Ernie and Bert are best friends. They live together. Bert is neat. Ernie is messy. One day Ernie was very messy. Bert got mad. "Ernie, come here!" shouted Bert. "Look at the mess you have made!" "OK, Bert", said Ernie. "I am coming". He jumped out of the tub. He splashed water all over the floor. He dripped water all over the rug. "Ernie!" shouted Bert. "You are making a bigger mess!" "But Bert", Ernie said. "You told me to look at the mess I already made." Now Bert was very angry. "I wish I lived here by myself!" he shouted. Bert walked out and slammed the door. Ernie stopped smiling. "Bert does not want me here anymore. I guess I want to be gone away". Ernie was sad. He got dressed and packed up a big bag. "Come on, Rubber Duckie", said Ernie. "We have to go". Ernie closed the door. "Good-buy, house", he said. "I will miss you". Ernie dragged his bag all the way to my nest. "Ernie, it is late!" I said. "You shall be in bed". "But I have no more bed", Ernie said, sadly. "Bert is mad at me. I must find a new home". "You can stay with me", I said. "My nest is a nice place to sleep". Ernie climbed into my nest. "Ouch", he said. "This is not the right place to sleep. It is full of sticks!" Ernie climbed out of my nest. "Good night, Big Bird", he said. Then he went to Grover's house. "Ernie, it is late! You shall be in bed", said Grover. "But I have no more bed", cried Ernie. "Bert is mad at me. I must find a new home". "You can share my bed", said Grover. Ernie climbed into the bed. "Do you like my soft bed?" asked Grover. "Well, it is soft", said Ernie. Then Ernie turned over and fell onto the floor. "This bed is too little!" he said. Ernie left Grover's house with his big bag. He was very tired. Then he saw Oscar's can. Ernie knocked on the top of Oscar's trash can. "Oscar, are you asleep?" he asked. "I was asleep", said Oscar. "Now I am awake." Oscar The Grouch was mad. "Oscar, I need a bed", said Ernie. "I need a big, soft bed." "Soft beds are yucchy!" yelled Oscar. "Oh, dear", yawned Ernie. "Where can I sleep? I am so tired." Ernie sat down. Soon he was asleep. Sesame Street was quiet. Everyone was sleeping... everyone but Bert. He was looking for Ernie. He came to my nest. He woke me up. "Have you seen Ernie?" asked Bert. "He was here", I said. "But he is not here now." Then Bert went to Grover's house. "Have you seen Ernie?" Bert asked Grover. "He was here", said Grover. "But he is not here now". Bert was very sad. "Ernie!" he called. "Where are you?" Then he saw Ernie. "Ernie, are you okay?" Bert asked. "Sure, Bert", said Ernie. "I was just sleeping." "Come on home, old pal", Bert said. "I am so sorry I yelled at you". Ernie and Bert went home. "Gee, Bert", said Ernie. "It is good to be home". He opened his big bag. All his toys fell out. "I am sorry, Bert", said Ernie. "I made a mess again". "That is okay”, said Bert. "We will clean up in the morning". Ernie and Bert got ready for bed. "I am glad you are home", said Bert. "Me too", said Ernie. "Good night, Bert." "Good night, Ernie".

Notes Edit

  • Written by Sarah Roberts
  • Pictures by Joe Mathieu

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