Once upon a time, not so long ago, Ernie met the 3 little pigs. You know, the ones who went through that whole terrible or deal with the big bad wolf? Well, Ernie and the pigs became such good friends that the pigs invited Ernie to come by and visit them.

Ernie didn't want to be impolite so he invited The Count to come along. When they reach the three little pig's house Ernie knocked on the door.

"That's 1 knock", The Count said as Ernie knocked on the door for the 1st time. "That's 2 knocks", The Count said as Ernie knocked on the door for the 2nd time. Ernie was about to ask The Count to stop counting when suddenly the door opened.

Standing in a row where the 3 little pigs. They were very happy to see Ernie. But before they can say a word The Count spoke up. "That's 1 pig", The Count said. "That's 2 pigs." "Who's this guy", one of the pigs asked. "Oh, he's a friend", Ernie responded. "That's 3 little pigs", The Count continued.

"Well, why is he counting us", another pig asked. "Oh, he loves to count", Ernie replied. "Counting is my life", The Count added. "Well, I hate being counted", the 3rd pig said out loud and the other pig squealed in agreement.

"Well, I don't want to bother you", Ernie said and started to leave. "Oh, don't get us wrong we're glad you came to visit", the 1st pig said. "In fact, this is a great time for you to come because we were just starting our annual family reunion".

"Oh no. You don't mean that all your pig relatives are here", Ernie asked. "Of course", one of the pigs said as he opened the door a little further to reveal a whole room full of little pigs.

"Look Ernie", The Count exclaimed. "I am so happy! Look at all the little pigs!" "Count, please don't. Please count." "That's 1 little pig", The Count began ignoring Ernie's please. "That's 2 little pigs", he continued. In moments The Count lived in the center of the room surrounded by pigs.

"Oh well", Ernie said still standing outside the door. "Gee, maybe I'll go visit the 4 in 20 blackbirds and see what's cooking with them".

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