“You know, you don't talk very much. I like you!” Ellie from Up



File:Up Ellie Carl young.jpg



Voiced by

Elie Doctor


Young Carl, Her Hamster



Ellie is a character in Up.


Young Carl heard a lot of talking on his way home from a movie. He was curios and went in but Ellie told him only explorers can visit, but then she let him in and gave him a badge that said “Grape Soda”. Carl's balloon flew away in the attic causing them to go there, but Carl fell through the bridge breaking his arm. Then she visits him at his other house to show him her adventure book and she showed him a poster of Charles Muntz. She ripped the paradise falls page out of a library book and she wanted to move her clubhouse there, then she leaves his house and they suddenly fall in love.


Adult lifeEdit

15 years later, they get married unable to have children, and they grew old, but she is dead now.

File:Up ellie and carl.png
File:Ellie & Carl (old).jpg

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