32:00 I wanna find luke just as bad as you do.
01:32:02 That's why I'm here!
01:32:04 That's why you're here?
01:32:05 I spoke to his girlfriend katie warren.
01:32:06 He called her and said he was ok.
01:32:08 Said he'd stop by her house tonight.
01:32:10 Address? I've got it.
01:32:11 But he said he was meeting another friend first.
01:32:13 Didn't say where.
01:32:15 Ok. let's go.
01:32:16 No, no, no. where do you think you're going?
01:32:18 I'm going to help.
01:32:19 Look, you've helped enough already.
01:32:21 You're a civilian.
01:32:22 Help mr. simms find his way out!
01:32:25 Morton: Come on, let's go. let's move it!
01:32:27 Get out of the way.
01:32:29 Hey, simms, I almost forgot.
01:32:30 Here's that stuff you wanted, that internet stuff.
01:32:34 This is great.
01:33:07 Can I try this one?
01:33:08 Sure. it's $10.
01:33:21 Down there.
01:33:32 Ominous game voice: Time to die.
01:33:37 [Evil laughter] dude, what? you look like you lost your job.
01:33:49 The kid is missing. I need your help, harold.
01:33:51 You forgot to recharge it, right?
01:33:52 Gimme, gimme, gimme.
01:33:57 [Beeping] [electronic tones] simms.
01:34:01 What?
01:34:02 He's in the mall.
01:34:04 Ok!
01:34:12 Eddie!
01:34:13 Eddie: Yeah.
01:34:14 Call the secret service and tell them to get down here for a code 5.
01:34:18 Prince is here.
01:34:18 They'll know what that means. go!
01:34:35 I don't know.
01:34:36 Signal's weak. there's some kind of interference.
01:34:38 I'll check this way.
01:34:41 Ok. go ahead!
01:34:46 Computer: Behind you.
01:35:06 [Tone] Computer voice: That was close.
01:35:14 Ah!
01:35:15 Game over. you're dead.
01:35:34 Gig's up, kid. let's go.
01:35:38 Why'd they send you?
01:35:39 Entire agency's looking for you.
01:35:42 You really, really, really blew it this time, luke.
01:35:46 [Slaps] ow! ow!
01:35:49 Hey!
01:35:54 Hey, I'm supposed to meet somebody here.
01:35:56 Need my bag. leave it.
01:36:02 I got it!
01:36:03 All right.
01:36:05 Coming through, coming through.
01:36:06 Coming through. coming through.
01:36:09 Out of the way!
01:36:20 Unh!
01:36:23 Coming through, coming through.
01:36:25 Out of the way!
01:36:30 Look out!
01:36:31 Out of the way!
01:36:34 Aah!
01:36:35 get out of the way!
01:36:48 Hey, how you doing, man?
01:36:49 I met you once with simms. what's up?
01:36:52 Hey, who is he?
01:36:54 Shut up!
01:36:55 Excuse me, excuse me.
01:36:57 Shut up!
01:37:00 Luke: Simms!
01:37:01 Simms: How you doing, woods?
01:37:03 Man, I'm glad I found you.
01:37:04 Why don't we just take the kid back to my car--we'll be ok.
01:37:07 Take a hike, simms.
01:37:09 You're not with the service anymore.
01:37:10 I just want to make sure the kid's ok, all right?
01:37:13 Kid's fine!
01:37:14 I can handle it.
01:37:15 I'll tell morton you were a good guy.
01:37:18 Stand aside.
01:37:19 Simms--simms, you gotta help me.
01:37:21 Please help me.
01:37:22 Stand aside.
01:37:23 Woods, come on, man.
01:37:25 He's just a kid, man.
01:37:25 He's only 13 years old, all right?
01:37:27 21 If you're an older girl, right?
01:37:30 You're mongoose12.
01:37:31 Simms, he's mongoose12.
01:37:36 Just let him go.
01:37:37 Crowd: Whoa! hey!
01:37:39 Back off, simms!
01:37:40 All right, all right!
01:37:41 [Screaming] back off, simms! I'm back!
01:37:44 Back off, simms!
01:37:46 I don't got a problem with you!
01:37:47 You hurt this kid, you'll have problems with me, all right?
01:37:50 You'll have problems with everybody.
01:37:51 So why don't you just let the kid go.
01:37:53 Woods: Shut up!
01:37:54 I spent so much time with this kid I lost my wife!
01:37:56 I lost my job!
01:37:58 He even got me fired!
01:37:59 Come on, you can't blame the kid for that.
01:38:01 He didn't do anything. you know that.
01:38:03 He thought he wasn't safe with me.
01:38:05 Well, he's not safe without me.
01:38:07 And I'm proving it right now!
01:38:09 I'm the one who lured him out of crime, and when I take him back, I'm gonna be a hero!
01:38:14 So back off, simms!
01:38:15 I'm taking him out of here!
01:38:18 Can't let you do that, man.
01:38:19 Don't push me!
01:38:20 Would you just calm down?
01:38:23 You don't want to shoot anybody.
01:38:27 ..i do.
01:38:29 No!
01:38:36 [Gunfire] all right!
01:38:45 Feel like I'm working at the post office.
01:38:47 Luke, you ok?
01:38:49 Damn.
01:38:50 Luke!
01:38:51 [Unloads] he's out.
01:38:56 Unh! unh!
01:39:08 Unh! oh!
01:39:13 Aah!
01:39:14 Unh!
01:39:18 Unh!
01:39:21 [Groaning] [bong] oh!
01:39:35 Ooh!
01:39:37 Aah!
01:39:47 [Panting] how you doing, champ?
01:39:49 Good, I guess.
01:39:52 All right.
01:39:52 Thanks. thanks for coming after me.
01:39:55 Hey, it's my job, man.
01:39:57 You ok?
01:39:58 Mm-hmm. all right.
01:39:59 I'll be right back-- take care of something.
01:40:03 [Gasps] simms!
01:40:40 Aah!
01:40:42 Aah!
01:40:46 Woods!
01:40:50 Oh!
01:40:56 Sam!
01:40:58 Simms! simms! are you all right?
01:41:00 Aah! aah!
01:41:01 I'll be all right if you quit pushing me like that.
01:41:04 ..
01:41:08 Sam, you ok?
01:41:09 Yeah, man.
01:41:10 Hey, what you doing outside the car?
01:41:11 Sorry, sir, I just couldn't wait in the car any longer.
01:41:14 It's just a joke, man.
01:41:16 Man: All right, guys. luke, go!
01:41:26 ...So much.
01:41:27 Thank you, simms.
01:41:28 ...And the kids loved it.
01:41:30 Oh! ha ha ha!
01:41:34 Wilkes, ms. lawrence.
01:41:36 Yes, sir.
01:41:37 Simms, I've got great news.
01:41:39 The davenports asked me to reassign you.
01:41:42 As of 1700 hours tomorrow, you're officially on eagle detail.
01:41:46 ..
01:41:47 Ah--ow! ow! ow.
01:41:49 I'm sorry.
01:41:50 Thank you, sir.
01:41:51 I really appreciate that.
01:41:52 But I'm sorry-- I can't.
01:41:55 Sam!
01:41:55 This is what you've always wanted.
01:41:57 You've earned it.
01:41:58 This is the best job in the agency, and you're taking it.
01:42:00 What, and miss biology 102 next year?
01:42:03 I don't think so.
01:42:04 Besides, I thought I wanted to guard eagle.
01:42:06 I found what I want. I'm happy where I am.
01:42:09 I mean, I've already taken a bullet for the kid.
01:42:11 It can't get any worse.
01:42:12 Look, out there playing a little hockey.
01:42:20 No!
01:42:25 [Hip-hop music begins] ..
01:42:29 You all right?
01:42:30 You ok?
01:42:31 Can I see the puck?
01:42:33 What are you gonna do with it?
01:42:35 Leave it to me.
01:42:38 What?
01:42:39 Time-out.
01:42:40 Luke: Yeah, like I did it on purpose.
01:42:42 You're supposed to protect the kid.
01:42:44 Dad. protect me, dad.
01:42:46 Wilkes: Come on. hey, sam!
01:42:48 ♪♪ Come on,give me the high five ♪♪
01:42:52 ♪♪ we got it goin' on ♪♪
01:42:54 Luke: Hey, dad!
01:42:56 ♪♪ You and meon the wild ride ♪♪
01:43:00 ♪♪ ride ♪♪
01:43:00 ♪♪ we got it goin' on ♪♪
01:43:03 ♪♪ got it goin' on ♪♪
01:43:04 ♪♪ we're goin' to your dreams ♪♪
01:43:05 ♪♪ 'cause I'mcoming through for you ♪♪
01:43:08 ♪♪ we're bothin this together ♪♪
01:43:11 ♪♪ you don't have to bea hero ♪♪
01:43:14 ♪♪ but if you'restriking zero ♪♪
01:43:16 ♪♪ we're gonnamake it better ♪♪
01:43:19 ♪♪ I will alwaysbe your friend ♪♪
01:43:23 ♪♪ you and me,we're in this till the end ♪♪
01:43:27 ♪♪ so come on,give me the high five ♪♪
01:43:32 ♪♪ we got it goin' on ♪♪
01:43:34 ♪♪ got it goin' on ♪♪
01:43:35 .. ♪♪
01:43:40 captioning made possible bydisney--abc domestic television captioning performed bythe national captioning institute, inc.
01:43:56 Captioning made possibleby columbia tristar domestic television ♪ love and marriage ♪
01:44:04 ♪ love and marriage ♪
01:44:06 ♪ go together likea horse and carriage ♪
01:44:10 ♪ this I tell ya,brother ♪
01:44:14 ♪ you can't have one ♪
01:44:16 ♪ without the other ♪
01:44:19 ♪ love and marriage ♪
01:44:21 ♪ love and marriage-- ♪♪
01:44:27 you're spending your saturday night listening to oldies radio, wz.
01:44:31 Pretty pathetic, isn't it?
01:44:32 Here's one you have to be hovering around 40 to remember.
01:44:37 Well, then I couldn't possibly remember.
01:44:39 ♪ Nothin' you could say could tear me away ♪
01:44:43 ♪ from my guy ♪
01:44:46 ♪ my guy ♪
01:44:48 ♪ nothin' you can do ♪
01:44:49 ♪ 'cause I'm stuck like glue ♪
01:44:51 ♪ to my guy-- ♪♪
01:44:55 honey.
01:44:58 Al!
01:45:04 Aah!
01:45:06 Oh, my god. is it our anniversary again?
01:45:10 No, al.
01:45:10 Then what gives you the right to touch me?
01:45:14 'Cause I'm tired of touching myself.
01:45:19 Well, who could blame you?
01:45:22 Al, I want to talk, and I want the same attention you'd give one of your burps.
01:45:27 And you think you've earned that right?
01:45:31 Look, honey, I know you love your burps.
01:45:34 We all do, but if we could put your gas aside ..
01:45:40 Ohh.
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01:47:08 # we're sitting home doing nothing.
01:48:39 remember when we were young?
01:48:44 No.
01:48:45 Out every night, ..
01:48:50 ..
01:48:53 But we had some great times, and we can again.
01:48:56 Whatever we did then, we can do now.
01:48:59 No, we can't, because now after we make love, I don't get to go home.
01:49:04 You're old. revel in it.
01:49:05 Get yourself some q-tips and burp yourself to the grave.
01:49:10 Saturday night is for the young, not you.
01:49:15 Ah, yeah, youth.
01:49:17 Every kid in the world's got somewhere to go on saturday night.
01:49:23 Hi, mom. hi, dad.
01:49:24 You got any popsicle sticks?
01:49:26 I'm building a house.
01:49:31 Save your pity.
01:49:32 I'm not the only boy without a date.
01:49:35 [Doorbell rings] don't move, amigos.
01:49:38 This one's for me.
01:49:54 Saturday night is the night foramore.
01:50:01 Got me an older woman.
01:50:11 Ah, now bud's even more depressed.
01:50:14 Say something to him, al.
01:50:16 ..
01:50:18 F-troop'son.
01:50:22 F-troop. of course.
01:50:23 I'll have plenty of dates oncef-troop is over.
01:50:27 Plenty.
01:50:29 .. by the way, in case you're wondering why I'm in my pajamas, I wear 'em under my clothes so I'm ready when a chick wants to go to bed.
01:50:42 They know you're lying.
01:50:44 No, they don't.
01:50:45 Just stay cool.
01:50:48 I don't think we can pull this off.
01:50:51 Yes, we can.
01:50:52 We've got them fooled.
01:50:54 We've got everybody fooled.
01:50:56 Are you sure?
01:50:58 What's the difference?
01:51:00 We still have each other.
01:51:07 We have to do something.
01:51:08 There's nothing left to do except choose the dress you'll wear when dan rather asks why your son shot the president.
01:51:17 I am talking about us.
01:51:19 We have to improve our social life.
01:51:21 I have the answers right here.
01:51:23 Peg, those weren't the answers since they stood up by themselves.
01:51:29 They're not alone in that, you know.
01:51:32 I just bought the new issue ofcosmo.
01:51:35 Aw, peg! no! now!
01:51:36 Look, those articles about married couples having sex every month, that's just a bunch of sensationalistic -- just a bunch of sensationalistic lies perpetuated on the public to sell magazines.
01:51:48 ..
01:51:52 Relax, al.
01:51:53 I'm not talking about sex.
01:52:00 Honey, look, there's an article here.
01:52:03 " this says we should talk every saturday night.
01:52:08 That's what we're going to do, starting tonight.
01:52:11 We had plenty to talk about when we first met.
01:52:15 That was before I knew you.
01:52:17 I had things to find out-- how far will she go on a six-pack?
01:52:23 Would it be fun for you to watch me and your friend joan?
01:52:30 Did she actually see deep throat?
01:52:33 ..
01:52:34 The thing I always kept wondering.
01:52:36 How could a man with such big feet have such a teeny weeny, tiny, little-- peg.
01:52:46 Brain, honey.
01:52:47 Oh, come on, al. let's talk.
01:52:51 Fine. we'll talk.
01:52:59 Don't you dare!
01:53:01 We are talking here.
01:53:03 Peg, I refuse to talk to my wife when I have a tv in the house.
01:53:08 I want to talk. talk to me!
01:53:17 Uh-oh.
01:53:19 I'm out of gas.
01:53:20 [Car engine running] aren't you supposed to turn the car off before you say that?
01:53:27 Well, what's the difference?
01:53:29 We both know I'm not out of gas.
01:53:32 Oh, very nice.
01:53:33 Now we both do.
01:53:37 [Turns off engine] god, I hate women.
01:53:41 All right.
01:53:42 Uh-oh.
01:53:43 I'm out of gas.
01:53:45 For real?
01:53:49 Yeah.
01:53:51 Wow. what a co-inkeedink, huh?
01:53:54 Isn't that funny?
01:53:57 C'mere.
01:53:58 Don't you want to talk first?
01:54:00 No.
01:54:01 If I wanted to talk, I'd be hanging out with the guys.
01:54:05 I wouldn't have had to shave. c'mere.
01:54:08 "C'mere"?
01:54:09 If I wanted to listen to one-word sentences, I would have been out with the girls, and I wouldn't have had to shave.
01:54:17 I'm sure there's a lot more to you than meets the eye.
01:54:21 Unfortunately, I don't really care about that part.
01:54:24 ..
01:54:25 Why don't you just put out or get out?
01:54:30 Ok?
01:54:31 ..
01:54:32 A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, huh?
01:54:36 Exactly.
01:54:37 Oh!
01:54:44 It was good for me. was it good for you?
01:54:48 Have a nice walk home, tramp.
01:54:51 [Starts engine] tramp?
01:54:58 But I got out.
01:55:09 Oh, no.
01:55:16 Well hi there, baby.
01:55:20 ♪♪♪
01:55:21 you know you want me.
01:55:23 I'm so rich and chocolatey.
01:55:27 Good thing you've got special k® chocolatey delight cereal.
01:55:30 ..
01:55:33 ..
01:55:35 ..
01:55:37 Without undoing your day.
01:55:38 So long,late-night cravings.
01:55:40 Come on, baby, don't leave-- hello, special k® chocolatey delight.
01:55:46 so allstate will do it for you.
01:55:51 ..
01:55:53 Help tell your old insurance company goodbye.
01:55:55 Saving you that uncomfortable breakup moment.
01:55:58 And serious cash.
01:55:59 Drivers who switched saved an average of $396 a year.
01:56:03 $473 If they dumped geico.
01:56:06 Breaking up is easy to do.
01:56:09 ♪ Remember when ♪
01:56:10 that's allstate's stand.
01:56:11 Are you in good hands?
01:56:13 ♪♪♪
01:56:21 Your homecoming queen is...
01:56:23 Becca Winegar!
01:56:25 [Cheering and applause] and your FREE HoveroundCollapsible Grabber.
01:57:13 Call the number on your screen.
01:58:03 Left, right, left, right.
01:58:06 Left, right, right, right.
01:58:10 Must have forgot a left somewhere.
01:58:12 this walk has totally discomboobled me.
01:58:16 As I learned long ago, it doesn't matter where you walk, as long as you don't walk and chew gum at the same time.
01:58:29 [Hoo hoo]

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