Is your desk a clutter? Can you find what you're looking for on your desk? Is there a big stack of paper on it that might just topple over? In this article we'll be covering the ways you can make your desk neat and tidy, along with organizing your binders, papers, and other things. This is  the first part of the Organization tab.

Why Should I Bother?Edit

Cleaning your desk is very important, as you need to keep track of important documents, while feeling relieved of all your categorized papers as well. Without cleaning or organizing your desk... you're basically in a 'world of filth', at least the desk version of it. Without cleaning your desk, dust will start to build up, which would increase the chances of you becoming sick. All papers you have will just be cluttered up into a large wad of mess.

...But How Does This Affect My Attitude?Edit

In the last section, we mentioned something about your emotions. If you really think hard about it, you'll see that looking at your dust-infested, unorganized, pile of rubbish you'll notice that you'll want to procrastinate on cleaning it more and more, and you might feel miserable about it. You'll have a worse day seeing an unorganized dumpster.

How to Organize Your DeskEdit

Your desk can easily be organized. In this section you'll find out about our special manuals to cover many different things. Here... your obviously going to learn how to organize your desk. Lets get started...

1. A clean place is a happy place - learn about why you should really clean your desk, and discuss to yourself about how happy you will be (read the headers above).

2. Start with removing everything from your desk - this includes everything in your drawers (if you have), and all the trash that comes along with it.

3. Start off with the trash - Take some garbage bags (or plastic bags), and fill them up with all the junk you do not need anymore, or any old things. Remember to take out the trash afterwards, but you can do this after completeting all the steps.

4. Take your binders and folders - work your way out through everything. The work should be divded equally with the time you need to rest. Place needed papers in your folders or binders and label them to reduce the stress of not finding what you need. Make sure to throw out paper that will not be used in the future. If you do not have binders or folders, simply use paperclips and attach a sticky-note to the first page of your organized pages.

5. Think of a desk plan - Where should you put your things? Think about this in your head (but not for too long), and make a plan to place everything where they should go. You might want to design the top of your desk accordingly to your plan for a more clean look.

6. Don't continue procrastinating - Set up a schedule to organize your things, maybe once a week or 2 times a month? Think of something that works best for you.

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