"Ahoy, Matey!" Welcome to "Elmo the Musical!" Today, Elmo imagines he's a sea captain. Elmo and his crew of eight chickens set sail in search of the giant whale, Moby Pink. Moby Pink lives by the Bermuda Octagon. Anchors aweigh!

"Uh-Oh", Elmo says. A giant octopus appears, and won't let Elmo and his crew pass. "First, you must beat me at a game of Ping Pong!" says the Octopus. Elmo worries he cannot beat a giant sea creature with eight strong tentacles. But the octopus's tentacles get all tangled up and Elmo wins!

Elmo sees something ahead... "It's a shape with eight sides and eight angles", Elmo says. "It's an octagon!" "And that must be... Moby Pink!"

Moby Pink rocks the boat. "Slow down, Moby", says Elmo. "I can't!" shouts Moby Pink. "These barnacles on my back are just too itchy!" "Elmo will solve the problem using subtraction", says Elmo, and Elmo quickly takes away all eight barnacles, leaving zero barnacles. With that, a grateful Moby Pink waves good-bye and swims away.

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