Whisper sings the anthem with the classic fairy tale called "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" in it where Michael, Tina, and Derek three of Barney's friends dressed as bears, and Abby Cadabby is the little girl named Goldilocks. The all-Monster and a guy named Murray chorus sing about the letter L. (EKA: Episode 4116) (Introduction and ending cut) Oscar tells the things for parties. Fireman Duck tells Whisper about the classic fairy tale while studying them. In fact, Whisper learns that the Three Bears quiz where Fireman Duck declaires, "Next, she tasted the mama's bowl". Elmo looks at planets. The Alligator King (EKA: Episode 0812) Along the way, Bert felt disappointed about what he did with the book about air. Big Bird sings Snuffy We Worked It Out. (EKA: Episode 4058) (Introduction and ending cut) Cookie Monster met the Monster Cookie. Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "Count it Higher". (EKA: Episode 0670) (ending cut) Whisper sings the song to the tune of Soak Up The Sun about this classic fairy tale. Whisper sings the anthem again just like the beginning of the episode. Elmo soars for space with the orange text "Next, she tasted the mama's bowl" with Baloney Wants And They Played For You Happily Ever After and then Whisper sings Baloney The Dinosaur Puts Up Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Episode 4

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